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  1. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Buzlok visuals and accuracy bugged

    The tracer of the Buzlok shots is very hard to track now (after Chimera) and the big tracer visual is gone (at least for me, sounds like not everyone have their graphics bugged like the Lotus Noggle head being smushed, DE hasn't said a word about it either from what I saw). Changing the display settings and even putting particles on max did nothing. It also seems that what made it not as inaccurate is also bugged. Before all shots seemed to be redirected to where you aimed at, you would notice that the tracer visual would show how the projectile would correct it's deviation right after leaving the barrel (this is in non homing mode), this no longer applies and the projectiles spread quite a lot straight from the barrel. Curiously enough this does not happen to the first bullet fire, the first one is always spot on the crosshair. It gets to the point that without ADS some bullets will hit the floor not far from you even if you aim straight forward. ADS is not as bad but still absolutely terrible comparing to before. I have a couple of examples of it now, sadly I never took screens of it before the bug for those not familiar with the gun. The screen from 3rd person is without ADS, the second is with ADS (forgive me for my low resolution, tracer is hard to see now but that didn't happen before as I explained). To note that Heavy Caliber isn't equipped. Perhaps this could be related to how projectile weapons tend to misbehave with multishot (though usually when coupled with heavy caliber), and since the aim correction function seems to have died it just spreads out of control. This is painful on a weapon that already has one of the worst projectile travel speed in the game. I did a quick youtube search and found a video where you can see how it worked before Chimera, not extremely recent but only 5 months ago. Skip to 1:19 to see it working without homing. NOTE: This is a repost because the original thread got archived while the bug still exists the the gun is pretty much unusable without the alt fire (which isn't a fix at all).
  2. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    \(o_o)/ energy for Buzlok fixes, and to get the next mainline done without problems, really want Hyl... shields frame! And Wolfie!
  3. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    Hopefully the workshop will address how Dual Wield switching will work.
  4. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Still no fixes for Buzlok which has been bugged since Chimera. pepehands
  5. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    I still think that Kickbot handing bans on the first offence is silly and worse that none of that is being mentioned. Sometimes an edgy self-deprecating joke isn't really worth more than a slap in the wrist, meanwhile the bot gives 7 days, yes, I used a certain F word towards myself (which isn't even used with the same offensive meaning that made it a banned word), a word that can be used in a context that isn't offensive at all and that offended no one besides... not even myself. If Kickbot gave me a warning I wouldn't have done it again and it would die there, instead it only made me think the decision to do so was rather hypocritical, kinda like parents not wanting their kids watching Fortnite streams where people swear but it's okay for their kids to watch videos and play a game where the main goal is to kill others and be the last one alive. Was it effective at the end though? I doubt it, it's not like I will stop using the word towards myself, it's a bit of a meme to describe that someone is the bad kind of fan towards something which I accept that I do so, in context only snowflakes would be offended because everything offends that kind of people, and the one time I did it I happened to trigger finger it and remember about the ban a second too late. I just think that the way kickbot works right now is a bit like Genital Jousting, rather than "oh, I see, cool, thanks, I will try to not do it again". The only reason I speak of my case was because it's an actual example that I have, now if I had used the word towards someone else in it's original offensive meaning (not the one it had before it was offensive, which I still use in such way because it's just easier to spell that) then I'd agree with the chat ban. So I wonder if we can quote certain phrases from the song "Hollywood" by System of a Down in chat, or do we get the ban hammer for doing to (emphasis on certain, *winkwink*).
  6. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    Still no fix for Buzlok's bug that 'causes loss of accuracy and visual effects. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1020241-buzlok-visuals-and-accuracy-bugged/?tab=comments#comment-10239128
  7. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    Still no fixes for Buzlok's main firing mode being bugged since last October. pepehands Do I need to make a new thread considering that the one I made about that bug got archived?
  8. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Ctrl + F for Buzlok, no fixes listed. PLEASE, the regular firing mode has been bugged since Chimera. Perhaps could you lower drastically the maximum time it can take to reset the Kuva missions? There's been times that I saw it took far too long to reset (like, more than 30 minutes). Or maybe even make it so we could select between Siphon or Flood because at this point the reset is just delaying us needlessly (if you have a fairly limited time to play you might as well only be able to get into 1 flood, and Siphon are quite boring due to low level and low return).
  9. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    What about the fact that they kill frames like no tomorrow with or without Mirage? C'mon. And after you get it there's twice as much garbage. Drop tables really could items that are more useful than a single use, perhaps tying Warframes to such places isn't a great thing if those rewards permanently stay (could be moved elsewhere after the first drop, Simaris could do it). Ctrl + F Buzlok, still no fixes for Buzlok's primary fire mode accuracy, it's so bad it misses enemies 5 meters away. This has been going for months.
  10. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Nyx's Ultimate still disappointing

    Or Perhaps allow to charge absorbed damage into a projectile to be fired while in Absorb stance, allowing to make proper use of the damage absorbed without requiring to AFK in a spot (which usually means that the team kills everyone and there's nothing to use the absorbed damage on).
  11. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    CTRL + F Buzlok, nope, no Buzlok fixes. pepehands
  12. Awww, and so comes to an end the age of owning all helmets without real money. Well, bothers me less than the lack of good operator tight suits, and the only good ones being the prime access ones.
  13. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    [PC] What and When to expect Fortuna Part II: The Profit Taker!

    If only Toroids wasn't such a tedious chore though. Well, not that it matters for me when I can't really play it with others and will have to try to solo it with my potato anyway. OOF. Getting the BP before the components feels so unproductive and such a tease. You could climb up while crafting the components and reach the next tier with the parts ready and waiting for the BP, instead that order will only delay the process even further. But I wonder what kind of bundles this update will have. Also pretty please fix the Buzlok with this update. D;
  14. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Nice new changes, Titania changes pretty much hit all points I've post in a few places, even got the same energy amount. hypers Nyx getting cast times that don't waste the 4 seconds is thoughtful too. Though I'd say that for me Absorb will still feel like it's not very useful and extremely hard to make proper use of it, since the only change is to damage, while damage wasn't the main issue, it's usefulness and simplicity is. So I will just quote myself about Nyx's Absorb (even though that might have a wrong part in it but the ability still is only, in useful scenarios, half useful and the other half fells wasted).
  15. God_is_a_Cat_Girl

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Ctrl + F for Buzlok, no fixes listed so here you go. Buzlok Accuracy still hasn't been fixed.