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  1. That what happens when you don't bother to improve, refresh and update the core mechanics of the game, instead of chasing something new every damn time. This game needs serious overhauls how its core behaves. Piling more stuff onto its skeleton is like playing jenga "well, lets see which update will finally collapse everything". Players been asking repeatedly for polishing the content and fixing old stuff, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, who needs that, WE NEED NEW GAMEMODE!..... which hardly anyone plays, because it doesn't feel fun to play (yes railjack, I'm talking about you, you copy paste of guns of icarus).
  2. I said it before and i'll say it again, notifications that are actual important player information such as end of nightwave season should be a popup when you log in. Or even better, a notification under login screen. That way it's not intrusive like popup window, but just as helpful. The news feed is worthless garbage with trashy """news""" that act as a filler most of the times. Also I disagree fully with the notion @-AncientWarrior- suggests, that I should keep season end date in my mind for several months or write it into my callendar or something, just so I wouldn't be screwed by DEs shortcomings. It's one of the most basic things to forewarn players about things ending.
  3. in all honesty it's not helmints fault. It's more DE feeding the powercreep with every new frame/update. Players are just following the efficiency spreadsheet thus using helminth that way. Game needs insane level of rebalance with difficulty scalling and overall mission difficulty. Otherwise at some point it will turn into another WoW: Super great untill it suddenly crashes and then everyone demands "WF classic" @(PSN)Madurai-Prime lazy argument spotted. If you dislike what OP says, how about you don't read it? You don't get to tell everyone how to behave on forum /s Quite amazing how game and forum evolves, yet some things... and some users... never change ;)
  4. and thats why its behind k-drive. if you make F2P option too annoying/difficult, the P2P way suddenly looks so much better ;)
  5. crossplay with switch/mobile is pretty much a final straw for me. Rather than making this game better, DE keeps on devolving it into cooke clickers so fancy gameboys can run it with bare minimum settings. Then you check players graph and those fancy gameboys take less than 10-15% (or less) of whole playerbase and because of whole dumbing down PC/console player retention drops even harder. Same deal was with Diablo 3 being "first diablo on console", where devs had to really cut corners and simplify game by a major fukton, because consoles couldn't handle the "pc version".
  6. @danielteshing took me a while to get what's going on. You kinda added your comment into quote part ;P Reason is: red veins (metals) don't reward anywhere near as much as blue veins (gems). So no point wasting time and focus on trying to get perfect vein-cutting-minigame on something that's pretty much useless. The only moment where you want to focus on red vein is when it also has a chance for gem in it. In this case you only make sure that 1 segment with gem is successful. And why purposely fail reds? so its quicker. so they dont ping you on your cutting sunpoint drill thingy. Also for a chance of extra gem minigame in them. Have in mind its a post from 2 years. Some things might have changed and i haven't played in a while myself to know what's in the game currently.
  7. Unfortunately vitus, kuva and SE are the things that require (all types of) boosters. Farming them like casuals is extremaly inefficient. I'd love for those resources to be more common, yet not affected by boosters (and smeetas) as it'd feel better... But that would take a chunk of DEs income from booster selling. Also while we are at abitrations, fix solo runs finally. You simply cannot play arbi-survival solo, because there's not enough mobs spawning.
  8. It's difficult to come up with creative solutions when the only reason you keep your job is by nodding at everything bald brothers say and you have no right to speak up with your opinion/suggestions about the matter, because anything that's being changed/added is both created and filtered by bald brothers. The whole top brass in DE have just as much meaning as democracy in china (where's only 1 party). Are rivens going to change in any way btw? As much as i love the rivens, their design is kind of outdated at this point. Some changes would be welcome.
  9. The simpliest solution: don't make prime revenant. Maybe go another road and just make another tier, like umbra, but this time 'sentient' or even play with amalgams more. IMO both nidus and revenant shouldn't have prime versions. Both of them do not feel like orokin design, but rather them being an outcome of someone trying to make another types of frames after orokin fell. Ofcourse you can disagree with me. It's just what i feel. No facts nor anything.
  10. what you say is true, but overall your solution boils down to "become immune to bad design".. How about we'd just stop with bad designs? It's not that difficult, really. Plenty of games did it right, or.. less wrong.
  11. This gave me an idea. Add second stage for frame leveling past 30 to 100. A much much harsher exp scale and very small, close to insignificant rewards such as .5% run speed, or .5% wall latch, or .5% casting speed. Once you max your level (which will be incredibly difficult), you'd get around 30-35% boost in those stats. We could even have level gates that unlock certain passives, such as natural talent, or hit recovery etc etc. This'd add a bit more RPG feel to the game
  12. Would be nice if we had some kind of lobby system implemented, so people could fast-join groups (or queue for specific, less popular, relics) without participating in lfg chat
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