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  1. This only happens when the Enhanced Graphics Engine settings is enabled. Classic doesn't cause this issue. A floating, reflective rectangular prism appears near the "belly button" area of the Warframe. Look below. With Mucusk Syandana Without Mucusk Syandana
  2. Will this affect Tennogen skins that seem to have worse compression than DE-made textures? This is noticeable in quite a number of them, including Saryn Napellus and Venelosa
  3. Thanks for the update Rebb! And a HUGE congrats to you and the community on reaching the milestone. You are all insane<3 It's also quite hard for everyone to deal with work from home and other issues that may come out of it, but stay well to conquer this hurdle as well!
  4. This was reported as far back as the Series 1. The thing is that Nightwave was meant to be smaller content that DE themselves could keep up inbetween bigger updates IIRC. However, as we see it with this and previous series (ESPECIALLY the Intermission that last longer than the Series...), they couldn't follow that schedule either, which kinda counters the reason it was made as a replacement for Alerts (COVID had nothing to do with the super long Intermission either, so that shouldn't be used as a reasoning). I don't blame anyone in DE either, but I do hold them accountable for game designs whe
  5. For some reason your image links are all broken for me. Have you tried to upload differently? You can try Imgur since it's a very reliable image sharing site.
  6. I wish I could disable the embedded video. The new forums settings are weird!
  7. I won't be able to do it all, but I'll insert a few when I'm able to! Day 1: MOTHER Day 3: VOID Day 4: FLIGHT Day 6: STEALTH Day 7: WARRIOR Day 12: TORMENT Day 22: KUVA
  8. Oh thank you! I didn't realize it. That's very good news to me then. I'll edit my post
  9. Logic has it that when you drink milk, you don't secrete milk because of it. It's more logical that the secretion from eating foreign bile wouldn't be bile.
  10. Additions and changes are great. Thank you for considering the resources bags too! Any plans to add Eidolon shards for Sentient resources? That's something that piles up without any use, very quickly. Edit: Isn't Nav Coordinates a finite resource now that Deimos is a "linked" node? This addition will benefit longterm players who haven't sold all their navs yet, but NO ONE who plays after the Deimos update will be able to acquire them. Perhaps more options from fish and mining? We have Free Roam plants included after all. Edit 2: I was informed that Navs still drop, so disre
  11. 1. Railjack Resource Cost We've had many hotfixes and a full update since the Home Time where Rebecca talked about the Railjack resources. With all due respect, I honestly cannot see what kind of statistics you've based those numbers on. Clearly a lot of people play in the Void to get argon crystals among other things, and probably are swimming in Control Modules, yet it requires only around 25 each feeding. On the other hand, your stats and data should have shown that you get TWO Fresnels as bonus rewards in Railjack, and how to Fuse\Build a T3 Railjack part, it requires o
  12. With the recent Devstream mentioning a new stance for 2HNikanas, I wanted to take the time to come back to some pet-peeve of mine since the release of Tatsu. This applies beyond 2HNikanas, but that weapon grip's especially notorious for having the issues I'm about to present. 1. 2HNikanas do not have standing finisher animations for most infested enemies For the most part, enemies that cannot be attacked with a front finisher are at least susceptible to back finisher. This is true with the follower enemies and anything that seems to use their "skeleton." MOAs (and its variants, ex
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