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  1. I seriously hope someone recorded footage of this.
  2. Not a Wukong main, but these changes really make me want to be one.
  3. Gotta get that Ephemera. And despite what some may believe, I think these are good rewards. Thanks for tiding us over!
  4. "Useless rewards?" "A joke to endgame players?" Be glad that we got anything. Seriously. I see nothing wrong with this reward pool.
  5. Nice, a bit more time for some folks to get what they need.
  6. Any new Sentinel pieces or skins on the way? We've been sitting on a stale inventory for a long time now. Also, I like the idea of having an Orb companion. Have ya'll considered that?
  7. Please allow prime details to work on Volt's Twitch skin. Immortal and the Discord Nitro skins get to use it, no reason for Twitch not to.
  8. I... Had just recently bought several arcane blueprints from the quills recently.... I would've held off if I'd known we would be able to buy built ones later. :C
  9. What even is this casual savagery
  10. Be sure to adjust for Rivens that require Incursion based objectives for completion.
  11. Sadly, I do not get to experience Fortuna for a bit. My graphics card finally died recently, so I've gotta wait a bit for the rest of my new pc parts to arrive. SOON.
  12. The new armor set is incredibly huge on a lot of Warframes. Please adjust the size! It also seems to have duller colors than the warframes themselves. Best comparison I can give is white to white.
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