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  1. Because they advertised it as never coming back again and people paid money for it on that basis. There are enough angry nerds out there that someone would probably take legal action against them over it. Your time can't be worth that much if you have 100 hours to waste grinding for a single item in a video game.
  2. And according to the ToS DE can people for any or no reason at all. Also, in this case threatening to report people for leaving the clan would definitely be a ToS violation
  3. Don't forget the part where they ignore the insane grind for individual weapons (that are mostly reskins with slightly different stats/ effects) and how some of the best weapons are locked behind PvP grind (meanwhile conclave grind is a travesty). And that a lot of the content is locked behind paywalls.
  4. Interesting seeing that Railjack was the most enjoyed addition to the game. You'd never know it if you just looked at the forums.
  5. ^Same. Wouldn't have even bothered if I'd known I could farm all those resources in a single matchmade railjack mission 😕
  6. I farmed gian point solo with a 45 energy zekti reactor while waiting for the clan research on the reactor to finish. It's not hard, just tedious compared to playing with a team.
  7. No, what's stupid is saying that something is stupid just because. Getting mad about rng stats in a loot shooter is silly. Rng on Rng is literally a core part of the genre.
  8. Yawn. 100 avionic reactors are just for min maxing. You can play the current content with just fine with a 50 energy clan reactor. There isn't a good reason for or against a bit of grind for something you don't absolutely need.
  9. PWE killed it waaay before the parity patch when they decided to stop paying for content updates. Parity patch was only even able to happen because of the money hsl was making off of the ps4 version.
  10. 7 years. Only other game I played near as long was blacklight retribution. Only 3692 hours because I work six days a week and have taken a couple extended breaks from the game. Warframe is the only game I've sunk a lot of time in that's survived this long. So many other good games I sunk a decent amount of time in (Nosgoth, Gigantic, The Amazing Eternals etc. etc.) got cancelled so it's nice to see warframe chugging along still.
  11. Because the player base for raids was even smaller than conclave at the time. There are listen servers. If there isn't someone hosting one in your region, then it's not like dedi servers would be economically viable anyways.
  12. It says right in the part you quoted that the armor reduction (which came with this patch) was why it was one shotting. Damage was reduced in line with the across the board armor reduction that all enemies saw with this hotfix. They're killing a little bit more consistently than before If anything.
  13. They aren't though. I spent my first week in rail jack just match making into other peoples' ships before I bothered using my railjack. I played with literally hundreds of people on EU and NA regions on rail jacks that clearly were not min maxed and we all did just fine. I'm not saying that I'm better than you, I'm saying tons of people are better than you. . I think you're going to be pretty disappointed by the changes DE is getting ready to make. Even they don't seem to be in complete agreement on the needed changes and they like to take baby steps on major system changes. People who don't think the sky is falling will probably love the changes, but if you're struggling in veil missions this late after release nothing is going to satisfy you.
  14. shared loot pickups with archwings and a much much bigger vacuum range for railjack would fix the need for this. Picking up drops with the railjack is ridiculous, especially with the way fighters spin off from you after you kill them. And added vacuum range should just be innate, not an avionic.
  15. Some of them gotta an extra day off for working OT (most likely unpaid OT since many are classified as overtime exempt IT workers) to get railjack out the door before vacation. It's the one time of year that the whole staff gets a vacation. Getting on their case about it is kind of low.
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