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  1. Just want to post support for this. The addition of a check box in the options menu to enable another option in the drop down menu [Public][Private][Invite Only][Solo][Solo 4x] or a selection in options to add dummy players to solo, private, and invite only games. It might to nice to have the four player spawn rate if anyone I use to play with played again.

    I feels pretty lame in some missions to clear out the dozen enemies that spawn and just jump in circles waiting for another few to show up. Meanwhile that combo counter decayed, the excavator ran out of power 20s ago and there's still no sign of a cell carrier.

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  2. Happened here too.

    I was running T3 vault bounties, completed one bounty, started a second bounty and the first stage was the mist fissure. Activated the nearest rift and killed the spawns but it never sealed. The timer ran out and I repeated about four times with the same fissure and a different one. They both failed to seal each time after eliminating enemies and the timer reached 00:00.

    I aborted the bounty, returning to the surface, and looked for a thread on this bug. One suggested waiting until the timer reaches 01:16 before killing the spawns to allow them to finished spawning. I started a new T3 vault bounty and it continued to fail to seal the fissures. I restarted the bounty at least three times and they never sealed.

    I've had no problem so far with the mist fissure on T2 or the T1 vault bounty.


    Edit: the failed to seal fissure issue only occurred in what I think is Vault Variant E on the wiki. The long single room with a balcony and jump pad on both ends and staircases going up three levels with lower roof tunnels leading in and out of the room on the lower and mid areas.

  3. Just happened to me. The juggernaut just keeps spinning in place.

    edit: been stuck for about 5 minutes, while looking for this post.

    edit2: Managed to wedge the juggernaut into the wall with a necramech and it must have fallen through since it reappeared across the room moving normally.


  4. Instead of an auction house, something like the flea market in Escape from Tarkov could work.

    For those unfamiliar, you can filter and search items, view all the listings and buy or trade other players through the system. The game requires a listing fee or tax based on the the item and how far from the average price you are trying to list it for. For a fast sell price just under the lowest price, items not sold in 24 hours are returned to the seller and the listing fee is lost.



  5. Unless you have some strange bug or an odd keybind.

    With the tranquilizer gun out you select the appropriate lure with the gear wheel that appears when you hold 2, click and hold to use the selected lure. When you need to mimic, align the blue mark with the white lines, click and hold to use the lure and drag along with the white lines as they move. Select the tranq rifle with 1 and find the target.

    When you do the initial lure, before the mimic, listen for a direction of the call. Finding the target is much easier if you can already be looking in it's direction.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Am-Am-Chan said:

    I think what they meant was in an active mission. This information is still present in said locations.

    It was very much missing for me, a re-log seems to have fixed it though.

    edit: it vanished again after completing a fissure mission.

  7. 16 minutes ago, (PS4)AyinDygra said:

    This was my problem with the MR15 lock (I'm MR27). A big thing about the Helminth system is subsuming old warframes when you either get all the mastery out of them, or get their prime (freeing up the slot, or replacing it with its good version)

    With the lock allllll the way at 15, it was going to be forcing the hands of everyone who didn't want to refarm the frames, to keep them until they were able to feed them to the infested wall of doom. (I'm very much wishing the Helminth system had existed when I started playing, because I already trashed several quest frames when I got their primes already... and now the grind is painful to think about (I hate Simaris standing))

    Anyway... glad they changed it (and wish I could have started playing after Aug25)

    I was thinking about this too. A lot of players probably dump non-prime versions once they get the prime and would have to re-farm or buy slots to hang onto them and MR 8 is probably about the time people start actively farming prime versions. Although I remember hitting MR 12 to access a few weapons and thinking what do I need more MR for now. (I did just to make number go up) The Helminth system would have been a new MR goal at the time though.

    A tip for Simaris standing, take a prowl Ivara to a Steel Path spy mission and stealth scan as you do the mission. I can hit the 30,000 standing cap on Kappa, Sedna in one mission since each scan gives about 400 standing there. I think it was about 350 a scan on Mercury.


  8. Had this happen to me some time ago and it was no big deal since it reset a minor act (collect energy orbs or kill 100 enemies). This time it reset my 30min kuva survival and both sanctuary onslaught acts.

    Just out of curiosity, when did everyone else's reset? Mine happened when I exited the 30 min kuva survival and was prompted with the daily tribune. I'm wondering if that may be part of the trigger for it.

