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  1. Internal Bleeding. It's only for rifles. Even if it worked on shotguns, Astilla's forced impact proc only happens on the primary fire, so it wouldn't be worth it regardless since its main source of damage and the main gimmick of the weapon is the AOE. It's like slapping the mod on Lenz.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Although I'd very much rather they get rid of the forced impact proc on the primary shot. Reminds me in a way of Akstiletto Prime a couple years ago, it was a PITA to land consecutive headshots with it back when we had no Ensnare or Magus Lockdown and Bastille was buggy enough to let enemies drop from it on and off regardless of how much power strength you had on Vauban. And now that we do it just forces us into using those skills/frames/arcanes. I think Astilla Prime would be a LOT more enticing if they did that.
  3. I always read every hotfix thread up to the last page. You built that image of you yourself. It's not like I'm the first person you've had way more heated and personal arguments in here than what I've ever had with others. There's no intelligent conversation to be had here if you're ultimately resorting to one liners and actually prouding yourself in your apathy. If all you wanna do is hear your own like-minded voice and that's the hill you wanna die on, that's on you. Points to you though since you didn't end up like the last person whom I argued with here that dug his/her own grave with a xenophobic remark towards me out of the blue to somehow try and justify his argument about the game 🙄 I'm guessing he/she tried his/her worst to be dismissive yet ended up talking ill of him/herself way worse than I'd ever could've. As funny and cringy as it was too read that at least you didn't stoop that low.
  4. Yeap, as expected. So easy to see through you... Between that and this other quote, looks like you showed your true colours.
  5. I'll agree with you in part. So far except for a couple exceptions I've been getting answers by the same people who always go out of their way to defend the undefendable on every single hotfix thread. Don't worry, I'm not taking it as if you're white knighting DE, regardless of the not so subtle "ignorance or anger" jab you threw at me. Please let me be please clear about this. I'm not angered nor ignorant about the topic. The change actually goes in my favour, as I've layed down on my very first post on this thread and explained my reasoning further on later replies. My issue here is the people that got screwed over being open minded and helping with a cause they didn't agree with but also didn't hurt anyone either. They got screwed for no reason. That said out of all the threads I've read regarding Gara's armor, the majority of the comments pointed to it being a toggle so everyone could be content, even those who didn't want the change for themselves (Including myself -please refer to previous answers I gave to understand this- and a couple others who I answered to in this very thread). Regarding priorities. Take the Nikana sheathing bug that's been seemingly fixed on this hotfix (haven't tested it myself yet, but I also chimed in with a couple videos of my own a couple years ago). I'm sure most of us would've rathered they focused on game breaking glitches instead, for sure, but history has proven otherwise. Conclave, Lunaro, Pets 2.0, modular Archwing rework, Duviri Paradox, you name it. Some of these we do have ingame and are largely forgotten and broken. The others teased years ago. Wouldn't you say it would've also been great if they hadn't gone through all the time, money and development time needed to present the Duviri Paradox two years ago at Tennocon and instead focused those resources on improving what we already have? Aside that, this hasn't been the first time we've been through this. Chroma's default helmet on launch was Drac's, and it also got changed to what we now recognize as his default helmet due to negative feedback. (disclaimer: Drac's one of my fave free helmets). Venari got changed to acting on its own thanks to community feedback, and while relying on its AI is highly debatable as a solution, at least it didn't end up being another Nekros' desecrate pre-rework. As for the bugs over changes thing, please refer to my latest reply above yours. We've had long withstanding bugs since forever, there's a reason why people are still re-posting those threads on every hotfix thread. That's never going to change. So I see no reason why they chose one over the other when even the links they provided at the start of the post were asking for something different that could please both opinions instead of what we were given. This just creates more vitriol among the community. As if we didn't have enough already.
