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  1. I'm still in the adjustment period, constantly looking into the alert tabs to see if anything new has popped up there only to quickly go "oh yeah that's gone now" so my view on the new Nightwave system is not entirely unbiased i admit. So far i don't think it's bad, but it doesn't quite feel right either yet. First of all there is the "excuse" for doing it or the lack thereof. I use the word excuse here as stand in for a in game reason to perform a certain task. The old alert system was excused by the idea of it being random events in the solar system which require some Tenno's attention, which are important enough that Lotus or someone else throws some extra reward on the table to have it done. Syndicate missions follow the same idea and they also reward you for showing your alliance to them via a sigil on your Warframe. Nice and simple. Sorties? Even more dangerous events that need your attention. Clem missions? Clem wants to play. Maroo's missions? She has heared of some Orokin loot. Teshin's player versus player mode? He wants to harden the Tenno with training. Onslaught? Simaris needs data. etc. These all are excused by some reasonable in story explanation, even if sometimes questionable. But with Nightwave we have some story of an escaped Grineer prisoner and his army of strangely healthy fresh backed clones and because of that we are doing... trivial side stuff? How do these objectives relate to that whole story of the Wolf of Saturn Six? Why does Nora care about how many Ayatan statues we fix or if we run a few levels of Onslaught waves for Simaris? How does she even track all the Tenno doing these entirely random and unimportant objectives? There is no proper excuse there as far as i can see. This weird mix or story attempt and random player tasks feel entirely seperated and yet they are supposed to form an organic system to replace a previously well excused system? Infact Nora and her broadcast actualy make a lot more sense for an alert system than for this new Nightwave system. Nora's broadcast would be a reasonable "excuse" for us having those random alerts of old, via telling us where things are critical that we might interfer. But for the Wolf of Saturn Six, they make no sense beyond the initial reveal of it happening. Perhaps DE is planning some event that will happen once the season is over, but until then we are left with no explanation how these two things, the story of the Wolf and the objectives, are supposed to connect. Second there is the mix of objectives itself. Several of them can be fullfilled just by doing your daily or weekly routine like kill X enemies, can be done on the side with relative little problem like spraying a Glyph somewhere or just require a quick side run like 3 waves of onslaught. These feel almost trivial compared to the alert system, because you don't even have to largely bother with them, since they might often be on your schedule anyway. But then we have these very specific objectives you need go out of your way to perform. Fight a Hydrolist. Okay, wait for a very specific timeframe, potentialy ignoring what you would have wanted to do otherwise that day (relic farming and unlocking for example), to wait for night to be on plains, to go there either with a specific set up team or at least a specific Hydrolist hunting Warframe and weapon setup, summon the damn thing and bring it down. Fill 5 Ayatan statues. Now you have to hunt through mission after mission to find some of these, if you don't have a large stockpile and pray RNG gives you enough stars too. Or be happy about getting an Anansa statue from the sorties. Play a whole sortie with a friend or clan mate. I understand this is meant to promote social interactions in game. But i imagine there are also many players who prefer to do things like sorties solo. Or enjoy just running with randoms. Or have a series of friends they regular encounter in game but can't be bothered to have a friend list to constantly keep an eye on. Not to forget having to then bother someone to actualy run a sortie with them. While this obviously rewards a certain type of positive player behaviour, it also either excludes those who don't follow it or downright tries to convince people to act in a way they don't want to, just to fullfill this objective that is necessary for some sweet rewards. Not to forget some players will just make the whole intention absurd, by for example quickly putting someone in their friend list, run the sortie and kick them out of it. Same with clans. Do 8 Bounties on the plains of Eidolon. You can't start new bounties on the plains, because that feature of Orb Vallis has not been retroactive added to the Plains yet (as far as i can recall). So not only do you have to go specificaly to the Plains of Eidolon, even if you don't currently have any intention of doing that, but you also have to go in and out of Cetus 8 times. That can't be too comfortable for some players. Unless Incursions count towards it, but then you still have to slog around the plains waiting for them even if you don't want to. Hunt 5 simaris targets. Same as with having to go to the Plains of Eidolon, hunt the Hydrolist or the Ayatan statues. If you didn't want to bother with Simaris (perhaps you allready have everything that interest you of his wares) you now have to go to the Relays. Speak to him. Get a target. Catch the target. Go back and repeat another 4 times. Again this forces players to potentialy heavy side track what they actualy wanted to do or miss out on a weekly standing chance. While the other objectives are a no prob. Of course this is all just my perspective and i assume many are just fine with it. So overall. The system is here to stay. I understand that. But i think it needs more tweaks, just like most new or replacing feature DE has added in past, with the two parts i mentioned up there being something that might need to be considered. Both for the system to appear more in line with the rest of the game's side stuff and for the objectives to not repell many players with feeling like forced side tracking rather than reasonable side activities they can divert a bit of their attention towards doing. Of course as mentioned i will have to spend some more time with the new system to adjust to. So perhaps some of my views on these two points will change.
  2. Some questions maybe one will have a use. 1. Are there are any plans to bring the Tenno as a faction more into the story of the quests? Currently the narrative of the quests seems more focused on the player Tenno alone, to the point where it feels like they are the only one around in contrast to the rest of the game showing you as part of a large force. 2. When will we learn more about how the Tenno organize or structure themselves? With Railjack, you soon give the Tenno the ability to build their own warships. Yet we actualy know very little about how the Tenno are actualy capable of doing that, especialy on their own now that Lotus is out on an extendet visit to her mom. 3. In a previous devstream you showed us a nice looking Corpus space fighter for the comming Railjack game mode. Are there any plans for Tenno getting some on their own to replace the AW as space fighter stand ins? They are great as atmospheric jet packs, zero g manouvering gear and underwater infiltration tools, but as space fighters one could see them as lacking in style. 4. With the Jupiter Gas City tilset update nearing it's completion and Nightwave putting a new focus on another gas giant, are there any plans for a unique Saturn tilset in the near future? 5. Any new gear besides Warframes and their signature weapons to look forward to for the comming weeks between updates? 6. Are the Proto versions of Deluxe skins meant to showcase the early evolution of Warframes or do your artist just go with "cruder" versions of Warframes as idea, without regard to an overarching visual story? PS: I'm aware Excal was directly from Dark Sector and Nyx inspired by the Nemesis boss. My question is more towards things like Proto Volt and what might come in the future. 7. How are you doing?
  3. Some questions in case there is time to ask some: 1. The current narrative for the cinematic quest is noticable centered around a singular hero Tenno and their individual experience. However said single character focused narrative also makes it appear as if your player character is all alone in the universe, while the rest of the Tenno are either not there or entirely passive towards the major events unfolding. What are your intentions behind this narrative choice and will we ever see cinematic quests introducing us to the Tenno faction as a whole? 2. With the melee rework getting closer. Are there any types of melee weapons, fictional or historical, which aren't in game yet, you would like to eventualy put in? 3. Are all creatures we can capture on Venus just Kubrow sized critters or are there any plans for more tiger or rhino sized beast for us to catch and preserve? 4. Will Proto-skins eventualy showcase a noticable chain of development for the early Warframe creation or are they are all randomly designed around the theme of "rough early Warframes" without plan?
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