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  1. o/ Back again to say that happens to me too much like everyone else.
  2. Ever since the dawn of time some enemies in Warframe always felt a bit unfair (when you can't face tank them) but necessary when we didn't have better, however over time WF got units with better designs which make some enemies feel questionable. This list of "changes" isn't meant to be nerfs but rather improve the design of rather common enemies for a more consistent experience and allow players to rely more on their own skill rather than the amount of damage they can tank, which in turn could allow to create stronger enemies that stand out from the crowd without the crowd feeling unfair to deal with. Some enemies are also rather broken in that they barely work, some are bugged others it's hard to know if bugged or bad design, so they are all still listed here anyway. Grineer Elite Shield Lancer: They are rather strong due to impenetrable shield and their weapon, but lack of telegraphing, RoF and high damage can make them feel rather unfair for a regular enemy. Tonkor as an enemy weapon tends to feel frustrating to fight due to lack of visibility and high damage. Suggested changes: Slight (as in very small) damage and rate of fire decrease or longer interval between grenades, increased detonation timer, Grenade warning added for Telegraphing. Bailiffs: Their spawns are rather rare, but they are one of the strongest and more complex melee units, besides some bugs and glitched visuals, such shouldn’t just be fixed but also improved. Suggested changes: Charge attack takes slightly longer to charge and get visuals/sounds to indicate the charge better, IE Jat Kittag Displays flames from exhaust during charge, “jet like” sound to indicate the attack is being charged, an AoE indicator to show the affected area. Bombard: Despite nerfs to their damage and AoE none of those changes improved what makes them feel unfair. Bombard missiles are hard to see and their homing often means that a player that dodges the missile can still be hit by the AoE as maps where Bombards spawn are often too small and the missile that the player dodged might as well hit a wall right next to the player anyway. Suggested changes: Homing is removed, all Bombards work like Tusk Bombards in that they shoot a fast missile that has charging and telegraphing (sound and visual), telegraphing sound should be unique to bombards to not be confused with Ballista. All Bombards get a side arm and behave like the Tusk Heavy Gunner in that they switch to side arm when the player gets too close so they don’t shoot their feet and feel unfair to fight. Note: This is not intended to be a nerf to Bombards, rather it’s meant to make them more fair and fun to fight, if it was a nerf then just nerfing the damage would suffice but that would be avoiding the actual problems with these units. Tusk Bombard: They are very shy when it comes to attacking, often spending well over 10 seconds doing nothing, perhaps a bug. Tusk Mortar Bombard: Their Mortar attack simply lacks telegraphing, such telegraphing already exists on the Terra Embattor Moa Mortar attack (which actually does a very good job), adding such would help a lot. Manic Bombards: Both versions of this enemy seem to be completely busted and seem to be using the wrong AI logic, they act exactly like Infested units right now. If they can reach the player they will rush them and try to melee them with their Gorgon, if the player is on a place they can’t reach only then they will use their gun. Their cluster grenade seems to be bugged and non-existent. They could also benefit from more unique looks and perhaps being properly added to missions past Uranus, but Manic spawning as a whole needs fixes. Napalm: Just like Bombards they would benefit from having charging, telegraphing and a side arm. Artificer: Never added to missions outside of the Shadow Debt tactical Alert. They could be a good variant to pet Grineer units, perhaps make them appear on higher level Galleon tileset instead of the other 2 pet units. Suggested changes: Stug blobs detach from the player when the player rolls (currently once hit the player can’t avoid the blob), Carabus units no longer insta suicide and instead only do so after losing 50% of their HP, Carabus units get regular gun rounds instead of Atomos for fairness purposes. Hellion: The way their missiles fly makes it very hard to dodge, and often even dodges still aren't sufficient to dodge the damage due to angle of attack and strong homing capabilities. Suggested changes: Missiles no longer home in and instead bombard a line on the player location (vertical line from the Hellion PoV), affected area is telegraphed by a line on the ground showing the AoE (like the Embattor Moa) and the attack also gets a distinct sound to warn players in the area. Corpus Sniper Crewmen: The Corpus Sniper are quite the silent threat, they go completely silent if the player is a few meters away and they have zero telegraphing (unlike the Terra variant which does have telegraphing). Their Fabricator pads also lack visibility due to being completely flat, any bump in the road hides them. Suggested changes: Telegraphing is added to all sniper units and charge times are changed to accommodate it. Added “hologram” to Fabricator pads model to allow it to be more easily found. Added icon on map when using enemy revealing mods. Fabricators can