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  1. Tiers, Lith, Meso, Neo and Axi. The problem you described is pretty much, "I went pub, and I want those on my squad to be as long as I want", the point of endurance missions is to allow you to endure it as long as you want/can and not to force you. Your solution is "force them", sorry but no... Sure, DE could make changes to the availability of missions, but for me this isn't a solution. Go ahead and search across the forum how many complains there are regarding the forced 10 minutes Sorties Survivals, or the forced 10 waves Sortie Defense.
  2. You have to take into consideration that sometimes, a tier isn't available in a fast type of mission (unless DE made some changes recently that I'm unaware of). Say, there are 3 meso missions, sabotage, mobile defense, survival, if the Sabotage in question was too much of a chore, I'd either go survival or defense for the chill factor, in case I didn't got the reward at first. If you want to force others to stay longer, go pre-made.
  3. This is stupid, go pre-made, or go solo. A player joins a squad, gets the wanted reward right at the first wave and now he/she is forced to be there for another 20 minutes? Nah... Do you know why individual extraction was added to survivals?
  4. As much as I enjoy this bug, I'm sure it is not intended and It wouldn't take long before DE noticed this, I rather have it sorted out as soon as possible instead of having it secretly feed my desire for higher power.
  5. Iron Staff is triggering Blood Rush/Gladiator Set, while It's equipped on regular melee, I presume this is a bug (didn't worked like this before), been reading patch notes but since I've been away for some time I might have missed this change, if intended. DE, can we keep this please..... Edit: It's possible that the same is happening with Weeping Wounds Edit2: Confirmed, same thing happening with Weeping Wounds.
  6. DE knows this, there are multiple posts/comments both on the forums and even reddit about this issue, personally I agree with you, exalted weapons should be top tier, and frankly (speaking from Wukong's perspective) they're not.... Like you said, I enjoy monkey'ing around with the Iron Staff, but it reaches a point where it becomes useless and I go back to my regular melee since I'm able to get millions of damage with it.... And don't have to deal with the energy drain annoyance...
  7. Damn, speaking of generalizing things......... Seems like you're making a huge scene out of 1 arbi run, I don't see this as a community issue, I see this more as a "you" issue. Arbis refresh every hour as @ReddyDisco said. There aren't many trolls in WF, unlike what you claim, during my playtime in WF I can't even recall my last public run with a troll, sure there are trolls, but It's quite rare imo. Go pre-made if you want to avoid headaches.
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