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  1. It's difficult to come up with creative solutions when the only reason you keep your job is by nodding at everything bald brothers say and you have no right to speak up with your opinion/suggestions about the matter, because anything that's being changed/added is both created and filtered by bald brothers. The whole top brass in DE have just as much meaning as democracy in china (where's only 1 party). Are rivens going to change in any way btw? As much as i love the rivens, their design is kind of outdated at this point. Some changes would be welcome.
  2. The simpliest solution: don't make prime revenant. Maybe go another road and just make another tier, like umbra, but this time 'sentient' or even play with amalgams more. IMO both nidus and revenant shouldn't have prime versions. Both of them do not feel like orokin design, but rather them being an outcome of someone trying to make another types of frames after orokin fell. Ofcourse you can disagree with me. It's just what i feel. No facts nor anything.
  3. what you say is true, but overall your solution boils down to "become immune to bad design".. How about we'd just stop with bad designs? It's not that difficult, really. Plenty of games did it right, or.. less wrong.
  4. This gave me an idea. Add second stage for frame leveling past 30 to 100. A much much harsher exp scale and very small, close to insignificant rewards such as .5% run speed, or .5% wall latch, or .5% casting speed. Once you max your level (which will be incredibly difficult), you'd get around 30-35% boost in those stats. We could even have level gates that unlock certain passives, such as natural talent, or hit recovery etc etc. This'd add a bit more RPG feel to the game
  5. Would be nice if we had some kind of lobby system implemented, so people could fast-join groups (or queue for specific, less popular, relics) without participating in lfg chat
  6. they exists as a proxy so you wouldn't see on the first glance how much grind you need to do. Her purpose is exactly the same as platinum, vbucks, riot points and whatnot. Clutter and confuse. But rather than prey on your wallet, it's just slows you down. A grindwall.
  7. it's the end result of terrible communication with players, lack of interest to listening to players feedback. If they don't want to make the game better for the players, don't mind me pointing their crappy methods :)
  8. Don't worry guys! I am certain all DE devs read FEEDBACK forums, like they always do, and will make the game better! Right after USA discovers magic and then avada kedavra machine guns, second meteorite hits the Earth, Earth will turn out to be a perfect cube instead of ball and visiting other planets will be as easy as going to the closest mcdonalds. We all know how quickly they work on things that'd improve the game, so i give them around 15.000 years? Nothing but wait! Also: I remember how ppl asked for increasing spawnrates for saller groups few years ago. Nope. Solo Survival is still one of the most difficult missions simply because there are no mobs to kill for oxygen (not SP obviously). Did they adress it... ever? Nope.
  9. @Xylena_Lazarow please read the last part. I also believe minimum 1hr requirement for eximuses to spawn as... idiotic, but the base of what SP could turn into was better, than another window with bounties. I did explain it badly.. so.. eh.. nvm, my bad. If eximuses spawned in constant number since the start, the whole issue with incredibly long missions would have been resolved. or maybe make eximus spawnrate jump much quicker, like 10-20 minutes. But 1 hour was definitely a bad decision.
  10. I disagree. It was fine. What wasn't fine was.....is.... statstick Khora and her billions and billions of damage. That stuff should have been adressed long long time ago, like in the first month of her coming live. Remove her from equation and suddenly old SP feels much more balanced. Instead, DE decided to just Omae wa mou shinderiu Steel Path, making it into boring bounty, only sweetening the deal with umbra forma. I believe old SP needed fixes (like requirement of 1h endless for more drops), but was much better base for difficult content, than what we have now. But i might be just weird.
  11. Voltage used good constructive feedback. It's super effective! DE devs used hide! DE devs used evade! Volate feedback has missed Voltage feedback has landed into feedback trashbin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) About the thread: I remember i made some maths regarding kuva farming and non-boosting players had to threat this game close to full-time job to use 'reroll' function beyond 10th roll. Setting the reroll price to flat 2k would punish non-boosting players a bit, as they usually stopped trying with rolls before kuva price winded up even close to 3,5k... Unless they had solid weapon riven. So in a long run 2k-a-pop is cheaper for heavy rerollers, but hurts low-roll casuals. In this case I don't mind 2k kuva price, but we need better variey with kuva-rewarding missions and maybe better kuva rewards to boot. Also regarding riven trade prices you suggest. That will push players to spam mindnumbing index.. Or even worse fortuna spider. Doesn't enhance gameplay, just adds a grindwall.. Not a terrible one.. just annoying i guess.
  12. in all honesty getting oberon was silly-easy. Having his parts blocked by content gate or something is fine... but railjack? Reallly? I guess DE still can't swallow hoarse and bitter truth - you can't make railjack popular, no matter how many redesigns and fix updates you do. Forcing players into railjack to create artifical popularity is just dirty move.
  13. Ah yes, lets make ideololo wars on a topic that you don't care much about. Please stop. It's a forum about a space ninja gundam suits. Not about space ninja gundam suit genders. About Zephyr. Yeah. He's kind of low on mobility. It'd be fun if he could have some short free-flight & gliding ability of sorts.
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