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  1. DrBorris

    Exalted weapon rework: the Garuda talons treatment.

    Excalibur only uses the metal part of his Sword, no energy effects or flying blades. Probably reduce the damage by like 25% as well. Valkyr uses her fists and feet as a sparring stance, no Claws. Mesa gets her Peacemakers without the scaling damage and obviously without the auto-aim. Wukong's stick doesn't grow. Khora gets a whip because reasons. Atlas gets just some normal fists to punch dudes. Ash being able to use his dagger(s?) would be glorious. I dunno, I think it could work. Edit: That Valkyr one got me thinking, why not just give every Warframe have a sparring stance? Maybe it can't be modded for most Warframes, but it could be fun.
  2. DrBorris

    Its time to revert damage cap on Antimatter Drop

    I don't believe you... In order for Garuda to pull off her "one-shot" combo she has to first use her 1 one an enemy, then let enemies shoot the shield (or use her 1 on more enemies, whatever), then she has to stand still and charge up her 4, and then she can throw her 1 that only has a 10m range. Or you could just use Nova and push 2, click once with a Tigris, and instantly have 50k damage. Or you can tap 2 twice and click once for 100k damage. Just because it has a theoretical higher number, that doesn't mean it is better. Nova can spam AMD, Garuda can't spam her orb. Then there is that thing where you can also ht 4 with Nova and double all you damage and slow enemies. You have to look at a Warframe's entire kit when balancing, not a single ability in a vacuum. I mean, sure, Garuda can in theory do more damage with her Orb than Nova, but most content that is rewarding caps out at a level where they both one-shot enemies, so there isn't an effective difference between the two. Well, except that no matter what level the content is it takes Garuda much longer to do damage, so much so that Garuda's "damage" is kind of pointless as any Warframe with a weapon can out-kill her in a practical mission setting. Just imagine if you put a Nova and a Garuda in a Sortie 3 mission, which one do you really think would deal more damage?
  3. DrBorris

    Fortuna's cohesion problem and how to fix it

    I think it is important to remember that we are getting a "Fortuna 1.5" as the next big content patch. DE broke up some of the Fortuna systems in order to get us the base landscape and systems faster, things like the Orb Mother fights are Soon™.
  4. Mods are cool, but you only get them once and you're done. Cosmetics are nice, but you only get them once and you're done. Rivens are... ya know, I'm not going to go there here. Sigils are nice, but you only get them once and you're done. The most important part of an "end-game" reward is that you are encouraged to attain it multiple times, and preferable a lot of multiples. This is where Arcanes have succeeded as an end-game reward. It takes a very, very long time to get a maxed Arcane set of the rare and legendary class, but you are still being rewarded with something tangible every time you get an Arcane. A rank 4 Energize is great, but even a rank 1 or 2 is still a great get on your builds. And Kuva, for all the problems with the Riven system, also fit this niche. You could always use more Kuva, but every time you get Kuva it still has some theoretical use (even though it is most likely going to be spent on a broken slot machine, but this is not the place for that). An end-game reward needs to be somewhat rewarding in the short term, but ultimately rewarding as a (very) long term goal. So what do I want to see? Arcanes everywhere. Go ahead and slap an Arcane slot on all weapons, add different sets for different content. Give those different sets themes. Like what if Stratos Tac Alerts had an Arcane set that gave primary weapons boosts while you are in the air, stuff like that. Go all out on it.
  5. I mean, I haven't felt pushed to buy anything. Garuda is just another Warframe, I can wait a few days. I couldn't buy a kitgun I want even if I wanted to. Buying a K-Drive is tempting, but they also are very reasonably priced and only cosmetic. The only thing that is bugging me is the Clan research weapons. And it bugs me even more after seeing a Battacor in the Enrichment Labs. Just imagine, rather than having to wait for clan research, if you could go through an unreasonably complicated process of turning on terminals and doing weird things inside each of the main bases to be rewarded with the BP for one of the weapons (Three bases, three weapons, how convenient). And it doesn't even have to be non-combat, maybe you need to kill a certain amount of enemies to get a drop to turn on one of those panels. There are so many possibilities. But rather than having a really interesting way to get a new weapon, we have to wait 10 days. I think the rest of the Fortuna grind is 'fine', but the clan tech rubs me the wrong way.
  6. DrBorris

    So How DO I Get The Spaceship Battle?

