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  1. position filled.
  2. Just sign out of the forum and sign back in.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Asset conflict between Transport Conveyor & Windowed Corridor tile. Corpus Transport protrude into adjacent tile. Possible solution: Extent Conveyor tile just enough to accommodate the full length of Corpus fighter.
  5. First of all don't know why decoration and the capture scenes have anything to do with Portea farm cause they weren't even part of the Rot-C drop, yet you fail to include shoulder guard count to the calculation. Here is the drop table for reference: https://imgur.com/CYSR2xl Personally I got all her parts and all the weapon parts in 35 runs. I am sure some got it in less runs and some got it in more runs. RNG is RNG, it is often just that and not a bug. A 11.11% drops chance ALSO means a 88.89% non-drop chance.
  6. Happened when void dash to random area along wall of boss room that resulted in "black out" and got teleported back to the first room.
  7. Clip was captured in U28.0.2 at time stamp between 1:31:05~1:32:55. Endless falling, had to abort.
  8. See @[DE]Rebecca THIS is the problem. No minimum baseline for in game experience to join test cluster, some rando fresh MR2 or someone that have not touched the game in 5 years have the EXACT same chance as a guy with 10k hours logged and have done hundreds of railjack missions. What good is a test-cluster if the people you invited uses a half max'd out serration or someone didn't realize Super Jump is gone? What kinda feedback and data set do you expect from this test-cluster since there seems to be ZERO standard on the participant? DISCLAIMER: This is not about me, as I am not interested to be part of the test-clusters. However, I do care very much WHAT kind of players will be in these test-clusters as it may have genuine impact on setting a heading for content mechanics and reward structure.
  9. Picking up on the "Broken" and the random nature of "Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed"; Here is my idea that I think it would be fun to play and implement. To me a Warframe that stitched together like that will have an identity crisis due to severely fragmented memories resides in the parts; While the void energy helped held them together, it also inadvertently throttles all of these memory fragments and taking hold of the Warframe for a short period time until other bits of memory surfaces, constantly overlapping each other fighting for dominance for the body. Ability 1: Called "[Place Holder 1]" - Random 1st ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered. Ability 2: Called "[Place Holder 2]" - Random 2nd ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered. Ability 3: Called "[Place Holder 3]" - Random 3rd ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered. Ability 4: Called "[Place Holder 4]" - Random 4th ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered. Passive: All abilities are rerolled every 5 minutes you spend in any mission.
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