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  1. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    They're taking a lot of time to deliver. Mine was 20 mins late. So you should get it it's just being slow.
  2. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    To be fair, they do keep working on Overwatch. It's gotten a lot of re-balancing and stuff. But I feel your disappointment.
  3. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    Just got my drop, so they are coming, just slowly.
  4. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    No, it's from another Guide of the Lotus so the info is good. Drops just seem to be taking significant time to arrive.
  5. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    Some people are saying they have their Syandanas. So you might want to check your inboxes.
  6. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    Yeah I've got lots of people asking about it. Not sure what's going on but I'll pass on any info I get. It might just be taking time because of the sheer number of people watching.
  7. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    Not yet, but I'm keeping my eye out. It seems to be going on when the actual awards started, not the preshow. So look for it in about 5 minutes.
  8. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    Hey no worries ^-^ Welcome to Warframe.
  9. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    If it's like the last ones, it will be after you've watched 30 minutes. You should get in game mail with the prize in it (the Syandana in this case).
  10. The Game Awards Chat... omg

    It's a thing of beauty. And spam. Lots and lots of spam.
  11. The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    A little feedback since there was no option on the survey. Quantitative questions are great. They produce good, easy to compile data that translates really well into visual representations like graphs. I completely get that, and I support it. I think you guys probably used a google for this survey mostly because of how you want to use the data afterwards, and exporting it from the forums might be more of a hassle than just making the survey in google to begin with. However, an abundant amount of what I'm reading in feedback here is people wanting qualitative questions in addition to quantitative ones. In the future, having at least one wrap up question (maybe even one wrap up question per page) of "Why did you provide the answers you did?" for example, would be really helpful and provide context for people's answers. Also an "Other: (Please provide your answer)" option would be really useful on certain questions when ranking things. For example, ask people why they ranked the NPCs how they did. Did they rank them by how much they like them, how useful they are, how many times they visit them, etc.? Also, I am a bit disappointed Archwing wasn't mentioned on the survey. It's been by far the most lackluster portion of the plains, if only because most Archwing abilities end up next to useless in actual combat (probably to keep them from being OP) and even if you're running an Amesha with damage negation, you can get knocked out of the sky at any time just because certain projectiles don't have to damage you, just hit you, to eject you from Archwing. I was really looking forward to the idea of sniping from an Archwing to support allies on the ground, but the projectiles that can hit you and just remove you from your Archwing if you're not moving ALL THE TIME make that next to impossible. As it stands, there's no reason to pick one Archwing over another for use on the Plains except movement, which is really disappointing. Archwings are already kind of a niche gameplay option, and having some good reason and way to stay in them and use them on the Plains for more than just mobility would add some needed diversity and utility to them. Right now, the only two options for Archwing use outside of their own missions are Sharkwing, which is tortuously slow and clunky compared to its counterparts, and PoE, which gives no real use to them outside of mobility. In the future, I'd love to see more of an option for PoE Archwing. Perhaps make the Grineer ships weak to Archwing abilities to both negate some of the frustration of destroying them, and giving Archwings a better niche to fill in games. A small quality of life adjustment Archwings also needed on the plains is for the flying height to be determined at one flat elevation instead of by distance from the ground. Right now, flying forces you to contour your path to the ground because the game is determining the height you're flying at based on where it is in relation, which constantly changes. Having a set "sea level" that determines your overall elevation as you fly would make flying less of a roller coaster, and smooth out those long trips from the back of the map to Cetus. Lastly, there still needs to be more of a link between the resources in Cetus and the Plains and the rest of the star chart. As it is, most all of the things you need to rank up in Cetus you can't get anywhere but the plains, and the vast majority of resources you get on the Plains aren't usable anywhere but Cetus. This leads to a big disconnect, and the feeling that playing on the Plains isn't getting you anywhere in the game as whole. Right now, the rest of the star chart all feels pretty cohesive. No matter what you're doing, you get the impression that drops of resources you don't need now can be used elsewhere down the road, and aren't just trash. Everything you obtain feels useful. This doesn't carry over well in the Cetus economy. Except in crafting refined ores, you won't be asked for common drops from the rest of the star chart to accomplish things in Cetus, and outside of Cetus things like Fish Oil (which seems to be the most needed thing there) have no value at all. This makes the ecosystem of PoE versus the rest of the game feel really disjointed and isolated. Playing PoE feels like you're not actually progressing in any meaningful way within the larger scope of the game, and the larger scope of the game has little to no influence on PoE. This disjoint is really weird since the rest of the game all feels fit together so well. Perhaps adding some normal resource drops into Sacrifices to rank up in Cetus would be a way to help this, but it's going to take a lot more than that. I kind of hope that these resources will end up a bit like Oxium. It wasn't used in much to begin with, but as time passed it became more useful and players didn't feel like they had huge stacks of it in storage for nothing. Cetus needs to feel like a proper part of the rest of the game and that playing it is offering more progression than just within its own limited ecosystem.
  12. Host Migration Failed.

    Then there has to be something else to it. I'm sorry, I just don't buy that they wouldn't refund you for no apparent reason.
  13. Host Migration Failed.

    Did you provide any screen shots of your rewards screen, even in game (by hitting "tab" or "p" while in mission), before the crash? Or provide EE.log data of that game session in your ticket? If you didn't DE has no way of looking up the data to corroborate your issue since the data was never saved. If it HAD saved in a way they could look up, you would have your rewards. Without screen shots or some other data, for all they know you're asking for things you never earned. That's not being "selfish" or "not caring", that's trying to be fair. How mad would people be if they found out DE was just handing out rewards to any people who claimed they never got them, just because they filed a false support ticket? In my experience DE always attempts to be even handed with support tickets. If they're not being fair with you, I more suspect there's some other reason to it than just "they're as bad as EA".
  14. Banned for negative platinum

    Often times if the plat comes from something like a "discount plat" seller that's illegitimate, that bad plat originates from hacked accounts. When the person who's been hacked realizes what's happened, and that a lot of money has been charged to their bank account, they call their bank and have that transaction charged back. This results in negative plat values for anyone involved, but the plat sellers don't care because they make their money from the people buying directly from THEM. Between the trades those sellers make among themselves and the sales they make to actual players, they make so many trades it's next to impossible to write a script to track them all. To my knowledge, that's why they handle them case by case. It's easier to look at an account by account summary than try to write a script to figure out if the accounts are legitimate or just the Warframe version of "MMO Gold sellers". To my knowledge no one has ever been permanently banned due to negative plat unless there was some other underlying reason to do so. If you contact support, it might take time, but they will get your issue resolved. If you're one of the minority of people who haven't bought "bad plat" on purpose, such as just trading with someone else who passed on the bad plat, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you have, then that's kind of up to DE to decide how they want to handle it.
  15. Guide of the Lotus Contest: Operator Fashionframe

    I won't. Thanks ^-^