  6. I'm actually quite surprised you didn't make the same argument for toggable abilities. "Just hold the button and move on". And as for "encouraging devs to put more work in something insignificant"... You know what? Let's go with that. Should we encourage DE to work on Pets 2.0? Only we've been doing that for over 3 years at this point (being first hinted at on Devstream #109 on April 2018). Did you bother to read all the other pages on this very thread and the many new bugs they're experiencing right now on top of the older ones who haven't been addressed in months? See that? There's your argument flying out the window. Furthermore I'll just name a couple more examples off the top of my head on changes DE made based on community feedback that could be construed the same flawed way: Chroma's Elemental Ward wheel and recastable Vex Armor. Ash's Bladestorm Rework. Khora's Whipclaw LoS and the most recent helmet displacement. Nikanas sheathing animations. Mirage clones/Hydroid tentacles/Wisp's Sol Gate/Gara's Mass Vitrify/Limbo's Cataclysm obstructing vision. All of those examples were fixed and/or had QoL changes thanks to community feedback. Changes you and me are enjoying now thanks to those people who complained at the time. And over half of those were fixable by picking a dark energy colour. Why are you having such a hard time hearing others who don't agree with your take? Also, going by your own logic, why did you ever mentioned not using Liches on Call? Just stick to Crewmembers, problem solved. They'll always be heaps better for the very same reasons you stated. How dare you ask DE to work harder! Do you still fail to see how hard you're missing the point? Why is it so hard for you to understand that's it not "my way or the highway" and they could've kept both sides happy? Not to mention the side of the community who still prefered the Glass armor on and got screwed for understanding both sides can be satisfied and pushing for diversity with that toggle. Seriously, I'm fully expecting a "If you don't like it, don't play it" or a dismissive "TLDR" answer from you at this point. Try nurturing empathy towards your equals within the same community you're a part of. You need loads of it. It'll also get you further IRL too.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I like Gara with no glass while she has her deluxe skin (but not deluxe helmet) on, which is the latest fashionframe I've been sticking to on her. Yet on all other loadouts I stick to tinting the glass black because it's always been kinda troublesome to colour, plus I've had people rightfully complaining they were having a hard time seeing through Mass Vitrify. Or the most part I sticked to that too because the glass armor tends to clip throughout all attachments/Syandanas. Same thing happens on her deluxe skin to be fair, I just happened to notice a couple attachments picks where the clipping works in her favour and I ended up really liking that. So much so that I'm pretty sure I won't use her prime body and I'll be sticking to this current fashion frame for years to come. I only got her deluxe skin bundle about a month ago because I truly dislike the helmet and already owned her Zamariu skin. TBH up until I made her Kaleida skin work for me I was on the same boat as you, as in "Keep the glass armor, make it a toggle for those who don't want it". As obnoxious as it is to me to see it clipping everywhere on my other loadouts, I still liked having it because it's the clearest tell I forgot to refresh Splinter Storm whenever that happened. They really should do a survey on Xaku's attachments IMHO. And in either case they should make it a toggable option too instead of going for the choice that's been talked about the most in the forums. This forced change to Gara's Splinter Storm is just screwing all others who still wanted it but were empathic to other people's opinions and further splitting the community for the pettiest of reasons. I'm really glad you got my reasoning.
  8. Really. The fact that people got their way and it coincidentally looks better to me on a couple of my fashion frame loadouts doesn't mean to me the others who were happy the way it was now have to suck it up. Why is that a hard concept to grasp? We have a full submenu under our options for toggable skills on each frame for that very reason. Choice. Offtopic: I agree with you on not ever using Liches as On-Call companions.
  9. I've read the post specifying that hours before the hotfix was deployed. They should've worked it out regardless instead of taking the easy way out. Neither you nor me know how Gara is coded. They just introduced a bunch of UI changes, and with it a lot of possible bugs as well. As if we don't have bugs that have been around for years already. I prefer the current change, Gara's glass armor being kept while having Splinter Storm on. So what's your problem with giving people the option instead of forcing them out of it? If you're going to repeat the "opportunities for bugs" thing, please go back and re-read the paragraph above.
  10. Can you guys make a survey on the community opinion to see if people like Xaku's attachment dissapearing while using The Vast Untime? I haven't met anyone who likes their fashion frame dissapearing when using that skill of theirs. PS: Although I'm glad Gara's armor is no longer being jettisoned out of her body when using Splinter Storm, you really should've made it a toggle for those who didn't want the change.
