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  1. The most terrifying thing I could think of..... Showing every sortie sculpture I (literally) ever collected in one room.
  2. 1 step forward, but 2 steps back with these changes. Please listen to feedback for once.
  3. Yeah, nothing here is addressing the underlying problems with the game mode... I can't believe you're not only diluting the reward pool even more, but you are essentially accomplishing nothing by increasing the vitus essence gain when you in turn increase the prices.
  4. Would like to see Universal Medallions actually UNIVERSAL again. Stop appealing to the vocal minority crying about 1k standing tokens that ultimately don't affect their PvP experience. Also fix the dark split-sword holster and skins. They've been broken for over a year.
  5. Kuva disruption is way to little kuva, and now the 8 nodes for the first reward makes this junk even more worthless and a waste of time.
  6. I thought 1k standing was pathetic to begin with. Now i can't use it for the one syndicate (conclave) that I've literally never done once after 2k+ hours. I don't understand why DE decided to listen to "player feedback" against it when it was probably just a couple of pro conclave players that didn't like it.
  7. How about you work on your long overdue content drops that we've been waiting on for well over a year instead of making unneeded and infuriating changes to things that don't need fixing? And what 2-3 players from conclave did you listen to when you decided to remove UNIVERSAL Medallions from conclave? Honestly whats the purpose of nerfing disruption either? Are we getting to many trash rewards at a time? I'm glad i got my rewards already because I don't want to play this game mode anymore.
  8. Dark split-sword skins and holstering has been broken for about a year now. Can you fix that, please?
  9. Grendel needs work. 1 and 3 should be the same and meatball its just skill 1 with the annoying physics of a roller ball. Meatball should at least be able to bounce and boost in any direction to give it more use in tight corridors.
  10. 1 and 3 should be the same ability. Tap 1 to consume and hold to regurgitate. The roller form as his "ultimate" skill 4 seems uninspired and underwhelming. Meatball is just and aoe version of his 1 and i don't see it being very useful in tight corridors and rooms. I would like to see meatball become skill 3 and maybe have 4 become and exalted hammer or some other useful ability.
  11. Round 17 better have at least 3 or more Wisp skins
  12. Garuda and Baruuk still have no specter abilities since their introduction. Can we get this fixed?
  13. Frankly the only 2 things I've enjoyed with this rework is directional slams and throwing the Zenistar disc without having to swap to melee. I still want to see weapon combos streamlined, but the loss of quick melee and auto-blocking is not good. Auto block ruins the redeemer and sarpa, because you'll stop shooting when ever you get shot at. If you're constantly being hit, you literally cannot react with melee charges. I'd like to see those mechanics made optional if they are going to stay in the game.
  14. Any chance that the Railjack ship can become an alternate orbiter to use and decorate?
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