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  1. That is a really cool idea.
  2. Actually if I remember right it has nothing to do with that. If I'm recalling a past devstream correctly, the base amount of ammo a gun can have (total) is tied in the coding to what kind of gun it is. This is why things like Launchers now have access to far less ammo than they did way back in the day. It made them rather OP because they ended up with a ridiculous amount of ammunition. It also cuts down on the total ammunition and clip sizes of the gun. I think this has been tweaked over the years, but essentially it boils down less to what mods the gun uses (although it helps streamline that process to, since it means DE doesn't have to make another category of mods and fill it up) and more ammo and how that entire system works.
  3. Ok, sorry I was in the middle of eating when I first posted, so hopefully I can add more now. If you haven't finished up the beginning quest, Vor's Prize, that should be your first focus. It'll unlock a lot of things in your ship for you which is extremely important. After that, I generally suggest you begin unlocking planet nodes, Junctions in particular are important. Junctions will open up new planets for you, but more significantly they will award you with things like Quests, weapon blueprints, and in some cases even warframe component blueprints (in the case of Chroma). Also, build what you want to try and anything looks interesting. A lot of people will try to tell you that Insert-Thing-Here is useless/crap and don't bother to build it. Early game especially isn't the time to get caught up in what's the "best" and there are many cases where you'll find many things commonly referred to as "bad" are actually quite good. Try whatever catches your fancy and see what weapon types and play styles you like best.
  4. A lot has changed, this link may help. I think it's mostly aimed at PC, but it should still give you a look at what's changed.
  5. Awwwwwwwww. Well I guess I should have enjoyed that purple more when I had it v.v
  6. Oh sorry, I misunderstood ^-^; And yeah it does suck. Hopefully there will be another Port chance sometime, but who knows?
  7. There may be another account transfer from PC going to Console, but there will never be one the other way around. For migrations to happen at all, all the builds between consoles and PC have to be identical and the account information has to essentially be copied over from one to the other. As you can probably this guess this takes a lot of work and prep to make happen and is extremely rare. However, due to agreements between Sony and Microsoft and DE, transfers from Console to PC can't happen. That part isn't a technical issue, it's a legal one.
  8. Interesting. That's good to know, thank you.
  9. Update 20 included UI changes targeted mainly at giving more 4k UI support that had some unintended consequences. The main annoying consequence for a lot of us is that it's made the HUD gigantic even on normal resolutions. DE is currently working on an overall fix, including a scaling slider for the size of the UI, but those changes aren't out yet. A thread was posted from DE about it here: Hopefully the changes will drop soon, until then we just have to be patient ^-^
  10. You can use abilities and take damage up until the target shows up on your map, as far as I know. Also, you don't have the description telling you you have to do it alone, so other people could use abilities on it and it shouldn't stop your Riven unlocking. For example, another Rhino can stomp the whole room and keep it in the air, or a Vauban can Bastille/Vortex to keep the room clear while you scan the target and run like hell for extraction ^-^
  11. No one on forums is going to be able to tell you how long your personal kick is. If it was a bot, those kicks only last a short time and relogging should fix them. Kicks by Moderators, however, can vary in length all the way up to a week. The best way to find out is to ask the Moderator who issued the kick. Otherwise, you should ask support.
  12. If you leave a clan and join or make a new one, the Blueprint for they new key should automatically be in your Foundry under "keys".
  13. There's always jumping off of the edge of a chasm to teleport back up, or running back to spawn. There is no map set that I know of that is just a single tile. There is at least a spawn tile, a hallway, and then the main room for the Defense or other objective. More often than not there are also connecting loot rooms or dead end hallways as well. It would be a rare case that a map is so small that it would become such an issue. I'm not saying you've never had it, I'm just saying that what you're describing would be an extremely rare case. Moreover, AI pathing in a map set designed around randomly generating patterns of given tiles for each mission is always going to have bugs. It's impossible to plan for every possible combination of rooms in every set of tiles. There will be bugs. That's why the leashing system exists to begin with.
  14. I've personally never found a map too small for it to work. It might mean that on something like a defense tile you have to run a good distance down a dead end hallway, but the teleport distance isn't that large. I don't have a strict set of numbers, but two to three rooms/hallways at most have always been enough for me. That or changing levels like going down an elevator. If the issues persist past that, it may not be a pathing issue but a lag issue, which is an entirely different problem.
  15. @[DE]Danielle Any talk of a fix for the Kubrow armor not scaling properly to the dimensions of the Helminths? Mine have large gaps between the Helminth's side and the inside of the armor in places that are supposed to fit snugly.