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  1. Take your time. Better to have a working update than something broken on release.
  2. Thanks a ton, man! Saw that the Street Cleaner channel even commented on your vid.
  3. A built in weapon... a character isnt that archwing... I'm guessing you mean spoiler mode and... that you don't have an archwing before MR10? If so, you can't access railjack anyways without an archwing, if I'm not mistaken.
  4. But... That looked cool though, depending on the FX and frame.... Sad. Maybe we can make a new cosmetic/ephemera out of that issue?
  5. Can't login now, keeps saying there's an updated version of Warframe and to restart.
  6. Welp, been a while. Haven't asked for one since you last saw True Faith by New Order. Murdercycle - Street Cleaner Think you'll be able to replicate the tune from a couple seconds in?
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Customizing Warframe Appearance, specifically the new Nova Deluxe skin. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Apply a white color to the Primary section EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to have the tone-mapping consistent from helm to body. OBSERVED RESULT: Helm versus body tone-mapping is inconsistent. The helm is dim, while the body is bright. REPRODUCTION RATE: Any time you apply a color. You did ask for this format. 😄
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