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  1. At the very least the rules idea is great. This is awesome though :D
  2. New player saying hello *waves*

    Welcome! ^-^ I hope you enjoy the game and our community <3
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Welcome back! I hope you guys enjoyed your time off ^-^ I have a few small questions/comments, if that's ok. With Fashion Ship being so big now, can we expect more expansion on companion AI to go along with it? For example it was talked about hooking up the ability for our Operators to interact with our Kubrows and Kavats. When can we expect to see that, and will ever see other animations, like Sentinels having free roam of the ship, or Kubrows and Kavats playing with their toys? Similar to Somachord collecting, will we be able to collect other ship decorations as well? For example, we have no real reason to keep scanning plants for the Silver Grove outside of some niche mod farming, will we be able to use those plant essences similar to the fish from the Plains to collect decorations, or have some other system of earning things? Speaking of Somachord, I've seen a lot of complaints about it being frustrating. For people who've already completed Cephalon Fragment scanning half the time you run a mission looking for music you end up with a Cephalon Fragment you can no longer use, which makes farming for music that much more tedious. Are there any QoL improvements coming to make this a bit more bearable, such as making Cephalon Fragments not spawn for you (at least while solo) if you've already completed them? As a Quality of Life type update, will we be able to access Navigation or some other UI element from the kneeling pad in the personal Quarters? Right now it's semi-bugged where if you kneel and use the menu to access other parts of the ship you get stuck kneeling. Similar to Dojos, now that we have access to all the currently available rooms has the option to color each of them separately been talked about?
  4. Wrongly Suspended for "Trading for real money"

    Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as agressive as I did. But yeah, I've seen a lot of people have issues after coming back from being inactive, but if it's for something false or because of being hacked, generally support handles it without much issue. It's a big inconvenience, but it gets taken care of. I've personally not had issues with getting banned due to ISP unless many accounts are trying to access the game from the same IP, which happened to me and support handled it with no issues (we had a lot of company over and swapped accounts a lot to show stuff off, which triggered an automated system to prevent hacking and didn't end up in an account ban but an IP ban). What makes me suspicious is this: Support would never say "you're lucky you're still allowed to play the game" to a player. That's highly unprofessional and I find it really hard to believe. I cannot believe a Zendesk employee would be allowed to speak to a customer in that way, so I have my doubts about all of the rest of it too. It feels less like a false accusation and more like he's mad because he got banned and is trying to pass the blame instead of coming at the problem more reasonably. Which I can understand, I'd be mad too. But it makes me suspicious.
  5. Wrongly Suspended for "Trading for real money"

    This is completely untrue. While it's hypothetically possible, it's extremely unlikely. Chat bans don't happen without evidence. Period. One accusation without evidence isn't enough to warrant a ban, and never has been. In fact it may not even be worth getting a warning for. Multiple accusations from various people, and accusations backed up with screenshotted evidence? Yeah that might be grounds for a ban or a warning, depending on the discretion of support and how bad the offense was deemed to be. In the end, the incidence of an undeserved ban is extremely rare, despite many people claiming otherwise, and to my knowledge there has never been a permanent ban for "no reason". Perma-bans are the last resort and a small list of offenses even constitute them being considered an option. The fact is that what happens between DE and a player in these kinds of situations is confidential, and DE will never openly discuss them for privacy reasons. The only time they'll be talked about is by the player, and generally (not always) the person who got banned is not going to see themselves as in the wrong. Therefore, the only side of the story that gets heard is "DE is unfair and banned me for no reason!" without the other side of the story, including any evidence that led to the judgement by a Moderator or Support. That leads to what seems on the surface to be a lot of bans that are "unfair" or "unjustified", when the opposite is far more likely to be true. I'm not saying there's never been a case where something has gone wrong and someone has had at least a temporary unfair punishment. What I am saying is that it's a lot rarer than people like to think, and "getting someone banned" based on just accusations or faked evidence is more fiction than fact. I've never, ever, in all my dealing and talks with Moderators as a Guide of the Lotus, seen or heard of a player being punished on accusations alone. Ever. I don't know how support handles it, but even moderators generally can't do anything about what they don't witness happening, and can't do anything at all based only on hearsay. I don't see why support would treat the same issues any differently.
  6. Wrongly Suspended for "Trading for real money"

