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  1. Wow.... Now I wish I would have just waited now that you are finally giving out more credits.
  2. Indication of a utterly dysfunctional development team. They don't know what they're doing anymore.
  3. Being the primary modular of kitguns, i'm sure the base stats will be higher on IPS and any innate element. Sad to see the delay, but i'm still excited for a hunter munitions rattleguts or gaze. A kitgun for specters will be nice too.
  4. Can we maybe get event shop prices reduced? I really don't feel like our time is being respected right now with the credit costs. Also I would rather see credits rewarded more per mission rather than getting a bonus for being in a flotilla instance.
  5. I don't get "Network not responding" but the game stutters for a moment and the login fails. Tried several times now.
  6. Aris, the warmonger: A tall, menacing war master who is able to equip and wield 2 primary weapons at once, however he is unable to wield melee weapons. Aris is able to manifest spectral hands in order to fire and reload 2 weapons at once. His play style would be very frontal and is able to stand his ground against enemy fire with abilities that suit a tank frame as well as a means to manage ammo reserves (think Doom ammo drops from chainsaw kills) as enemies fall before him.
  7. Aside from reduced falloff still being bad, why ignore these weapons in particular? Bramma is highly inaccurate, meaning a direct hit is tricky in the first place. The Corinth makes no sense. The grenade needs a set distance to arm before exploding, and you can't even hit an enemy with it, or it won't explode.
  8. The damage falloff is terrible. If i don't directly hit the target it does very little damage. I would rather keep self damage than suffer with the tiny effective range. Also the explosive scaffolds on amps are very annoying. You're practically guaranteed to blow the operator back with the shraksun because of how it blows up in your face.
  9. Integrate Lich content into normal missions such as stalker/ zanuka/ Grustag invasions. Also, we really need more Lich voices and personalities. There is only 2 personalities and its very boring.
  10. Decided to try the offer When i saw this Sigil, but honestly it looks nothing like the concept art. It has a horribly faded look to it and doesn't look metallic at all. Also I don't care for the added energy effect that comes with the sigil. At least I can cancel before the free trial is over... EDIT: Here is a Photo to contrast Gold metallic with the Sigil over black. Still doesn't fit at all.
  11. Will we see any new Lich personalities added? Having only 2 personalities is getting really stale (Quirks don't really count tbh).
  12. Fire type Liches will target you with Plasma Eruption (Lich skill 3) and cause burning damage. Happened when there was no enemies around.
  13. Capture targets are unable to navigate any rooms with broken walkways that require parkour. They'll stand in one place until they get captured.
  14. Energy conversion rarely works properly with Equinox's Pacify and Provoke. My build is supposed to reach 50% maximum (without augment) but i only get 34%. I believe Wisp still suffers from this with her 1 as well.
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