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  1. You own Khora on your ALT account? Sure you do. If you in fact did own her, then you would've noticed Whipclaw not hitting enemies right in front of her and we wouldn't be having this argument at all. By now you don't even need to check it for yourself tbh. Don't take my word for it either if you don't want to, a couple other people already posted gifs on how Whippclaw's LOS has been behaving since the update. Hell, lemme look that up for you: Go check that post and pay attention to the gifs that person provided. Mind explaining how on Earth you thought that's an improvement?
  2. A nerf? sure, whatever. It's not like we have more than 5 frames that can do what she does but better. Whipclaw not hitting enemies right in front of her while having no obstacles? No. Did you even bother to see the gifs that dude provided? The second one looks like a Benny Hill skit ngl. I do agree with you that a LOT of stuff should get buffed though.
  3. "GARA KALEIDA SKIN Decorated in sharp glass, and striking a powerful pose, The Gara Kaleida Deluxe skin comes with a whole new look, as well as two unique Animation Sets for this beautiful Warframe. Includes the Starglaze Shards auxiliary attachment." It's now the second time you've proven to not having read the thread yourself even though you were bashing others for not doing so (and them being in the right)
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