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  1. Mode itself is awesome, but the reward tables are rough. The mods really shouldn't be in the drops as they all come from enemies that spawn in the mode. The same can be said for Hexenon (which also drops in quantities lower than what drops from enemies). Please DE, this is an awesome mode, give it an awesome drop table so I have a reason to play it after the event. Edit: Odd idea, add some sort of resource sink that takes Hexenon. It would be nice if not every grind node was attached to Prime farming, maybe create consumable "Amalgam Boosters" that do... something.
  2. What is the other option? Are we all supposed to read your post and instantly see the error in our ways, then change our minds to agree with you? Literally the first response to this thread is just "I (and these other people) disagree." They aren't making fun of you, they are just stating their opinion. Remember, this game isn't made for just you, that means that some things may not cater to exactly how you ant to play. We can all happily coexist, it is not like you are going to be locked out of any content (besides maybe a clan hall trophy), just don't participate in the competitive side of the event and try to enjoy whatever else comes with it.
  3. When was it said/insinuated that a portal to the sun dealt corrosive damage? And if they did say that, are you sure it wasn't a joke? This is, ya know, the sun we are talking about.
  4. The back story behind this is quite funny in hindsight. Once upon a time, channeled abilities did not exist. Things like World on Fire, Sound Quake, and of course Absorb had a base duration like every other duration ability. There was a niche use for Absorb where you would go to ODD (the "loot cave" of the time) and have Nyx sit by the pod, draw all Infested aggro, and have all teammates shoot the bubble. I still have fond enemies of 'exploiting' this strategy for a 100 wave ODD (also note that at this point there were no ranged Infested units). Of course this was extremely niche, it not being the fastest strategy and being tied to that pesky timer, so it never found a place in the meta. Then of course, one day DE decided to turn these abilities into channeled because their sedentary nature did not fit the state of the game. It actually took a few months if I remember correctly for Nyx's newfound power to be realized, but once it did it hit hard. I'm sure that you know of two Equinox playing paddy-cake today with their Maim explosions, well, before that there was Nyx. Two Nyx would sit by a pod, absorbing damage and having an infinite scaling combo due to one Absorb explosion charging another. At the time, this was "OP". Warframe was a different beast, "scaling damage" did not exist, the best DPS abilities were World on Fire and Miasma. In response DE made a wide swing with the nerf hammer with two big changes. The first was that Absorb would no longer absorb any magnetic damage to prevent one Absorb explosion from feeding another (to kill paddy-cake, as Absorb dealt only Magnetic damage at the time). The second was, well, we all know it, increased energy drain for damage done to the bubble. Fast forward to today and we have Nidus' Virulence stacks, Saryn existing, Mesa, and of course a blatantly superior version of Nyx's old paddy-cake with Equinox. The game is in a different place, old balance decisions that were even still questionable at the time are made even more questionable do to the archaic state of the game they were made in. The solution is simple, revert an old balance change that has been made pointless through time, remove the energy drain.
  5. So you would not be able to cookie-cutter your builds together? Make mod capacity an actual limiter? Maybe even have full Umbral/Primed builds not be the end-all-be all? Sounds like it could add some new spice to Warframe modding if you ask me.
  6. But... but why? The last thing we need is more vertical progression, augments are meant to be trade-offs. If you want to enhance one ability, you have to sacrifice something from your build. If an augment is never worth the slot than it is just a bad augment that should be buffed/reworked. If an augment is "mandatory" then the base ability should be buffed/reworked or maybe nerf the augment, but I can't think of any current examples that would warrant this. I think that making all Augments Exilus is an interesting conversation to have, even possibly add a second Exilus slot, but there needs to be some trade-off when you equip an Augment.
  7. I would rather get a "Teshin 2.0". The Conclave rewards actually fit quite well as "endgame" rewards, maybe create new mission types for him that also give "Conclave" standing that are PvE. You don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would personally love to see Warframe Specter based missions (where you kill Warframe specters), rip Solar Rail conflict 1.0.
  8. Okay, but I do like to see these things. I find keeping up with the development process interesting. I am a big boy and I know how to temper expectations and understand that everything is subject to change. If you don't want spoilers, then don't watch Devstreams and just skim through one of the many overviews. Keep in mind that if DE succumbs to your wants than they are screwing over my wants, which is kind of dumb given that you have full control to just not watch the Devstream if you are so worried about this stuff.
  9. Okay, stop for a second and think through all of the ramifications of what you suggest. I really hate this "it would be so easy, just do this" type posts because, spoiler alert, designing game systems is anything but easy. So, let's say that Nightwave is "permanent". Okay, so now how do you expand on Nightwave? How will a second season work? Two solutions I see... First is to have them 'overlap'. In this case if you start playing at whatever time the second Nightwave is released you will be progressing two Nightwaves at the same time, making your time spent literally twice as efficient as those who played the first season "on time". Now you are effectively encouraging people to not keep up with Warframe because their time will be better spent if they wait. In addition, this holds back story progression. As it stands Nightwave slowly unfolds, in this case you would have to keep Nightwave stories completely independent, hamstringing where you can go with the story. Second solution would be to have Nightwaves sequential, in this case you would have to finish the first Nightwave in order to start the second. I'd like to think the problem here is pretty obvious, imagine someone starts playing when Nightwave three is new and shiny. Well, if there is some new reward/mechanic in that Nightwave it sucks for them, they have to grind through season one and two first. Maybe it would work, there could be some other options I have not thought of yet (there most certainly are things I have not thought of yet), I am not saying it is impossible, but pretending that it is easy or a win-win is a gross overstatement and almost an insult to the intelligence of the developers. If an idea seems so obvious that you can't believe no one has thought of it yet, chances are it is because you haven't figured out the problem yet.
  10. First, I'd like to point out that the OP is well written. Sometimes longer posts are just an incoherent ramble, this is not one of those cases. If you aren't willing to give the time to spend five minutes to read a topic than I question how much you actually care about having a decent discussion. You can't express ideas fully in two bullet points. On topic, I completely agree, my idea from a post awhile ago...
  11. This just in folks, people who don't play a game don't get rewards for playing said game. We got some crazy developers over here, rewarding loyal players, we can't have any of that.
  12. First, I think that you should learn what viable means... Nearly every Warframe is viable enough to do a Tridolon hunt. If you want to maximize your time you are going to have to min/max your group composition. If min/maxing wasn't a thing then there would be no weight to decisions you make in the orbiter or any point to farming new gear.
  13. He is not bad, he just.... doesn't really do anything special. Yes, he can tank, add him to the long list. Yes, he can deal AoE damage, but have fun reducing your game input to nil. And... that's it. His theme is a hybrid of Sentient Eidolon and vampire, his greatest failure is the lost potential. Edit: I'm pretty sure it was the other way around. Originally his kit was heavily vampire themed and only his aesthetic was connected to Eidolons. However, after showing him off on Devstream the "community" said that they wanted more Eidolon, which led to the current mishmash of Revenant. If anything I'd like to see his kit lean more towards vampire again, aesthetics don't (and shouldn't, imo) be the sole deciding factor in a Warframe's kit.
  14. Ah, yes, because that game is in a different genre it clearly must mean there is nothing Warframe can learn from it. Gotcha. Or we can use our thinking caps and see the creative solutions to different mechanics/lessons that can be learned from other games... nah, black and white thinking is best thinking.
  15. Alternatively I think it would be interesting to turn all of the semi-auto Ak/Twin/Dual secondaries into either two round burst or duplex (Tigris/Zylok).
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