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  1. Do you have a desktop? If you're in the US I've got a gtx 770 I'm not using that I could ship to you.
  2. Wtf are you talking about? Unvieled rivens go for waaay less than the cost of new warframe. The staggering majority of rivens are worth something in name only, finding a buyer for rivens that aren't popular takes way more time than grinding prime parts for the same amount of plat.
  3. Is this just an attempt to rile up players before the update instead to get it out of the way early?
  4. This is a major misconception that a lot of people have. From the start the devs have expressed an interest in some form of PvP, the game was even first conceptualized as a PvP game. All they've ever promised about PvP vs PvE is that the game would be a PvE focused game. Putting in PvP exclusives does not suddenly make the game no longer PvE focused. Even with the inclusion of the DS conflict 2.0 the game is still overwhelmingly a PvE game. Adding some actual value to a PvP mode does not change this, especially when an AI PvE version of the game mode has been discussed by the devs.
  5. Changing something is not the same as creating something. She has more similarities with the charger in shape/color/patterns imo. Especially on her head. It makes sense what with this coming with the infested tileset. Making lockers eat enemies sounds a lot more infested than Grineer too.
  6. Infested chargers have grineer bits in them too :|
  7. Because they already said that they'd never be available again http://web.archive.org/web/20130508202351/https://warframe.com/founders
  8. De never made any promises about founders items being transferable. They've always talked about the migration process as a work in progress that up until very recently was under negotiation with Sony. They haven't gone into any specifics whether exclusives would transfer.
  9. Cross play was always a pipe dream tbh. Unlike many other games DE has been very quick to release hot fixes and taking that away from PC players would not go over well at all. So unless they can start getting fixes in without cert (they talked about fixing without touching the exe in a live stream so who knows) it'll never really be viable.
  10. I'll be transferring my account to PS4 too. I just happen to know that I'm not entitled to having my founders stuff on ps4 :|
  11. Transfers of items are still subject to the restrictions of the separation of purchase systems and agreements between DE and Sony. Or are you going to try and tell me that Sony of all companies doesn't care about exclusives? If they can't make money off it, why on earth would they want it on their platform? You can bet your ****** this came up in the negotiations with Sony over the account migration process. It's your prerogative to be as naive about this as you like. You're still utterly and completely wrong.
  12. Point me to where you can buy PS4 plat on DE's website. All ps4 plat and access pack purchases are made on PSN for a reason.
  13. It was purchased on PC. The purchase systems are completely separate because of the way the publishing deal with Sony works. This transfer is a one time deal that DE and sony are offering as a favor and in an effort to expand the ps4 player population. Them doing that doesn't suddenly change the rules on content purchases.
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