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  1. Sorry to hear that apparently every Zenistar user you've encountered has only AFKed in a corner. You gonna be alright?
  2. Just made a Crescent to test it out... never lost any affinity on death.
  3. As title states... Panzer Vulpa resets its affinity once it respawns. Whether it's just by a few levels or the entire thing, I'm not yet sure. Will be testing out Sly and Crescent soon to see if it's just a universal mechanic or if it's specific to Panzer.
  4. I deal with the same issue on Panzer.
  5. Is it just the Panzer dealing with that? Mine does the same, and I've yet to make a Sly or Crescent.
  6. Pricing information and clarification on whether or not we can obtain some of the contents of these packs through gameplay means would be nice. Shouldn't be any surprise with the mixed reactions you're getting here when you left out that info. Some of these cosmetics were shown off in previous livestreams or at Tennocon. The impression I imagine most of us got was that we'd be able to obtain them with platinum. If it comes down only being able to acquire them by dropping a chunk of money, then it is very disappointing to hear. At a best guess: the In Action glyph and the Festering Ep
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