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  1. It annoys me how dichotomous people are when it comes to "mandatory mods". It isn't a black and white thing where either there is a single "best" or everything is equally viable. The latter is an unobtainable utopia of a system, the prior isn't the end-all-be-all. Squishing stats won't "fix" the problem of mandatory mods, what it does is make it so the gap between the best and second place is tighter. There will always be a guide on how to make the most optimal thing, the problem is when making something sub-optimal also makes the thing bad. By making the gap smaller you make it easier to
  2. In the majority of relevant content a gun can kill an enemy before the melee player can get to said enemy. In the Simulacrum against lvl 180 Corrupted Bombards Melee wins the DPS race, but that is rarely a situation that presents itself in game. In everything up to Sorties the delta in damage between (good) guns and melee is irrelevant because they both effectively one-shot. Steel Path is the only "designed" content where the gap between melee and guns is really felt, your three hour endurance runs are irrelevant. This is not to say balance shouldn't happen, for the sake of future content
  3. All of the grinding for your Railjack is still very relevant in the Corpus missions. You don't need to have an objective saying "kill x fighters" to still need to kill fighters. In order to efficiently do the objectives leading up to the main on-foot objective of Corpus Railjack being able to keep the swarm at bay is basically necessary. The crew can make it feel like you are just using the Railjack as a taxi but the reality is that your crew are replacing co-op players. If you were in a full party you would need people doing Railjack combat, just like "old" Railjack. The Railjack isn't j
  4. I find it hard to believe that the "right direction" was for Railjack to have as little traditional Warframe combat as possible. From day one DE has said Railjack was going to be a thing to tie the game together, not a new content island. Because yes, that is exactly what "Railjack needs to have more Railjack" people are saying, they want Railjack to be its own thing, that is as close to a textbook definition of a content island as I can imagine. Having some mission types that have a larger focus on Railjack co-op gameplay is great, but I think that the focus of DE's development should be
  5. Ayyyy, another "make the Parazon more like the DOOM chainsaw" post. Love to see it. You know what I don't love to see? This iteration of it. Is this better than what we have now? Yes. Would this work? Absolutely. Would I be content if this is what DE went with? I'd sleep happy. Is it the best solution? In my opinion, hell no. There are two massive problems with this method of making Parazon finishers more common. It is out of the player's control. Energy orbs are already RNG, we don't need to replace RNG with more RNG. A shower of energy, health, and ammo is a rew
  6. This is only a problem if the only thing defining the success of a mission is killing enemy fighters. If only there were a variety of objectives that were explicitly not killing fighters.
  7. Warframe is an online game, there isn't much difference between a solo and public game. All of the issues you originally noted were problems with the client side actions not communicating with the server. My experience is only anecdotal, but I've never seen any of the performance problems in Archwing, the open worlds stress my computer far more than Railjack ever has. Umm. I think you combined my points. I wasn't saying the "loading tunnel" was equivalent to a capture mission. I'll break what my two points were a bit more. The "loading tunnel" is a more immersive "loading screen"
  8. I won't argue that getting good feedback out of people who dislike a thing is difficult, but I stand by their opinion being beneficial to making a system the best it can be. You don't create the best version of a thing through exclusively positive iteration, you need to sometimes break things back down. I think a lot of the "positive" feedback in this thread alone goes to show how useless it can be for trying to make the foundation of a system better. It is cool that people are hyped about space battles, but there needs to be more grounded opinions. Quick anecdote about a "hater" of a sys
  9. Why do you think that? It anything I think the feedback of people who dislike this concept are the people who need to be listened to the most. Like it or not, this is what DE wants to do. Good negative feedback is what DE needs to make Railjack more universally appealing. Saying "no" isn't helping anyone.
  10. Remember when DE said Railjack was going to tie the game together? In order for Railjack to join Warframe's disconnected parts it must be used in those disconnected parts, correct? And the only way for it to connect the entire game is for it to be in all of the game... The way I see it DE is using the Proxima as a beta zone for Star Chart 5.0. They will iterate on mechanics, add new content, fix the core issues, and eventually replace the entire star chart. Railjack isn't there yet, there is much work to be done, but if DE adding Defense to Railjack isn't a clear sign that DE wants to rep
  11. Before I start, I know the Rift Surge augment is a number-go-up meme. I know the purpose of the augment and how to use it, but using the Rift Surge augment does not mean you are taking advantage of what Rift Surge does. The augment does work with the mechanics of Rift Surge if you are big brain enough, but I very much doubt that people using Rift Surge's augment are simultaneously using Rift Surge's mechanics given using Rift Surge's mechanics means reducing the augment's multiplier before killing enemies. Rift Surge is one of the greatest enigmas in Warframe. Most people seem to a
  12. While I don't think Oberon needs as major of a rework as the OP proposes, this ain't it. Renewal is outclassed by Wisp in every way. The "synergy" between his Hollowed Ground and Renewal is forced and awkward. Despite Renewal leaving a field that allies can pass through after the fact to pick up the buff, there is no vfx or way to reapply it. The "synergy" with between Hallowed Ground and Reckoning needs to be done away with. Hollowed Ground just being status immunity was never good enough, even when Oberon came out and the power level of Warframes was much lower.
  13. You've said a lot of right things, but I think that you are throwing out a major part of Warframe for a lot of people when you make the arsenal meta-game out to be the bad guy. For all of the failures of the Grendel missions there is one part of them that, in my opinion, was absolutely fantastic... the five minutes I spent in the arsenal before I started playing. Much like a CCG where you build a deck of synergistic cards to creates something greater than the sum if its parts, putting together a good team of Warframes and weapons to compete with the horse-poo of the Grendel modifiers was engag
  14. Are you confusing War and Broken War? To make War you need a 2.765% drop from Stalker and give up your potato'd Broken War from TSD. If you don't want to give up your only Broken War you need to get another 2.765% drop from Stalker (Broken War BP) and two drops from a Conculyst/Aerolyst that each have a 0.5% drop rate. I think there is a good case to be made that crafting a War from scratch is the single most grindy/difficult thing in game. You can take a shortuct by using your free Broken War but still... Buying the Hunhow's Gift pack is considerably easier than the above two
  15. I think the case where your status effects feel useless would be too far outside the scope of balance. The game shouldn't be balanced around level 300+ enemies. As an example a level 100 Bombard has only 32,000 health but 764,000 EHP (~95% DR). The general baseline for a usable fully modded "good" DPS for a ranged weapon is around 30,000. Most meta weapons are in the 60,000 to 100,000 range. Not all of that damage would be status damage but I think this gives you a good idea of how it balances out. So while at some point in scaling your status will stop having large impacts on enemies, I don'
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