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  1. All the warframes you listed +Saryn because she can basically spread a space plague with the thwip of her finger. Also Mag because she manipulates metal and basically everything (including my clothes) are made of metal. If I ever see that pacifist frame I am begging for mercy and converting to the Tenno side
  2. Hello again! Can you do Honor for all? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpOSy7-dVqc
  3. Sweet! Question regarding this. Will people be able to stay and RP or will they have to leave/be kicked once the event is over?
  4. (oh yeah man, your fine, i was JKing) banned for taking a joke too seriously
  5. banned for banning someone for having no culture (seriously man, don't pick on him for that)
  6. Whoot whoot! Submittiong mah' boy now. Had to make a few changes and think out his backstory, but this is gonna be hype!
  7. hello fellow RWBY fan :D which volume are you on?
  8. That helmet does look pretty great... Have you seen the one for Nidus coming soon?
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