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  1. A quote from [DE]Scott on why DE hasn't implemented Riven "stat locking" from a stream he did with Tactical Potato. So basically, DE doesn't want to because they are worried that we would become too "OP". But it is apparently okay for someone to win the lottery and be "OP"... I don't even know where to begin on how scummy this looks. Like, I get where he is coming from, and I don't at all think DE does this with malicious intentions, but good lord that is a horrible way to go about things. Rivens have the potential to be an amazing endgame system that everyone would want to participate in, it would absolutely be worth the time for them to make it more universally appealing.
  2. I wish DE had never shown off Revenant in that Devstream and just continued to make him a Vampire Warframe with an Eidolon aesthetic. Whenever I see someone try to give Revenant more "Eidolon-like" abilities it just looks like they are grasping at straws, now compare that to the rich background of vampire themes in all forms of media.
  3. Having a Host using a streaming service would probably be the best connection a client could possibly have. The host computer is literally in a server farm, most likely with enterprise level internet connections. This is one of the major positives of cloud streaming, not a negative.
  4. What I worry about with a system like this is that the "risk" would effectively be nullified, we have so much access to fast healing that a little self damage may not be enough of a risk to keep the balance of a high DPS explosive weapon in check. Personally I like the idea of knockdowns/staggers as a punishment, possibly increasing the knockdown duration proportionally with the amount of self damage relative to your health. But then this in itself may be too easy to counter with status resistance abilities or Primed Sure Footed. It is a difficult nut to crack, although in general I would say that I would rather have the punishment for self damage not be immediate death. Well, first of all enemies don't deal enough damage to even tickle other enemies with their damage, so a change like this would be effectively pointless. But if DE did somehow make enemy self damage a thing, it would break the AI of the game. Fodder enemies should be dumb, if they dealt self damage then they would be even less of a threat. And if DE added fancy AI so they try not to hit each other would basically just bring us back to square one.
  5. Thanks for missing the point and/or only reading the first sentence, have a nice day. Enjoy your reputation for giving a quick sassy response.
  6. TL;DR: Great reward demands great risk in the name of balance. If a single target damage weapon and a multi-target (AoE) weapon have similar damage outputs, the area of effect weapon is effectively superior due to being able to kill multiple targets. AoE weapons need to have things they do worse than single target weapons or else there would be no reason to use single target. The way DE has gone about balancing this in the past has resulted to them giving AoE weapons a moderate to significantly lower damage often in addition to self damage. Balancing is lists of pros and cons, if we ever want an explosive weapon to have good damage there must be something that prevents it from completely overtaking the meta. I get the “I don’t like self damage” argument, but that’s the point, if there was nothing you did not like about a weapon that had amazing damage and an area of effect then there wouldn’t be a reason to ever not use it. Now, I am not defending the past state of explosive weapons, for the most part AoE weapons have sub-par damage in addition to self damage. The risk/reward needs to be balanced, and that is where we get to Kuva Bramma. Kuva Bramma and Lenz are the two self damage weapons that hit the risk/reward relationship right. They are both extremely powerful weapons, and to compensate their incredible reward they both have substantial risk. As for other self damage weapons, many need adjustment. I am not at all saying that self damage in its current state is “fine.” In general many would need their self damage removed/lessened OR have their effectiveness be increased. There is also the possibility for other methods of “punishment” for these explosive weapons besides outright killing the player, many of which have been discussed in other threads. There should be some form of punishment that is potent enough to discourage people from using these weapons in order for them to stay balanced, otherwise we will just get another Tonkor meta. This is a hot take, I know, but it is important to know some of the good self damage offers. Keep in mind I am not dismissing the arguments against self damage, however whenever discussing the topic it is important to look at the arguments of both sides.
  7. Backstory After the events of Tubemen of Regor, Alad V coming back into the Corpus fray left the Corpus Board uneasy. Thus, ever since then the Corpus Board has been quietly attempting to gather as much intel as possible about Alad V’s past, present, and future research. At some point they hit the jackpot, finding the research Alad V was working on during his initial Infestation and his final works of Patient Zero. They had found out (part of) how Alad V remotely controlled a Warframe. Problem with the research is that while they had figured out a way to 3D print Warframes and had a way to control them, they were mere lifeless husks. It was like trying to control an RC car without a motor. The Mesa Warframe Alad V used during Patient Zero appeared to be one of a kind, nothing they had discovered showed any information on what powered Mesa. They need something to power them for them to be operational. This is where Frohd Beck, still bruised and out for revenge after the events of Ambulas Reborn, comes up with the plan to use the Tenno’s murder-lust against them. The only thing in the system with the power to power a Warframe, is a Warframe. So, what if they could create a system to steal some of that power? Mechanics Get an invasion from a Zanuka-like bot. The twist is, when you go to finish it with your Parazon you get zapped (all energy drained) and then the Zanuka runs away. When you get to your Orbiter, you get a message from Frohd telling you that your stupidity led you to create your own perfect Nemesis, yourself. He then kindly introduces you to them. Makes an exact copy of your Warframe’s cosmetics sans armor. Gets new Corpus armor and a Neck ring similar to the one Alad V used. Your true “nemesis” is a Corpus unit that is piloting your Warframe’s copy. This Corpus unit is basically a Corpus Operator sans the Void magic. Awesome opportunity to explore what an “evil Operator” could be. Or just a satire of Operators. It may break a bit of immersion but having the Corpus pilots be “MLG pro gamer” stereotypes would be a hoot. The Warframe copy is powered by void-juice siphoned from your Warframe when you stabbed the Zanuka. Every time you fail a stab of the Warframe it gets more Void-juice, making it stronger and giving it an ability from your currently equipped Warframe. Instead of an anger meter, it is a battery bar. The lower its battery the more likely it will attack you to try and get a recharge. Only way to kill the Warframe is to take out the Corpus pilot in control. Find the location of the pilot by finding the Requiem combo, getting the full code unlocks a new mission on the Star Chart where you can go to face the Corpus Pilot. When you get to the location you get one final battle with the Warframe, then get the choice to “convert” the pilot and have them work for you or kill the pilot and take their stuff. It sounds like DE already has their Corpus Nemesis plans set in stone, but I thought I would at least throw this together for fun before we found out what was in store. Personally I loved the idea of how this nemesis would have a love/hate relationship with you. You are the one going out of your way to foil their plans, but you are also the one they need to keep the power on. It would also serve to be extremely different from Kuva Liches, a brains vs brawn dichotomy.
