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  1. I looked up the same, even went through the patch notes line by line, hence my bump, not a single change ao far.
  2. Smells like someone's been watching too many youtubes build baits, you don't see many builds where the Iron Staff achieves over 1m damage, and for that it requires buffs from other frames, show me a build where the Iron Staff does close to 1m damage because I'm very outdated, you're also forgetting that it's a melee weapon, which requires us to constantly run around and to be in close contact with the enemy, unlike range/aoe weapons and abilities and the Iron Staff should compensate that with its damage, second that's his exalted weapon and yes I expect it to be better than most melee's and currently it's not, to be suggested to use another melee when the character has an exalted melee weapon? No, not an option.
  3. On topic folks, wukong issue, not rev.
  4. I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended and it's gonna be "fixed".
  5. Current Wukong deals at least 2x less damage than before this Iron Staff nerf, sure in terms of abilities usage he is much better than before the rework, but his current staff damage has gotten terrible.
  6. No reason to play with him when Defy was god-like (before rework), that's what I was referring to. And tbh, with this last change on Wukong's staff I am actually losing any will to play WF, almost 5 months without playing because I'm working outside of my country but this nerfs are just putting me off WF completely, when the staff is his thing it doesn't make a #*!%ing sense to nerf it the way DE did.
  7. Wukong's Staff isn't for fashion purposes, that's his signature weapon, it is supposed to be good and it's currently S#&$, right when we finally had a reason to play Wukong (and it was fun has hell compared to Oldkong) DE decides to nerf his staff, Celestial Stomp isn't as good as you claim, since slam attacks are terrible, and as someone who runs 2 hours kuva survivals while carrying and defending extractors trust me when I say Wukong isn't as tankier as you think.
  8. You gotta be kidding. Edit: Just saw the change log, #*!%ing hell DE. Thanks...
  9. Have there been any changes regarding this issue?
  10. no really, it sucks to see Wukong's Iron Staff the way it is currently, I mean what else does he has...? That stick is his special thing! I could care less about other Warframes, but when DE touches my monkey and my monkey doesn't like the way he's being touched, I start to get mad
  11. Haven't been online for over a month so I haven't been up to date regarding the changes on melee, but I just did a quick test on the sim against lv155 with my usual build, I do notice a significant nerf on Wukong's 4, although it isn't overkill but it's a drastic change, but it was just a quick test, haven't looked at the damage in detail, staff range or combos. All being said, I hope DE won't nerf it even more, it wasn't an overkill nerf but it hurts to see my monkey getting pounded like this. If it's a bug or something I hope DE takes a look into it.
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