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  1. I completely agree with this post. I understand a need for balance, but first off this change spits in the face of anyone that already put forma/catalyst into this, catalyst less of an issue had it came with one out of the box like many story weapons do, but it didn't. But more importantly, as Sickle said above, this isn't just a 'fix' it's an anti-synergy. Khora for example builds +1 combo on everything hit with the whip, it's part of her gimmick for building power up on the whip. If that's effectively removed Xoris will go from being completely OP, to being 100% undesirable all together, and I don't think that's a good solution either. As much as I'd like to agree with this myself, there is a reason they have not done this sooner. It's because there's certain things people come to expect with how these frames work with their "stat sticks" and they're often in ways incompatible with how exalted weapons currently work. Such as certain mods not being allowed in exalted weapons
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