  11. If the comment you quoted me came across as that to you, sorry. Didn't mean to. But please, go read my previous comments: I'm not defending the game. If anything I'll defend the community, specifically the ones who are new to the game and predated upon by grifters/scammers or lied to for views. Rio is one of the latter. Just go look for the videos of the time he used to play the game and you'll start noticing all the bs he wasn't telling his audience (ie. you). Remember Semlar? The one person who tried to make a better environment for people (FOR FREE no less) to learn rivens and not get scammed? Remember how he got shanked? Because Rio sure as hell didn't make a video about that, just checked. Two years later we still don't have any useful free tools to do that and no official auctionhouse either, while scammers and account sellers can easily afford to buy the resources to keep scamming newbies. Make up your mind man... Am I taking things too seriously? or not enough? What did you mean? 🤣 And how does that sentence make sense to you? The only plane I can see that making any sense is "he's defending DE and blasting on Rio! Gotta defend my fave youtuber!". There's no sides to pick here. I dislike the guy because he's proven to be lying on his build videos and now makes videos on WF drama because that currently makes him WAY more money than anything else he puts out. Don't take my word for it, just go check Rio's channel. See how many views all of his WF videos get compared to the rest of the content he releases. Then sort all videos by "most popular" and sift through all the clickbait build videos and you'll also see WF drama videos. Dude truly turned into WF's Keemstar. Like, how can you not realize that? I can notice the drama alert clickbait even by looking at the video titles. I can understand if you like bs drama, but I don't. It's easy money for youtubers with no effort, just slap gameplay of whatever you've been playing last month or whatever and talk s#%t for 20 minutes. Done $_$ You don't even need to edit nor pay someone else to do it for you. Again, don't believe me? Just make a playlist of the last 10 WF related videos and see if the dude speaks anything differently aside from the weekly "oh, what did DE pull this time? time to go get that broken record!". He also does this with all other content he releases. God forbid dude gives you a video on a game he actually enjoys. I've given DE PLENTY of harsh criticism. In fact I was just about to comment somewhere else about the time they came up with Lunaro months after Rocket League blew up, based on Void Storms being similar to Fortnite's Storms from what I see from other people's comments. I completely agree with the fact DE this past couple years has taken the approach of kneejerk nerfs. Any cool interactions has been proven time and time again to get gutted if it turns to the "word of the day". Even if they pinky promise not to on devstreams. I also mentioned them not fixing gamebreaking bugs that people have been reporting literally for years. Same for new player experience, which I pointed to two comment below the one you quoted me. Here's another example: You probably know about the upcoming melee balance pass, right? Remember how they said they wouldn't gut it? And how they also mentioned on that same stream they'd get rid of a lot of innate procs on stances so to not give melee weapons too much CC? Well, Condition Overload also gets dmg from those same procs, so there's 120 to 360% damage decrease right there. Aside that, there's also the fact that even if they buffed primaries/secondaries up by 1000% dmg, a lot of weapons still have waaay better stats & mechanics than others. It's the same reason why Arca Plasmor/Catchmoon got gutted a while back. And it makes complete sense as to why anyone would bother with other weapons, with WF being a horde shooter. Like, why would anyone use Velox over Stahlta or Sepulcrum? The power creep has never been more real. PS: Pretty sure you won't bother to read at all, so let me know if you need a TLDR.
