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  1. Thank you! Still no fix for Saryn 's TOXIC LASH removing the 100% damage block on melee to apply the old system (meaning you DO take damage when blocking with Toxic Lash active...)?
  2. Still no fix for Saryn's Toxic Lash removing the 100% damage block from melee?
  3. - Any news on Saryn's Toxic Lash reverting Blocking to the old system (damage reduction instead of immunity) when active? Also, any fixes to Valkyr Prime Access' Saita Prime Armor? The colors are mismatched on the arm's accent.
  4. With continuous feedback and changes applying to Melee 3.0 seemingly about GENERAL aspects of it, could some attention be given to the DETAILS of Melee 3.0, namely the combo designs? Bug fixes are nice, but the system itself can still receive changes and "fixes" in regards to useability. On my end, I gave my extensive thoughts, feedback and suggestions on Tatsu and Wise Razor. For the designers who make the combo strings, please check it out if you can. Thank you.
  5. Makes me sad to see that the topic started in 2017 and it's still not fixed.
  6. - Any news on Cerata not building Combo Counter? - What about Saryn's Toxic Lash reverting Blocking to the old system (damage reduction instead of immunity) when active? Also, any fixes to Valkyr Prime Access' Saita Prime Armor? The colors are mismatched on the arm's accent.
  7. To whoever's working on the combos strings in DE, please consider reading my extensive feedback on the Wise Razor stance, currently only for the Tatsu weapon. I am particularly fond of the Tatsu and Wise Razor stance, despite being subpar compared to some others. However, in Phase 2, a lot of the mobility has been removed due to the combo structure, so it's even worse now. This post will attempt to pinpoint what's wrong about the stance and how changing the combo flow could help, especially since the weapon itself isn't even that strong on its own. Outlines of the issues I found Neutral Combo's last attack takes too long to reach Possibly its fastest multi-hit strike with a bit of mobility, but it's reserved to the end of the neutral combo, which means you'll rarely ever see it since moving forward will change it to the Forward Combo. Neutral Tactical Combo is missing. Some weapons like Scythes are also missing such combo. As a result, the diversity in combos and tactics (lol) are lessened, weakening its potential. Forward Combo doesn't have a seamless loop Unlike what the TECHNIQUES page advertize, Wise Razor's Forward Combo doesn't loop into the first one, and stops you on your track as well. It's outdated, as if it's still stuck in Phase 1's system. Forward Tactical Combo has no distance-closing Unlike some other stances, from Tempo Royale to Carving Mantis, there's basically no mobility to this. Again, it's like it's still stuck in Phase 1's design. Also, the combo ends with a Lift attack, which ideally should be reserved for Neutral Tactical Combo for versatility in usage, but see point 2... These points, possibly among others, make the Tatsu very unbearably sluggish compared to many other stances. In fact I'll argue that it's slower and more sluggish than ALL THREE Heavy Blade stances. It doesn't help that its distance-closing attack, which previously had a much longer forward dash in phase 1 similar to the Stinger attack in Devil May Cry (before it was nerfed due to buggy momentum allowing you to cross Orb Vallis in a single dash), is still missing any utilty for what it's supposed to do: distance-closing. In light of these elements, here are my proposed changes\overhaul to the combos and some details on how they should work, in order to make the Tatsu more fluid and enjoyable to play, but also overall better performing. Feedback from the community's welcome, but things like "I like the way it is" or "I prefer it this way" without explanation for the rebuttal will be ignored Forward Combo (Forward + Melee) - Remove third slash for a quick thrust that seamlessly loops back to the first slash when repeated. - Unlike the current version, this proposed change will have no slow downs in your steps, allowing you to keep running and slashing. Forward Tactical Combo (Forward + Block/Aim + Melee) - Full overhaul: First attack performs leaping triple slash, allowing you to close the distance quickly. - Distance traveled should be around 8m, which is the same distance as Tempo Royale's Forward Tactical's first attack - Last strike will have an AoE slam effect causing Knockdown (again, similar to Tempo Royale's Forward Tactical Combo). This will give a good CC tool to get in close and "control the enemy." Neutral Combo (Melee button only) - Remove the 4th attack completely (which has been repurposed for the Forward Tactical Combo). - Third, stronger slash will now hit them with a staggering attack, opening them for a Finisher for a second or two.- While not a Knockdown nor a Lifting, the Finisher idea plays with the concept of a more "refined" weapon style compared to Heavy Blades' many Knockdowns and Lifting attacks, rewarding you with possibly a quick kill on a single enemy if you perform the whole, arguably slow triple slash. Neutral Tactical Combo (Block/Aim + Melee) - Full overhaul: repurposed the second Heavy Attack into this combo's first attack (Heavy Attack will only be the one spin as a result of this migration) - As a neutral tactical combo, the first attack's aim to hit and stagger all surrounding enemies (similar to Defiled Snapdragon's Neutral Tactical). - Follow ups allow you to bring those enemies into a Lifting status with the slam, opening your options for more combo. Feedback are still ongoing for Melee Phase 2, but I'm not sure how much DE are willing to change specific combos themselves. However, since the Tatsu's currently alone in its category, with only one stance, I hope they take some consideration in my proposed changes. Thank you for reading ❤️
  8. Saryn's Toxic Lash removes the new complete damage block from melee to bring back the old percentage-based damage block. It needs to be updated and fixed since that stats is obsolete in Phase 2.
  9. Saryn's Toxic Lash REMOVES the 100% damage block to apply the old system of blocking in percentage, making it a debuff of blocking. Please replace the "bonus Damage Blocked" of Toxic Lash into something fitting of the new system.
  10. This year, I'm not following the prompts and only occasionally doing Warframe-related pieces, so here are the ones I have! Day 1: Solen & Saryn Day 2: Ordan & Ordis Day 7: Rose & Nezha
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