only spawn X Ratels and explode when spawns expire. Railgun Moa: While they essentially are a sniper Moa they have no telegraphing, they also are much simpler than the Sniper Crewman by not having secondary abilities nor being able to take cover. Suggested Changes: Telegraphing added. Railgun Moas get a secondary ability which consists of a magnetic hook on their back (and feet), this hook allows them to hang from high up on walls and snipe players from advantage points (but are still completely exposed and don’t benefit from cover). All Railgun Moa get a new model for their gun. Vapos Railgun Moa: I don’t even know if this unit is bugged or simply pointless. Currently all they do is charge the player and attempt to fire their railgun at point blank range. That seems to also result in the gun only hit with splash damage resulting in very low damage output (to the point a level 170 struggles to kill you even if you stand still). I’d suggest this unit to simply be fixed and act like the regular Railgun Moa (but keep their unique Opticor like visuals). Hyena: These units are rather good at chasing players, something that many enemies fail to. I’d suggest the non boss Hyena variants (seen in Orb Valis) to be added to higher level missions, most importantly to Capture and Rescue missions, they are good enemies for increased difficulty without feeling unfair to fight, their AI could use improvements though (they dodge without being attacked resulting in not attacking as often, they also jump pointlessly which interrupts their gunfire). Terra Jackal: While it’s great that such units are added as a relevant unit, this unit can be rather unfair to fight due to it’s shield. Only suggestion is to either make the shield destructible or have lower duration, infinite overshields charge with the shield should be looked at too and changed accordingly to the shield changes. Infested I’m not actually going to talk about infested units, this faction simply needs a big expansion and definitive direction. My suggestions to this factions are simply that units like the Leaping Thrasher and Undying Flier should be added to high level missions, and perhaps use Nightwave 2 humanoids to add ranged units to the infested and units that use infested weapons (limited spawns so they don’t become the new faction). More units based on units from other factions would be nice, and perhaps make the Infested have unit variants based on the tileset (IE A charger on a Corpus Tileset has Corpus looks to them and can deal electricity based attacks by using the Crewman shield’s system to power those attacks), Neutral places (like Derelicts) spawn a mix of variants. Making more infested units on already existing enemy units from other factions could be interesting and making them similar to the Orokin faction except more based on horde rushing.
  3. Well, this is the first time I've been extremely disappointed by an update. It's dreadfully boring to play in Steel Path, it's not engaging, it's not hard, it just takes too much time to kill things if you don't use meta/exploits, but it's not like the enemy can't win either because they still are all trash mobs that can't do anything. I wanted hard mode, but this isn't hard mode, it's sleep mode.
  4. I also think that's a very much valid argument, DE often does that and while most of the time they take too much time with the follow up (RJ content has been in a standstill for a good while, but there's also Corona), they could just do that yes.
  5. Well, yeah, that's why I disliked how fast they put up together the whole mode, it reeked of cheap methods to fail to accomplish something worth noting. Still, even though at this point it's already after the fact and they won't do any better I think it's important to state our opinions, I really don't like "shut up and be defeated" so only some get to voice their opinions (not referring to you). I don't think we are in the same page there but it shouldn't be that impossible to merge certain game modes (even if they divide the mission into parts) when even the AW quest already accomplishes that, and it's quite the shame we only experience "HOLY CRAP THE SHIP IS BEING SHUT DOWN" in the AW quest. Jordas also mixes both modes, and putting AW issues aside, that might be one of my favourite boss fights in the game because of how well it was done (I mean the whole go to the end, fight a mini boss and then transition into AW for the actual boss, rather than just running to the end and fight the enemy right away. The Corpus AW maps also tease me to no end in sections where you see normal corridors and such, it really makes me wish DE reworked that tileset to make it a hybrid of on Ground and AW. IMO DE really should invest more in mixing content and more complex missions rather than just go "you want harder modes? Let me copy paste the star chart, add some modifiers and call it a day". Gosh DE, I know you can do better but I'm really running out of hope here. I really miss old DE that wasn't focused in outdoing themselves but rather tried to build the game with meaningful content (like excavation being the solution to the silly "suck out the air out of a planet", it wasn't a big thing but honestly it used to be one of my favourite game modes until eventually became irrelevant and DE introduced new farms that killed the old. They really need to stop making new farms for old content, we already have farming places for that content).
