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  1. Massive POG! Praise the cube! \(O_O)/ But still waiting for the Buzlok fix. D;
  2. The tracer of the Buzlok shots is very hard to track now (after Chimera) and the big tracer visual is gone for the most part. Changing the display settings and even putting particles on max did nothing. It also seems that what made it not as inaccurate is also bugged. Before all shots seemed to be redirected to where you aimed at, you would notice that the tracer visual would show how the projectile would correct it's deviation right after leaving the barrel (this is in non homing mode), this no longer applies and the projectiles spread quite a lot straight from the barrel. Curiously enough this does not happen to the first bullet fire, the first one is always spot on the crosshair. It gets to the point that without ADS some bullets will hit the floor not far from you even if you aim straight forward. ADS is not as bad but still absolutely terrible comparing to before. I have a couple of examples of it now, sadly I never took screens of it before the bug for those not familiar with the gun. The screen from 3rd person is without ADS, the second is with ADS (forgive me for my low resolution, tracer is hard to see now but that didn't happen before as I explained). To note that Heavy Caliber isn't equipped. Perhaps this could be related to how projectile weapons tend to misbehave with multishot (though usually when coupled with heavy caliber), and since the aim correction function seems to have died it just spreads out of control. This is painful on a weapon that already has one of the worst projectile travel speed in the game. I did a quick youtube search and found a video where you can see how it worked before Chimera, not extremely recent but only 5 months ago. Skip to 1:19 to see it working without homing. NOTE: This is a repost, it's the 3rd time I'm posting this to be honest, but the bug still exists and it's been almost 1 year ever since this bug was introduced which greatly effects the gun in a negative way.
  3. ctrl + F Buzlok, no fixes still. D; https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1062707-buzlok-visuals-and-accuracy-bugged/
  4. Can we please get the Buzlok fixed? It's been bugged for almost a year and still no fixes (pretty sure I also did 2 threads on the bug sub forums as well). Otherwise, yay, 1k notes.
  5. The Forma Challenge really needs to go. Is the 3 forma a reward if you ask people to spend 3 forma before you reach that tier, if not multiple times? Sure you can "skip" it, but that really gives a crappy feeling that things aren't in control at all, rather than skipping so you can actually get a reward you get doubts until it finally pays off, and with doubts you might just think "if you even get there for it to pay off".
  6. Yayfications! \(O_O)/ So you mean Transmute 3 times (12 mods sacrificed)? Or transmute 12 mods as in 12 times? The later is rather costy.
  7. Still no fix for Buzlok's tracer and accuracy loss. pepehands Tactical alert is nice, but this is what the Nightwave should add from first day of a new series, a different mission related to the Nightwave lore that offers something different, perhaps something like a long term Operation that allows to test and adjust new stuff.
  8. I missed this. >Clan Acts will also include Alliance members. This solves nothing... Just remove the clan/friends stuff, simple, don't go around the problem to not fix it at all.
  9. Can we please, please, fix the Buzlok main fire mode? It's been bugged for over half a year and I already got 2 threads archived with no fixes in sight.
  10. Just, why, there's no need for more. This is just lazy and uninteresting.
  11. Well, it's no wonder really, content for everyone, only speaking to a minority. Still, you don't need to speak to everyone, else there would be nothing but "kill x amount of enemies", but still, 60 straight minutes is just too much, and if we are to have any challenge I'd say that 15~20 minutes with the level range you get between minute 40 and 60 would suffice, perhaps it could have the Wolf spawn on it so we could at least have something related to the nightwave itself instead of Nightwave being nothing but unrelated chores. 60 minutes by itself provides no challenge, it's just boring to waste a hour in the same exact mission, doing the same exact things without pause or any change, if challenge is to be considered it only comes from the last minutes of the mission, so like I suggested, only using the level range of those last minutes would accomplish the same "challenge" for the most part. With that you can see I'm not asking for easier, just to make it less punishing while keeping it's actual challenge value intact. Cumulative would work for non elite just fine. Too little too late. Other concerns I have is how some weekly take far too much time for what they give in comparison with others. 10 perfect captures or 8 full bounties for 3k, which is the same for opening 3 relics which require no thinking, no effort and barely any time really makes them not feel worth the time. Those would be better "elite" than the 60 minute straight survival. The whole "with friends/clan" is pointless if people can bypass it with extra steps, at that point it's accomplishing nothing because many are still playing with strangers they don't care about, and all it does is bother people with extra steps. If people are playing with "anyone" then "anyone" as the condition would suffice for human interaction. If you want to promote people to play with friends or clan that isn't the way to go, because if people aren't playing with their friends or clan then it's because they don't want to anyway. It's not like I will socialize more because of the condition, I don't socialize because I don't want to spend time talking to start with, I want to play the game, just let me play the game, playing with others is fine, the condition is just pointless for 99.99999% of time. And going back to one of my previous points, the lack of at least 1 custom mission for Nightwave really makes the system feel old before we even start doing anything because everything you do is just regular things that were already there. I don't mean it has to be all new, objectives are mostly fine except the things I mentioned, but at least something other than YET ANOTHER assassin (would be fine, if, again, we had at least a proper mission). We already had tactical alerts before, we know you can do something that would make my first suggestion work just fine, but sure, it requires a tiny bit more effort than just the acts themselves, but perhaps Nightwave would be more enjoyable than the dreadful 60 minutes straight you want to put us through and that should be changed ASAP, not on series 2. Overall, concept sound great, execution is greatly lacking and some acts are nothing but boring chores, no one likes chores. Edit: And do away with conditions like the "no life support towers", those are prime for griefing, sad but true. Sadly this thread comes out as damage control because feedback about Nightwave is everywhere and we don't quite need another thread for that, it doesn't show any hopeful signs (because no one likes waiting 10 weeks or more for the easily griefed conditions to be removed), but instead shows very much the opposite, unwillingness to correct mistakes before they grow bigger, you had the time, aaaaand it's gone.
  12. But I play with others, that's why we have the public option right? Those are allies right? To play with anyone in the same clan, which is like, 1 guy, I have to either not sleep or skip work. I guess I have no friends either, even if I had that wouldn't guarantee they would be on to do a sortie or would even wait for me to do it with. If the co-op nature is to be considered, as it should, "with others" would suffice, because it's enough that the acts are menial chores already, waiting for night time in Cetus IF you even have the time when night on Cetus happens or praying to RNGesus for eximus spawns so you don't spend the entire week in some random mission trying to get it or having to play with "friends" isn't a challenge, it's not an act either because nothing is an act, it's just plain boring and troublesome. The Nightwave already is a system that gets old in a couple of days, for many it's old news already and a pain to grind because they are being forced to do menial tasks, stuff like the ones mentioned above only make it unfun and make it boring twice as fast. If Nightwave is to have no content and reward playing the game then that's fine, but forcing people to get out of their way for something troublesome and boring that still requires waiting and/or scheduling (or even just pure RNG) is just silly. Challenge is fine, those aren't challenging (nor rewarding by themselves, 5k points is worth nothing considering the trouble you go through).
  13. This is nice, but the fact that the main issue of the gun still hasn't been fixed really sucks. You or anyone can kick the ball away and make it fly into space, the ball needs to be immaterial to players because they can screw up the one using it. Also, balls fusing still move it and invalidate the ball's whole purpose.
  14. Wait... So they are limited in number? Unless we can rank up infinitely it will have a ceiling. It appeared much better otherwise, but now... Well, I guess it depends on how many you can earn from ranking up, though it will still limit choice for those climbing up (and it will make expectations much more frustrating as it's not attached to a simple number, but perhaps varying ones).
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