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  1. Can speak for myselof only, but even though it's not intrusive, every hour it reminds me that devs MADE the content artifically longer by filling it to brimm with bad RNG. This message only lacks the sentence "maybe visit our shop to skip nasty grind TEEE-HEEE"
  2. I hope you meant definitely :P Overall your bulletpoints are mixed bag for me. For example problem with Operators isn't their survivability, or damage, but how clunky they are. The coding behind them is different than warframes, thus they are affected by host connection and ping, which means in one game you can dash without issues, while in other you fail every 3rd dash or so. I'd totally leave grineer tilesets as they are. Maybe add new ones, but don't rework them. Yes, they are bland and repetitive. And so they will reworked ones. What's worse they will most likely g
  3. DE doesn't listen to feedback, especially posted in general. But even if you used the most correct subforum there is... They wouldn't listen either way. Even if you decided to go work for DE, get promotions up to almost the very top... You still wouldn't get listened to, because this game is made mostly by 2 guys, which threat feedback as criticism for the most part. You could however become semi-popular, make a twitter account and then just twit-ask for the change. Much better chance of success. Probably the only way to get them to read your feedback, as long as you can make it 280
  4. ballas and 1 literally twisted family left is still pretty "extinct" to me. So I can say dinosaurs aren't extinct, cause chicken I ate yesterday had sliver of their genes? By the way, don't quote SINGLE word out of a wall of text, because I have no idea what you try to comment on.
  5. I'd add to the list very derpy dashing. Could it be simple "double tap shift (or whatever sprint button u use) to toggle dash"? That'd be so much better.
  6. Yea I forgot about cosmetics. Mods, however, are slightly different case, cause some of syndicates cover each with mods they sell. I just don't want syndicates to become like every goddamn standing in this game... You know.. without drawbacks.. :)
  7. Forcing players to trade with each other isn't bad or wrong. I'd rather still have current setup for syndicates as we have right now, but tweak their alliance/enemy relations abit. Some reworks, updates, cleanups would be welcome aswell. Problem with syndicates is... trade.. in all honesty. If you aren't into it, or you don't want to bother with riven-spam-channel, or you don't feel like using 3rd party sites, then it just sucks. Having an auction house would solve and streamline trading and indirectly help syndicates.
  8. If power differences vastly differ between acolytes because one of them has unchecked/unbalanced ability, while others don't... then.. Well.. Then something's wrong. There are no tiers between acolytes, so this should be looked at. If mob oneshots you cause "whatever, it's fine just don't play solo" excuse, then this just gives even more ground for even more "whatever..." arguments. Ah yes, because DE is known for their spotless, perfect work which they (xD) always (xD) finish. At some point you'll run out of lube mate. Are you trying to get a job in DE :D ? Seriously,.... xD
  9. ah yes, the famous "if it's fine for me, then why change for others? It doesn't affect me, but I sure will be against it!" Having multiple ways to obtain certain items is actually a GOOD thing. Just DE has to make sure it's balanced.
  10. It's not the first time where you come in, post something with your condescending tone and totally miss the point. Here's the the main issue (i'll even bold it out for you): Noone says "NERF SP CUZ I DIED ;(". Rather than that thread is about asking DE to check if one of acolytes has some bullS#&$ damage stat on one of his/her abilities. Knowing DE I wouldn't be surprised if acolytes have some leftover code that might be getting in the way since SP rework.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they made melee-immune mobs :P jokes aside, I'd rather see melee global nerf than gun buffs. Otherwise we'll have neverending cycle of powercreep.
  12. 1. find 1 forma bp 2. set 1 forma bp craft 3. log out
  13. Kuva liches is how one can halfass copy-but-fail-to-paste-properly nemesis system made in lotr game. Because feedback man bad I'm quite surprised bald brothers duo lead devs 'wearing cool hip hats in rooms' havent yet "implemented" battle royale. And I'm somewhat happy there's no huge craze for the sims in 2020, otherwise we'd have that 'update' at some point too.
  14. Snarky low-effort joke that stinks of karma farming. Quite disgusting, not gonna lie.
  15. sounds like you don't understand the problem. When someone new comes to WF he doesn't see options, nor knows the basics we already know. All he sees are plat prices. smh... I think you have difficulties with understanding what you read :)
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