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  1. sure, I'd even suggest u post it here, just in case. The more ideas the better xd
  2. Everyone knows Nyx is kinda outdated and that the CC meta is kinda irrelevant, so here's some ideas I kinda had to at least make her more fun to play if nothing else: First of, Mind Control, honestly I'd fuse this ability with her second ability Psychic Bolts, targeting up to 3 or 5 enemies with the added bonus that mind controlled enemies would deal extra damage depending on Strength. Also make that if you wanna control an specific enemy you'd have to equip the already existing augment, maybe even buffing said augment. Psychic Bolts... I'd rename it to Mind Blast, and as the name implies make it so that it works as a flash-bang in an area surrounding Nyx, and keep it as a quick cast. Keep the augment the same. Chaos, honestly I'd keep it as is, if anything rename it to something that fits her better like Delusion or Pandemonium. Finally, Absorb, I'd change this ability all together. First I'd change the name to Mesmer or Harmony, second I'd make it an ability in which enemies within the area of effect stop fighting and slowly approaches Nyx in a estate of awe, when recasted just keep it as her old 4 and produce a huge shock wave knocking enemies down. Also keep it so she can't move in this state, acting like a huge lure, also obviously keep her augment the same. As an added bonus, get creative with her Passive by doing something like, idk, 10% for enemies to get mind controlled when looking at her or something. Well, that's my take on Nyx, I'd also like her to get some visual updates and an appearance change, but there's so much you can ask for. Anyhow that's it. P.S.: oh yeah, buff her, specially her armor, squishy frames are waaaaaaaaaay too quishy, make'em a tad bit less squishier
  3. SaryN116Delta

    RJ Bug

    For the love of god, fix the bug in which if u revive in arch-wing mode u're stranded in space, u are seriously #*!%ed when this happens cuz it doesn't matter how many times u die, ur arch-wing won't reappear
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