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  1. You'll want to have Hunter Munitions on that thing when building critical, because that way it'll constantly proc bleed everywhere, and that makes it viable even about level 100. Also, build if for Viral (Cold+Toxin), not Corrosive - it's damage is too low to be reliable gun for armored enemies. Viral proc will reduce target's HP to 50%, and combined with bleed, it will shred. Edit: Something like that. Metal Auger can be swapped to Vigilante Armaments/Vile Acceleration when dealing with high level spread out targets.
  2. Capacity directly related to item's level. At max it's 30, and you can double it right away with Catalyst/Reactor (aka "potatoes", costs 20 plat or obtainable via invasions/events). When you insert mods, keep an eye for polarity of slots (of there any) and polarity of mods. When they are matched, mod capacity requirement is halved. For frames there are Aura mods, they are opposite: for matching polarity they double capacity bonus for this particular warframe. There will be Devstream today, 2 p.m. ET. Right after that there are usually 2 or 3 alerts with potato, mods and other stuff. Don't forget to hop into stream for a chance of 1000 plat.
  3. Yep, that would be Observatory. When it's present you can access navigation tab right from menu, no need for teleports (but it's fancy).
  4. By the "capacity" you mean free slots? You can sell old weapons to free some (sell only those you have maxed out to level 30!), or you can buy them via plat. You can get plat by opening relics and then sell received content via https://warframe.market, for 20 plat you'll get 2 weapon or 1 warframe slots. Get yourself Atomos, it's MR5 and will help you drastically. If you feel lucky, you can farm Jackal on Venus for exclusive [Ruinous Extension] mod which will make Atomos weapon you'll never forget.
  5. My fresh Warframe installation (Steam version) takes 32.1 GB. Take it as a reference, I've re-downloaded it yesterday.
  6. From the guide: Triangle budget: 8000 Maps: Authored at 2048 x 1024, in-game will be 1024 x 512 with your preference to orient vertically or horizontally. Requires a full set of textures as per our texturing guide here. Provide your own scrolling textures, and make sure any custom FX are given their own mesh (that still fits within the 5000 triangle budget). Needs to be updated once more?
  7. "Orokin craftsmanship married with superior firepower" Sounds great
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