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  1. With lethal torrent and my toxocyst riven with fire rate, i can't click fast enough without loosing my ability to aim proper (Like I have to tense up my hand and shake it violently to click faster, which really hurts if you've tried it before). If i put anemic agility on it i don't think i could even click fast enough.
  2. They definitely need changes to base range. Its difficult to take any of these short range weapons over pole-arms/ staffs that can potentially exceed 10 meters. You kinda need that reach in the hoard mode style of this game.
  3. After seeing the Knell get automatic fire, I think its about time the Dual Toxocyst got some work too. It is just painful trying to click as fast as possible to utilize fire rate, and I shouldn't have to bind my scroll wheel for firing.
  4. Frankly the only 2 things I've enjoyed with this rework is directional slams and throwing the Zenistar disc without having to swap to melee. I still want to see weapon combos streamlined, but the loss of quick melee and auto-blocking is not good. Auto block ruins the redeemer and sarpa, because you'll stop shooting when ever you get shot at. If you're constantly being hit, you literally cannot react with melee charges. I'd like to see those mechanics made optional if they are going to stay in the game.
  5. Any chance that the Railjack ship can become an alternate orbiter to use and decorate?
  6. Can we get compensated standing for the Eximus kills if we already did the 40 waves defense? It simply isn't fair for us.
  7. If you're going to swap out challenges like that you should have the decency to let people who completed it keep the standing reward. I had to do this twice because mars defense bugged out at 30 the first time, and now i don't even get anything from eximus kills?
  8. I see your comment is as inspiring and constructive as mine is.
  9. As much time and effort i'm sure you guys have put into the exploiter boss, don't you think the battle and its mechanics are just way too time consuming? Why can't we have frame synergy and ways to do these fights faster? Its just another tank frame meta now.
  10. Garuda and Baruuk still don't use abilities as specters.
  11. Fine by me. Nothing worth farming exploiter for after Hildryn anyway. Toroids are faster doing a 3-4 minute profit taker and resource parts are just loot filler.
  12. This is a dirty tactic to push players to buy Hildryn since we can't even earn her yet when shes in-game. Not only do we wait 3 days for a frame to build without rushing but now we wait till DE decides to unlock the rest of the event.
  13. Yeah i do relic missions with people, but that is because you get 4 relic drops to choose between the group. This sortie ordeal is different. 1. Some of my real friends or clanmates may be off or unavailable. 2. I friend people because i like them, not because I just want to use them for a mission and delete them later. 3. Sortie spy missions are failed all the time by randoms. 4. If no spy missions are in the Sortie, I prefer to simply jump in public missions than PM friends for those mediocre missions.
  14. I don't want to sound like an antisocial with no friends, but do we really need to have a clan-mate or friend for Nora's Weekly sortie challenge? I do solo sorties a lot whenever there is spy missions for obvious reasons.
  15. I posted this bug myself last year. Seems like they don't care.
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