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  1. To be fair, at least Impact has both the Parazon thing AND bleed proc mods (Internal Bleeding, Hemorrhage...). Puncture on the other hand...
  2. This. Allow us to grind before tackling Steel Path through Arbitration, but if you're doing well enough, you can grind Steel Essence and get the rest of the mods instead. Please don't lock it behind a separate grind that has MUCH LESS reliable resource gain compared to Steel Essence, and more restrictive options (only one mission type per rotation). EDIT: I wouldn't have mind this decision if Arbitration wasn't in its current state. If it had the same resource philosophy as Steel Path with Incursions and more than one MISSION/FACTION option per rotation (remember Steel Essence can be farmed on literally any mission in the Star Chart), it would be a decent decision. If Arbitration remains unchanged, I believe the mods should be in both shops instead. Heck, you can even make them more costly in SP and MUCH LESS costly in Arbitrations to balance out the current disparity in Essence farm. However, I would prefer an Arbitration revision to bring that in line with SP in terms of fun + consistent essence rewards. EDIT 2: Changed some wordings to reflect my thoughts more properly. EDIT 3: I wrote this on Twitter but here are my new proposed changes, if the mods stay in Arbitration. I would rather see this happen so we can expand on an older, existing content.
  3. People already do that with Melee in its current state. Now you'll have the option to switch around pretty quick. Besides, I thought the idea was to allow us to focus only on one ranged weapon and be benefited from it, rather than "punished" for not using melee (current state), so I think that checks out. Also, I think the intention is to increase burst damage rather than consistent DPS since the stacks last much shorter for these mods, but longer for arcanes. EDIT: ****CONCERNING THE GALVANIZED MODS MOVED TO ARBITRATION**** Rebecca has confirmed on Reddit that the mods are bought from the VITUS ESSENCE SHOP.
  4. All the Galvanized mods seem to follow the same structure, which is: - Headshot hit -> Bonus Crit - Multishot kill -> Bonus Multishot - Status Chance kill -> Bonus Damage Except for one: Galvanized Acceleration. Why is it that we don't have a Galvanized Sight, which will be the Shotgun equivalent of the "Headshot hit -> Bonus Crit"? Instead we have a completely unrelated one (projectile speed) compared to the rest. If it's a balance issue, I'm not sure what it's balancing, considering we have weapons like Kuva Bramma in the "Rifle" category.
  5. Pre-emptive Feedback on Command Intrinsic lvl 10: Elite Crew Instead of buying elite crews from Ticker, I suggest we can either buy them, or TRAIN existing crew we have to make them Elite. I'm quite attached to my team, so it would be nice to make them "veterans."
  6. Definitely agree with this. A lot of WFs have interesting backs and silhouettes, but many syandanas being a long dangly thing ends up hiding a lot.
  7. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Ramsleds attempt boarding parties even after mission completion VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Finish a mission and approach any base-platforms that can launch ramsleds (Missile Platform, Shipkiller, Pulse Turbine...). EXPECTED RESULT: As per Hotfix 27.3.4, "Fixed Ramsleds trying to initiate a Boarding Party after the mission is complete," Ramsleds shouldn't be launched anymore. OBSERVED RESULT: Ramsleds are still launched REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time as long as the ramsled launch are not on its cooldown. Note: This bug has been a thing since Railjack's launch. I've reported it during Railjack Revisited (Part 1) last year, and it's still not fixed to this day. I tested it today, just before making this post, and the bug's present.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Shipkiller tracking stays active even after disabling it\finishing the mission. If it's disabled while it's shooting its laser, it will keep the laser up PERMANENTLY while auto-aiming at you whenever in range, even when mission's over. VISUAL: https://giant.gfycat.com/SevereImmaculateDikkops.webm REPRODUCTION: Disable the shipkiller, preferably while it's still shooting its laser (need to coordinate with pilot\away team) EXPECTED RESULT: Shipkiller is completely disabled, stops moving and stops shooting. OBSERVED RESULT: Shipkiller keeps tracking the Railjack, and will also shoot a permanent laser at them if it had it on when away team finished disabling it. REPRODUCTION RATE: Should work every time Note: This bug has been a thing since Railjack's launch. I've reported it during Railjack Revisited (Part 1) last year, and it's still not fixed to this day. I tested it today, just before making this post, and the bug's present.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Missing subtitles for multiple voice lines by female Steel Meridian crewmate VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Stay near her to engage in conversations. Some of her longer lines don't have subtitles, while shorter greetings seem to have it. EXPECTED RESULT: All lines should have subtitles when enabled. OBSERVED RESULT: Some of them don't. REPRODUCTION RATE: 6\6 with those specific longer lines.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Assigning the ON CALL feature to a crewmate will remove their profile\backstory\description VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Simply assign the ON CALL on a crewmate, and then check them in the Contracts section to see that their profile was deleted. EXPECTED RESULT: Their profile should remain, since the ON CALL feature has nothing to do with that part of the crewmate. OBSERVED RESULT: Their profile got deleted REPRODUCTION RATE: 3\3. All of my Crewmates are now backstory-less. It seems restarting the game fixed it maybe.
  11. I'm so sad that the Udjyat Machete skin is in the second batch! I wanted to get my hands on it as soon as possible :'( Great selection though! Wonderful work to all the skillful and talented artists.
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