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  1. Set it as a toggle in the options, It's freaking annoying when one jumps, auto block kicks in and one just glides off a cliff....
  2. I asked this for Wukong, this is actually something Wukong does, standing on the Staff, instead Zephyr will get that animation?!?!?! My monkey boy just keeps on being forgotten...........
  3. A good DPS can kill mobs before Larva Burst's second Toxin tick, usually Nidus goes with 40% duration, it can go as low as 30% but once the Low Duration mode is active Nidus won't be able to pull mobs efficiently, hence Larva Burst, you can ignore duration, leave it at 100% and you can despawn larva at your command, this also means that Nidus can guarantee that mobs get caught by the Dome, which is a requirement for it to have any effect regarding its extra drop chance. You don't want to mobs to die on the Larva, you want mobs to die on the Dome. There are a lot of flaws in your guide tbh
  4. They are not official nor endorsed by DE but they still count, I only said that these are getting more exposure much sooner than before to new players, in fact, new players are advised to use the site to prevent being scammed, and people who want a quick sale already set a much lower price there, so the "which means ppl that want quick sales will always undercut to get that sale they want, which means less plat bought from DE, which means less income." argument goes down the drain.
  5. That already happens, we have warframe.market and riven.market and both of these are getting more and more exposure to new players much sooner than before, and tbh, I don't really see an issue with having an action house.
  6. That's a NAT/connection issue, either on your side, or on the other trader's side, I had that issue with a player once, couldn't see him at the post, then he told me he could never see anyone in game, not even PoE/Fortuna, I think he was using a Hotspot to play Warframe, dunno if he managed to solve it or not.
  7. If Infusing abilities give EXP and there's no gating behind it, that's expected... I'd be surprised if DE added some time gating behind that.
  8. It's a very unique system, I never expect DE to give it away for free ^^ Nah, this is way different from anything we've gotten so far
  9. You really were expecting it to be a free offering???? That wouldn't make any sense....
  10. Why was this moved to Players helping players? Shouldn't this be moved to feedback or bug report section? There's nothing saying that these mods aren't supposed to work with exalted weapons and so far every set mods have worked in exalted..
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