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  1. Must have missed that tidbit of lore... I wonder if the Deimos Crew could make discount Necramechs out of crewships...
  2. Hey they use Grineer scrap for their Zaws, maybe they could turn it into cookware or something. Wait...Wall Meat people are Deimos, I said Cetus right -checks- yep, definitely said Cetus.
  3. Despite the existence of Requiem Towers they REALLY need to readjust those drop rates. Seriously 60+% is too much.
  4. I'd also be an advocate of a "Scrap Bonus" if you have leftover crewships lying around at the end of a mission they can be "sold" in a sense by giving extra rewards, I mean picture flying up to Cetus with a Crewship and saying "Ya'll want to salvage this thing?". Obviously that's just a rough concept, but stealing enemy ships for data/salvage seems like it would be fairly sensible considering the setting.
  5. So any thoughts on that "across the board stat-squish" concept I've tossed around some of these threads? Bring down all the numbers so we have a more manageable set of numbers to compare and balance between?
  6. Yay 3 weapon slots, I might actually log on just for that.
  7. Ya know I never figured that grab out. I tried mashing buttons, wiggling the control stick, even waving the camera but it just seems to be a "Imma grab ya now!" thing similar to how the Liches work...with all the lag issues too considering I once got grabbed while falling off the edge due to rubberbanding. I know people hate the dreaded three letters QTE, but things like that could help, make them harder to pass the more you get grabbed or something so it isn't a complete get out of jail free card. QTEs are tools of game design, it obviously can go WAY too far like entire boss fights
  8. I'd like to submit myself as another who liked Ralph (I call Ropalolyst Ralph to go along with Terry Garry and Harry...because I find it funny). It had a good combination of mechanics, shooting, and "sealing the deal" so to speak, the biggest failing of the fight was that it might have been a bit too rigidly designed, not changing other than the arena getting smaller between phases. I felt like I was actually fighting something, I didn't just need to shoot it with my HAX sniper until it died, I had to position and use my mobility options in order to open it up to hit its week points.
  9. That's the one thing I won't understand about Nintendo, they already know many Wii/Wii U ports tend to sell like hotcakes, but won't make them for whatever reason. The Prime Trilogy I can half understand, since it used Prime 3's controller setup and they'd have to either rebuild the entire control schema back to suit the Joy-cons Sticks and buttons or focus on designing a way for the Gyroscopes to effect the aim, which while not impossible would be a fair amount of work. I guess I also get Xenoblade X to some extent...because even for the potato that was the Wii U that game was massi
  10. I mean arguably the reason could have been "Kill the Crewship quicker" and still have the other fallbacks should one not have been able to make artillery charges, but fair enough.
  11. I can't help but wonder why our ship can be wrecked to hell by a Crewship's projectiles but aren't affected by our guns (aside from forward artillery). Hell when you Hijack a Crewship it also does scratch damage to other Crewships, I could understand Crewships taking a beating and being repaired from the inside like our Railjack, but to do no damage at all just seems...odd.
  12. Damn, now I really want a Xenoblade Chronicles X port to the Switch... Thanks a lot Loza T_T.
  13. Pause combos were fine in the old system IMO, or would have been were it not for how messed up attack speed can be at times, it was the move combos that were the problem...anyone remember Bullet Dance and having to hold BACK to get one combo to work? I like the structure of what we have now, but the issue is that some of the stances just don't flow properly since some moves were based on the pause/hold actions we used to have. Whenever they do go back to finally finish their melee 3.0 changes I'd say they should look into each stance and make them distinct and all flow properly with
  14. What about for people like me, who don't copy builds and still wind up feeling bored because even the barely passable mess I make of my equipment is still hilariously strong compared to what is on offer? Why is it still effortless for the people who DON'T copy/paste and unga-bunga through missions all the same, just with less gross overkill? Even the games you listed had some degree of execution to their mechanics, but Warframe actively negates its own mechanics by making them trivial, why use the wonderful mobility system when you can kill things so fast you don't need to dodge, or
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