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  1. No, and you won't earn the remaining 100 mastery xp until you get the last 29-30 rank.
  2. Naftal

    Ogris Changes?

    I'm assuming because it was a nerf for the weapon and a functional change that no one asked for.
  3. It absolutely does destroy content. Mining and fishing in OV have been pretty much of a joke since Fortuna was released. Making poe arcanes not use BP combined with Thumpers did the same for poe. But I'm 100% fine with this. Fishing and mining are content that should've been fully optional since the beginning, not required for anything else but the trophies.
  4. After the last change, I don't think the negatives and positives that happen after having WoF on for a while are balanced. The energy cost gets doubled, this would "pay" for the double damage you get. But halving your range is a much bigger negative than what double damage can compensate, and there's no "positive" after the double damage. Increase the damage buff to 4x and reduce the interval of explosions to half when WoF is at 100%. This would mean 8x total dps which would correlate with doubling the energy cost and reducing your aoe to 1/4. (Halving radius decreases aoe to 1/4). The shorter interval between explosions also lets her be mobile better with the small WoF aoe. It often doesn't have time to hit many targets if you move fast, even if they're in your aoe.
  5. Alright I'm testing now and apparently it's changed since I've last modded mesa years ago. Since it only affects the minimum ring size, range is fully irrelevant, as it's optimal to reset it regardless.
  6. I'm assuming that most accounts on any platform are inactive from people who tried the game and never came back. Or made by bots or something. This is why it's very misleading when DE is always talking about registered losers when they should only talk about active losers.
  7. I'm talking about 34% range vs 145% or even much higher range. Not some small angle change. EDIT: typo
  8. It's not just about laziness, it's really just higher killing speed with higher range.
  9. There's a huge difference in your overall killing speed with minimum and high range with peacemaker.
  10. It increases the range enemies can get CC'd. Interval means how often the damage buff switches players. But Narrow Minded screws up Peacemaker, the +duration is irrelevant with the negative range.
  11. I'd use Stretch instead of Narrowminded. Stacking that much duration on Mesa doesn't make you more optimal, it just lets you be lazier with the duration based buff casts. Having positive range helps with Shooting Gallery and Peacemaker.
  12. Your best bet is to remind DE about it as often as you can so they'll wise up and remove it.
  13. People who want to find the loopholes will find them regardless.
  14. Yes and for some reason DE and their white knights defend this practice. Somehow every other game ever has managed to function without such a censorbot.
  15. You can still do it like before with polearms and actually even better (=faster). You just have to be much faster and more precise at spamming the spin attack.
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