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  1. Ha. This reminds me. I recently noticed that design wise the Lato and the Lex Prime have more in common than the Lato and the Lato Prime. Both have a ring shaped trigger. Both have a similar shaped grip. Both have a tube part underneath the barrel. All while still having a very regular pistol shape. The regular Lex also features the tube and the ring trigger, but has a less rounded appearance than the Lex Prime. In contrast there is next to no visible relation between the Lato and it's Prime counterpart, except for having a handguard and possible a hammer (not sure if that is one on th
  2. Weird i got nostalgia from those sounds despite having never owned a SNES or Genesis. This vid also shows something that seems to be unusual about Wyrmius, which is that you are apperently not pushed by the screen but have constant free movement. I think Deth Cube would have made a better sentinel for that game, Wyrm's shape just doesn't lend itself very well to it. But i guess they want to push the poor guy a bit, seeing how he is the least used Sentinel.
  3. Ha, as someone who's first contact with the franchise was the UC universe i can see why you think so. Those shows are full of nice designs (and a lot of weird ones) and the Zeta stands out as a Gundam which actualy tries to look different without looking weird. But yeah, big mech with angel wings and dual barreled beam BFG certainly engraves itself in peoples memories.
  4. Thanks. I just saw images of Steve's weird performance (does he have issues handling german booze?) and feared the video would contain more cringeworthy moments. No offense mister Sinclair. So having a chance to see the important bits is welcome. Pretty sure the ice set will be the jupiter moon Europa who is famous for being both covered in ice and suspected to potentialy contain life in oceans underneath it. Wait a second! Either way, if it's Europa it looks like it will go the way of Phobos. As for swimming mechanic. I assume you guys could simply re-use the archwing mechanics an
  5. Oh you mean for daggers in reality and most video games. Okay misunderstood you wrong and i can only agree. See my post above on what i think of daggers in Warframe.
  6. I agree. More variation is good and i personaly don't like having weapons with permant gold elements. Wraith and Vandal are so far reserved for event weapons (they make it easier for the design team) and i would prefer it to stay that way. Also based on the color Wraith are most likely weapons upgraded by the Red Veil and Vandal by Tenno master weaponsmiths, so it makes sense that they can't be collected like Prime variants. Dex stands for Digitial EXtremes and would suggest that the name is reserved for special events around the company, hence like the 1 year aniversery. What qualifi
  7. Many Tenno weapons are actualy based on Orokin weapons. We do not know which weapons were made before or after the fall of the Orokin. So of course you can argue that the Vectis has no Prime counterpart because it's designated as a Tenno weapon. Also most Prime weapons follow smooth designs while the Vectis has a crude (many uneven bits) design, however this is no longer a sure fire indicator since the introduction of the Boltor Prime. The Boltor is a Tenno weapon, it follows the same design logic as the Soma and the Vectis. But it was based on an Orokin weapon, the Boltor prime. Same goes
  8. Joke aside. How can one bling up what is essentialy a near naked (she has no armor cover remember) female berzerker? Gold lining and fancy decorations just wouldn't fit right to her base appearance. I mean i can't recall any image of a berzerker type characters in fancy clothes. If anything Valkyr would need furs (or a fur like substance) and steel docarations. Even if she wouldn't be the result of an unknown Warframe being partialy dismantled by Corpus experiments, Valkyr would need her own "upgrade" via something else, based on her archetype. Edit: Now that i think about it. An a
  9. Sorry for not making that more clear in my original suggestion, but the idea was that the MK1-Lato would get the stats of the current Lato and that the regular Lato could get higher stats. For example (meaning these are random numbers i picked as example). Using the Bratons as basis. MK1-Lato: Lato: - Damage overall: 18 - Damage overall: 24 - Slash: 9 - Slash: 8 - Impact: 4,5 - Impact: 8 - Puncture: 4,5 - Puncture: 8 PS: I know the Braton only has 6,6 damage in each
  10. Correct me if i'm wrong. But there are only three dual daggers currently in the game. Fangs, Fang Primes and Ether Daggers. Pretty sure the Ether Daggers are even slower, which means two out of three dual daggers are very slow. Which means the Fangs are not slow for daggers. They are normal for the daggers type. Actualy now that i looked up the wiki, all daggers safe for the ceramic dagger are very slow.
  11. It's on the market, somewhere below the normal Strun. I'm not a fan of the MK1-concept either. Would prefer a more solid selection of starter weapons too. But i thought now that the MK1-weapons are here and will most likely not go away, it could be a reason to buff two existing weapons out of their starter dead end.
  12. Hey you remembered my recent arguing from that MK1-Weapon thread. Yes, that was my bad suggestion for the Mk1-weapons. You forget they would be level 30 from the start. Didn't went anywhere and now i tried to adjust to the situation with an old pet issue of mine. So yeah, point taken. Will try not make such stupid suggestions in the future. How many players would be against a Gorgon buff just because they can't get the Gorgon Wraith anymore, eh?
  13. Original title edited from: "Suggestion: How about introducing MK-1 Skana and Lato?" I admit, i'm not a fan of the MK1-Weapon concept and how many players were demanding them just for mastery fodder, but now that they are here, i accept that they are here to stay. No reason trying to fight windmills. However why don't the devs just go all the way and introduce the MK1-Lato and MK1-Skana and create buffed versions of them for mid or even late game? (EDIT: This means keeping the current stats on the Mk1s and giving the new regular versions better stats.) Now that we have a select
  14. I think daggers should be crit monster melee weapons. Similar to how bows, Grakata and Soma are ranged weapons based around crit damaged. After all, that's how daggers usualy work in almost all RPGs and some other types of games. A dagger has short range and slow base damage, but fast attack speed and a high crit chance. This is absed around the idea that someone wielding a dagger as weapon would need to aim for weakpoints in armor or vital organs to strike. So why aren't they that in Warframe? What speaks agains it?
  15. We have a flame thrower, two eletro beam throwers and soon an ice beam thrower. So it's likely that could have been the concept for a toxic or corrosion beam thrower. Or it was scrapped. Never exclude that option.
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