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  1. That's the issue, power creep keeps making everything worse solely by comparison, and most weapons wind up either breaking the meta in half or being forgotten because they can't. It also existed long before DE's poorly conceived concept of "Riven mods as balancing tools" and as a result is pretty much unsalvageable because Warframe runs on percent based power scaling. That's why we need some sort of balancing passthroughs rather than shoving things on Riven mods, because when more and more of the game is becoming disposable fodder it begs the question of why even bother in the first place making most of these things if they wind up replaced faster than people can even build them.
  2. At least the Zylok. Seriously I can't figure out why a Sybaris spinoff has 8% base crit chance when the Sybaris has 25%, and more to that matter, who in their right mind would use a duplex pistol to apply status effects? Of all things I ever regret spending ducats on, the Zylok is the biggest one. There's also the Akzani, aka Mirage's signature weapon, which has the LOWEST BASE DAMAGE OF ALL SECONDARY WEAPONS for some reason. I'd personally buff the base reload time of the Latron line, if only because it has the same reload as the baseline Rubico for...none of the benefits of using a Rubico. But this is just me ranting.
  3. Void magic makes physics ragequit. On the topic of tileset revamps though, I'd more like to see sharkwing get revamped alongside other things with the Archwing changes, most of the issues of the sealab tileset stem from sharkwing being just utterly awful rather than the tiles themselves (outside of a few rooms). My biggest concern as a tileset is currently Corpus Ice Planet, those maps are a mess of crashed corpus ship parts, wonky geometry and broken waypoints that I distinctly hate when I have to go to.
  4. ...That looks like a clown ate a paint factory then swallowed an active atomic bomb before jumping into a pool of nitroglycerin.
  5. Yeap that's why I'm not that worried, this happens roughly twice a year to me like clockwork, once in summer and once in winter, give or take a month. Usually it is a result of my sleep schedule getting so impossibly -clem-ed up that my body just does a "hard reset" by keeping me awake until I sleep for 12 hours and wake up at 7 am on the dot. On the plus side it usually is the best sleep I ever get and it does wonders for my mood/energy after the fact, so I've at least got that to look forward to.
  6. No, however I don't have any of the other thyroid symptoms often associated with Hyper/hypothyroidism or other such diseases. It is pretty much just an inability to sleep, honestly I'd hazard a guess it is from general stress more than anything else.
  7. Fun is both for better and worse a relative thing. For example, some people enjoy being an unkillable roving death ganker who purposely only goes out of their way to smurf against low level players in things like Dark Souls. Others get immense enjoyment trolling forums with various degrees of -clem-posts and or insulting people with reckless abandon. And then there's psychopaths like me who like Mario Party, the worst of the lot.
  8. While it is appreciated, I've tried basically everything short of the Looney Tunes method of getting an anvil to the cranium. Every now and then my body just loves to go "-clem- you -clem-face you don't need sleep!" usually at least once or twice a year.
  9. Learn something new everyday. ...Though it seems a bit hilarious that people could go around recommending "You should eat a grenade" with the best and kindest intentions. Language barriers are a cruel mistress.
  10. I know, I just loved that typo because it made me think of the banana bomb from Worms. Also pomegranates looks a bit like cluster bombs when you cut them open. ...THIS IS ME ON NO SLEEP, GOD HELP US ALL.
  11. I want to go to sleep, but not permanently. ...And yes, that is the best joke I can muster right now, I actually supposedly get hil-freaking-larious according to my friends when I pass the 24 hour mark of no sleep.
  12. If I tried to do any sport right now I'd likely break something due to being too tired. And I...don't know what that is. Before I logged on here I was actually laying in a dark room for 4 consecutive hours, forcing my eyes closed desperately trying to pass out. It sadly didn't work T_T.
  13. I mean this solely in the best possible way with as little insult as humanly possible. My eyes are bleeding from that picture.
  14. I've been awake for 19 hours and am starting to lose my mind. Why the -clem- can't I sleep?!
  15. The range and damage buffs are amazing, I now can unironically recommend getting a Fang Prime because it actually...does damage. Also they are one of the weapon classes that actually pretty much hit the lottery because most of their stances are usable and flow well (that's mostly my opinion so take with a pound of salt). I'd be more inclined to believe this is the case if we didn't have evidence to the contrary with the melee overhaul and things like the Zylok, which is the only one of its kind as a secondary and isn't even good at what it is supposed to do, we also have the Stug which is synonymous with the word pathetic which kind of shakes my faith even more.
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