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  1. Won't be until after Empyrean. Which may or may not be coming within the next 2 months.
  2. I'd like Tenno design based Modular Primaries personally. The Cetus Melee weapons have this weird Grineer/Cetus hybrid feel to me and the secondaries on Fortuna are Corpus scrap metal, so aside from Infested modulars only Tenno modular weapons are left.
  3. Third option, change from "raw burst" to "longer build-up to burst" damage systems. If nukes had to build up damage over a longer period to a room clear it would give more value to the other members of the party as they can cover and protect each other until the damage frame can deliver a coup de grace. Blocking frame participation and forcing a specific meta would be just as bad as the Sayrn/Mesa/other nuke frame players in this thread suddenly saying "I don't care if you don't get to participate I have my fun already".
  4. The only time I ever AFK'd in a defense mission was one time when a Sayrn Volt and Equinox were fighting over who could get the most kills (full blown arguments and everything). I was an Excalibur and I outright couldn't react fast enough to get more than like 5-6 kills.
  5. Change the DPS frames to rely on the PS rather than the D. Or in other words, make nuke frames need to build up to the tileset clearing blasts, which would give CC frames a point to exist to stall until those frames can blast enemies with weapons playing an intermediary role. It would also give support frames more of a reason to be present to help sustain the energy costs leading up to the blasts and defense frames would help cover and protect less durable frames. There could be some wiggle room for that setup as well, where a frame could be adjusted to function differently through modding so no frame would be locked into one role, like instead of modding for raw power there could also be a way to build Sayrn as a debuffer type frame that spreads Viral and Corrosive more efficiently at the cost of the raw nuke power for example. The only issue with nuke frames currently is that they are so good at their jobs that other players are trivialized, CC frames can't do their jobs because DPS kill enemies faster than they can be a threat, with the current energy economy that makes support frames less worthwhile too. If they shifted the power to take more time, without reducing the actual damage in the blasts they could both keep the appeal of the damage frames while not making them overshadow other types of frames.
  6. Vauban's biggest problem is that other frames can do what he does better and cheaper. Or frames like Mesa, Sayrn, Equinox and Volt can blow up tilesets so fast that Vauban stopping enemies is pointless. Like some people have said, wait for the rework, because right now Vauban offers nothing you can't get from other frames.
  7. ...So wait the outward appearance is what the game references for the stats of the weapon? That...is just silly. I'm no coding expert but wouldn't it have been better to just program an "X+Y+Z=Stats" system rather than tying it to the visual properties? Then again there is that bug that causes operator amp energy to drain faster based on framerate so I guess the spaghetti code shouldn't surprise me in any way at this point.
  8. ...Good thing I can launch myself out of a Railjack on my Archwing because if one person starts singing a sea shanty, I am GONE.
  9. ...So that's why they wanted to release Grendel and Gauss at the same time. Hypersonic Road Roller.
  10. Post a "I'm out of things to do" thread on the forums and kick back and relax while two sides of the "content" argument eat each other eating popcorn all the while. Works for me.
  11. Wise choice, I once knocked myself out of the chair doing that, sure everyone laughed but the bump on my head was the size of a grapefruit for 3 days.
  12. Eidolons are literally one of the few situations where DPS frames are unable to snap the game in half, strictly because they are immune to all abilities. One narrow example of where Mesa and Sayrn aren't gods doesn't magically make them any less powerful. Bosses of any type are immune to direct damage abilities because of how overpowering they are, if anything you just made the point more clear of how powerful the frames are because the game has to make rules that prevent them from using those abilities. Think of it this way, status effects like Viral and Slash are able to melt high level enemies in seconds, that's why they had to make bosses immune to status effects, apply that same logic to Sayrn and Mesa and you have the exact same reason for the immunity, because those types of frames and status are so powerful that if the game DIDN'T stop them they would break those parts of the game as well. When a developer has to start making rules to stop tools that the players have from effortlessly destroying content you know that something is too strong.
  13. Devil May Cry has many enemies, they all fill different niches, the strongest enemies in DMC games (at least in my opinion) were usually the bosses proper, whereas mini-bosses tend to start with their first appearance as a strong 1v1 enemy and then later show up slightly degraded in durability but still as strong and fast as they were before. Devil May Cry is a pure action game so it might not have been the best comparison, but my point was mostly for illustrating that balance and power fantasy can exist without contradiction.
  14. ...I don't understand why you think those are mutually exclusive. Why can a player only feel powerful when there isn't some form of balance? Why does a balanced game mean the player can't feel powerful? I've played Devil May Cry games for example and I felt like an unstoppable force, but I needed to actually work to feel powerful, the game, enemies and bosses were BALANCED against the power I had, I still had the "power fantasy" of being an unstoppable force, but I also had a challenge to overcome WITH that power. There's no reason why it has to be a "one or the other" choice.
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