    I mean sure, you built 'a' Kitgun, but have you built a truly custom one? And there are four completely different fire types for Kitguns (each barrel is Mastery). Same with MOAs. Talk to the Vent Kids on Fortuna for K-Drive stuff (Fast Travel to "Roky")
  7. DrBorris

    So How DO I Get The Spaceship Battle?

    How have you done everything if you still haven't gotten to kitguns, MOAs, better K-Drives etcetera?
  8. DrBorris

    What's the point of the secret cave areas ?

    Caves are mostly for Fishing/Mining as well as having a chance to spawn Toroids (from what I've gathered every cave has a chance to spawn a Toroid), and I believe there is also some of the conservation stuff that involves caves.
  9. DrBorris

    Cetus Mining Tools - outclassed too easily?

    I hope that rather than add arbitrary limitations to the drills, give each a niche. Right now the Solaris Drill has a chance to spawn "sweet spots" on the mini-game thing that are just small brackets. What if the Cetus drill "sweet spots" were just a second bracket that you could hit in addition to the main bracket (click once per bracket, so two clicks)? Or maybe have the way you find gems be a bit different per Drill. Cetus Drill shows gems on the mini-map but Fortuna drill lets you look for gems like how you can look for items with a scanner (they high-lite at a distance and lets you see through walls). They should definitely both use a different skin on the UI though, Cetus drill should probably look more Ostron-y.
  10. DrBorris

    Riven disposition problem evidenced by the changes

    Get a group of like seven people to subjectively analyze the "power" of weapons with some regard to what the 'meta' (in terms of content) is. Will it be perfect? No. Predictable? Most likely. And having an imbalanced, imperfect initial weapon progression as you work your way through the early game is not inherently a bad thing. It gives more meaning to the choices you make in weapons and exposes you to hat is/isn't worthwhile to use in the game. Weapon-to-weapon balance is not necessary for an early game to be fun, just look at most single player games. Having a "better' makes things more interesting while progressing. Where you really want balance is in the late-end game where horizontal (power) progression has mostly stopped, so in theory Rivens could be the tool used by players to make every weapon of an equal(ish) power. Make it so the meta is actually diverse not by trying to control the amount a weapon is used, but balanced by the extension that more items are viable. Disposition on popularity is treating the symptom instead of the cause. Also, I don't find throwing my time away to a literal slot machine fun. It may sometimes be rewarding (if RNGesus blesses me) but fun? Na.
  11. DrBorris

    Riven disposition problem evidenced by the changes

    If disposition were just based on the power of the weapon an not an arbitrary stat like usage than we wouldn't have this problem, disposition would be fair and predictable.
  12. DrBorris

    Passive 12m Vacuum (toggle on\off through menu)

    The problem is that DE is not of one opinion, there are different people at the head of Warframe's development that are pro/anti uni-vac. That is why it comes off so awkward, there isn't any decisiveness within DE on this issue. We can speculate who is on which side of the fence, but there really isn't a point to that, it would seem at this point certain people have made up their minds and there isn't any changing it. So unfortunately I think that Fetch is the best we are going to get.
  13. DrBorris

    Passive 12m Vacuum (toggle on\off through menu)

    Clearly because it "creates more choice". (Ignoring that freeing up a mod slot on companions would most likely create more diverse builds, not less, and given that Vacuum does not increase your "power" it is not "power-creep" either.)
  14. Good move DE, good move...
  15. DrBorris


    I dunno, the balance of them game seems a bit more important than your "pride and accomplishment".