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  1. DE knows this, there are multiple posts/comments both on the forums and even reddit about this issue, personally I agree with you, exalted weapons should be top tier, and frankly (speaking from Wukong's perspective) they're not.... Like you said, I enjoy monkey'ing around with the Iron Staff, but it reaches a point where it becomes useless and I go back to my regular melee since I'm able to get millions of damage with it.... And don't have to deal with the energy drain annoyance...
  2. Damn, speaking of generalizing things......... Seems like you're making a huge scene out of 1 arbi run, I don't see this as a community issue, I see this more as a "you" issue. Arbis refresh every hour as @ReddyDisco said. There aren't many trolls in WF, unlike what you claim, during my playtime in WF I can't even recall my last public run with a troll, sure there are trolls, but It's quite rare imo. Go pre-made if you want to avoid headaches.
  3. Wukong, way too much focus on the Clone, most of this issues could be solved if DE worked on its AI, currently it works as good as a specter, which is really bad. Celestial Clone: People already complain about AFKers and you want to add another clone ^^ gg I guess... How's the clones performance affected by switching weapons? (AI issues, probably) Marking enemies is only useful against "bosses", being able to mark 2 enemies is useless imo. Teleporting to the marked enemy, Wukong already is one of the most agile frames on its own, making the clone teleport to the marked
  4. How old is your power supply? Might be damaged to the point of not being able to feed enough energy.
  5. Log out, uninstall, wait for next update, install, play, rinse and repeat.
  6. Ah yes, Finisher Moves in a game where you press 1 and kill everything... Makes total sense!
  7. Yep, in a game where we spam kill, DE expects us to kill slowly just to have some fancy animation........... IMO, Impact damage should have inhate armor reduction, remove Shattering Impact from the game, less 1 mod to bloat that list.
  8. Regarding Arbitrations I agree with you, the fact that you only had 1 chance made it much more appealing and fun to play, It has become so trivial since the change........
  9. Sure PS already happened, but this "event" is a S#&$show.... you're doing exactly the same thing you've been doing since Heart of Deimos came out1.... The only difference is that you get a couple of new items...... Couldn't they re-skin PS mobs with pumpkin heads or something and release it as halloween event?!?!? Oh right... I forgot, DE tends to force players into their new stuff.... Of course it had to be Heart of Deimos related..... And as it was pointed out already, DE did say Plague Star would start to come out every 6 months, but once again DE decides to not delive
  10. Something that would make them stand out, even with the highlight It's hard to figure out their location, the beeping only serves to let you know that there's an animal near by, but that's pretty much it.... I thought that by now DE would had already added something like this. Came back into the game to find out no changes have been made. Edit: Yeah, something like the outline that currently exists around the ores.
  11. Why hasn't the Tranq Gun received the QOL that Mining drills have? Animal indicators would be very welcome, because hearing beeps that tell nothing at all doesn't help much considering how dense the Cambion is...
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