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  1. Thanks for the update, in response to this however: " Ally NPCs will no longer attack Garuda’s Blood Atlar Victims. " I would like to add that if you have not yet, it would be greatly appreciated if you would also apply this to Titania's lanterns too, friendly npcs just shoot them like a non-popping pinata and make them fly 60 miles away I think it'd be a nice addition
  2. I agree, this is actually detriment and feels janky in many of my cases. I often times will use void dash to redirect where I was going. If I jump into operator in the middle of a long frame jump and go flying, and I immediately reverse my camera and try to void dash forwards (backwards of the direction I was originally moving) I instead dash quickly, but then the momentum hits me and I go flying back the other direction again as if a thumper/eidolon shockwave hit me. See animation here for details:
  3. @[DE]Tweep Thanks for the update, haven't tried amps again yet but FYI the Void Blast low damage is still broken. I just tried a level 22 vomvolyst in simulacrum with AI off so I was hitting perfectly at point blank and it was taking like 8-10 hits on average to finish. These used to take 2-4
  4. Couldn't confirm but this may or may not have something to do with having Steam's controller support enabled for the game
  5. Yes you can, it's a star by the item name which is hollow or solid based on if it's checked or unchecked
  6. This bug's been around at least 6 months, it doesn't seem to harm anything but no one seems to know exactly what's causing it either
  7. Oh interesting, I don't think this is just amps. I wonder if they nerfed the Void damage type inadvertently perhaps. I just made a topic similar to this about Void Blast. I make a common mistake when soloing in the plains at night (not on eidolon just regular stuff) of forgetting to change my amp out. My non-sentient amp, has the viral arcane on a high status amp which is fantastic against non-sentient enemies but nearly useless on sentients as it can't do anything but strip resists off of the Lua ones or Stalker. Anyway though, because of this I often times get noobed up on vomvolysts, that is, I can't kill them with the amp, so I have to get in their face and void blast them 3-4 times to kill them. I just realized tonight that my void blasts are only doing like 5-10% hp damage to voms now, and before, I was killing them in 2-4 blasts tops
  8. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or if it's intentional. I don't recall seeing anything in recent patch notes about it so here goes. So, I often use a high status viral-arcane amp which is super great on regular enemies. Of course, this is completely and totally worthless on sentients (except for stripping their resists, anyway) Although I do wish it would just fall back to Void type if it's resisted anyhow. But, the point is, oftentimes if I go out into the plains at night not intending to do eidolon, it completely slips my mind that my amp can't kill vomvolysts! This happens to me fairly often, and it's annoying but I usually smack their physical forms then get in their face and have to use 3-4 void blasts to kill them, it's the only thing you can do to them without your amp working properly on them. So imagine my surprise tonight, when I went out to the plains, and have not changed my gear/focus abilities around at all, and realize that void blasts are doing only 5-10% of hp damage to a level 20-22ish vomvolyst. I'm not sure if I missed a patch note or something (my spec is all waybounds on, and all of Zenurik on except for the 2 in the upper right that stay on holding on void dash, and shouldn't otherwise effect void blast anyway) I'll also add that I don't think this is doing the wrong damage to regular enemies... maybe. I don't have numbers to compare but a void blast is still killing most level 20-25 grineer light units in 2-3 hits. Edit: After finding more threads about recent patch stuff, I didn't hear about Void Blast in particular, however others are complaining of massive amp nerfs vs. the Eidolons. This is making me think this is a bigger bug than it seems at first glance. Perhaps the Void damage type as a whole started getting damage resistance or something? Edit since 25.7.3: This is still occurring more or less, testing in the simulacrum still requires ~8-10 blasts to kill on average now, this isn't normal
  9. Just wanted to confirm I ran into this myself tonight. Also weird bug with the new palette too you can also see in this gif is as you hover over various colors the ship starts slightly tilting in various directions at random
  10. Drex83

    Open World Maps

    Yep this has definitely been broken this way for a few weeks now, maybe a bit over a month at least not sure when it started
  11. This has been a random ongoing bug for months, no idea what causes it but it doesn't seem to hurt anything
  12. The whining about end game rewards is sad. Frankly, I'm at end game but it says right in the name this is an intermission season: This is to get you stuff to do until the next real, unique, batch of rewards is ready. This is here as a hold over to get nitain, and a few orokin bits and helmets into people's hands in the off season, seriously, chill. My only comment I could say is that as an older player I do have some of the more old unique rewards in here already, the Rift and Gamma stuff in particular. One piece of feedback I'd give is I think the system should check for unique rewards and if you have them, say, convert it to some current season creds instead or something so everyone is still getting something useful 🙂 I do think going forward to save you guys headaches in the future though, one thing you could do it set it up similar to Guild Wars 2's pvp reward tracks, I saw someone else recommend this one time and thought it was a good idea, I too play GW2 so can give you an idea of what that means. They've had these reward tracks for years and they work similarly to this "battle pass" style already. Basically they have 10-20 or so reward tracks, some are repeatable, some are not, (or maybe are repeatable without the unique rewards) but you just pick one and only progress in one at a time, and can change to another any time. Obviously right now you guys only have one complete but going forward this could help you not have to design off season content so much. As a side effect, this would also let newer players experience and get some of the old missed stuff, I'm not sure how you guys feel about that right now though.
  13. I think you're missing the point of the new system, you don't have to fully equip melee anymore. You press E to swing quick melee like usual, then you just hold onto the weapon and your gun is holstered, (with no wait time between changing weapons) and can keep swinging with your stance. Channeling is no longer on left click, so to go back to your gun you don't have to change weapons at all, you just left click and you'll instantly pull your gun and fire it with no wait time at all. You don't even have to hit aim to pull your gun back out unless it's visually annoying you somehow, the next time you left click you're going to instantly pull it out and fire on your crosshair either way
  14. While I'm sure it's not high on the priority list, I'd like to put it out there that Steam Controller support is now broken. Pulling out a melee weapon is supposed to change to a melee weapon action set. I'm not sure what's happening with the new system but something isn't firing on all eight cylinders, movement/aiming works, but some of the face buttons and triggers all go dead, only thing you can really do is hit Y and change back to a gun. Also this will effect any player using Steam to handle their controller profile as well whether it's a Steam controller or not
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