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  1. honestly i think they look great on wisp as they are. in fact i think there should be a size slider for armor parts and a slider for position like melee weapons have. then again on that note i think primaries should have a holster customization option too. get on this DE i have plat burning a hole in my vault waiting patiently for the day you guys release these options. if my fellow tenno who also want this can make some noise it might happen.
  2. its really not hard to nuke him if you build for it..
  3. @[DE]Megan so host migration, can we just have a setting that automatically makes us host a group when we start a mission? cause i am getting super tired of losing my items and exp cause someone who was host leaves and the game decides to put me to my orbiter... seriously just remove this crap and give us servers, or literally just a toggle that lets people like me with extremely high speed internet and beefy pc's to host 100% of the matches we start. i dont care if it takes me a min once into match for others to join my party. id rather that and be assured that i and my teammates wont lose their items due to someone with either no intention of staying 20mins, or S#&$ty internet..
  4. to all the people having issues with killing wolf, just equip your paracesis and go to town it kills him in less then a min.
  5. make arbitration reward items every 5 mins/5 waves instead of the 10 is it now please...
  6. same boat here, its been messed up to only see wolf two times and nothing drops. @[DE]Rebecca hey i know we the players cant force you and the team to change things about the game if thats your vision for it, we get that, but we beg you and your team to see how poisonous the Low spawn rate/low drop % stuff can be. your promoteing burn out in your player base because alot of us the only thing we need from arbitrations/ESO and exploiter orb are the ephemera at 3% i have personally done the orb over 700 times since its release and i have seen no ephemera drop, not once.. please up it to atleast 8-10 percent.. or make them tradible so we can get em from people who have had dozens drop for them.. and hopefully with a little luck our voice can be heard and we can urge you to see that these ephemera and other low drop/spawn rates need raised by a few more %. take for example myself and quite a few others, throughout the entire nightwave series from beginning to now we've only encountered wolf a matter of maybe three times and because of how cluttered his drop table is with trash items some of us will never experience having the hammer parts drop. on note of stalker type mobs, i havent seen the stalker once since nightwave started and at a losey 5% chance i will like never get to see his smoke machine ephemera, make the stalker alittle more common please.. i have farmed every boss i can for their mark and myself and my friends run together in the hopes he will spawn and we never see him.. i urge you to think about making him a 4-5% chance each person who has his mark..
  7. i wish i could upvote the crap outta this, this guy gets it, seriously..
  8. @[DE]Drew ok, so if your gonna have a dumb debuff associated with the revive shards, dont make them picked up automatically, most frames asides from inaros cant survive that kinda debuff allow the shards to be marked and use action button to pick them up so the person most confident in their ability to carry them successfully to the revive station can do it. also reduce the number of rounds needed to receive reward please. most of the complaints on the forum can be boiled down to this one thing. change that and arbitrations will be fun and proper end-game content on the note of ephemeras i have not seen one in my 300+ runs of the exploiter orb, since it came out, hell.. i haven't even seen the stalker once since then either.. let alone the drop from him.. make them able to be traded so i can just pay plat to someone who has 15 extra and doesn't want em..
  9. @[DE]Drew if the team wants to make arbitration better, reduce the number of rounds we need to get our vitus rewards to what normal missions are, as they are now they are way not worth the time you need to spend in mission.. the only one i like is excavation and thats cause its based on extractors done not waves
  10. i would absolutely love to see this fixed aswell. maybe @[DE]Rebecca can get the team to work on fixing this, it really really messes up arbitrations bad when you have a a gara on the team are trying to keep enemies from piling up on your frost bubble only to find that surprise, there is a gara wall preventing your arca or catchmoon shot from hitting the drone linked to a dozen impending stormtroopers who are just ohhh too happy to teach a tenno what the meaning of death is
  11. then just leave.. they made it infinitely easier to do so these days. besides if someone is a leech, report em and ignore em, they hardly hinder you anyway. a vote to kick can be too easily abused i dont want elitist pri*ks deciding just cause i brought a limbo/vauban/mag into a mission that i warrant a kick.
  12. i quite like elemental effects being affected by energy color, i can put any element i want on my weapons and then color it to match my frames theme
  13. ive only seen wolf a few times since nightwave launched, and the stalker even less, i feel like they could both use a buff
  14. maybe you can touch up the animations so it doesnt look like they are taking a step in the air like their on the ground, sorry it just looks, eh bad, but id looooove this to be a step towards the reworking on stances and movment animation, such as titania and making her walk animation a glide, like wisp will be
  15. omg @[DE]Rebecca please for the love of all that holy and fashionable please give us this!! give us energy colored gems and a semi transparent gemstone wall for his 2 please!
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