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  1. If you want to use a weapon exilus you need to... Farm a new drop Craft said new drop Forma your weapon 3-4 more times And your reward is... to 'nerf' you build as an exchange for some QoL. That is a whole lot of effort for literally a negative reward. And while I am sure there will be niche use cases, I would personally rather see weapon exilus be something that actually has an impact on your day-to-day gameplay. This addition to the game will be pointless for the majority of players, including many "hardcore" players, sounds like a wasted opportunity to me. Suggestion: Just have mods equipped in the exilus slot have a zero drain. inb4 people say it is power creep to have a "free" additional QoL mod
  2. I love how you automatically assume this is going to be a nerf despite melee base stats being buffed across the board. Why not wait and see how it pans out before you cry fowl? We know literally nothing about how Sancti Magistar will work after the update, there is just as good of a chance that it will be even better at healing as there is that it will be worse.
  3. I find it sad that we have gotten to the point where the only thing the vocal community thinks is "fun" about Warframe is mass murder. The intricacies of the movement system, the huge variety of weaponry, the depth of Warframe design, interesting enemy tactics, none of that matters anymore. All anyone seems to care about is a wave of numbers flying across the screen, the gameplay has somehow dumbed down over the years despite DE adding more gameplay mechanics. The systems and world DE have built have so much more potential that will never be realized because nerfs are always bad. I honestly feel bad for DE, especially Steve and Scott, they lost control of the game and their vision is held hostage. Not to say that is objectively bad, if someone prefers how Warfame is than good for them. I'm happy that at least some people can be happy and content. I'm just... disappointed.
  4. When did the concept of a power fantasy become synonymous with there not being any challenge? Superman is the most powerful of the powerful and even he is "challenged", has the concept of power been so warped that Superman is no longer someone who lives a power fantasy? If I am able to fight an immortal godly figure than I feel powerful even if we are toe to toe, my "power fantasy" is fulfilled. You don't have to always be winning to feel a sense of overwhelming power. Power fantasies come in many shapes and sizes, Destiny and Borderlands are both a power fantasy despite you being less powerful than in Warframe. What the OP is thinking of is the game handing everything to you on a silver platter.
  5. Given that more space is being made in the UI for your equipment loadout, it would be a very nice change to have heavy weapons be in the same menu as your Warframe/Weapons. Having to go to the "vehicle" section to adjust a weapon that only affects your on-foot loadout is a bit counter-intuitive.
  6. People complain when they are "forced" to use the same equipment over and over. People complain when content isn't engaging. People complain when things are nerfed. People complain when things are buffed. People complain when DE makes content they don't personally like. People complain when they have to play the game. People complain when they don't have a reason to play the game. People complain when people complain. people complain when people don't complain. People complain when... Moral of the story, it is far more useful to dissect why people say things than take them for face value. Also people like to complain
  7. The context of the quote is interesting... Heavy emphasis on that bolded part. Every rework thread, every suggestion, every piece of feedback you give is based on what you think Warframe is. And as I am sure many have noticed, not everyone thinks Warframe is the same thing. One of the most irritating things I see on the Forums are people who think that they know, with full confidence, what Warframe is and what it should be. You even see it in this thread, people just aren't even entertaining the possibility that everything they think about the game is wrong. If DE does give Warframe a vision, then from a lot of people's perspective DE will be giving up what Warframe is (to them). Imagine someone that thinks Warframe is supposed to be a tactical shooter where energy is supposed to be a rationed resource. If DE suddenly tells the community "Warframe is basically Dynasty Warriors" that person will feel like DE is destroying the game, destroying its identity. Even though Warframe doesn't have an identity, that person assigned one and they believe it to be reality. In other words, DE focusing their vision will piss a lot of people off. And if you just read this and thought "*scoff*, what a dumb example, the game isn't like that at all it is clearly ___, everyone knows that"... yeah, I'm sure you think that buddy.
  8. Crossplay? Years if ever. Crosssave? DE seems to be taking it pretty seriously, but it will still probably be a year at minimum.
  9. So Ember's second ability turns on a meter, then reactivating it does AoE damage and reduces your meter. Her third ability deals AoE damage and reduces your meter. Come on now, you see it, right? Even if you say that her passive needs to be an ability, you can't deny that her three does the exact same thing (besides not requiring meter, but I can't think of any situation where you wouldn't want your meter active when you would also want to hit three).
  10. I know it is not her passive, I was commenting on how the gameplay DE seems to be intending for it is entirely passive. DE wants you to be trying to 'balance' your meter to keep up the DR and buffs, but you also have to use your 3 to make sure you don't explode. It is very clearly something that they intended to be active 100% of the time that you are in combat. That said how DE has designed that balancing act seems questionable at best, even Gauss who has very little gameplay connected to his meter (as long as you go fast you are good) has more interaction in his kit with the meter (having abilities that both increase and decrease meter and a variety of ways to increase his meter). If they are going to connect a meter to an ability that is intended to be active at all times then there should at least be some interaction with toggling it on and off. Which leads me to... So... it does basically the same thing as her 3, just probably with a higher focus on damage. They also both reduce your meter. Please tell me you see the issue here. Also her actual passive is going to be mostly useless because... Any enemy within 10 meters is already dead Her three actively throws enemies farther away from you The Ember rework is less of a "this is bad" problem and more of a "this is really the best you can do?" problem. Her proposed passive completely misses the point many suggestions have had with similar concepts by having it not tie at all in with her kit. The meter she got is barely even one dimensional and takes up an ability slot. Then her 1 and 4 basically do the same thing, but her 4 will obviously just do it better. This is it? There has been such a variety in Ember proposals and what we get feels like a mismatched modge podge.
  11. I just want to know why her passive skill takes up an ability slot...
  12. How soon will we be getting the drydock? It can take weeks to redesign a dojo and I am sure there will be many clans that want to have the drydock be a centerpiece. And on that point, would it be possible to get a "rework" to constructing dojos so the redesign process is less tedious?
  13. I think that this is an interesting concept as a "rework" to the concept of negative stats on Riven mods. As it stands negative stat rolls never have much of an impact beyond just making a roll trash tier. Either a negative stat makes a Riven useless or it has no impact at all (or sometimes is actually a buff), either way they fail at the core concept of having a stat reduction to balance a stat increase. But like most Riven-related suggestions, it doesn't matter because DE is (rightly) scared to make any systemic changes to certain player's "pride and accomplishment".
  14. I would like to see the drydock asap, especially given that DE said that releasing the drydock during Tennocon was a possibility at one point. I know that 99% of the community doesn't care, but situating the drydock into dojos is going to be a huge undertaking if you are a person who likes having a coherent layout. And given that it can take weeks (deleting and constructinga single room can take between 2-24 hours) to redesign a dojo just having it release a week in advance isn't going to help much.
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