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  1. If you want to keep testing, you might consider trying Vsync off, but cap the fps at 60 if that's what your TV's doing. I've always felt no matter what the dx/engine version is that vsync makes this game feel slower when it's on, so I usually do have an fps cap but I don't keep actual vsync on. I can't say I notice much tearing doing it this way but YMMV
  2. That's some interesting data Jarriaga. I know for me I'm only running a 60hz monitor but it does feel somewhat more sluggish somehow. I usually run Vsync off, but cap at 72 fps, which usually feels a little bit snappier on Warframe, most games I wouldn't mind just leaving it at 60. I'm running a GTX 1060 still, and am on DX12 on the deferred engine. Knock on wood, I haven't actually had any crashes yet though. Something does feel a bit off on DX12 somehow though. I've also had issues seeing GPU utilization myself, it's rather odd, I've noticed Microsoft's regular old generic task manger t
  3. Nice additions. Though I think one of the most annoying things for me is the weird collision detection the placement tool always has on one corner of every object, it can really make lining things up you're duplicating a huge hassle, and something ran into commonly. Also if you're adding features another thought: You could always toss a somachord in the dojos too. It'd be a great time to upgrade that. I'm not sure how you'd consider unlocking songs for a clan, though. But, it'd be a fine time to add the basic dojo ambience, as well as a lot of missing music. Off the top of my head it
  4. Yeah I'm not sure what they meant in the patch notes in relation to this. Either this isn't implemented at all or the wording is wrong. I've tested 3 different glaives in various different ways and I've been able to self damage myself every time. I even threw the power throw mod on in case they had meant the power throw mod would stop the damage, it wasn't the case I suicided nearly every time, this doesn't appear to be changed what so ever
  5. I'd imagine this is because as others have said, there's a specific China version of the game already with it's own infrastructure. While there are ways to play outside of your region I don't think that's legitimately supported, and for folks that might have customer service issues it could raise issues too if they can't speak one of the supported languages if they did play on this region since support is not going to be staffed for that. I think that's a big part of what it comes down to, the China edition of the game is vetted legally for the Chinese market which has strict regulations
  6. I have most of the songs, well, until the Fortuna ones dropped I've been slowly going after those given the amount of time sink they put into that. Anyway, I had one left on Uranus, Sentient Tombs. The other night I did Uranus, extracted fine, totally forgot I opened that song. Last night, I started finally trying to grind specifically for Fortuna songs for a while. I managed to get two tones after a while, only one will spawn per instance but they always spawn, I knew this so I left to save and make a new instance between them before finding the second. Today, I went out to do this
  7. Yep I've seen this. Also if you have mission results/progress up and hit Show Profile at the upper left the progress page will stay up rendering over top of the profile until you dismiss it
  8. Just here to find and bump this before creating my own thread. Please for the love of god track this bug down. I was hoping one of the hotfixes would have got this by now but it really makes farming toroids at high alert REALLY crappy. I know a lot of people don't use operator mode much but my operator is very decked out and I do. I keep getting my frame powers jammed very frequently though I don't think I've done a single farm for toroids yet that I didn't end because I was leaving to fix my powers being broken if I'm honest and I assure you I've done this quite a few times since Fortuna came
  9. Wasn't sure if this was intentional, but it seems Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope are unusable on Ivara's bow
  10. Drex83


    Yep same here.... again... since last patch. This sucks I can't do anything when I would like to because of this. As for this I mentioned this in a reply in another thread about this the other night. One more thing I thought about is, is free roam effected? Turns out, it is. If your bounty fails to load like this, attempting to go out in just free roam mode, still leaves the plains completely empty and nearly worthless (I guess you could grab some of the resources laying around, not sure if fishing works don't really care enough atm to attempt)
  11. Also just happened to me right now. To clarify the tile piece, it's an archwing swimming part that's some kind of... windy skinny corridored maze with bubbling streams that push you around
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