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  1. So, I was doing a railjack mission with friends and was using the Tactical menu to watch friends inside one of the stations. I clicked on one of my allies powers to use it to buff them, but decided against it and tried to right click to cancel it out. Upon doing so the icon for the power got locked on the screen and the tactical UI became locked and unable to be exited from. I also tried getting killed so I could revive but that was also unavailable. Including a screenshot to show how my screen looked upon getting locked (and being dead. Funny enough it showed a friend as dead instead of me X
  2. This. I want to use my ship, but I keep being forced to matchmake onto others' ships. Going into your railjack from your orbiter USED to let you launch your ship as the host.
  3. ...What? What does this even mean? Anyways, they already have models for male and female members of each faction, seems an easy enough thing to incorporate.
  4. So, why aren't there male and female counterparts for each of the factions' Crew Member offerings? (Steel Meridian only has females, Red Veil only has males, etc.)
  5. Crewman chest attachments aren't hooking on right:
  6. The guns are on the side of the ship. But the turrets are on top & bottom and seem to physically function as if they're on top and bottom. SO CONFUSING.
  7. Maybe they could make it a shiny overlay that just metallics up the entire warframe without losing color/pattern (and includes attachments/syandanas so they don't look out of place).
  8. Absolutely love this idea. Make speed mods act as multi-hit mods so the animations stay the same speed but hit more times. That way you don''t have to program animations to work despite crazy speeds and instead can focus on balancing them for multi-hit.
  9. I'm more just glad he actually HAS a passive now.
  10. So, Chroma's passive got reworked (Yay!) but his Effigy and Breath attacks are still very lackluster. When are we getting a rework to these two powers in his kit?
  11. Not quite, March to May. June is summer.
  12. Get Archwing fixed up and actually useful in Railjack. Right now it's only used as a way to catapult into enemy ships/enter into objectives. It's always more effective to use your railjack (including for blowing up the crewships). Archwings really need to be beefed up and cleaned up, it's really sad we haven't gotten their rework yet and we're talking about Railjack already.
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