  9. I've noticed the alt helmets for new Warframes are not appearing in Nightwave very fast. Always use to see alerts shortly after a new frame was released with the alt helmet. I think it was Hildryn and Titania, I had their alt helmets before I finished getting the frames.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Nichivo said:

    You missed the point. Even if you plan ahead and kill every Kuva Larva, with Khora for toxin on every kuva weapon. The amount of the toxin bonus is RNG percent based. 25 percent on the low end and 90? percent on the high end. Now go ahead and sink 5 forma in that 35% toxin bonus Kuva Karak for the MR, and let me know how you feel when your next Kuva Lich, gives you the Kuva Karak again with a 79% bonus to toxin. 

    This is why I will not be putting any more Forma in these weapons. I'll collect them, rank to 30 and only forma once I get a high roll or need that little bit of MR to reach the next rank.

    This update could have created more kuva sinks outside of riven rolling. Use kuva to add ranks to the kuva weapons and forma to only polarize. Recharge these new requiem mods with kuva to slay your litch.

  11. The requiem mods only drain a charge on a successful assassination, getting one correct and missing the next does not drain charges on the first one.

    If DE wants to create a kuva loop with these mods, recharging a use with kuva would be much more preferred for me than hunting for a relic with a 30% chance to drop outside of floods, having a 25% chance of being the one I want, and an 11%-20% (intact to radiant) chance to reward the specific mod I'm after. 

  12. With arbitrations running the ABCCCC... and disruption with 4 defended running BBCCCCC... it might already be planned to turn the current survival, defense, excavation, and interception missions into AABCCCC... (maybe AABCBCBCBC... if they don't want too many C rotations for some reason.) If it's not, I hope they consider it.

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  13. Disruption is a solid game mode and I would like to see a similar change. The waves can be be completed fairly quickly if you find the demolyst fast and as a relic farm they are excellent.

    I'd like to see the mission relic rewards tiered more.

    • Olympus/Mars 15-20: AB Lith | C Meso
    • Laomedia/Neptune 25-30: AB Lith | C Meso
    • Kelpie/Sedna: 35:40: AB Meso | C Neo
    • Apollo/Lua 35-40: AB Neo | C Axi

    As it is now we have no good places to get Axi Relics without going to rotation C in interception, defense, or survival and these missions tend to get boring/frustrating after a while. Whereas disruption is a fairly dynamic mission with finding the key and then hunting the demolyst whilst dealing with crowd control in the area around the conduit.

    Perhaps it's by design that Axi relics are far more time consuming to obtain, in that case, possibly dilute the Axi reward pool with 20x void traces at 40% since (in my experience) they are often in short supply as well.

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  14. There's a lot of things you can do, but if I remember, getting Rhino was one of my first goals.

    His part blueprints drop from the Jackal on Fossa, Venus and his final blueprint is in the market for 35,000 credits. He's an excellent Warframe and will easily run through most of the starchart with minimal mod investment.

    Vitality, Steel Fiber are good to help most frames survive longer and Steel Fiber will boost Rhino's iron skin ability along with ability strength mods. Don't worry about maxing out Vitality right away, getting it to rank 7 or 8 is a solid place to get it and not cost too much endo. (I ran a lot of my 10 rank mods at 8 for a long time because of the cost).

    While you work on getting his blueprints and the materials to build them, try getting new weapons up to rank 30 for the mastery points and take the tests as they become available. (you don't have to get to rank 30 as the last few levels require more XP to gain but if you ever intend to max rank everything you'll end up going back to re level them)

    A good primary weapon goal is the Vectis (sniper rifle) at MR2, and the Hek (shotgun) at MR4. Both can be effective with just a few mods (damage, multishot, elementals) and are excellent once a "full build" is put on them. The Lex is a solid secondary at MR3. Most weapons are usable but these stand out at the earlier MR levels and scale well into later missions with better mods.



  15. To make sure the drops work, disable all script blocking add-ons and extensions in your browser. The first Twitch drop event I barely saw any drops because I had three blocking add-on running and my guess is whatever service is tracking the viewing time and applying drops was prevented from doing so or never logged my view time.

  16. I always join public bounties for tridolon. Most of the time it goes pretty smooth and if I catch the night cycle early, the group I join can generally do a second with the time remaining.

    Certainly a few groups have had trouble and we barely made it though all three but the next night cycle will be up soon enough.

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