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  1. To be fair its average status per trigger pull is higher (due to higher pellet count)... ... but if you also account for Sancti's faster reload Sancti wins in status per second. There has been a pretty clear shift in strategy when creating new weapons. Corinth, Baza, and now Panthera are all minor upgrades at best. In some respects I appreciate DE wanting to tone back power-creep, side grades add more to gameplay variety than the Prime being straight superior. Two problems with that though... The differences are unsubstantial: Baza Prime having a little bit more range doesn't change how you use the weapon. Neither are powerful enough to warrant use. Cool, Panthera Prime is a side grade to Panthera, now neither will be used because they both suck. It is even more insult to injury that the Prime variants have a substantial boost to their MR requirement. Remember when DE rebalanced every weapon in the game and tried to have their power roughly correlate with MR? Guess that strategy is out the window, a MR 7 and MR 14 weapon are basically sidegrades.
  2. At the very least this would make shield phase more engaging.
  3. I was gonna say status gas alt-fire Corinth but... yeah.
  4. This entire idea is predicated on power being the determinate to usage. I don't think I should need to explain how ridiculous this is, but if you need an example you only need look at the poop-show of Riven disposition. There are countless factors that go into usage. Ease of acquisition, appearance, content type, and investment needed to min/max to say a few. And if you remove that factor, then this is just another arbitrary number-go-up that adds nothing to gameplay.
  5. Where are you getting the information that DE wasn't profitable enough last year? Warframe is nearly always above 40k players and the team hasn't significantly grown. Remember a couple years ago when Warframe was in the top 10 most profitable games on Steam? A couple bad updates doesn't mean DE stops making money, the Forums are only a vocal minority of the game.
  6. Weapons are always going to have an inherent imbalance because weapon progression is important. Thankfully DE recognized that having more weapons be viable at high level would be good for supporting a variety of playstyles... so they introduced Rivens. The current state of Rivers is not only disgusting because they are a slot machine supporting an exploitative market, but because that is what they are when they have the potential to be one of the most important endgame progression systems.
  7. Except I did. Steel Path was never intended to be the new end game, it was only ever meant to be a place that gives purpose to our most powerful tools (aka a gear check). The thing that original ignited the discussion to get a hard mode out was a discussion with Potato and Frozen about needing a place to test gear, not test skill/difficulty. It was the community who refused to understand this and instead make up their own goals for hard mode.
  8. You may be able to find enough satisfaction in the game to play ot just for fun, but many don't. Warframe has been looking something that gives reason to min/max for years, for the longest time Warframe was a looter without a place to use your best loot. I understand not liking having your layout limited, I myself am a big fan of the playstyles of primary weapons. We both know that won't go over well. But I still respect and enjoy having this one-off mode to exploit my most powerful toys. Steel Path isn't a recurring grind. This is a good thing. Not every piece of content should be something you grind everyday. Steel Path is just a prestige of the star chart, you can't make over 100 nodes be a mechanically deep end game. Steel Path as a one and done piece of content is good game design, not bad. We do need some meaningful endgame but this ain't it. If Steel Path were endgame, if it was something I played every day, I would agree it existing as a hard gear check would suck. But that isn't what Steel Path is, and I wish the Forums would quit trying to twist it into that.
  9. Steel Path is first and foremost a gear check. If enemies feel spongy you failed the check. And I would argue a gear check is something that has a place in Warframe, we need something to give us a pat on the back for min/maxing.
  10. New enemies that justify their increase in difficulty. A Lancer is just a Lancer, the Grineer army are degrading clones, the individuals of the horde should never be a threat on their own. If an enemy is to threaten a Warframe on its own it needs to be unique. Unique model, unique abilities, unique way of taking them down. And their numbers also need to keep them unique, if an enemy is spammed at us in the hundreds it is no longer special. Nox and Bursa were a great start, but there being only one type of actual "elite" unit hurts how special the unit feels. There needs to be variety in these elites for them to feel right in the combat loop. It sure would be nice if DE had already made a variety of fancy enemies with unique models and abilities. Like, wouldn't it be great if they already had 9 Grineer and 16 Corpus units already created? I mean, they probably would need some additional tweaks before being put into the common spawn, but the majority of the leg work was already done. HMMMMMMMMMMM https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arena
  11. That's the dream... I don't see it as unnecessary at all. My experience using any Warframe that wants a stat stick would be drastically improved, even without the Talons mechanic. And I don't want to assume how easy/difficult something is to implement, but given that the mechanics for exalted weapons and Talons have already been implemented... it can't be that hard, right?
  12. It would be nice of set mods worked how you would think they logically would. Set mods should be good/viable options on their own, not dependent on exploiting weird equipment interactions. I wouldn't say no to this but personally I would have no problem putting more Forma into Warframes if it is correlated with an increase in power. Just make sure that these weapons have some decent starting polarities (something DE already does with Exalteds).
  13. The upcoming Xoris nerf is just another symptom of an ancient problem that we already have the solution for. Abilities taking mods off of your equipment will always lead to problems, and it will always lead to min/maxing builds in a way that detracts from gameplay. It isn't fun or interesting to have to make my melee weapon bad in order to boost an ability. All "weapon" abilities need to be separately moddable. Will this increase the investment needed to min/max a Warframe? Yes, but is that so bad? If you want Khora's Whipclaw to be godly you need to invest in Whipclaw, not some random other weapon. And if DE really takes advantage of this opportunity we could have all of these faux weapons as actual weapons a la Garuda's Talons. Let us use Whipclaw as a whip if no other melee is selected, or Atlas's fists, or Gara's greatsword.
  14. Here's the thing though, everything shouldn't be for everyone. Different people like different things, if you try to please everyone you will never fully satisfy anyone. I actually like the idea of adding seasons to The Steel Path, maybe integrate it with Nightwave. A lot of people are complaining that the hard mode doesn't have any replayability, but does it really need it? Maybe The Steel Path can excel as a one-and-done piece of content, something you experience every few months but not every day.
  15. So... give Banshee Radial Blind. I'd rather not add another ability I have to mash for every group of enemies, Sonar is plenty. Why not keep it simple, just allow for Silence to be recast.
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