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  1. Been playing Baldur's Gate 3 with (and without) some friends, and it has made me realize how common poor A.I. programming can be, and the encounter balance isn't much better. Picture if you will, an enemy that wants to attack a caster way in the back, in between them are 2-3 melee units who can all get attacks on it while it runs by, a normal person would not risk 3 attacks to get one hit on a squishy unit right? Wrong, it will run past all 3, dodge all the attacks of opportunity (assuming they even trigger due to Early Access bugs) and hit the Wizard, likely multiple times, because the A
  2. Guys stop trying to make Switch Teleport a thing, just lump it in as a hold cast for Decoy and give him an actual 3rd ability for crying out loud.
  3. I'm considering making a Loki Revisit/Rework thread so I might wind up joining you for the crossing the river Styx.
  4. Yeah about the terrain topic I wholeheartedly agree, especially things like CORPUS ICE PLANET with its needlessly clunky geometry and overly tight corridors. As for the enemy design I think we're at this awkward point where nothing short of Hyper-homing missiles, massive AoE blasts or auto-lock hitscan can hit us half the time. On an unrelated note however I'd like to state my undying hatred of wall-hops and my desperate desire for actual running instead, I can't count the number of times I've been trying to wall-hop one way only for the game to shoot me off the wall entirely.
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