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  1. Considering this, I'd say it's what @Lazarow said, plenty of missions.
  2. As much as I agree with you, the changes have been made and I doubt there will be a turning back... ...so I also agree, we need a way of reviving pets.
  3. http://leyoutech.com.hk/investors-relation/financial-reports Have fun, this is the closest info you'll get, unless someone at Leyou Tech Decides to leak some data.
  4. Really? Considering how easily sentinels die, I'd be thankful if they left this untouched...... Yeh, the set still works, thought this wasn't news,.
  5. Related? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1131408-1-2second-screen-freeze-every-minute-in-wf
  6. Mind if I beat it a bit more?
  7. I don't think you understand how loot frames work, nekros desecrates a body, which means, once a mob dies, the mob drops loot, besides that loot, nekros can extract an extra drop from it, other frames work differently, in case of hydroid/khora, mobs have to get caught (or touched) by their 4s (Strangledome and the kraken) so the mob can give an extra loot. They don't double the chance for something to drop (10% drop rate doesn't turn into 20% drop rate), they have a chance of making the mob drop an extra loot piece, I think what you're trying to say is that instead of frames making mobs dropping an extra loot piece, they should increase the drop rate of the loot pool. What you're referring to rarity is nothing but tiers, so you're suggesting adding tiers? Like relics (common, uncommon, rare) but for each drop? Would be pointless, rather go with just increase percentages, no?
  8. That seems pretty useless, if we're talking about dogs/cats, they can be revived, sentinels on the other hand once they die, their gone.... A way of reviving sentinels would be most welcome from my part, instead of that Defensor mod.
  9. Non related, this happens with certain actions such as picking up specific mods, summoning specters as mentioned, it has nothing to do with Steam.
  10. I've always had this issue when getting those element bullet jump mods, Ice Sprint, Lightning Dash, but only when getting them from transmutations, currently, even within missions this stuttering happens.
  11. Aw, so you did 4 public runs and since players wouldn't do your bidding (camping) you just left...
  12. Currently this is my main issue, having to wait 120 minutes in a survival to get some "challenge" is boring and tedious, and I'm not even talking about meta squads, I do 120 minute kuva survivals while carrying the squad with a Wukong, on public -_-. For me this is a waste of time, having to wait 2 hours to actually be able to enjoy the build I've worked on for years.
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