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  1. Just an update to this, seems to be visual only. :-/
  2. Title, because I just remembered how disappointed I was when I saw that it came with the Deimos Supporter pack only (which seems gone by now)
  3. Is it normal for them to only show up for a very short time after killing?
  4. First time getting this. The squad member that remained with me also noticed this.
  5. No, performance stats are there all the time, don't need to press anything. @DarkSkysz Please read the reply above yours.
  6. Yes In the middle of the confusion, having a clock there is useful, I don't have to ALT+TAB or WIN key or T and chat. Keeps me focused on the screen.
  7. It was painful to farm mutagens for the Hema, but tbh I rather have this type of farming, there are no time gates and no standing gates, you can farm mutagens in multiple locations, whenever you want and for as long as you want.
  8. Thanks, yeah, these are useless, Warframe specific, sentinel specific and condition specific...........
  9. Metal Fiber, Calculated Redirection, Enhanced Vitality, Primed Regen ...... and even with these mods, sentinels die in seconds, there isn't even a point in using Primed Regen. Introduce Link mods to Sentinels, allow frame healing abilities to heal Sentinels, please, something......
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