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  1. I can say that while aim gliding with melee out isn't a NECESSITY, it was definitely a nice option to have. Especially now that there's no way to really lock into melee mode unless you only equip a melee weapon. Thinking maybe what they should do is include an option to allow those who want to to toggle into melee mode like before, but allow for the hot-swapping as well. I personally really loved melee mode from the prior system. I'd love a hybrid of the two with default allowing for hot swapping and then by pressing a button switch to melee exclusively until you press that button again. Also, not sure if it's just me but right now block seems broken if you do only a melee weapon equipped? Seems to toggle block and won't let me untoggle unless I do an attack.
  2. So, some melee combos have become a bit awkward, specifically ones that require you to hold the now defunct "Block" button. Now you have to hit the aim button to zoom in, then start meleeing and if you like using left click for sustained melee as I do, that means hitting right click first to melee, then left click to continue combo.
  3. When you quick melee you switch to melee mode. When you go to use your gun it swaps back to weapons. They just made it so you don't have to hit a button to equip, then another button to attack.
  4. I believe they stated in the devstream that when you prestige you get wolf credits instead of repeating the items you got initially. So, sounds like only one Umbral Forma per series period.
  5. Because the old system did make it so people missed out on a lot of loot because of the timing of alerts popping up. Having the pseudo-alerts only provide standing just means you can be more efficient with how you rank up rather than it being a mandatory thing to get a specific item.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing a pseudo-old-alert system be part of the Nightwave system. Something like, I don't know, 500 Nightwave standing being a reward for helping out on a special node that appears every so often? Maybe have it play into the lore and have a bunch of the convicts be the enemies (minus the standing they'd normally give, or maybe even have a new game mode where as a team you have to hunt down as many as you can before they escape and you get standing based on how many you killed/captured).
  7. And what rank are you? It auto resets each time you get 10k and gives you the next rank up. That means you've ranked up once and gotten 9k extra standing towards the next rank.
  8. Guess they didn't plan the new kubrow armor for chunksters, heh
  9. It's perfectly understandable: It's a time wall to encourage buying him so they can make money from their free to play game. Seems okay to me.
  10. As someone who has mained Chroma, yeah... This looks awesome. BUT, needs a rework to go with his awesome look. 1 and 4 powers are almost completely pointless in the type of game DE has made and he doesn't have an actual passive like everyone else. Hop to it, DE, you're better than this to let it slide for so long.
  11. So, with Chroma Prime on the horizon (more than likely), is he finally gonna get a proper rework (an actual passive, better 1 and 4 powers, etc.)?
  12. At this point, I don't know why people in other time zones wait up till the wee hours of the night for an update. DE usually ships updates late in the day when it's already well past time for them to sleep (so long as they work a standard day shift). The outrage is just sort of... pointless? They knew this was going to happen. Just relax, get some sleep, try out the frame tomorrow.
  13. Seems like the new scaffold shots leave particle effects behind permanently, leads to some serious loss of performance for PC.
  14. Can you guys please include who won platinum/rewards like you do with PrimeTime? It really helps out people who are working during the streams and can't always pay attention to who was the winner.
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