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  1. Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    Sorry if this has already been asked but, why are Snipetron and Snipetron Vandal getting identical zoom stats, when the other variants are getting different stats from their original?
  2. Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    Question (if this hasn't already been asked): Will this 300 meter falloff be straight line from the enemy to the gun when you shoot, or distance traveled by the projectile once its fired? I highly doubt it will ever be an issue, but with Ivara's Navigator, you could hypothetically guide a projectile a LOT farther than 300 meters in a lot less straight line distance.
  3. Vaulted Relic Icons?

    I've been wanting this for ever. Keeping track of Vaulted stuff just gets harder and harder, and I've honestly stopped trying to keep track of it all because I haven't memorized absolutely everything that's been vaulted by now. This would help immensely.
  4. New Player Experience Needs Major Updating

    You make a lot of good points, Telly, and I agree with most of all of them. A booster at your first Junction at least would be a huge boon, and past that making commonly needed resources more available would also be much needed. However, I'd like to think the Codex could be a great resource for a lot of the info new players need and are missing. Right now, the chat bot in Region is taking care of the role of "Where do I find x?", which is cumbersome if useful. If we had a new tab in the Codex that gave a list of things that drop where, or general information on what various mission types are and what they need you to do (especially the 3-4 different types of Sabotage mission now, for example), it would give a source outside of the wiki for basic information. Not every new player wants or needs the depth of information the wiki has, if they even know the wiki exists. Something in game is necessary. But, due to the wealth and abundance of changes that Warfame undergoes at any given point in time, that information also has to be easily edit-able. Just having text entries, maybe with some still images, would be fairly easy to change quickly, and help fill the gaps of knowledge we all see so often in places like Region chat. Moreover, it would instill that the Codex is a reliable place for information and maybe make some players more curious about what else could be unlocked there. As it is, the Codex is often overlooked and I know many people who don't even know what it's for when they start out. I also think it's time we up the starter plat amount a little bit, or give some possibility to get more "free plat" for new players early/later game so they can expand their arsenal or buy some color palettes to start with. This might also be tied to Junctions, or even main storyline narratives like Natah or the Second Dream. The Second Dream in particular is a giant milestone in Warframe, so having some rewards to tie off the end of the quest, and give it more finality would be amazing. I was just watching Skill-Up finish the Second Dream last night, and when he finished he asked, "Is this it? Is it done? There's no end cinematic or screen or anything?" and it stuck a chord because I remember thinking the same thing. At the end of many other quests, there's at least in game mail from a main NPC giving some finality to the quest. The Second Dream doesn't have this, and celebrating hitting that milestone with some awesome rewards like slots, plat, or more boosters, along with a parting message from the Lotus or Alad V would feel appropriate to me. Our community has been filling an amazing role in helping guide new players into the game and introducing them to how some of the complexity in it works, but no amount of players can reach every beginner all of the time. You're right in that it's time we updated some of these old systems and take at look at how things could be further polished. Especially those things that polishing wouldn't take much to implement.
  5. Anyone knows what this could possible be?

    It looks like the Solar Rails to me too. I think that's it.
  6. Excalibur proto cosplay progress 2017/07/26

    Amazing! I can't wait to see it next year <3
  7. Tips for playing Nova

    This. Duration built Novas are great, but they aren't the be-all end-all of builds for her. Tweak your builds and see what you like. Most people run duration because it's useful, survivable, and easy to use. However, it's not the only build for her and full duration Novas in some missions just slow them down to a crawl. Just have fun with her ^-^
  8. What would you do? Returning player

    Treat it as a new game, but keep your account I would say. I'd love to help you out personally in game, but I'm going to be leaving for TennoCon in about 48 hours x.x In a little over a week though I'll be actually able to sit down at the game and play, so you can feel free to add me and I'd love to help you then :) That said, there are many helpful players in the game, including Guides of the Lotus, who are players designated by DE to help teach and assist people. Guides can be spotted in person because they'll be wearing a sigil with the Lotus' face on it and have fancy shoulder armor that follows a lotus emblem motif. Most of the time, helpful people and Guides both can be found in Region chat, as well as Larunda Relay on Mercury. There will be a fair share of trolls both places, but that happens anywhere. I'll give you the advice I give most new players. Just have fun. If you need a direction finish up Vor's Prize (unless that's already done), and then work on clearing the star chart. Junctions in particular are important since they give you new planets to access, quests, and sometimes even gear. Save your plat for things like weapon and warframe slots, and if you find the quests interesting, definitely do them. The cinematic quests like Natah, The Second Dream, and the War Within are pretty amazing if you have the time and inclination to do them. You might even find parts of the a challenge, which is also refreshing. If all you want to do though, is just kill things and have fun, there's nothing wrong with that either. You don't HAVE to do any kind of progression if it's not your thing. Killing things is the basis of Warframe, after all.
  9. Strangest Player Interactions You've Had

