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  1. That's correct, they aren't expended like a resource when you build something, they are just like slots for Warframes. Build something, it takes up a slot. Delete it, slot comes back.
  2. You have to destroy and rebuild to switch positions. You also need enough energy AND capacity to build more rooms (capacity comes from the Halls you can make, like grand hall and the like)
  3. Soooo... Is it being WORKED ON to make it possible? Really wanna use Zaws, but Fashionframe is end game. I NEED MY FASHION, DE.
  4. Grendel: *Eats Grineer bombard, sprouts a cannon out of arm* Also Grendel: *Eats a Prodman, becomes the hero of legends.... John Prodman*
  5. PLEASE, tell me Grendel... will be our version of Kirby. I want to eat enemies and then gain abilities based on what I ate.
  6. Still hoping we can separate the scarf from the metal "U's" all over. I want the scarf active, but the "U's" gone.
  7. Oh, I won't complain if that's all we get, but it's better they know that people want the option to still have the scarf without the U's so that they can maybe include it or work on it later. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.
  8. Can we have a separate toggle for the Scarf and for the other parts? Me, I like the scarf and DON'T like the random giant metal "U's" everywhere. Edit: Maybe make the scarf a unique equip like Nekros and Valkyr's with it's own slot?
  9. You guys need to remember to plan your kubrow armors around our chunk monsters too. This is like the 3rd straight cosmetic for kubrows that doesn't fit on those with the large body type correctly
  10. I put down some ideas for it in my own thread: Definitely needs to be a return to manual blocking of some sort.
  11. So... Melee as it currently exists (and will exist if Wukong is any indicator with his rework) is still very awkward what with blocking being automatic unless you're only using a melee AND switching to a gun when you try to press the appropriate button if you stop swinging for even a moment. My idea for a solution is a bit layered. 1) Give us an option to flip controls when we switch to melee (For me, this would mean left click changes from shoot gun to swing melee, and right click changes from swing melee to shoot gun, thus making left click always be the way to attack with the equipped weapon and right click being the way to switch to the other then using left click to resume firing/swinging) 2) Make the aim/block button only do aiming while you're using a gun and block while using a melee. Auto block can still be enabled while also giving us a return to the manual block for builds using stuff like Guardian Derision or who want to keep their melee out while gliding. 2a) Alternately, make manual blocking a toggled option like with the melee attack key. Let those who want it to be a block while using melee keep that Edit: Oh, and if you make manual block available through these options, disable aim glide from the auto blocking and only have manual blocking trigger it.
  12. ...Wow, couple of negative Nelly's here. They can balance it, you know? Make the percentage increase small, allow us to trade the crewmen, limit the bonus to one unit max (or you know, provide the same boost through the other NPC's from the normal pool?). Anyways, it'd be fun to be able to fill our ship with our chosen syndicate. Don't let the naysayers discourage the idea =P
  13. You guys might even have something in the works for this, but I thought it'd be pretty cool if we could hire crewmen from the syndicates (Steel Meridian, Red Veil, etc.). Me personally, I'd love to have my ship crewed by the very finest, reject clone soldiers the Grineer can provide from the Steel Meridian. Maybe even have special bonuses for specific tasks from different groups (Steel Meridian has Grineer so they're very martial focused, bonus to weapon damage. Perrin Sequence has Corpus, increase to shields or something. You get the picture XD)
  14. DE has always stated that PvP is never a major concern and that the team's focus will always be PvE content.
  15. Yeah, I'm not a fan of building a weapon that I've already built my variants of just to get a challenge done. Why not just do something where we have to earn affinity with a forma'd weapon and a modular weapon. No need to build more, just earn the requisite affinity.
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