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  1. The M1 Garand -ping- sound on the Trumna reload, the break action sounds of the Tigris line, the reload sounds of the Quellor... Hell even the endless SWOOSH-ing of Exalted Blade.
  2. I don't know how DE keeps failing to think of simple solutions like that.
  3. The only reason I bullet jump everywhere is because wall hops drive me nuts. It's a flat out pain to climb up walls with them, especially if the wall is even slightly uneven.
  4. I dunno...Warframe is kind of so much a sum of its parts that I kind of can't pick out one thing without mentioning 2-3 larger things. I guess if I had to say one thing...I'd have to say maybe the sound design? Not every weapon sounds great but the ones that do sound great are really pleasant to hear.
  5. And sometimes they get stuck in/on walls or bits of geometry which can cause one of the ten free deaths you get to be lost through no fault of the player. ...Just speaking from my personal experience on the matter.
  6. AKA Me every time I play a Spellblade/Eldritch Knight Fighter. "Time for plan B...GREATSWORD A GO-GO!"
  7. What if you aren't currently grinding MR? Any other reason to go there other than a slightly slower MR grind and/or Ash?
  8. Question. Why would anyone be randomly doing Railjack Defense? Due to the nature of how it functions it is quite truly worse than every other defense mission for both gameplay and rewards, other than Ash there's no reason to even go to the missions in the first place because all it will likely do is give random relics and (in most proxima) mediocre Railjack parts. The needlessly large tileset compounded with the lower and slower enemy spawn rates due to being tied to Railjack make it slower and less rewarding than most other Tier 2 or higher defense missions, which also can be c
  9. There's nothing worse in gaming than when the most effective tactic available makes the game not even look like the same game anymore. It's like Super Smash Bros Melee tournament play, it looks nothing like Smash Bros and looks more like two different seizures fighting each other. A game shouldn't fundamentally change when going from standard to ideal tactics.
  10. I know, but Ash is likely in the top 5 below him, I just wanted to mention it for being the same C rotation "10% or less" deal.
  11. This is 90% of the issue. The remaining 10% is that the parts drop at 10% rates on THE FREAKING C ROTATION. Seriously DE, anywhere upwards of 20 minutes on a single mission for a random 10% 1-in-3 drop is just nuts, especially for a frame like Ash who pretty much isn't worth it. It's the same problem as Harrow, too much time for too low of a chance at it...especially on a defense tileset more concerned with being big than being good.
  12. Well...if they get all weapons on a similar scale then they might be able to see where to nerf everything down to a manageable level.
  13. All I want is the redundant 4k endo off the table. Seriously the Ayatan already gives basically that much Endo, two of the rewards are basically the same endo reward...only the pure endo is actually worse because at least Ayatans can be used as a Decoration or as a plat item. They don't even need to replace it with something else, just distribute its drop percentage equally among everything and remove it.
  14. It's either projection or complete detachment from reality. Also don't think I don't see what you did with the names of those lawyers above I object to this reference!
  15. Tangentially related to DnD I really want to commit brain bleach because I just read an argument basically calling people who don't like the currently present premade party members in Baldur's Gate 3 antisocial psychopaths in real life. The internet was a mistake.
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