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  1. Thank you for listening to the feedback in regards to scaling, especially for Archwing missions! I'm looking forward to jump back in and test this Live build, and earn those delicious rewards. But the most important question I have.... SOMACHORDS of the new songs WHEN?!
  2. True, but Garuda's Claws aren't exalted weapons. They are regular melee claws that you get to use if you unequip your melee weapon from your arsenal, and aren't affected by any of your WF mods. Shouldn't they behave and be modded like regular weapons then?
  3. This would be one thing, yes. I still think MR lock for Liches should be MR15, rather than "finish TWW". Players are already overwhelmed with content and DE's constant want to let new players access the new shiny content is hurting the progression. I don't think MR5 should be in liches missions from the get go (which can go up to lvl 100+), similar to how they're locked out of Arbitration unless they finish the star chart.
  4. They aren't the same weapon when in primary mode. If you've checked Devstream when they showed them off, they behave completely different.
  5. Thank you for addressing the huge power spike that is the Bramma! However, this doesn't change one important thing in regards to new player experience: Kuva Liches are accessed WAY too early in the game. As soon as you finish TWW, you can access it, which is as early as MR5. I've seen SO MANY low MR players that barely have 30 hours in the game, who probably got carried and bombrushed through the map to get to Sedna Junction, and then only focused on gaining Kuva weapons. They're running in lvl 100 Kuva lich missions with MK1 weapons, Taxion and a Kuva Bramma. This huge power spike, even after Bramma nerf, will not change. You need to address this by putting a much higher lock on Kuva Lich access, maybe tied to MR15 or something, because this is quite ridiculous. Note that MR on Kuva weapons does nothing, because they come prebuilt in the foundry which will ignore MR requirements.
  6. Update: This bug occurs only if VISIBLE WHILE HOLSTERED is ON. Very weird interaction, but I can reproduce it 100% of the time with this.
  7. Melee weapon trails, which is the colored light effect that follows behind the weapon's movement, change depending on the elemental, and some of them have very strong, awesome effects (Corrosive and Radiation are especially visible). However, most of the unique\bright part of it is lost when using weapon skins. It shows only non-elemental weapon trail (quite bland), with some of the particles of the element. Below are examples with one weapon, but it affects them all as of UPDATE: This bug occurs only if VISIBLE WHILE HOLSTERED is ON.
  8. Or, if they absolutely don't want it back in the market, do it like the Gorgon (dropped from Heavy Gunners) and Boar (dropped from Troopers); have it be a drop from Scorpions.
  9. When I rebound the move up to space (default), it fixed it for me.
  10. Thanks for the small hotfix! Speaking of small stuff, there's still some lingering issues in small dose that either creeped up recently, or has stayed for years. Here's a little list of bugs still not fixed. They're all reproduced easily at 100%.
  11. Thanks for the midweek hotfix ❤️ Here's a little list of bugs still not fixed.
  12. I'm pretty sure it should be fine, since it says "Cosplay, sculptures, digital art and more ". In your case I assume it would be categorized as a digital sculpture?
  13. It's those little things that can really change the perspective on a weapon. Thank you @HitsuSan and @[DE]Jeremy and thank you Ves for making this topic!
  14. Thanks for the hotfix and all the hard work on keeping the game polished. ❤️ Here's a little list of bugs still not fixed.
  15. Wonderful premium item, still not fixed as of:
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