    This. Also... Possibly this? If you have been hacked, though, you can do things like changing your password and enabling two factor authentication from your account settings to prevent it happening again. Also, if you're account sharing (which is against the TOS anyway) and the other person using your account has done something like that you'd get the ban without knowing about it, since it's related to your account. But like Neo said, DE doesn't hand out bans for no reason. If they think you're doing something wrong, they have some kind of evidence for that, even if it is a "false positive". You should take a good look at what might be running in the background and see if that could be an issue, and what trades you've made/offered in the past.
  7. Improving the New Player Experience

    Thanks. I was pretty sure that's how it still worked but sometimes stuff gets hotfixed and I miss the changes. :)
  8. Improving the New Player Experience

    It's been awhile since I was a beginner in Warframe, and while I've been meaning to make a new account to experience how the new player experience is right now I haven't got around to doing it. That said there are some things that come up quite regularly with the new players I do help. I'll add to it or make a new post if I think of anything else. More obvious listings of what drops on each planet. This is THE most common set of questions in PC NA Region chat, and is so numerous that the chat bot has been programmed to field the questions. Yes, there is a UI element that tells you when you hover over it what drops on a planet, but most people don't know it exists within that first two hours of play. This needs to be an obvious element of the UI that can't be missed and doesn't need any interaction to see. Especially since there's nowhere else in the game to look up resources, clicking or hovering over a planet on the star chart should tell you what's there effortlessly. Since Warframe is a looter, the search for new components to make more things is the driving force for players, and not being able to easily find where they need to work towards to get those resources is a huge turn off. Please give some relief to our poor kickbot and make this information more readily available! Movement is a big issue. There's a tutorial for it, but it shouldn't be buried. Ideally I feel like that Tutorial should be within the first hour of game play. I think I would go as far as saying it should be almost immediate, sometime in or around when your Warframe first drops from the Cryopod. Crouching, sprinting, and jumping are all common movements you get in most games, but bullet jumps and aim gliding are all Warframe and don't come intuitively if you don't know to look for them. Since on squishy frames movement is direct survivablilty, teaching movement sooner rather than later is needed. Especially since the starters Mag and Volt are squishy as well. Mods. Mods, mods, mods. This is probably the hardest thing to explain concisely, because modding can be such an in-depth thing depending on how knowledgeable you are and how much you want to min-max. The basics should be explained though, along with the fact that "damaged" mods are just placeholders to get people started. Since even damaged mods can be RNG based to acquire, new players who bother modding at all tend to just slap everything they currently have available into their gear with the mindset of learning how it all works later. This leads to people hitting walls where they can't progress any farther since they don't know how to mod well enough to deal enough damage to move forwards. They keep trying to run the same level/area missions, and fail repeatedly since their damage is insufficient and the frustration sets in really, really quickly. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard "Why can't I get past X planet!" or "...X level!". This is also built into the mindset people have coming from other shooters where if you can't kill things your first question is, "Where do I go to find a better gun?!" Warframe doesn't tell you that that doesn't work here since modding is 90% of your damage, leading to more frustration when they invest needed resources into new weapons that still seem to "suck". Modding just isn't intuitive to most people from standard shooter backgrounds, at the very least not to the same degree that Warframe expects you to customize. Adding a level to Vor's Prize that gives access to some basic mods and a quick voice over explanation would do wonders. Perhaps before you go to confront Vor Ordis speaks up, "Operator, Vor will be a difficult enemy to defeat. Have you modded your weapons yet?" with the Lotus sending the player out to find a cache of damaged mods, which might also contain a Catalyst and/or Reactor. She can explain that while they're damaged, the mods will still be useful for the fight and that the Catalyst/Reactors are a rare prize. Then, she sends the player to the Arsenal to upgrade. Even just highlighting the new mods in the Upgrade Menu to show how they drag and drop into matching slots would go a long way towards a basic understanding of them. Also highlighting the button that installs a Catalyst/Reactor would be a great help too, since it's never explained either. Any explanation would help to relieve the frustration of getting stuck later on because something basic like adding a Catalyst and modding wasn't explained early. Cetus and the Plains are a really big draw right now, but they're also pretty isolated. Having some introduction to this place and how it fits into the larger picture of the game would be nice. Quite a few people are jumping into the plains really, really early. Maybe not within the first two hours, but well before they progress much at all. Most don't understand how the Plains fit into the game, and right now nothing is explained. It's not really helped that, unless I misunderstand something somewhere, new players have to do at least one mission on the Plains to get to the nearby Junction. That might be a requirement that needs looked at, since Cetus and the Plains really don't mean anything in the overall game play as a new player. They're sort of their own ecosystem. More direction after Vor's Prize. Where to go, what there is to do, and things to look forward to once they move past the first planet. Show what weapons are locked to which Mastery Rank, even once you've passed that Mastery Rank. Make which weapons have Blueprints available for credits more obvious in the Market. Many people glance at the market and assume it all requires platinum to buy.
