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  1. It's just DE desperately trying to justify the existence of a dojo room that they had zero plans for to begin with. They have no business being in a Warframe Clan space station.
  2. Mesa with ensnare and corrosive/ heat Peacemakers has never let me down. Zenurik void blast can have a useful slow debuff too.
  3. Remember that Liches posses ferrite armor, which has +75% weakness to corrosive, and flesh, which is weak to viral (Kuva liches don't actually use cloned flesh). I wouldn't use magnetic, even if it's the weakness, since that is only +25%. Only swap it up if they are resistance or immune to corrosive, or bring a frame to strip armor values off of the lich.
  4. So... a necramech on wheels? I don't think we need anymore vehicles in the game right now.
  5. Here's a demonstration. They can take some hits in Steel Path, but I can't help the fact that the specter AI shuts down in melee range without a melee weapon. They are perfectly capable at handling sentients too with the right weapon.
  6. Volt is a solid pick for team or solo. The lasers are extremely annoying and pass through shields, but I just run to the one of the reactors and they'll follow. They only use the charged beam there and volt shield blocks that beam. Amp it and rinse/ repeat. Railjack crew specter can take care of the extra spawns on the last part.
  7. I just hope we have options to opt out of public matches with mobile players with cross play. Hosting on mobile is not going to go well.
  8. Aside from not putting people at 0 energy after host migrations, I don't see much that can be done since this is mostly a player issue instead of the game mode.
  9. Nobody said "all" warframes except you. Water walking is a gimmick for Gauss, just like it would be for others, but there are certain frames that by design should be able to hover or walk over water. We just are asking for some extra attention to detail. Nobody is talking about lasers or anything that gives an unfair advantage over other frames.
  10. True. If anyone should have an affinity to water, it should be the water man himself.
  11. DE never said they wouldn't either. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. I'd like them to make more of the prime details work on tennogen.
  12. Wasted money on tennogen to find out the mutation doesn't work. I feel like DE just didn't want to put in the extra work.
  13. Wisp and Titania, since they are supposed to float in the first place. Hydroid maybe should too, or at least be able to extend Tidal surge's duration when connecting with a body of water. There's no real advantage to it, but it would be a nice attention to detail and give something unique to more frames.
  14. Seeing how often people want to run off into another room in survival to kill or people that speed through an extermination far ahead the team, I would like this change. To the naysayers using the AFK argument, just cut off affinity after a few seconds of inactivity. Problem solved.
  15. I suggest only joining LFG for the same relics or avoid public fissures entirely for a week. Nothing really can be done with those petty beggars that won't farm their own relics except avoid them.
  16. Oh 15-20. I guess I was being too generous. They should play test new stuff in high level content first with mods.
  17. I think they would have left her as weak as her launch if people didn't complain. DE always shows new frames in starchart levels, so it looks like they only think about how good is she up to level 40 enemies. Ability synergy is another topic, but it seems they aren't concerned with that feedback. I still won't use her based on the clunky k- drive use in small rooms and low ceilings. Some people still like her... some don't. I got 40+ other frames to play with.
  18. Because Hydroid Deluxe has a longcoat that is equipped in auxiliary. Better to be consistent to avoid confusion.
  19. I'm not against new animations as long as you're not slowed down by them. I don't want to have to recover from every big jump I make. Slide and rolls are good to break jumps from higher up. Also there is the issue of running with guns/ melee that isn't being shown in the Gif. Making more detailed animations while carrying rifles or bows could end up looking worse with clipping and flinging giant guns around like they're paper weight.
  20. Whenever I play public RJ, I always go straight to artillery if it's open. I've seen plenty of the useless afk players, but I've also had very short mission clearing. The best time I had was a duo mission in Grineer veil where we cleaned up the ship spawns together and then I moved to the first objective. The other player shot the last radiator and parked RJ at the second objective just in time for me to finish and take over as pilot. I'd say a LFG duo or playing with a friend would be great if you can find someone. If AI could use the artillery then I would probably enjoy solo better.
  21. There might be the rare case a rework happens for a frame, but the best business model they have right now is releasing the next new frame. Essentially old frames are just going to collect more dust while they hype the next big update/ frame/ prime. Augment infusions won't be enough to bring outdated frames out the closet.
  22. Sounds like an easy fix, considering we can already teleport directly to them from the syndicate console in the ship.
  23. Feedback is good and all, but seeing how often you're the first comment in patch notes makes it harder to take you seriously. I've seen one of yours that they removed shortly after posting.
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