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  1. I hope this isn't some sign of fewer content releases. As long as its a meaty stream, (and not another boring sound team showcase) then I don't mind.
  2. You need to kill enemies for the combo to go up in order to deploy a disc meant to kill or cc said enemies. In practice the disc has lost value because of the time it takes to set it up. If you need to move the disc, you need to build your combo again, and nobody I've ever seen regularly uses it as an actual melee weapon.
  3. I used to use a -dmg javlok with pure heat to do self damage to ember for her old passive. Since the explosive changes and ember rework I see no use for those negatives.
  4. 50 credits will be hugely underwhelming if rank 30 is an old cosmetic. Please give a more generous credit reward for the last 10 ranks for any repeat cosmetics.
  5. You can say that now, but just wait till people are running voidrig guard mode and pushing millions of dmg on hydron, sedna with a protea dispenser for energy. Sure, bonewidow is bad but that exalted grenade launcher is going to be everywhere.
  6. I've experienced the same problem. The last 4 blessings I've used did not show in the relay and only came after I left. I tried to use a credit blessing at the request of 2 other players once and nothing showed for them. I later got PM'd by one calling me a troll since they didn't get my blessing. I no longer want to even use the blessing feature to help people now, because I'm concerned it doesn't work and I get angry messages from them.
  7. I've tried vial rush subsumed and it seems that it does 0 damage and doesn't proc cold. I tried on level 1 butchers and it does nothing. It retains the cooldown mechanic and doesn't use frame energy. I really hate how we can't steer with Vial Dash. Most tilesets do not have enough space to complete a dash without hitting a wall, especially with max range. I'd like to be able to make the most of an ability that has a cooldown like this. Revenant reave, Wukong Cloudwalker, and Gauss mach rush all can steer and provide better mobility without timers.
  8. Nova, Frost, and Rhino each cost 375 plat in the market. You can farm all three from some bosses on the starchart with little effort. Those aren't worth $20, but its the same price of a necramech. There is a obvious disparity in warframe pricing as a whole, but we should be spending more platinum for skipping days of progress for mechs than what we spend for these frames that I could farm in less than an hour.
  9. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Pretty understandable. The objective markers are pretty clear. Maybe a new player with no Necramech experience might struggle to understand. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Its clear that the tilesets weren't made for something so tall. It looks bad when your mech head clips through doorways. Its probably time to adjust doorways if mechs are going to be a thing on other tiles. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? There is plenty around an
  10. I'm not surprised or mad that mechs are on the market now, but I still think 375 plat is too cheap. If you get to bypass 2 syndicate grinds and part farming then the plat value should be more than most standard frames in the market. Also i'm curious if they appear in the market for new players with no space kid. Hopefully not.
  11. Oddly sudden weekend event on the same week of a major game release... 🤔
  12. Sometimes... when it works. Half the time when my abilities and gear lock up, the forced respawn doesn't work either.
  13. Just to mention this: Kitgun, pistol, and zaw rivens sell around 5-10 platinum in market. Rifle, melee, and shotgun go for around 30. The time investment for 75 essence as opposed to selling prime parts or mods for the required platinum is way off.
  14. Ayatan Kitha only gives 3000 endo with 4 cyan and 1 amber. After spending 50,000 standing to even purchase one, it gives less endo than a filled Anasa. You can even leave one amber star out of the anasa and still get 3025 endo... and anyone that does sorties knows how easy it is to get anasa sculptures. Kitha should be closer to 5000 or 7500 for all the Necraloid standing you have to spend.
  15. Didn't think I'd see a useless ability become more useless by more restrictions to its use.... but then I remembered I'm playing Warframe.😒
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