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  1. All these things are true, but in my opinion the greatest flaw of Chroma is how boring he is. Cast Vex Armor, stand in front of enemies.... that's it. Elemental Ward exists to be cast on cooldown but honestly it isn't necessary in 90% of content. Chroma is by far the most boring tank (yes, even Inaros has more gameplay personality) and that is especially bad considering how interesting their concept is (the dragon/knight/draconian thing). And at the end of the day gameplay is what matters most. If a Warframe is boring it doesn't matter how good/bad they are... they're boring. It is almost
  2. I like the general direction with the suggestions but this... this ain't it. Railjack is designed from the ground up to be a co-op experience, as it stands the Railjack is already so fast that Gunners can't track anything and Engineers don't have anything to repair. Making the Railjack even faster is completely giving up on the Railjack as a co-op experience and having it only be a bus for everyone not in the pilot seat. The Railjack shouldn't be a giant Archwing, it should be a pirate ship. In my opinion the Railjack needs to be much (much) slower while in combat. That way everyone has t
  3. That is where we are already. The only difference is that right now you have to get through a slot machine to get your cc/cd mod. Something being more exclusive doesn't make it better, especially when it is tied to such raw RNG. Someone can get lucky on a Riven and not grind at all for it. It isn't a "I grinded for hours to get this super powerful mod", if that were the case I would think that having Rivens be powerful would be easier to justify. Stat locking turns the Riven's cyclical progression into a more linear one, it has NOTHING to do with power because that power already exists for the
  4. Of course people want a 360 murder field, there is a (good) reason why DE doesn't want that to be a thing. There is a (good) reason Mesa was reworked to be active even if some people liked afk'ing on top of the defense pod. If the reason people want more range on Xaku is to make them more of an afk frame then... I don't really care... but more importantly DE doesn't really care either... and if DE doesn't care than you probably shouldn't care either. Your suggestion doesn't really fix much either because so much of the game is one-shots, if you hit an enemy once then they should already b
  5. Or give it the Mesa treatment. When hipfire or melee, range is as is. When you aim down sights the range is massively increased but it will only target enemies in a circle around your cross-hair.
  6. Enthrall is a bad version of Chaos. Imagine if Chaos could only affect seven enemies at a time. Mesmer Skin is good. It is a bit uninspired but is one of the better general tanking abilities in the game and the best tanking ability in some niche situations. Reave is a meme. Its doesn't cover enough distance to be a generally useful movement ability and the "infinite scaling damage" is only relevant in... honestly it isn't ever relevant. If you need that kind of damage you are doing content faaaaaaar outside the scope of balance. Danse Macabre is just a "press 4 to win" nuke that
  7. We don't know at all what the development version of this was like. The little we do know from the demo is that it was originally granular, you could have 50% shields, 25% engine, 25% weapons for example. What the above tries to solve is not at all what the demo footage was trying to do. You don't decide how much shield/engine power you want when fighting, you only select the option for fighting. As I mention in the beginning having combat be so fast fundamentally breaks what Railjack is supposed to be. Turning the Pilot into a one-man army not only makes the game boring for the rest of the sq
  8. I like the intent of having the damage scale with your weapon, but this ain't it. This gives a significant advantage to low fire rate weapons, likely leading to it being either useless on high fire rate or broken on low fire rate. As it stands Pax Seeker does work like this, the base stats of each particle are equal to that of a single shot of the weapon (with base damage type converted to Slash/Puncture). That doesn't mean an unbalanced trend should continue, I feel as thought it would be best if kitgun Arcanes were equally viable across kitgun barrels/grips (especially given the low fi
  9. There are still some massive problems with Railjack combat that I do not think can be fixed without some similarly massive changes. Those being... Combat is too fast for either Archwings or Gunners to keep up with the Railjack. Enemies are spread out and the meta is shooting pixels. The Engineer/Repair role only exists if the Pilot/Gunners are failing their jobs. If the Pilot is doing well than there are no repairs to do, making most investment in Engineering pointless. Stopping to do side objectives requires someone to baby-sit the Railjack. A bunch of those issues can b
  10. After going through everything the main thought I am left with is that this is too complicated to begin with. It will never be possible to balance every Unique Trait. At the end I am going to throw in a suggestion to replace the whole Unique Trait system, but lets get the dirty stuff out of the way. I’m going to go through all of the current Unique Traits for components, but first I think it is important to look at how the different Houses break down. A good Unique Trait should synergize with the House trends, otherwise we will end up ignoring them for the most part. Shield Array
  11. Everybody on the Railjack will need to get off at some point. The off-Railjack bonuses being tied to the on-Railjack Intrinsic trees gives mixed messages about investing in Intrinsics when it is giving random bonuses to things you do when off the Railjack. Why does investing into being a good gunner enable/empower the slingshot? If you are in the slingshot you are explicitly not being a gunner. Why is Recall/Join Warp tied to Tactical? Doesn't everyone need to get back to the Railjack asap? Why are all of the branches getting Archwing bonuses? You can't pilot and be in your A
  12. Going into a high level mission and getting put on a different player's Railjack that hasn't modded for suitability has some concerning implications. The Railjack isn't just the Host's, it is a shared entity for everyone in the mission. There shouldn't be RNG to joining a Railjack mission, especially if it is going to start becoming part of the core Warframe experience. This doesn't mean modding for survivability shouldn't matter, Shields and "hull durability" could still be stats. Suggestion... Railjack has no health value. Enemies inflicting a status effect has a chance
  13. I made a three part dissertation on a Focus rework, basically every facet of Operators has glaring flaws that need to be addressed. Operators have a ton of potential, but that is all they really are right now... potential. They are a solid utility tool for movement and invulnerability, but they should be far more than that.
  14. This assumes that there is a direct correlation between power and usage. Unfortunately for this idea that isn't even close to being true. DE stopped having Disposition be a factor of usage in favor of manual balancing for a (good) reason.
  15. Most of the time when people throw out re-balancing for weapons they pull the numbers out of their rear. It is really nice to see some good thought go into the numbers. Before I give my two cents on the proposed numbers I'm gonna chuck a nickle about the role of Arch-Guns. While having Arch-Guns be big number generators across the board would certainly be nice, we can already make plenty of big numbers. Arch-guns need to be more than just primary weapons that don't suck, and I think the answer is pretty clear when we look at the current top Arch-guns... they all have an AoE aspect.
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