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  1. I'm wondering about this as well I haven't seen it, it's not even got a page on the wiki yet while other new stuff does I don't think anyone's gotten it yet
  2. Yeah she's all screwed up with secondary energy. You might notice that the rings on the circular spots on her sides also have no glow now at any color value
  3. I'd imagine this is because as others have said, there's a specific China version of the game already with it's own infrastructure. While there are ways to play outside of your region I don't think that's legitimately supported, and for folks that might have customer service issues it could raise issues too if they can't speak one of the supported languages if they did play on this region since support is not going to be staffed for that. I think that's a big part of what it comes down to, the China edition of the game is vetted legally for the Chinese market which has strict regulations on such things, the global one is not, and putting that forum up would possibly confuse some more of the layman audience wondering why it's split and possibly even have legal ramifications for all I know. In any case, the other problem is language. In order to have that forum, DE would have to have someone that speaks Mandarin and/or Cantonese on staff that could read the bug reports and get them into a language the locals can understand, but on the English forums alone they already have more bugs than they can count to get to before they're even translated lol. Also that'd mean they'd have to figure out something for moderation staff on that board as well, so unfortunately it's not as simple as just opening a new board for it. I think the other non-English/French boards might actually have volunteer moderators from the public in some cases actually hmm
  4. Just wanted to say I'd really like to see the song here in the Somachord, I dunno which it really is because this is not the same song by this title in the Somachord currently, this is the one that plays in the back end of the ship were you to not have the somachord active. Also, I'd really like to see Nora's songs put in somehow. While I could see you guys saving this for a nightwave reward and that might be why it isn't anywhere yet, I'm not sure that's the best idea since it may limit people in the future from fully being able to get access to it but I would really like to see that also
  5. I too would like to see this not sure how they'd add it though putting it in nightwave wouldn't be too fair to people that missed that run in the future but I definitely want to see this
  6. I don't remember the exact patch but it's recent, in the last 2 or 3 weeks. The newer nartas that are dances work but the old martial arts style ones are locked. Not sure why either because at this point we KNOW they work fine
  7. Ivara's skirt thingie is like this all the way around even the default one is messed up atm (also her light rings in the circle joints on her legs/thighs are completely shut off)
  8. As of 24.7.1 that just went up, Ivara's colors are pretty screwy. Her.... I'm not sure what you'd call it that frilly thin energy layer in her lower half seems to be defaulting to a very light color and neither color slot seems to effect it. Also, the bright neon light color rings the circles on her hips normally have also are not being effected by either energy color, and are in fact, completely black and non functional atm even if reset to default colors on both slots
  9. It's a weird situation I'm not really sure what they intend with this actually (and honestly wish they had a better way to stow the archgun than using it's gear item again unless there's a way I don't know about) but I'm not sure what the actual intended way for this to work actually is. Pre-Melee 2.99999999 I had about a 50/50 chance my melee was going to work with archgun out, since melee's change, it never works. I'm not sure what's actually intended here
  10. Also happened to my group on a low count of waves left. Although we kept hammering him and chatting and his body bounced a few times and after a few minutes he finally woke up. Unfortunately in another 2 or so waves we ended a wave, then nothing came anymore, it just stalled out. I was host and eventually I left and one of the remaining folks said it started back up when the new host took over
  11. Glad you got it working! Although with the change to melee buttons I think it feels better moving and swinging without triggers now if you put melee on touch pad click or something so you can still aim and swing though!
  12. Not sure what you're aiming at here, of course the melee key exists? Controllers were very broken, they should be working again now I don't recall seeing it in patch notes anywhere but I know (after some tweaking) my steam controller is working again. Make sure you check the profile though, or if you only used the default before, go import the new default. The Melee action set needs to be updated to keep aim/gun fire on the triggers to work as intended now, so you need to set those up like they are in the Gun action set, and also need to add Quick Melee back to B in the melee action set otherwise you won't have a button to use for melee after you swing once and it changes to the Melee set. Again if your config was pretty basic it may just be easier to import the default again, although personally I find melee to be a lot more managable on right touch click but to each their own
  13. Yeah really, of course PC is always a wide open beta of sorts. Things will get updated, things will change, and this technically still isn't full melee 3.0. I have my issues of course too, mostly glitches that are yet to be fixed but they have a lot on their plate and I'm working on reporting that stuff. The thing is, controls will occasionally change, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. This is probably the first control change this big we've seen to the game since Parkour 2.0. Now I'm not dissing it in anyway, I'm just saying, the default controls, are what the devs build around, and while it's great that you can rebind things, it's good to remember that they're building around the default controls, and they left the option there for people to rebind things, but if a drastic change to gameplay such as this happens, it can turn things on it's head because there's a lot of things you could rebind in a weird way that doesn't work with the new system. That being said give things a chance, and try to figure out the pluses of this, because whether they seem small or not there's a lot of little things that really improve melee in this. For example, weapon change speed, in a lot of groups people kill things so fast it was barely worth it to take the time to full equip melee to use your stance because it would take 1-2 seconds before you could fully change into it wasting time, this is not longer a waste. As for blocking, yes the angle is smaller now, but it's also automatic making it potentially get far more use (although mods like Guardian Derision should be updated somehow) as for channeling it's a bit funny but that's probably not going to be staying in the long run anyway. Then you have slams, which are directional now and help close gaps, with as fast as some groups kill now melee's had a much harder time staying relevant to the game since it's release but the new slams and holster times are making you able to use your stanced moves and close gaps to use those melee weapons more often, and faster. Another benefit also is the quick change over effects some exalted gear as well so Ivara can actually melee with her special bow out, or Valkyr can pause hysteria to shoot something for a bit. It takes some getting used to but I like a lot of the changes. My recommendation to people that have massive control changes, is to write down your changes or backup your config file so you don't lose your settings, but try reverting the controls for all weapon related things to default for a while, see how it's supposed to feel now in comparison to how it was, and see what changes you could make to your old config to improve it with the new style since it feels a lot different since gun and melee controls mix together a bit now. As for me though, I am hoping it works out alright on controller. Right now controllers are kinnnnnnda broke and I figure with my Steam controller already gonna be having to make some interesting changes to make this go over well I think.
  14. Hmm weird not seen this one myself. I use the toggled sprint with the combo button though normally I tried turning off the toggled sprint to test that but it doesn't seem to do that for me
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