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  1. Note: If you are looking for a way to make it shorter, this ain't it. Mobile Defence is one of the few non endless missions that I enjoy, not too short, not too long, team composition doesn't punish you. Sadly it's old and tired, it needs changes to modernize it and make it more rewarding. It can also be easily rigged for a guaranteed win which makes it feel boring and empty. This is a wordy post, so if you don't want to read a big wall I made bullet points with the important things, all the rest is explanations for the most part. My main point is to address specif
  2. I've been thinking quite seriously about this. My idea might be different from yours, but yes, rougelike. Back when I started playing WF it was a much slower game, so the random assortment of the tiles made every mission feel slightly different. Now the tiles are just a blur in the background as we fly past the enemy to the goal. Rougelike mode could not only bring new life into the old, but make the game feel fresh. You could play the same missions again, but with modifiers and outcomes it wouldn't be quite like running the same Extermination node for the 100th time. Make a r
  3. I really don't like how the Gara change now puts me on a very uncomfortable position. I like Xaku losing attachments during Vast Untime, I like that I can add things to the frame but when I use that power I still see nothing but the skeleton, but now it feels that I have to object any and all kind of options around this matter because if I agree with a toggle my opinion will be wrongly used as if I'm supporting the removal of that "function" (keeping the attachments). I'm a very big fan of "function affecting visual changes", plus I actually liked the Deluxe Gara Skin without the g
  4. Cool, can I have the glass shattering back? Just because I agree with the toggle that doesn't mean I agree with removing it outright. In all seriousness, this is a bad precedent. Should I not submit feedback because "it's too complicated" and it will end up with content being removed instead of being improved? Update is mostly fine, but my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  5. Welp. I was all up for a toggle despite liking how the skin looks without the glass. In fact I would've loved a toggle for the helmet and another for the body, because while I like the body without the glass, the helmet... not so much. In the end I'm quite disappointed, not because the change is being made but because of how divisive it is for no good reason.
  6. The changes seem good, but I'm disappointed that Shadow Claws still use Sevagoth's Mods and not the Shadow mods. It's great that you can mod them individually but having the Claws use Sevagoth's mods greatly voids that feature because we are still building Sevagoth towards something the Shadow uses.
  7. I honestly think this should be part of a bigger discussion. Hazards have been companion killers for a while because the AI does not react to them (see or after being hurt), so this is a good change that should over time be applied to other hazards. That also means Electricity procs. Ever since they were changed certain enemies became stronger (even the shield drones which are meant to be weak) because of the DoT damage, but while players can usually survive and deal with it just fine (for the most part, high level is a pain due to how electricity enemies tend to be aim bots once you ge
  8. Hopefully this won't lead to variety issues, like building for one "role" invalidating a completely different one until the whole thing is Re-forma'd again. Still, unless you can own multiple Plexus, forma and polarities seems like a bad addition in terms of variety unless you barely need any forma at all to fill all slots. Unless the Forge passively pours out energy it doesn't fix the fact that we need to account for Warframe builds to efficiently use RJ abilities. Necramechs didn't have this issue from the start, the RJ shouldn't needlessly tie 2 completely different systems.
  9. The Hovering is interesting but I think it would benefit immensely from one of the changes that Hildryn got which was the dodge while on her 4 (which costs "energy" aka shield). I wouldn't mind of it costs energy but a short dodge would complement her movement while hovering (and complement the argument for the change which is that standing still is dangerous, but her hovering speed won't save you from that either, but dodging might), rather than relying only on her 1 which might move too far. Otherwise, looks good.
  10. Can we please please please keep the current RJ interior as Captura? Sure it's not ideal and it's being removed but I really like the current interior and it would be a nice bonus for those that took part in RJ before the changes.
  11. I feel that this is good and bad at the same time. Good because one less thing to manage, bad because it might as well make being a gunner something no will want to do because the pilot is just boosting all over the place making it a rather sickening experience and you might as well stay permanently in Amesha. Plus it might also suffer of the same syndrome as Capture missions which currently are a waste of space in the starchart, they became missions where fighting the enemy isn't a thing you should do, you just down a single enemy and leave, no different than what defection used to be since w
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