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  1. I know you've previously said you won't do Saryn for a long while since she has so many skins, but would you consider her as a possible candidate for "next frame?" I think that comment of yours is at least a year old by now, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are now.
  2. I saw this on the Devstream. Seems like a sneak peek of the updated textures, at least the updated normal maps (which can already do a lot to change the perception of the texture quality): VS
  3. Thanks Bear! ❤️ Considering the first pass was quite disappointing (only fixing speculars), I hope the next fix actually gives the texture quality it deserves. I assume it didn't come with yesterday's hotfix right?
  4. It doesn't look bad thankfully. You can preview it from the Nightwave rewards you'll see high quality chitinous infested plates done with lots of care, especially compared to Maligna.
  5. Agreed. We should have a wider range for the Y axis on the Tatsu
  6. Infested Maligna skin from Nightwave seems to have bugged textures. It's very pixelated. Is this seriously intended? Its quality looks outdated in today's Warframe.
  7. Infested Maligna skin from Nightwave seems to have bugged textures. It's very pixelated.
  8. Not only is it inferior in quality to prehistorical items such as Dual Ichor and Tennogen such as Claymire and Ungulata, but the texture quality of the Maligna skin looks like something that belongs to 2013 Warframe, not 2019. It's almost as if DE forgot to put the HD textures for it and left only the low definition version. I might sound harsh, but look at it yourself. It has lower texture quality than a SUGATRA. I posted this on the feedback section in case it's intended, but I'm more and more convinced it's a bug. You can also compare to last year's preview of the sword, which actually has higher quality textures. Notice the glistening on the fleshy part of the sword, VS how pixelated it looks now
  9. EDIT: As for patch 25.6.2, the specular maps seem fixed. However, since the diffuse maps are still low-res, I will assume it's intended and therefore, I'll keep this feedback as a criticism in hopes for better quality. Why can't it be on par with newer items from the Nightwave, such as the Emissary armor? Heck, look at how it looks compared to infested sugatras and age-old items such as Dual Ichor and the Mucusk Syandana.
  10. Dog Days Feedback We don't have ways to accelerate the grind through good performance (unlike Index). It encourages AFK/leeching because of the "wait for timer." Suggestion: Round 4 alert gives the current 50 pearls + total score. Higher performance = Grofit.
  11. Thank you for the update and the funny intro to it! This bug's still not fixed since THE SACRIFICE last year though.
  12. Thanks for the update. Bugged since THE SACRIFICE, the idle animation of Blind Justice still hasn't been fixed. That's well over a year now.
  13. Plains of Eidolon cave looping respawn issue. #1842056
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