  9. Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    Hmmm favorite memory is a hard one. It's a toss up between getting to hug Stalker at TennoCon, and the Cetus/PoE reveals at TennoCon. Seeing my Nova standing there in Cetus was unexpected and extremely emotional (thank you again for that). TennoCon in general is always a highlight of my year. Now for questions: Relays have been languishing for awhile. While I'd dearly love to see a rebuilding event to replace some of the ones we've lost, are there any larger changes in the works for them? A long time ago it was talked about having clan rooms and making each relay "feel" different. Aside from Maroo's Bazaar all the current relays are the same. Will we get to see some changes on this down the road? Are there any current discussions going on that you can talk about regarding Dark Sectors? They've been stagnant for years, but we still have the dojo rooms, UI pop up about who owns each node, etc. but all of that is currently useless. Will we see reworks on this, or even possibly removals of some of the old framework for competing for Dark Sectors in the future? I know it's been a point of contention internally, but any news would be nice since they've been unchanged for so long. What's the decision on cinematic trailers for new Primes? Will we get a release of Hydroid and/or Mirage Prime's trailer any time, or are these going to cease being a thing? With the coming of Khora, are there any general changes to Kavats and maybe Kubrows coming? What will be the differentiating factor between her unique Kavat and the others, if any?
  10. The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    A little feedback since there was no option on the survey. Quantitative questions are great. They produce good, easy to compile data that translates really well into visual representations like graphs. I completely get that, and I support it. I think you guys probably used a google for this survey mostly because of how you want to use the data afterwards, and exporting it from the forums might be more of a hassle than just making the survey in google to begin with. However, an abundant amount of what I'm reading in feedback here is people wanting qualitative questions in addition to quantitative ones. In the future, having at least one wrap up question (maybe even one wrap up question per page) of "Why did you provide the answers you did?" for example, would be really helpful and provide context for people's answers. Also an "Other: (Please provide your answer)" option would be really useful on certain questions when ranking things. For example, ask people why they ranked the NPCs how they did. Did they rank them by how much they like them, how useful they are, how many times they visit them, etc.? Also, I am a bit disappointed Archwing wasn't mentioned on the survey. It's been by far the most lackluster portion of the plains, if only because most Archwing abilities end up next to useless in actual combat (probably to keep them from being OP) and even if you're running an Amesha with damage negation, you can get knocked out of the sky at any time just because certain projectiles don't have to damage you, just hit you, to eject you from Archwing. I was really looking forward to the idea of sniping from an Archwing to support allies on the ground, but the projectiles that can hit you and just remove you from your Archwing if you're not moving ALL THE TIME make that next to impossible. As it stands, there's no reason to pick one Archwing over another for use on the Plains except movement, which is really disappointing. Archwings are already kind of a niche gameplay option, and having some good reason and way to stay in them and use them on the Plains for more than just mobility would add some needed diversity and utility to them. Right now, the only two options for Archwing use outside of their own missions are Sharkwing, which is tortuously slow and clunky compared to its counterparts, and PoE, which gives no real use to them outside of mobility. In the future, I'd love to see more of an option for PoE Archwing. Perhaps make the Grineer ships weak to Archwing abilities to both negate some of the frustration of destroying them, and giving Archwings a better niche to fill in games. A small quality of life adjustment Archwings also needed on the plains is for the flying height to be determined at one flat elevation instead of by distance from the ground. Right now, flying forces you to contour your path to the ground because the game is determining the height you're flying at based on where it is in relation, which constantly changes. Having a set "sea level" that determines your overall elevation as you fly would make flying less of a roller coaster, and smooth out those long trips from the back of the map to Cetus. Lastly, there still needs to be more of a link between the resources in Cetus and the Plains and the rest of the star chart. As it is, most all of the things you need to rank up in Cetus you can't get