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  1. If anything blast procs need to deal aoe damage in addition to the knockdown. Not much, maybe 50% of the initial base hit, make it the direct damage version of Gas. That would also be a good way to give single shot weapons a bit of AoE, though I'm aware that could be comically overpowered and would need testing first.
  2. The only time people hate Slowva and Limbo is in defense and survival missions, defense more than survival, but in both killing is the only means to progress or keep up the mission respectively. I've had life support run out on me several times in survival because a Slowva or Limbo had hoards of enemies stuck in small corners which made getting life support drops impossible. As Nylon mentioned it also slows down defense which ends when every enemy is killed, enemies being slowed or stasis'd behind walls on the edges of the map delays everything by large degrees. The exception to Slowva/Limbo being disliked in defense is usually defense Sorties, where the defense target moves and as a result needs much more cover. Really it all boils down to playing with other players in mind, having a different build for those two mission types out of respect for your allies is a good thing. That's why I have a +Duration -Range Limbo build after all, drop it on the defense target and it keeps it safe without making allies not able to shoot everything or stasis'ing enemies at the edge of the map.
  3. I gotta love when I run out of Revo trying to keep a ship afloat, get yelled at for not repairing a fatal breach, and then tell the Pilot "Maybe actually pick up some drops and I can keep the Revolite stocked" which usually causes the person to either get even more angry or leave in a rage. ...Seriously though they need to make sure that the drops needed to make things drop at a reasonable rate and that the vacuum can actually pick them up (or make it a non issue), hek, I'd even take a Tactical Avionic that picks up every item in a massive (e.g. 10000m) radius once every 380 seconds. I've had more failures in missions due to people not piloting a Railjack and as a result not picking up anything to keep it afloat than actually not being able to repair the hull in time.
  4. I mean there are a few players sitting on thousands or more plat who haven't spent a dime on the game. Warframe is a "Time vs. Money" pay model, also cosmetics which will drain the wallet of many people with poor impulse control. As long as you can resist the urge to whip out the plastic and just trade things on the player market for plat you can play the game 100% free.
  5. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRECT! ...I don't have a prize, but enjoy this Zoidberg gif:
  6. Yeah it is kind of my fault for leaving out the two big keywords as to why I've been having my issues. Switch version. Basically my experience has been 15% good crews, 15% disconnections (most due to my ISP being incompetent) 40% decent crews, 10% "I am doing nothing but repairing the same hole every 30 seconds" and 20% "3 literal monkeys would make a better crew". Mostly a good experience, but boy do my bad experiences sting far more than they should.
  7. I've done this too, but really flying backwards shouldn't be the primary way to hit enemies because of their speed. Abusing the flight path is only treating a symptom, not solving the problem causing the symptom. But thanks for the tip, I just wish more pilots didn't fly like a drunkard half the time.
  8. Honestly trying to organize anyone, voice or no voice is just kind of a pain I'd rather not deal with. Even if that means I have to single handedly be a Pilot, Repairman, and Boarding Party of 1. The worst of it all is when you have a Pilot who flies like a drunk and makes the side gunners useless, that's usually when I have to hop out of the Railjack and spend the next 10 or so minutes repeatedly smacking the fighters with my Prisma Pool Noodle just to actually hit something. Overall I personally hope that Command solves the solo play issues because while the fun I had the few times I found a good all-round crew were good, most other crews in between have been so bad that me flying solo would have been better. Personally I blame the lack of a tutorial for a fair chunk of these issues though.
  9. Really my number one frustration right now is that the enemies are just too bloody quick, and their movement patterns are erratic on top of that speed which makes the aim point from gunnery useless because the enemies like to spaz out while going faster than an Archwing. Add in the comically low range and slow projectile speed of multiple weapons and you have a floating coffin equipped with confetti guns. I'm really hoping that enemy/weapon balance is next on the chopping block after the reactors, because trying to swat 60 hornets with a BB gun is not something I look forward to on these missions.
  10. You're right. Somebody needs to do a banjo + washboard cover of This is What You Are.
  11. Void magic. ...That's the explanation for literally everything in most cases. I mean think of it this way, the Railjack might not be moving through space, but rather using the power of the Void to move the space AROUND the Railjack. (name that reference)
  12. I get why DE doesn't want to do anything about the Hema after looking at this thread, I don't agree with leaving a grind because of things like this, but I get why DE didn't bother at least.
  13. How long before DE makes Modular Archguns/melees to go with the Modular Archwings you think? Though they really should fix the Archguns and Archmelees first, especially the absurdly low projectile speed that many of the Archguns have.
  14. Back in my day being "toxic" was just called being a -clem-hole. You know what you do to -clem-holes to make them go away? You ignore them, you don't mock them, you don't get angry, you don't fight fire with fire, you just simply deny them their purpose, which is to enrage you. Report any outright abuse and/or harassment and use the ignore function. Crusading against something vague like "toxicity" is just giving the -clem-holes credence and driving people to these inane arguments which is exactly what they want. There are many people in the world, don't waste your breath on the ones who don't care to be civil, and yes, that includes me because I am far from civil myself sometimes, but that's just the human condition.
  15. If anything several of the "Loot" frames need to be made better so they aren't just loot bots. Nekros' soul punch and terrify are just awful and Hydroid is a mess of not-very-useful abilities. At least Khora has some good utility and damage from her 1, those two have really outdated kits that don't work together in any realistic way. As for Vauban the only thing I'd give him is a better base armor class (120 seems about right for base Vauban, not sure where the prime should go up to).
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