  12. Agreed! I stay out of social media as much as I can too. Can't really escape it though, people will mention it even within the game. Some of the stuff I mentioned was really well documented back in the day. And some topics were HUGE too, like the riven mafia thing, for which Taters made a video of (worst thing is they're still around...), so there was no way to avoid finding that out if you followed any content creator for the game or check region chat sporadically during that time. And for sure I understand where you're coming from because I also soloed all content from the moment I created my account up until about MR15 or so, what I have an issue with regarding both Rio and Knightmareframe is the misleading. It's perfectly fine to use specters, that's what they're for after all. But when they sell it as "Ash vs lvl 9999" or whatever the clickbait of the day is, in reality it's not so much "ash vs lvl 9999" but "Octavia specter + dmg reduction specter + me supporting them; Camping vs lvl 9999" or "Condition Overload + Kuva Nukor/Epitaph + Shield Gating on any frame vs lvl 9999". Not to mention that time where one of those youtubers was clickbaiting a couple warframes power while a teammate Mag was giving him overshields and stripping armor. Effectively doing all the work. That kind of content creator mislead newcomers all the time. Now pair that up with the game itself having next to no ingame new player guide on anything, specially modding and well... say, a simple pop up message explaining the importance of companions, Animal Instinct and Vacuum would perfectly solve a lot of well known issues new players have. I'm not even talking about min maxing stuff you'd check the wiki for, that's basic stuff everyone should know hours after they made their account. Less than a week ago I had a newcomer on the clan I'm in set up a Discord stream so I could see what that person was modding onto his gear and advice him properly. Watching that person struggle hard for an hour to understand the concept of polarities and mod capacity consumption/elemental order was heartbreaking. Next day he did the same thing on Discord, and I realized he had been watching some of the clickbaiters I mentioned (signs are clear once you start recognizing patterns within the mods used that type of content creators for the game can't stray out of). It's a neverending cycle of DE not doing anything about the new player experience and clickbaiters spreading misinformation people follow because they can't really notice the game's inner mechanics these people abuse but hide from their viewers, they just want to kill lvl 9999 enemies too (which is perfectly undestandable if you ask me, we're space ninjas after all). It's disingenuous as F.
  13. Agreed. While I completely expected Synth Charge to get hotfixed out (but not Energizing shot, both of which I was running on my Epitaph build), we do have past record of bugs turning into features. Dominion skin on Zenistar being the best known one, albeit not game changing in any way. But we did have some gamechanging bugs turning into features, namely coptering leading to Parkour 2.0 and Nova's Molecular prime being affected by negative strength. That said, Rio is not someone I follow. Did for a while at first, then started noticing all the misleading, like clickbaiting endgame builds and then noticing dude was running Octavia specters back when Mallet pretty much disabled enemy AI, Ancient healer specters and Zenistar (which was a melee AOE viral/corrosive+heat primer back when we could completely strip armor with corrosive procs until Melee 3.0 and Kuva Nukor happened). Much like Knightmareframe has done forever, priming enemies & abusing shield gating through teammates on all frames (until another well known ytber whom I respect explained to him how to do it on his own with Brief Respite/Augur mods + Decaying Dragon Key + Rolling Guard. But hey, I do remember that time the dude banned me from YT for advicing him how to mod his Vulpaphyla, claiming I was wrong, and now he uses those exact mods I told him about. So sweet! 🤣), then clickbaiting like there's no tomorrow. Or blasting on Taters on his Discord. Yeah, dude's just not a good person. But Rio turned into Keemstar for Warframe for a good while now. Funny to see him pairing up with the same people who were adamantly backed up by DE even through the worst kind of toxicity towards the community and whom now turned their backs completely on them. Don't forget: drama & outright lying puts food on the table, homies! 🤮
  14. Acknowledging new information, but not your own reaction to the initial post? Gotcha! Makes sense why you're not "talking about it anymore". No one wants to admit when they effed up. Difference between you and me is I remember the test server fiasco, promising "no nerfs" on stream and do that immediately after, community asking for fixes to game breaking bugs literally for years (even in this very same thread. Like, CAN you read outside of your own echo chamber?). This is also a matter of public record, which I also mentioned on one of my previous answers to you, but you don't really care about that evidently. But hey, the error was fixed now, so you can get your shining boots off now. That said it's truly saddening how easily you can get manipulated into turning against others who're asking the same exact thing as you. Let's see how you do in a couple years. Based on the initial reaction you backed out from I can guarantee you'll be pulling off a 900° by then. Thanks for the well being wishes though! Oh, Also: You didn't back out on the criticism you got a like out of me on that post. Trying to swiftly get yourself outta that one?
  15. You could've clarified instead of going all mysterious too. So in fact there was a reason to get snarky with you. Again, we both said the same thing. We even had the same reactions: But you have a clear issue with me not thinking it's an error even though I've stated my reasons to think that way. Even though all of your reactions above also indicate you thought it was intentional, snarky comments included 🤣 8 Pages later you actually read the freakin' hotfix thread and realized the "another change" part, and strapped your clanking boots from then on? Weird 180° you pulled there but sure. Also, thanks for entirely avoiding the questions I asked you. You just proved me right. Take care!
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