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  1. This happened to me on the Switch version once, I accidentally exited Umbra and he got into a slap fight with the orb.
  2. -Exalted Bow- Though my sub-par mod set of "SURVIVAL > EVERYTHING" may have something to do with it. I'm no walking nuke, but damn if I'm going to play into the stereotype of the dead Excalibur main.
  3. Because....it's fun? I mean what other reason do I need?
  4. I took that advice 2 years back and haven't stopped since, now I'm rolling in plat and am often the only member of my team not dying from something stupid like standing in crossfire. Bring it on world. On topic: Never equip any Health/Shield/Armor mods on any Warframe, also never dodge, never jump and never sprint, it's your teams fault if you are dying in one shot.
  5. Its times like these that I wonder why people have an outright obsession with backsides, honestly this is just plain stupid. Of all things that can be complained about a change to a butt is so far away from being meaningful that its in the bloody tau system.
  6. Many people suggest that these days, and honestly it could be an easy replacement for vortex as a personal moddable deployable ability, as most people tend to use bastille over vortex (though vortex does have its uses) I personally think at bare minimum his 1 and 2 need addressing, Tesla is painfully slow to stun and does damage so low that level 10 enemies don't die to it and Bounce, Trip Laser, and to a certain extent Shread are all overpriced on energy for what they do ("But Aldain Bounce is good in interceptionnn" it is outclassed to hell and back by almost every other Warframe ability). The big problem Vauban runs into is that his abilities aren't WORTH their energy cost aside from Bastille and sometimes Vortex, all of his Minelayer cost 50 energy at base cost, which is outright absurd considering that they deal no to nearly no damage (Tesla, Bounce, Trip Laser) have secondary effects that are WAY too short in duration (Shread which reduces armor for 4 seconds at base) or are completely outclassed at what they do by even a simple Oberon's second ability (Concuss). The 5 abilities from Vauban's one and two are so utterly useless that its better to ignore them and just mod assuming that you're going to be spamming Bastille, which is pretty much what they should rename Vauban to.
  7. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    Or perhaps a small violin in a large one. Violinception.
  8. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    ...I'm gonna need a bigger violin.
  9. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    Pick up a violin, they ain't playing themselves...except that one in the corner but man is it not good at playing itself.
  10. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    Neither is pitching a fit and demanding to be banned, but that's what's happening and sweet merciful clem is it hiliarious.
  11. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    Dude are you seriously responding to this person? Cause its a waste of time, just join me in playing violins of varying sizes whilst we wait for the mods to show up.
  12. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    Hm this isn't working... -Plays violin the size of a building-
  13. Aldain

    Melee 3.0

    -Plays violin so small that it cannot be observed by the human eye-
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