  8. Mountain out of a molehill if you ask me. The only time you "need" that MR is if you are trying to approach approach max rank and the difference is whatever you get from maxing Kava weapons. So let's break down how niche this situation is. You need to have every other items in the game already at max rank. The current max rank is within the few MR points where the Kuva weapons make a difference. Both of those things need to be fulfilled for that missing MR to mean anything. And with every few release both of those points are skewed, even of you do fulfill both DE could just release a few weapons and it is no longer a problem. TL;DR. Maxing Kuva weapons is extraordinarily unnecessary, only the most anal completionists have any reason to do it.
  9. DE basically wants to make a breeding mini-game where you try to make the perfect pet. They actually said something along the lines of it having no RNG, where the result of combining genetic codes would be entirely predictable. However, I can't help but imagine that in order to breed you will need to get the specific traits you want in the parents... which would be RNG. It could be an interesting system, but tbh it feels like an unnecessary layer even if DE fully delivers and makes it good. We already have modding for customization, we don't need even more layers on top of that. This is the single thing that is holding MOAs back. The have some intersting precepts, but they are by far the squishiest of all companions. We shouldn't ever feel like we have to babysit our companions.
  10. This is probably going to get lost in the mountain of responses, but there is one thing I'd like to suggest. Overall I like the direction of the end of mission screen, however it would be really nice to have an "expand" button that would expand (duh) the stats on the bottom half to cover the Warframes. Not show new info (keep the stats on the separate screen, also expandable), just show as much of the drops/affinity stuff as possible on one screen (without scrolling). I like the default showing fashion, but sometimes I'd like the option to see more in one shot.
  11. While this is all nice on paper, I can't help but feel it doesn't fit the pace of the game. We are killing basic units just too fast for any complex systems like this to have meaningful impact. On the other hand this could work well if we saw more mini-boss type enemies in the spawn tables, but first we need DE to give us those spawns *cough*replace Eximus with Arena enemies*cough*. The main problem I see with this is that not all weapons are status weapons. This would mean that the base stats and elements you put on low status weapons would be basically irrelevant. While I do think that some parts of Damage 2.0 are needlessly overcomplicated, I think that this would be an oversimplification. In addition the Railjack status procs share the same fatal flaw as normal status effects, they don't scale with damage. By this I mean the status effects don't get stronger if the damage that inflicted the status dealt more damage. This leads to high rate of fire or pellet count being the single best way to inflict status in most situations, meaning that choosing elements and base IPS of low RoF weapons will also be basically irrelevant. Railjack status was a step forward in some cases, but it isn't ready for prime time if you ask me.
  12. I'd much rather have DE break something to make a better system then hold on to a broken system to protect our "investment".
  13. A promising tech demo. Expectations were pretty well met, of course I would have preferred it to be better though. I also believe that with the feedback of the community DE will be able to make Railjack great faster than they could have if they kept it internal.
  14. To a degree the "best" way to complete a mission is to stay in the Railjack. You obviously have your pilot. Then two people constantly on Turrets, which when maxed out kill faster than Archguns. Then the fourth on engineering/repair/big-gun duty. I see everyone saying "just use slingshot for crewships" but when you do that you... Have one less gun killing fighters Have travel time Have to wait through a bunch of mini 'cutscenes' Have to wait for the reactor explode Or you can just shoot a crewship for a second with any armor-strip weapon and one-shot it with the canon. Obviously there are a lot of other issues, but even with the current balance the best way to complete a mission is to use the Railjack. Now the problem is convincing pub groups of that...
  15. There are so many compounding issues with Railjack it is hard to ever take apart one piece and analyze it. I agree with pretty much everything you say here, but if I try to suggest fixes to those problems I am going to start talking about the Railjack's level design. Or the way your Railjack takes damage. Or the emphasis on just killing stuff over objectives. Each of those things are massive discussions in their own right, so it doesn't make much sense to get off topic here. It is weird, but it is almost impossible to have coherent discussions about Railjack because of this. Unless you write a ten thousand word thesis about Railjack there are going to be major holes in what you say. And this applies to how DE "fixes" Railjack as well. Any single hotifix won't fix Railjack, to all we know the current balance of weapons after the latest hotfix is perfect but we can't tell because DE hasn't also fixed the other hundred problems yet. So people may keep complaining about how weapons are broken because we don't have the big picture yet. Not sure what the point of that was, just a bit frustrated with the feedback discussions that have been happening.
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