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  1. So, my arsenal shows I should be doing upwards of 18k damage at minimum, but in practice it does about 300 damage. It also doesn't use my custom appearance options and reverts to the default, leading me to believe when you're a client it doesn't load your loadout for it. Edit: Correction - it also happens when you're the host in a solo session. This is... really bad. It makes leveling Bonewidow a massive pain when the exalted weapon does pisspoor damage.
  2. Big problem it seems: If you're a client, your Bonewidow's Ironbride doesn't get the equipped mods you have or the appearance. My Ironbride should be doing upwards of 18k damage, it's doing like 300.
  3. I managed to brute force it by using Baruuk and either outright killing enemies with Desert Wind or by knocking the immune (or almost impervious Nox's) off the edge into oblivion. But yeah, very difficult.
  4. Edit: NVM, remembered I already had access from last time XD
  5. You guys need to fix the MR 30 test. Random enemies are becoming immune to warframe abilities without being affected by an Arbitration Drone or Nullifier at the time.
  6. So, I gotta imagine it's a bug relating to those INFURIATING Arbitration Drones. Even if I kill them, some of the remaining enemies (and bosses) become immune to warframe powers. Way to make a challenging MR test, but this is ridiculous XD
  7. Would be nice if once we hit the "Rank cap" we started getting nightwave credits for the challenges we complete instead of more rank XP, even if it was just like 5 per.
  8. Don't suppose we can get a UI at the wall of flowers to show us which frames we've subsumed (or have yet to subsume)?
  9. I was trying to do the 2 Nightwave challenges involving stealing a crewship and killing fighters with it. Stole it just fine, but guns on the crewship wouldn't fire. I checked my controls, made sure they matched what I was doing. Rebound them to those clicks/buttons again and still no way to fire them.
  10. So uh... Not entirely sure how this happened, but, I had just gotten attacked by a Necramech and... well, pictures speak a thousand words: My Warframe couldn't move at all. It could use powers, oddly enough, but no mobility.
  11. Nope I'm upset we're asked to sacrifice blueprints for a new weapon. Please make sure you read comments fully in the future.
  12. LMAO "We removed the ridiculous requirement to get the 1st rank. We left in the ridiculous requirement of getting rid of a NEW WEAPON'S components to get the 2nd. rank" Christ... I'm sorry, but who approved this? This is just... so god damn pointless, do you NOT want people to experience your new content?
  13. Type: In game Description: The Exocrine Expedition - Game doesn't register picking up Fass Residue Screenshots: Reproduction: Don't know how to reproduce this issue, but it's happened twice in a row. Gonna try exiting to the Orbiter to see if it fixes.
  14. I aborted mission and retried. That seems to have fixed the issue. No way for me to reproduce it now, sadly.
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