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  1. I'm on board with this. Right leg? It's positioned weirdly on most frames from what I've seen so far.
  2. Just wanted to thank you all for fixing those Nikana Zaws graphical issues I posted a while back. Not sure when you did fix it but I just tried all skins and they all work and have their respective sheaths. They still clip in and out the sheath whenever you're holding them and move but still, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Could you take a look into Ash's Shroud skin metallics channels? Someone posted a link to it on a couple hotfixes, I personally would love to be able to just colour those metal pieces which are currently untintable. The ones in the chest, waist and head, arms, they're all over the skin. Some are just a thin metallic line like with his legs, but still. https://imgur.com/a/HJFqPrL EDIT: Forgot about this one too. Can we get a right Prisma Latron Shoulder plate from Baro please?
  3. I've been corrected before, but thanks, it's just I picked one of the two grips that doesn't say anything about beam weapons specifically because I thought it'd increase FR.
  4. Yeap, I know, hence why I asked if that's intended. Fingers crossed that's not the case.
  5. Thanks for correcting me guys. I picked Shrewd grip specifically because it didn't state anything on beam weapons, guess rules apply universally for that weapon type.
  6. Gaze chamber's fire rate doesn't change with different primary grips when previewing a kitgun with Zuud, is this intended? Can we get an icon for Protea's dispensary so teammates can look where its deployed? And her Blaze artillery duration either having a bit of an increase in deployment duration or it being affected by mods besides how many shots the turret has? She can dish out some damage from what it seems, but in order to do that you need to spam the skill, ala Nekros desecrate pre rework. Also Stropha is currently not proccing puncture nor slash. It does however proc the other elemental procs if you mod them in, as in Voltaic Strike, Virulent Scourge and so on. Thanks again y'all
  7. Is fire rate between primary kitgun grips bugged? can't see any changes to fire rate while trying out different grips with Zuud. Thanks for the update guys.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂 I'll give it a go later.
  9. AW Melee magnetism constantly teleports you back and forth enemies, most of the time not hitting them (somewhat fixed by using Extend but still) and making your AW hit floors and walls so meleeing is not worth it (aside from Centaur being the only Arch Melee weapon barely worth using but that's neither here nor there of course) Also most enemies at Salacia are really slow now so you can just start the objective and leave, they'll never get there unless they spawn on top of it, like AI is not working or something? Haven't tested this in any other nodes besides Salacia though but I've seen it on quite a couple runs since the previous hotfix. TBH I ended up not even bothering with SS before it ended, still need to max out a couple arcanes but there's only one I was interested in. Hopefully when it comes back it'll be in a lot better state. Also yeah, as Buldozer said, can't login because of that msg saying there's a new update. EDIT: FIXED! THANKS!!!! That aside, imma paste the usual: Will Baro have a Right Prisma Latron shoulder piece, pretty please? I tend to avoid all assymetric attachments. That one looks too good to not use it, but having to use any other thing on the right piece is kind of a bummer. Thanks a lot for these hotfixes. Stay safe y'all.
  10. Pasting the Nikana thread again here. Will Baro have a Right Prisma Latron shoulder piece? I tend to avoid all assymetric attachments. That one looks too good to not use it, but having to use any other thing on the right piece is kind of a bummer. Haven't done that much SS since launch because of all the bugs and grind, hopefully it'll go better these next few weeks. Thanks for the hotfix guys.
  11. Thanks for the hotfix guys. I'll leave this here, might get some attention down the line.
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