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  1. Not about building another (oops, should've been more specific I guess), but rather leaving vanilla being a completely useless waste of time other than MR fodder or just leaving behind the resources you spent on it because a slightly better version of the same gun came out (optional, sure, but are those upgrades if you don't actually upgrade but rather treat the upgrade as a separate entity?). The game already has no shortage of places to spend forma (this update alone introduced more than 1 way of spending them, Kuva weapons aren't the only forma sink in Old Blood), perhaps it's time to allow people to work on their favourite weapons early in the game rather than putting them aside until the better variant comes out of the vault/Baro rotation or they can afford it (or just stop preying on people that spend forma on a weapon to only then be surprised a few days later that an announced variant comes out, that doesn't happen often but when it does it does hurt).
  2. This is great, a lot like what I've been suggesting for Prime/Vandal/Wraith/etc variants for years. Maybe, one day, the suggestion still stands.
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