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  1. For starters, moving certain intrinsics out of the system and making them default could be a good way to expand the gameplay rather than limiting it. Forward Artillery being behind the intrinsics removed it from possible mission objectives which IMO was a bad move, we need more variety of objectives that completely change the mission flow and not less. The lack of "mission types" severely damaged how players view RJ and perhaps even mislead some previous changes, we need more than a glorified exterminate with minor side goals. Yes that's still a big endeavour but a needed one.
  2. Very good, it fixes most complaints that I had about the Arcana bounties. There's some minor things that I don't like but that are common on Bounties, like items that are only useful once and getting more of feels like a waste of time (besides for trading if that's your thing but some have no value or can't even be traded like Warframe BP), but won't go into that as that's a much bigger discussion beyond the changes at hand.
  3. The way the new bounties are started honestly sucks, it makes matchmaking impossible. All Bounties requiring an Iso vault to be done means multiple groups of people are being funnelled into 1 bounty and when it ends chances are no one agrees on what to do, people start leaving and it sucks. Just make all of them available and let people run what they want and Matchmaking do it's job properly, else we have to deal with an additional layer of RNG that rather than giving us rewards it wastes our time because after the Iso vault everyone is running a bounty you don't want to.
  4. This happened to me just now on a squad too (both host and client), this along Iso vaults not counting even when complete has me wasting 1 day trying to unlock the new bounties only to be unable to.
  5. Just tried Chroma changes, underwhelming at best. Spectral Scream: You need to recast to change elements, no real time element change. Damage still is non existent, procs far too slow. Elemental ward: Can't recast and does not change elements in real time, meaning you need the timer to expire to be able to change element. Changing elements is nice but the amount of poor work is... disappointing. Cool, wouldn't it be a shame that the weak has been bugged for TWO YEARS and still not fixed? Seriously, why? Y
  6. Element change should have changed to be rotatable by both Spectral Scream AND Elemental Ward, allowing for more flexibility with the Helminth system (because honestly most people won't want to keep Spectral Scream even with the changes and will only keep it to change elements). Increasing Spectral Scream does nothing unless it's moddable. It will always be a poor alternative to weapons and it's far more limiting and clunky than any exalted weapon or ability. Sure changing the elements in real time helps a lot, except it's really clunky to have to deactivate the ability and go thro
  7. 6dof would make AW in RJ a lot more enjoyable to use, the current system is quite bad at fighting moving enemies. Skywing had the best flight model for AW in RJ, all it needed was some refinement, too bad they removed it and now it's even worse when it comes to air to ground combat. They should have made experimental flight have the Skywing flight model and kept it, rather than removing all options and ending up with something bland and insufficient (plus it doesn't help that the enemy movement feels scripted).
  8. I don't quite like the boring modifiers in Steel Path, the mode isn't hard, it's just boring when you have to do Grineer missions and most weapons don't work without specific compositions. Big part of why steel Path is the Boring Path is because it's just old content with modifiers that make some modes take longer for no good reason (because rewards are non existent there), the modifiers don't enhance anything. I wouldn't mind however a proper hard mode that included Kuva and Fissures that made fundamental changes to missions to make them harder, uses content that we unlocked throu
  9. Welp, guess we already know which Arcane is more likely to be used and the ones less likely to be used.
  10. Rebecca mentioned it working with "Vex Armor", which I guess she meant to say "elemental ward". Yeah, I think just giving him chaining and 100% status won't be enough to make it an alternative to just using a gun to deal status. Sure you can deal all 4 base status, but it will take longer, cost energy and be far more clunky than just using a gun, and even Kuva Nukor with 3 elements deals more relevant elements that far outweigh missing out of a single element (which honestly isn't a big deal when you can deal more status when melee hits and viral makes up for it) plus you can remove Spectr
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