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  1. ok, so the liches animation needs improved now that they no longer kill us.. sometimes it glitches out and either one of us stand their just looking at each other or it just looks weird. why cant we get a cinematic for out attempts like we do successful ones? also who was the snowflake that decided one death outta 5 total was a big friggin deal? go die in a fire lol
  2. personally, i love the melee changes but i cant for the life of me understand why DE doesnt just make dedicated heavy combos and light combos, sorta like devil may cry, with just light combos, and one 'heavy' attack it feels just weird..
  3. im pretty sure you can still just heavy attack normally with the altfire button
  4. ya joking. right? the repair drone was the only thing keeping this worthless grind feeling ok.. besides plat wasnt hard to get, 50p was literally a few prime trash parts
  5. in another topic i made the suggestion that perhaps you guys could make the sentient ship a node of its own that appears and on a timer instead of during a separate railjack mission, that would weed out all the issues people are having with leavers and farmers, and having to solo the remainder of the mission on their own when their team leaves the mission
  6. easy fix.. just make the sentient ship a node of its own that appears in veil, not one tied to existing mission nodes..
  7. on the note of the ephemeras, i think instead of drops they need to be locked behind a muti chain quest or even nightwave last tier rewards, that in my definition is "earned". running 2 million bullcrap missions hoping against RNG that i get it "this" time is literally insanity. i still haven't gotten the ephemera from the orbs because the one friggin run it did drop glitched out on the return to fortuna and 500 more later not one is yet to be seen.
  8. they changed ivara's Galaxy effect for her prime it was the one reason to use the prime over the non-prime
  9. give us the old prowl back again please, ivara prime looks bad now and i was loving her effect
  10. again, i need to stress this more i think, requirements for building items needs heavily reduced, and thats with keeping the drop rate the exact same as it is now, not "oOH! look we reduced the requirements, but now we have to reduce how many you get a mission" also with the removal of those drones we really need this addressed now more then ever. i love this game DE, i really do, and its got marvelous potential, but really, lets see less mobile RNG game mechanics and shady stuff forcing us to play longer for less reward and more innovation. we all know you guys can do impressive stuff when you put your mind, body and heart into it. a few suggestions, lets see missions that combine a number of the missions types we already have, such as an exterminate that randomly generates a room in it that you can trigger a defense of a data console or something and that could potentially lead into a spy mission to gather information crucial to stumbling across a hijack or something akin to that, all during one mission on one node. you have tons of wonderful things currently in warframe that you can improvise with here, take my suggestion, put your spin on it and roll with it. we not only need new content but for you guys to revitalize the old stuff too. i think every one of our vets here can see that you guys tend to keep rolling forward, never really going back and revamping the content you already have and new content tends to gets shadowed by the next "big thing" such as kuva litches and how they kinda fell by the wayside with railjack
  11. can we get this treatment with titania please? were animation set is jarring as heck cause she should float during her walk/run as well considering her animation set, and maybe pretty please can you allow us to have the unique dodge/walk/run animations accompanied with certain warframe sets as well when their stance is equipped? also on the note of the drones, i think the resource cost needs to be reduced if these are no longer a viable method of repairing the wreckage, it honestly just takes too damn much of a grind to get one peice of gear that im honestly not going to keep forever considering the RNG nature of the gamemode
  12. please remove heavy attack on hold from melee its redundant and silly to have a button dedicated to it and being able to hold the button to do it, specially when it accidentally triggers from spamming the button. please revert the archwing guns back to hitscan or allow us to use our normal mods on em as with how much they are being used these days it just makes sense, or at the very least buff em to the correct range to match those primaries. also please look into aim assist on the controllers being absolutely ineffective to the point of not even doing anything for aiming. it seems to only have a hint of working and not very well mind you when you use hitscan weapons. please fix this as people like me with nerve issues use this and need it direly to have even any amount of fun outta the many fun guns this game has to offer
  13. please make interior loot shared with those still in the railjack outside please!
  14. can you look at improving controller aim assist for those tenno like myself who use a controller? currently it doesn't accaully do anything for aiming its literally the same as without it turned on, if it is working perhaps think about increasing the amount it helps center your aim on your target, please! also please think about making inside areas sharing loot with the rest of your squad in railjack ❤️
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