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  1. I think anyone who says Warframe isn't the best it has ever been has a bad case of rose-tinted glasses. Warframe has never been perfect. Nearly every complaint today was made five years ago. Over those five years the game has gotten better, either through rework or new content, and the few times an update has been bad the negatives have been irrelevant on a grand scale or reverted. If your definition of Warframe "going downhill" is an update that you did not like, take a step back and ask yourself if that update made Warframe worse as a whole. If your peak for Warframe was TSD then I ask, why
  2. Did... did you miss the part of my comment where I think LoS should ignore such things? I agree, a cardboard box shouldn't block an ability, but a wall/ceiling should.
  3. Good feedback. I've made my own rant about LoS in Warframe in general but this hits the nail far better with this specific implementation. LoS isn't bad, how DE implements LoS is bad. Unfortunately given the problems with LoS that predate Khora I'm not sure that making it only emanate from impact and raising the impact elevation will bring Whipclaw to the state it should be. Small objects have been a thorn in LoS's side since the beginning and there really needs to be something done to rectify it. While an explosion being blocked by a small barrier makes logical sense, it will always feel
  4. I’m not going to go into detail on what I ranted about last time I did this. If you are interested in knowing the patterns and mechanics of Kitguns then I recommend giving it a read, I’m going to avoid reiterating things from that past post as it all stands up today. Quick TL;DR of part 1… Low fire rate grips get an unfair DPS advantage in burst and sustained DPS. Mag vs Reload balance on Loaders is actually great. Crit vs Status balance on Loaders is bad because 20% Status Chance is a far lower power multiplier than 20% Critical Chance. There were four missing Lo
  5. The hammer to the endless farm was justified and good in my opinion. However I do think there is a reason for it to exist, albeit in a more reigned-in state. Have the amount of Acolytes that spawn increase with subsequent spawns up to three Acolytes at once. The first time an Acolyte spawns in a mission there is only one. The second time there is two. The third time and all times after there are three. Lua Survival already has a mechanic like this with Sentient spawns, where the longer you stay the more that spawn (up to a cap). This would incentivize endurance run
  6. There are ways DE could go about to get around this. They could for example tag certain entities as invisible for LoS. When people talk about area of effects being problematic without LoS they are generally talking about abilities going through walls, not the other side of a box. But that would require a lot of work to go back and do. It may not even be a thing Evolution Engine is capable at the moment, so that would require dev time as well. DE can't have it both ways, I can give it that, but personally I think the value of having a good LoS will net in the long run to be a good use of t
  7. Note: I am not against the idea behind LoS. Nor do I think everything should be LoS. It should be a tool in DE's kit to more fine tune the balance/gameplay of abilities. In update 15.0 in March of 2015 DE added a LoS restriction to Radial Blind. Keep in mind that this was deep in the CC meta, Radial Blind was one of the most powerful abilities in the game, this wasn't an "uncalled for" nerf. What it was, was a buggy mess. Enemies that seemed like they should have been blinded weren't and there was a justified outcry about how LoS was dumb. At some point DE band-aided Blind's LoS by
  8. So now low fire rate weapons will have disproportionately absurd DoT status effects as compared to high rate of fire weapons. This only exchanges one problem for another. What does this help with? If the cap is 10 than it means that weapons that can't get to 10 procs quickly aren't getting the most out of status, weapons that get 10 procs very rapidly are wasting their status chance, and only a few weapons hit the Goldilocks zone where the status is balanced. I can get behind making status-on-Tenno effects unique, but having effects be unique on different types of enemies enemi
  9. Phantasma is not a low damage weapon, with a crit build its non-crit DPS is 17,000, the same as Corinth Prime. The reason it feels low "DPS" is because it lacks crit stats. The above proposal allows all "low damage" (even though they are not actually "low damage", they are just low crit) status weapons to compete regardless of fire rate. Not sure what flaw you are talking about. Consistency isn't something always being the same, consistency is something being predictable. You may not have implied it but with status stacking on hits it is just a fact. And you bring up >100% s
  10. Wait... with the new quotes collapsing is doing the "-snip-" needed anymore? It feels wrong to not do the -snip- to walls of text... I get where you are coming from and see how at an extreme high level the proposals are doing the same thing. I don't really see it as working backwards though. This whole concept is based on a very simple idea, if a bullet does big damage the resulting status effect will also big. That is the starting point and while I did use the current status effects as inspiration it wasn't me forcing it all to work together, it just works. The majority of th
  11. One of my biggest pet peeves with design is using one broken thing to justify another broken thing. If a weapon isn't performing well why not just buff the weapon? Keeping status as is despite what I believe are major issues just to keep a few weapons afloat feels wrong. Especially when the alternative is to just make a number go up a little. A full status rework like this wouldn't mandate another balance pass on weapons but it absolutely should come with one. Also, when you say "low damage weapons", what do you mean? As it stands very few weapons are actually low damage, what currently m
  12. Is it a good thing that we have purely utility weapons in Warframe? Almost every point of progression is about making damage (per second) number go up. If you don't have powerful enough tools to deal with enemies should you be able to deal with enemies? It would be dishonest to say that a system like this is faultless, but I think the advantages it brings are far more worthwhile than what status stacking brings. Kitguns are the example that keeps coming to my mind. As it stands, balancing kitguns is a mess mostly due to status. The burst/sustained DPS is very well balanced between
  13. I started that section by saying "this isn't the point of this proposal" and I ended the section with "this isn't the point of this proposal". Status effects aren't in a vacuum, in order to deal a status effect you need to deal damage. Especially in this proposal where I emphasize that in order to deal status you need to deal damage. And even in regards to the ones I propose I do believe that they all enable damage. Heat: Deals damage and makes enemies susceptible to more damge. Electricity: Turns single target damage into AoE damage. Cold: Exposes enemies to finisher damage.
  14. I don't think "scale backwards" is a fair way to say it. They just won't scale. If you don't mod a weapon and go against a level 10 then level 100 enemy the damage doesn't scale down, it just did not scale at all. So yes, if you only deal 10 cold DoSP to a level 9999 enemy it will be basically useless. Much like how if you deal 10 damage to a level 9999 enemy it will be basically useless. You mention Piercing Roar and it seems like you got the gist of how that works. For any ability/mechanic that DE wants to inflict status but not deal (significant) damage then skipping DoSP and going str
  15. Disclaimer: This topic is very dry. Nothing flashy, mostly math and game logic. If you are not up for that then… try? Please? I understand that math and game logic aren’t topics a lot of people enjoy thinking about, but if you ever want something like status to change fundamentally (which I strongly believe it should, and I hope to convince you here to think the same) you gotta wade through this stuff. If you aren’t up for wading through the dryness, here’s the TL;DR. TL;DR: Make every status effect scale linearly with the amount of elemental/physical damage inflicted. Th
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