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  1. Have you actually played PvP? The mods, ehp and weapon balance are completely different. The real problem is that ehp and mobility are not balancedand there are just too many weapons and warframes to balance. They tried starting from a clean slate in conclave 2.0, but the stream of content warframe gets is just too much for a 1-2 person team to properly balance in their spare time. Realistically speaking if PvP is ever going to be good, it needs a proper full time team, and that's not likely to happen.
  2. Most of these stem from people being vocally against PvP from the get go. It's always been a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy where it's crappy because DE has been too afraid to put any resources into it despite having devs who helped create one of the greatest PvP franchises of all time. It's impressive that it isn't even more of a mess since it's mostly been 1-2 people working on it in their spare time.
  3. These kinds of posts sound like a bunch of kids who haven't had to deal with working in the real world. Timing vacation weeks is always a challenge and it's very common for peoples' vacation weeks to pile up near the end of the year. Even if they do allow them to roll them over, that's a recipe for burnout, which affects productivity and quality of work just as much as rushing a release. They aren't running away to vacation, they've earned their vacation and it's important that they take it. Besides, there's not much point in releasing a major content drop near the end of the year with cy
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