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  1. There are some really good ideas here, especially the synergy between abilities! I do have a couple of criticisms though: -This build seems very energy intensive, so perhaps a way for ember to recover some energy would be warranted. -While adding damage reduction was a good idea, I dont know if keeping world on fire in ember's kit is a good idea. The ability is kind of problematic as a turn on and forget, and still works a bit too well at nuking low levels while not justifying its high energy cost at high levels.
  2. This + let us equip prime cosmetics if we own the prime version
  3. Doubling nothing is still nothing. Simply increasing the damage of her abilities does not seem to help much, as seen in the world on fire rework. Just sitting there waiting for a heat proc to kill an enemy isnt going to happen much in high level play. While the passive you suggested is much better than her current one, it does not make ember "viable in all level of gameplay." Ember still has: -low survivability -bad cc compared to other frames -very low damage against high level enemies, especially those with armour -high energy consumption with no means to restore energy -very short ability range -overall just outdated mechanics. Fire blast is a joke and world on fire continues to be a low level clearer while sucking at high level. An extensive rework is necessary.
  4. First off, let me just say that I do not own cautious shot and do not personally expect to receive platinum should it be removed. Nor am I expecting that a large amount of platinum be given to people who do own it. I simply suggested (note the "perhaps") this as when something trade-able is removed from the game, it may anger those who traded for it, hence the need for compensation. A truly amazing idea. While it sounds good on paper, this does not always go according to plan in warframe's tight hallways and hoards of enemies. Not to mention teammates jumping unexpectedly in front of you. If you had been bothered to read my post, you would have noticed that I did not advocate for the removal of self damage, just a toning down of it without requiring a specific mod. The fact that you dismissed my points by calling me a "troll" is not particularly constructive, so maybe you should examine your own behavior before using that word.
  5. So it turns out that removing 99% of a modded launcher's damage will still result in most warframes accidentally exploding in one misplaced shot. Some may argue that the reduction to self damage on cautious shot should be 100%. However, even if this was the case, I would argue that the concept for the mod itself is flawed. This is because cautious shot is a bandaid mod, something that both the community and DE have expressed distaste for, yet DE still seems to create these mods regardless. A bandaid mod is a mod that seeks to fix a problem with the game's functions, in this case the hinderance caused by exessive self damage on launchers. However, in order to apply this "fix," a player must use a mod slot on their weapon, reducing the weapon's effectiveness significantly because a useful mod could be used in its place. This "fix" also requires significant investment from a player in the form of vitus essence, endo and credits. To summarize, even if cautious shot reduced self damage by 100% it would still cost players for a fix that should really be applied to how self damage functions. My suggestion to resolve this issue is as follows: Remove cautious shot from the game entirely, then refund players who own this mod for the vitus essence, endo and credits spent on it. Perhaps even give out some free platinum as an appology for blundering with this mod so much and failing to stop the implementation of bandaid mods (see edit). Next, change how self damage works across all self damage weapons. My suggestion for this is that self damage is always half of a weapon's base (unmodded) damage, with no application of crits or status. That way self damage will stay in the game as DE seems to want, but it will be far less deadly. To conclude, DE should look into which mods could be considered bandaid mods, remove them, and apply fixes to the game's systems rather than forcing players to apply these fixes themselves. Cautious shot is one of these examples. Other than cautious shot, DE should consider the following: In a game based around looting, should loot vacuum really be applied to a mod for pets rather than being truly universal? Now that switching between guns and melee is instantaneous, is there a reason why mods are needed to increase switching speed between primary and secondary weapons? Now that enemy CC is getting excessive in some cases, is there a reason why a space ninja takes so long to stand up from knockdown without a specific mod? Edit: To address those concerned with my suggestion for platinum being given to owners of cautious shot should it be removed, do note that this is only a suggestion. I do not plan to benefit from such a thing myself, as I do not own cautious shot (because it is useless). I suggested this because, if the mod is removed, those who traded for it may be angered that they spent platinum on a mod that was removed from the game. Nor would I expect much platinum to be given (cautious shot seems to trade for 20-40p usually). Often when companies make mistakes and need to remove trade-able items, there is some form of small compensation as a form of good will. This is all I am suggesting.
  6. Step 1: join a defence or interception mission and place resevoirs in enemy spawns Step 2: mash 3 repeatedly Congratulations! You have now ruined the game for your teammates by spawn killing everything with minimal effort! Seriously though, am I missing something about how wisps 1 and 3 work or did DE just potentially bring back soundquake? Here are some other issues I've got with wisp: -her 1 and 3 look like they'll only actually work in defence missions -everything about her 4. I dont really know what DE was going for with this frame's theme. However, I do know that firing a sun laser does not fit whatever her theme is supposed to be. Also can we stop with the channeling ultimate abilities that turn off our weapons? They're not fun, restrict movement and are usually less effective than just using our primary weapons anyway. I think wisp needs to go right back to the drawing board. DE should probably stop releasing new frames so quickly if it is going to result in this level of quality. Perhaps they could finally get on reworking some of the old frames instead?
  7. Agreed, The scarf and such look really cool and all, but when trying to use other skins or when you just don't want a billowing blanket blowing in your face while in PoE, it would be nice to be able to remove it.
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