    It's completely possible. If he saw your ad in the chat and went to click your name to PM you, he likely hit "Block" instead of "Talk" in the drop down menu. I've done the same thing before.
  10. Cosplay Construction Question

    So, I don't know if there's anyone out there who makes a lot of Cosplay and might be able to answer a question for me, but I thought this might be the place to ask. I'm working on the Manduka Operator Suit hoodie/jacket thing for TennoCon, and I've gotten decently far along, but I've run into one odd issue. The sleeves have some structure in the upper arms that's very irregular. I've bought some Flexfoam, which I plan to use in the hood to help it keep it's shape once I've "quilted" in all of the decorative lines, and I planned to use the same stuff to make this shoulder adornment and the further decoration at the end of the sleeves, but I really don't know the best way to go about using and covering it, if I'm even on the right track. I had planned to make the actual sleeve one piece of fabric, and add this decoration on top to help keep the sleeve itself even and properly fitting. The issue I have is making the foam do what I want, and then covering it in such a way that I don't end up with puckers and badness at the end of it all. Does anyone know of a good way to get these shapes and cover them well? I've searched the internet for help and come up empty, mostly because I don't know how to search for this problem. If I need to go out and get a different material, I can. I'm just at a bit of a loss. So far I've managed to get everything else looking semi-decent, so I'd hate to fall down and mess the sleeves up terribly. Thanks in advance for any advice! <3
  11. Unfortunately Rebecca, I think this is another case where DE will have to do a lot of the work themselves in creating a good way for this to work. I agree with above posts though, that ideally this should all be in game. As a Guide of the Lotus, I get a ton of questions about basic data, not just drop rates but things like raw numbers for damages or simpler questions like what weapons unlock at what Mastery Ranks. It's hard for me to constantly alt-tab to wiki the information, as my PC doesn't like to minimize and maximize Warframe repeatedly. For players less familiar with both the game and wiki, that's an even bigger obstacle. I do agree with a lot of the suggestions above, though. There should be a secondary menu, maybe built into the Codex and/or Navigation UIs, that allow this information to be accessed at will, in game, in an effective manner. It means more coding, and that it would take longer to implement, but overall it would be a boon to players and the community in general. Even if it makes the UI a little more complicated. Pioneering this kind of transparency, though, would be amazing in ways I don't think DE quite understands. Void_Glitch, regardless of if you agree with him or if what he was doing was right or wrong, was obviously providing a sought after service that at the least the wiki has made ubiquitous use of. I know even devs have and do rely on the wiki as well, so the raw stats are incredibly useful. Also, there have been cases, as pointed out, where the datamined data have helped to highlight issues and resolve them when, for whatever reason, errors have made their way into the client side coding. With that in mind, please leave in some way to keep the data clean. Some kind of automation that reads the data as it enters the game and posts the stats as they change would help with this. Human error happens, we've seen it before. But I think that knowing as much of that human error is worked out of that system as possible would go a long way towards validating the data. Even with the helpful tips on loading screens we've seen discrepancies where the "facts" that show up aren't properly updated to match the game as things are constantly tweaked and changed. A system that automatically updates the data sheets with changes as they make it into the code would help solve this problem, and provide real time data to DE and the community both as stats are tweaked and changed, especially if those changes aren't intentional. Making it a sheet that has to be changed by hand with everything that's altered as it happens would be a giant time investment that would only grow more inaccurate with time, no matter how well cultivated.
  12. So, instead of dressing myself up, I decided to dress up my best friend instead. Our puppy, aptly named Kubrow, sporting Valinn armor. He's not mature enough for combat yet, so the armor just confused him, which is why he just tried to eat the faceplate that I made him. Oh well, I still think he looks adorable. The face plate is pictured with the other pieces in the pictures in the spoiler, just not being worn. I don't think hot glue and cardboard are recommended substitutions in the Kubrow diet. Grineer are a far more nutritionally balanced regimen. Don't worry pup, you'll be out hunting the bad guys soon enough.
  13. Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.1.0

    Awwwwwwwww. Well I guess I should have enjoyed that purple more when I had it v.v
  14. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

    @[DE]Danielle Any talk of a fix for the Kubrow armor not scaling properly to the dimensions of the Helminths? Mine have large gaps between the Helminth's side and the inside of the armor in places that are supposed to fit snugly.
  15. 4K UI Support: Part 2

    Huh I felt that way too, but like the other person said I put it down to jumbo UI. Interesting.