anywhere but the plains, and the vast majority of resources you get on the Plains aren't usable anywhere but Cetus. This leads to a big disconnect, and the feeling that playing on the Plains isn't getting you anywhere in the game as whole. Right now, the rest of the star chart all feels pretty cohesive. No matter what you're doing, you get the impression that drops of resources you don't need now can be used elsewhere down the road, and aren't just trash. Everything you obtain feels useful. This doesn't carry over well in the Cetus economy. Except in crafting refined ores, you won't be asked for common drops from the rest of the star chart to accomplish things in Cetus, and outside of Cetus things like Fish Oil (which seems to be the most needed thing there) have no value at all. This makes the ecosystem of PoE versus the rest of the game feel really disjointed and isolated. Playing PoE feels like you're not actually progressing in any meaningful way within the larger scope of the game, and the larger scope of the game has little to no influence on PoE. This disjoint is really weird since the rest of the game all feels fit together so well. Perhaps adding some normal resource drops into Sacrifices to rank up in Cetus would be a way to help this, but it's going to take a lot more than that. I kind of hope that these resources will end up a bit like Oxium. It wasn't used in much to begin with, but as time passed it became more useful and players didn't feel like they had huge stacks of it in storage for nothing. Cetus needs to feel like a proper part of the rest of the game and that playing it is offering more progression than just within its own limited ecosystem.
  11. Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    Sorry if this has already been asked but, why are Snipetron and Snipetron Vandal getting identical zoom stats, when the other variants are getting different stats from their original?
  12. Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    Question (if this hasn't already been asked): Will this 300 meter falloff be straight line from the enemy to the gun when you shoot, or distance traveled by the projectile once its fired? I highly doubt it will ever be an issue, but with Ivara's Navigator, you could hypothetically guide a projectile a LOT farther than 300 meters in a lot less straight line distance.
  13. Unfortunately Rebecca, I think this is another case where DE will have to do a lot of the work themselves in creating a good way for this to work. I agree with above posts though, that ideally this should all be in game. As a Guide of the Lotus, I get a ton of questions about basic data, not just drop rates but things like raw numbers for damages or simpler questions like what weapons unlock at what Mastery Ranks. It's hard for me to constantly alt-tab to wiki the information, as my PC doesn't like to minimize and maximize Warframe repeatedly. For players less familiar with both the game and wiki, that's an even bigger obstacle. I do agree with a lot of the suggestions above, though. There should be a secondary menu, maybe built into the Codex and/or Navigation UIs, that allow this information to be accessed at will, in game, in an effective manner. It means more coding, and that it would take longer to implement, but overall it would be a boon to players and the community in general. Even if it makes the UI a little more complicated. Pioneering this kind of transparency, though, would be amazing in ways I don't think DE quite understands. Void_Glitch, regardless of if you agree with him or if what he was doing was right or wrong, was obviously providing a sought after service that at the least the wiki has made ubiquitous use of. I know even devs have and do rely on the wiki as well, so the raw stats are incredibly useful. Also, there have been cases, as pointed out, where the datamined data have helped to highlight issues and resolve them when, for whatever reason, errors have made their way into the client side coding. With that in mind, please leave in some way to keep the data clean. Some kind of automation that reads the data as it enters the game and posts the stats as they change would help with this. Human error happens, we've seen it before. But I think that knowing as much of that human error is worked out of that system as possible would go a long way towards validating the data. Even with the helpful tips on loading screens we've seen discrepancies where the "facts" that show up aren't properly updated to match the game as things are constantly tweaked and changed. A system that automatically updates the data sheets with changes as they make it into the code would help solve this problem, and provide real time data to DE and the community both as stats are tweaked and changed, especially if those changes aren't intentional. Making it a sheet that has to be changed by hand with everything that's altered as it happens would be a giant time investment that would only grow more inaccurate with time, no matter how well cultivated.
  14. So, instead of dressing myself up, I decided to dress up my best friend instead. Our puppy, aptly named Kubrow, sporting Valinn armor. He's not mature enough for combat yet, so the armor just confused him, which is why he just tried to eat the faceplate that I made him. Oh well, I still think he looks adorable. The face plate is pictured with the other pieces in the pictures in the spoiler, just not being worn. I don't think hot glue and cardboard are recommended substitutions in the Kubrow diet. Grineer are a far more nutritionally balanced regimen. Don't worry pup, you'll be out hunting the bad guys soon enough.
  15. Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.1.0

    Awwwwwwwww. Well I guess I should have enjoyed that purple more when I had it v.v