  6. "Content Islands" is a term thrown around rather often nowadays, but if we think about it those Islands exist simply because content often is an introduction and never receives proper follow up. IMO, Steel Path should be the next step in Warframe rather than being on the side, it should be the follow up to everything you learned. I don't like to make comparisons, but The Division seems to do it quite right in that levelling pretty much is the learning phase for players, and after you reach max level it's when you reach the real game. The game really opens up at max level, you unlock many new activities that weren't present until then and harder modes that make use of the things you learned, it feels good when you see tons of new things appear when you think hitting the max level is where you stop going forward. Railjack and Steel Path should be the places where you use all your tools to reach success, but RJ simply lacks content and Steel Path is nothing more than a rushed copy/paste of the star chart with modifiers that turn everything into a bullet sponge (and gives the middle finger to tons of weapons). One big issue in Warframe is that we lack enemies that are an actual threat and we also lack game modes with enough complexity. The result is DE making every enemy a bullet sponge rather than keeping trash mobs as they are but while introducing enemies that are hard to win against but that aren't all the enemies around you. Some game modes never really get hard with enemy level, modes like Spy at some point become stale and a level 30 spy is just as hard as a level 1000 spy because we have the tools to bypass levels, AKA enemies. But let me take one suggestion we often see to showhow it could be in Steel Path and not feel intrusive. Some people often comment that AW should be mixed with regular levels, it does sound cool to have a mission intro in AW like the AW Mag in the newest trailer, however it's hard to make it part of many missions because new players have to unlock it, learn and mod it, this takes time so making it obligatory too soon might not make sense and instead hurt the experience. Now in Steel Path it would make sense to do so, AW nodes are more of a tutorial for the AW than anything else (which is fine, RJ really should've fixed that issue tho), but in Steel Path you already beat all those missions and already unlocked all the tools, so Steel Path would be the perfect place where the game uses all that, efficiently getting rid of some islands. For now I will list some things that "could" be done (in steel path), but take it with a grain of salt, these are examples, I'm not saying "YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THIS BECAUSE MY OPINION IS BETTER THAN YOURS": -Capture missions are harder, as in the target is much closer to their getaway ship, but the target getting to the ship doesn't result in failure, instead you go into AW and chase the target ship. -Dropships are now mini bosses that fly around, dropping enemies and shooting at players (maybe trigger lockdown so it's not content that player always ignores), regular weapons don't affect them but Railjack weapons do (adding value to ground AW weapons, Profit taker adds the content but it lacks proper use). Other RJ units can be used as mini bosses like Ogma. -Intro mission in AW, having to avoid heavy fire from enemy ships. Maybe a system to gauge entry success to reward good players in some way. -Special enemies that act as mini bosses and that make use of other mechanics. One enemy could be a Psudo Lich that requires Parazon to kill them (no mods needed) and have multiple HP bars. Corpus unit with Sentient shield (invulnerable like Profit Taker), using Operator removes the shield (maybe make the shield like Eidolon). IMO such enemies would be limited to 1 spawn at all times, or used as mini bosses at specific mission points. One issue however is how different it can be and how big the star chart is, but IMHO the new player experience should trim out many nodes and instead use the star chart as a way to teach the players how things work rather than just dropping them in the game, after beating the star chart they get the real game where everything they learned is mixed up in some way. In short, Steel Path should've been where all tools you got are used, not where you stress test your gear against bullet sponges. It should be where the real game begins, because what's the point of all this one off missions, quests and bosses that introduce tools that are only used in those instances? Note: We should stop excusing DE for their short comings, they are not the almost bankrupt studio, if we keep excusing them then they will never have a reason to try to do better. This doesn't mean we should insult them or say they are worthless.
  7. Same, I enter my password, press to login and the game auto closes.
  8. Wait... So the level through the entire hard mode is the same? Or is it still +100 levels on top of the mission original level but not hard + hardcore mode? This details are not very detailed. D;
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  10. Still bugged. Most recent thread here:
  11. Good. ctrl + F "Buzlok", no fixes yet again, guess we will commemorate the fact that it's been bugged for 2 years soon enough. : /
  12. Yeah, I've done a few posts on Twitter and trying not to sound obnoxious, but at some point it kinda of gets infuriating and really turns me away from even wanting to even bother with bug reports altogether. It's been 619 days since the weapon got bugged and at this point you gotta wonder, is there any sort of priority when it comes to bugs or a broken weapon isn't important because the weapon itself isn't popular enough (which the bug only helps into making it even less popular and by that logic even less likely to be fixed). What can we do besides... well, avoiding using a weapon we like because it's broken (or only ever use it on the only scenario it currently works on), and it's really hard to fully use it when it misses targets further away than 5 meters (and even closer to 5 meters you can't hit weakpoints reliably enough).
  13. Suddenly I don't care about the Warframe anymore, I just want that infested Jackal.
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