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  1. DrBorris

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    How far fetched is it for there to be more Synthesis lore entries dropped? Maybe spreading them out to once a month-ish as they give a fun little mini-event along with that oh-so juicy lore.
  2. Okay, one issue, you seem to have based most of this post off of an assumption that isn't exactly correct. You assume that PvP means that it must have players shooting and killing other players directly. "Player versus Player" does not mean this inherently, for example Civilization can be a PvP game. I agree that shooting other players does not work for Warframe PvP, however I think that there are some very interesting routes that could be taken with PvEvP (which is a subsection of PvP).
  3. Also "These guys did it this one way that one time and it was bad therefore it will always be impossible."
  4. DrBorris

    Farewell disappointing game !

    Yeah, must be a pretty disappointing game if it only was able to entertain you for "4 or 5 years".
  5. DrBorris

    Dojo Decoration System 2.0

    You mention old rooms needing an update, but I would like to add just how broken the old dojo tiles (the ones you cannot make anymore) are. This is the brightest I can get the lighting in the room, please help DE.
  6. Mods... and it is actually the interaction of crit mods and base crit stats of a weapon that gives the huge boost, not multishot or raw damage. And that is just the raw sustained DPS of weapons (with different mod loadouts), no Warframe abilities. It makes that 1,000% (additive, mind you) damage boost of Chroma look kinda small, doesn't it. I always find it interesting how so many haven't figured out that 'balance' does not mean 'dark souls'. Balance is relative to what DE wants the game to play like, for example a game can be 'balanced' around a power fantasy. And in a 'balanced' power fantasy more gear, playstyles, and customization is viable.
  7. This is the damage progression from new player to veteran of primary rifles. I'll let you a guess as to what the majority of the spike in damage is attributed to and spoiler: you never even mentioned it in the OP. Edit: I don't mean to be rude, but you are extremely misguided in what makes Warframe "unbalanced".
  8. DrBorris

    Fix PVP By Implementing MOBA Mode

    This is funny because the old Dark Sectors seemed to be heavily MOBA inspired. And unlike the people who have a phobia of PvP in Warframe I think that PvEvP is the way to go, although a direct MOBA knockoff is not probably wise. Possibly have the game mode not allow you to directly damage the enemy Warframes at all, only able to harm them indirectly through mobs and AI turrets. But it is not like Warframe will ever have PvP, there is too large a population who yells "no" then puts their head in the sand.
  9. DrBorris

    DE now has Serious Competition

    Destiny and Warframe both are different enough, they both fall in the same genre and have many places where they should be compared, but it is like saying that Battlefield can't exist if CoD does (and vice versa). If anything, Anthem looks like it might step on Warframe's toes a bit. That said, Warframe has the small advantage of five years of content piled up.
  10. DrBorris

    Spectorage: Making It Shine

    Keep it simple, just make it an inverse version of Octavia's Mallet.
  11. I don't think you are getting my point either. There is nothing saying that we DE has to keep everything they have no sacred. You are acting like the mission structure of the Fomorian mission is core cannon of Warframe that cannot change. By your logic, DE should have never replaced the Raid mission type (not Trials, Raids, the thing where you just ran to a point, picked up a thing, then ran to extraction) with Survival because "why would we sit in a mission for half an hour if we could just run in and out?" That... that just doesn't make sense for game design. If DE wants it to take more than an Arch-gun, they can change the game-mode to require more than an Arch-gun. Given that the game would in theory be more fun and that gameplay is generally not canon, I see no reason why the shouldn't.
  12. Because, um, it would be more fun? More engaging? Why hold onto a 'bad' game mode when you could make it better?
  13. Which is exactly why DE needs to take Railjack and its success very seriously. We don't need another half-baked system on top of the cluttered cake of Warframe. If Railjack is not a massive success then it is an immense failure, no middle ground on this one, it is not going to be enough for it to be "just okay." When Railjack comes it will contain the core foundation for seamless level streaming, the core tech will be there. It is up to DE to take use of the new tool they have. No pressure DE. And I don't think Railjack will remove the star chart, but rather than go into a loading screen when you select a mission you will just stand back up, watch a fancy animations out your window, then cut directly to the cut-scene where you enter the mission itself. A mission does not need Archwing or Railjack components to benefit from the tech that seamless level streaming brings. Although I would love to see mixed-mode Archwing/on-foot missions be far more common, either having you fight your way to the mission or fight your way out to extraction. Then as for "we already blow up Fomorians." I'm not sure that mission is something I would call good. This is a game, wouldn't it be more fun/climactic to have it be a heist? Maybe have you do some on-foot things first to expose the core instead of an arbitrary gear item? If anything the Fomorian mission serves the most to theoretically gain from this tech And this also brings me to how DE can fail. DE has a really bad habit of not touching old content (as we all know), Railjack sits in an odd place where its success hinges on how well it is integrated into old content. If Railjack is not integrated into old content than it will be "just 'another mission type'," which would be bad. My hope is that by the end of this year DE would have converted the entire star-chart to the Railjack tech, even if it is only a cosmetic change.
  14. I'm not sure that you are grasping what Railjack actually is. Railjack is integrating seamless level loading and integration of multiple game-types into a single cohesive combat rhythm. Railjack is not just the 'Sigma series interceptor'. The Railjack update is the beginning of the removal of all loading screens, it is the foundation for multi-stage levels (perfect foundation for Raids), it gives an avenue to have Archwing actually matter, it can even more directly tie open landscapes into the procedural levels of the game. Imagine never seeing a single loading screen besides the initial one when you boot up Warframe, that is what Railjack could bring. Railjack is all about seamless level streaming and how it can be fully exploited to make a better game, the actual space ship combat is only the vessel it will arive in. And before you say "that is a lot of assumptions," [DE]Steve said on twitter not long after Tennocon that it was the intention to have Railjack be a new dawn for the base combat loop of the game. Or at least it could be. It is people like you who worry me because DE might listen. If DE becomes weary about spending too many resources on Railjack, if they pull back its implementation, then it WILL be a failure. A self fulfilling prophecy is why I am personally worried Railjack may fail. The last thing DE needs when it comes to Railjack are people who are not grasping what it can be dismissing it as Archwing 2.0.
  15. This is why I appreciate Wukong mains more so than some other Warframe mains. Rather than sitting in a corner screaming "its fine," Wukong mains see the faults and take ideas much more respectfully than what I have seen when it comes to other Warframes.*Looks at Titania mains*