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  1. As it stands, underwater is just slower archwing. DE said something about outright removing old space archwing missions, so I doubt this would get much attention.
  2. Pets can have over a minute to revive and spawn near you when down. Even in the most chaotic situation, operator in void mode is enough to get them back up. There's even immortal deimos pets and a mod with a chance to ignore lethal damage. Why we can't get some QOL for sentinels that isn't a bandaid augment on one warframe ability is beyond me.
  3. This. The augment is so niche for dispenser and a waste of a mod slot. Master summon getting improved for sentinel revives would be so much better.
  4. Octavia with max duration. Teabag the floor every minute or so and you're good to go.
  5. Unless they disable operators, Limbo, mechs(future), or any frame that can move at ridiculous speed with a item in tow, the mission will devolve into cheesed speedruns. I'm not saying I'm against the mission type, but I just see problems with what is available to circumvent the challenge.
  6. Its a very strange mentality for overprotective PvP players to cling to some old weapon skins and hate the idea of a 1K standing token in Disruption with a 5% drop rate. Having to grind hundreds of medallions just to rank conclave doesn't strike me as "absurdly easy."
  7. With the parkour and speed of everything from operator void dashing to archwing, VR would just be a nauseating mess. It would have to be a separate bare bones version that few people would play. Because of that, I'm certain it won't happen.
  8. The statue is very off center, clips with attachments and doesn't use colors properly.
  9. You should consider the fact that at the most, gloom will cost 7.5 energy per second at base with 10+ enemies. Pacify will reach 10 energy per second at 20 enemies. Gloom is much more efficient than using pacify alone, and you need mend for healing. You also need the augment just to get slow on pacify.
  10. You completely ignored my comment on Pacify & Provoke for Equinox. Pacify will drain for every enemy in the field where gloom is getting a maximum drain. Pacify is already inferior even with the augment, so I want the maximum drain treatment.
  11. If you're going to add a maximum drain value, then you should also look at Pacify on Equinox Night form as well. Pacify is a lot like gloom, but the energy drain makes it practically unusable when there are too many enemies.
  12. Sure. Its appealing for new players with a need to get a bit of everything in a single mission. The problem is the majority of people doing this doesn't need it and cares more about opening relics for missing prime parts or trading. Personally I don't need anything this mission type offers and feel better with a 1-2 minute capture with little effort. I just want my relic opened. I would say most veterans value focused grinding for something specific over a smorgasbord of things we don't want/ need at the moment. The people who are content with the reward structure here are in the minority
  13. Two relics for a 10-15 minute railjack mission doesn't come close to current relic opening methods. Relic rewards from railjack missions aren't guaranteed, but if we get one from a bonus reward, then it would make sense they all get opened in the middle of a Void storm. I wasn't suggesting choosing 4 rewards. I mean the 2 you bring plus having the relic(s) you got at the end to open and give you the contents. Since bonus relic rewards are shared drops in a 4 player team, everyone would get the same prime part or forma that said relic might have contained.
  14. Are we going to address the overbearing visual clutter and flashing effects in the Void storms? That seems kinda important.
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