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  1. Huh... Well, I'll be damned. When did they add that? Never saw it.
  2. So, Reb... can we get a toggle to make it so that we can hold the button down to switch and tap to cast? Really awkward to try to cast on the move when you gotta hold the power button down (for Vauban, Ivara, all of them).
  3. A picture says a thousand words, so I'll only add a few myself. As you can see, the hilt of the weapon is missing (this also happens without a skin applied) and the sheathe is duplicated (also, happens without a skin equipped).
  4. So, if DE is looking for an idea on how to make replacing your Lich possible (while still requiring some work), why not include something involving Kuva? Like, say for instance we can infuse our Parazon with Kuva to the point it causes an overload in the Lich that sends them into hibernation (in game terms, removes them as your Lich). We'd still need to farm up some Kuva (I'd say 5k to 10k would be a good amount) and we'd have a faster option to remove them as our Lich. Maybe even reward us with a random Parazon mod for doing this to them as an alternate way to obtain the requiem mods by converting resources into them?
  5. So, trying to fit the Dry Dock is a #*!%ING pain. We can't see the boundaries of our dojo building space AND we have to wait 2 hours for stuff to deconstruct to even try to fit the thing in a new spot. WE NEED DOJO REFORM.
  6. The Heavy Slam attack float mechanic doesn't really feel like it has a purpose in most of the fast paced, hectic gameplay. It takes too long to set up and then has very little payoff with the somewhat lackluster aerial attacks.Thinking we might actually be better off using the old, directional aerial attacks at base, and only have the new aerial attacks as part of an interaction button when used on enemies who are floating. That or there needs to be more of a benefit to hitting an enemy floating, maybe gain energy or something? It's also very disappointing that I can't really set my controls the way I want them right now. I like having my right click be my quick melee and you have it so that I can use my left click for regular melee once the weapon's equipped which is great! But, I can't then have it so that right click is heavy attacks when the weapon's out. It overrides the quick melee. Any way we can fix this?
  7. So... is it launching today no matter what, and you guys will be either playing it or doing something else depending on if it launches in time? Doing the stream later if it launches later?
  8. Still no fix for Nikanas lack of ability to adjust holster position.
  9. I don't have the option to change holster position for melee weapons anymore. This a known issue?
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