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  1. That is just one game mode. Why go nerf a whole ability when 1 frame with a unique synergy was too OP? Now you can't even kill other enemies of the same health value because of the 75% cap. Baruuk and Khora are going to keep steamrolling everything steel path and greater while mark is going to become obsolete.
  2. Whipclaw is Spammable. Works through walls. Easy upkeep with naramon. Doesn't use some gimmick to set up. Teammates cannot mess up your cast. Uses less energy.
  3. Okay, but people are going to cherry-pick the best parts and the new gun barrels if any. After that, its back to nothing left to purchase.
  4. Will there be anything of value for reaching Rank 5 Entrati in the future? A fish trophy and a captura scene is all that is available. Necraloid is looking just as bad, despite adding mods to purchase. I'm really worried about the replay value of this open world if we have nothing left to spend standing on after the one time purchase of blueprints, mods, and weapons.
  5. I can't say much more than everyone else has said. Necramechs are dysfunctional, inferior, and clunky warframes that only appeal to the fact that they are mechs. The arch gun is the only saving grace here, and it's better left in a warframe's hand. They need better functionality and be able to work properly with companions and vacuum. You have to abandon it to catch up to your team in bounties, and you have to abandon your warframe and sentinels whenever you use it. Let warframes hold onto it's back so we can keep them safe. Add companion functionality, and improve mobility or these
  6. Excavations are the most time consuming stage in bounties. If we could at least rush the second set of excavators it would be tolerable. I would rather just have 1 per player to make it fair.
  7. I lose affinity for mech, exalted mech guns, and the arch gun every time. I don't even want to play with my mech anymore when I keep loosing my levels.
  8. EDIT: Haven't been able to replicate this, but its was too convenient that 3 out of 6 frames I lined up had missing heads/ textures. All of which were altered and the other 3 haven't visited Helminth. Articulas are missing textures when representing an altered frame from Helminth. The Valkyr (left) is unaltered while the modified Saryn (Middle) and modified Wisp (right) are not looking so great...
  9. Riding on someone else's might be a nightmare if the ping isn't perfect, though. Just being able to keep my own frame holding onto the back would be enough.
  10. They are annoying, but here are 2 tips I can think of. Stropha is useful since it can pass through the body and hit weak points easily. Use a heavy attack build for better damage. Zenurik void blast can slow mechs down for an easier fight.
  11. I was playing around with a necramech today and noticed that Excalibur Umbra will follow you around in the necramech. However, any other frame will awkwardly stand wherever you left it. Enemies will even target your abandoned frame, making this a problem for your frame and your sentinels. I really would like to see your frame be able to jump on a Necramech's back while you control it. This might involve reworking how Necramechs are entered, but I think it would be much cooler and understandable. If you could just press "x" to mount its back and then perform transference,
  12. Please waist more of my time. I don't like having fun anymore.😒
  13. Who is being forced here? Don't do MR if you don't like it. I like it so I can get things like more standing. Some people don't like grinding in general, but people grind to get the things they want. Warframe is flooded with grind aspects as it is. I don't want to do this whole Heart of Diemos grind, but i'm never forced to. If i want the rewards bad enough, i'll do it. MR is the same way.
  14. Mastery Rank is a bad system. I agree, but why is it okay for the MR system to get worse? If we no longer gained daily player trades and loadout slots either, is that somehow good for the Mastery Rank system? How about we try to make Mastery rank better before we stomp it in the ground some more?
  15. It levels out at MR 30, but at MR 31 I will have 31750 instead of 32000. That is loss. I want the MR system revamped too, but at this point I'm just trying to keep the food scraps DE throws on our plate safe.
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