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  1. By what route? Turning every frame into a different flavor of Xaku, Octavia Sayrn (etc) and all weapons into different skins of the Kuva Bramma or Phantasma? At the levels of power we can reach that's the only endgame, those options ECLIPSE any competition, the only routes that can be taken would be to make them basically the same as what is eclipsing them, like a Solar System made entirely out of Sun sized stars.
  2. The problem is the entire argument of "Only PvP games need balance and nerfs so there is no such thing as too powerful or exploitative" is a flawed concept. Take a look at say, Final Fantasy 14, almost strictly a PvE MMO, but it is rigorously balanced across all levels and is undergoing a stat squish because the numbers were starting to get obtusely uncontrollable and causing over/underflow bugs at times. If we applied the "Only PvP games need balance" logic to that, there wouldn't be encounters or likely even the usual holy trinity setup of tank/healer/dps, just whatever is the most powerful spamming damage and making mechanics pointless.
  3. No they aren't. They're for both, and many games over the years have proven this time and again.
  4. I know right? I have to wonder how many people have literally grinded their souls away for Forma...and somehow it never seems to be enough. Do we need to form (pun intended) Formaholics Anonymous or something?
  5. Everyone and their mother is grinding forma...meanwhile I can't even stomach the few missions to get the Ghoulsaw and stance, still need to go back and do the final post rank 3 grind for em. I don't know how people run such an incredibly boring mission over and over again.
  6. Honestly if we could just get the damage range down from 1 to 1 trillion to something like 1 to 100,000 it would be a start. The sheer range of damage potential is the problem, it makes more and more situations with things like adaptive DR and status/ability immunity all but required for anything to be "hard". Seriously, just picture Steel Path, but with universal status and ability immunity, it wouldn't shock me if that was where DE had to eventually go because of how insane things are.
  7. Hey while you're at it can you also grab me a nerf for the Phantasma? Something in the "max cap on status effects" isle would do.
  8. I'll say the same thing I always say. Make Switch Teleport a hold cast on Decoy and give him a new 3rd ability.
  9. I'd like to jump in on this bit simply because I'm of the opinion that the mod loadout stagnation stems from a lack of real diminishing returns on just unga-bungaing more damage into weapons as well as the lack of good hybrid mods (Things like Hammer Shot, Amalgam Serration etc.) which makes every single loadout painfully similar. Personally, a thing I'd do is prevent slotting in more than one of the same element mod, no more stacking a 60/60 with an elemental mod of the same element, no double dipping would go a long way towards making "Smash all the damage in" not the gold standard for most weapons. But I'm also the guy who thinks they should just outright remove Multishot or at the very least make it more limited for what it can be used on so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  10. PC XB and PS will all drop together, Switch and Mobile will be about 1-2 months behind the merge while DE desperately tries to figure out how to deal with the gaps in load times and hosting issues.
  11. With all due respect, to hell with what the playerbase is ready for or not. Warframe has been spinning out of control due to power creep for years, the longer DE puts off doing something the more and more deeply "mindless fun" becomes the ONLY thing worth playing the game for. Eventually even those players will get sick of farming for the next iteration of the Kuva Bramma which they can dumbfire across the map and never be in any danger. The power creep is tearing down entire foundations to the point where the only things that shine are utterly broken like the Phantasma's status application capabilities.
  12. Perhaps that is because Chroma was never really that good, but rather a jumble of nonsense buffs calling themselves an ability loadout?
  13. I'd rather a Riot Shield-like weapon that could be paired with a 1-handed secondary with a shield-bash centric stance myself.
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