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  1. Unless you have also farmed enough fugitives to get to rank30, this is nothing special.
  2. Because it can save chatlogs for actual people to revisit when needed. If you read and understood what I typed in original post, why are you stuck on the offending lines? I also said that it's ok to remove that one line, but only that one line. The least they should be doing is looking at all the triggers where kickbot thinks you are recruiting, trading, price checking or asking where you get X, which all lead to all of your lines removed.
  3. I thought the job it has was in the name, you know, KICKING people?
  4. Likewise, now lets stop this and stay at the topic.
  5. Again, the point of this thread has nothing to do with breaking rules, being disrespective or anything else. It's about Kickbot removing lines without the ability to read context which results daily in ruined conversations. I wish people would stop derailing this thread. EDIT: Also there are mods in council chat.
  6. Well, region is something that can't be helped. Although I'm sure it will ruin a lot of conversations here just as well. This however shouldn't exist in council chat. I'm also not asking to remove the bot, I'm asking to stop it from removing lines from the chat.
  7. Did you even read what I said? I wasn't talking about breaking rules.
  8. Kickbot actively makes the chat worse every day by removing lines from the chat. It can't read context, so it thinks that people are trying to recruit or trying to ask a question they didn't, and then it removes ALL lines written by that player, ruining the chat for anyone who didn't follow it in real time. Removing lines should never happen, or if it must, only one line must be removed. If IRC doesn't let you do other than all or no lines, no lines is what it should remove. I don't understand how anyone at DE think this is acceptable. Kickbot has been a horrible implementation
  9. Maybe we'll get more anti-sentient weapons when we get actual sentients to fight with them.
  10. From the PT bounties. The Gravimag bp isn't really worth building though. It only costs 20p in market and building it requires rare resources you need for other stuff as well and takes three days to build.
  11. Just put the mechanic that was in that one tactical alert where you start receiving ever increasing fire damage if you don't keep moving all the time to every mission in this game.
  12. How is that a logical answer to anything? Make people move more so they should remove content because of that? Sorry for making you so cranky.
  13. I think they should make the afk timer shorter. In a game where the mobility system is its main selling point that makes it unique, people should move.
  14. Yeah and it doesn't get even close to the speed of any bleed builds when killing high level armored enemies.
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