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  1. Aight, so I've been testing out the updated damage on enemies in the simulacrum and here's what I've got so far: Corrosive - pretty good, can kill every faction, just like before. Viral - kills everything with ease, armor,shields,infested, you name it. Gas - decent with corpus, trash with the rest. Magnetic - same as gas, though for some reason it's decent against infested as well. Radiation - trash in general. Blast - decent against infested, trash with the rest. So the question of the day is, why should we use anything besides viral now, since it kills everything ?
  2. At this point we can only guess what DE changed. The base level of liches was 180 degrees different from what we've got, so I wouldn't be surprised if railjack will differentiate from previous showcases.
  3. Geez people don't beg to have everything when you start. It's like asking for high tier armor sets in mmos at level 5.
  4. Your logic is flawed. Normal formad frames already clear rooms of enemies in ~5 seconds, another umbral forma or w/e won't do jack S#&$. Unless clearing a room 2 seconds faster will be game breaking. All low level content is easy as sh1t, after a several hour of survival even your umbral mods will be obsolete and do nothing cause of the ingame scaling. So stop whining already, don't like the new formas, don't use them. I personally will rather have a 1 umbral forma on a frame instead of adding 5 normal frames just to fit extra mods and relevel the damn thing several times.
  5. Look at all the salty people spending 10+ formas to get an umbra warframe build... Umbral forma is a good idea and it should stay.
  6. Honestly they actually feel even worse than what PoE bounties were in the beginning.
  7. Okay so I finished all of the bounties and I must say... I'm quite disappointed... The Orb fight itself was actually great, couldn't say it was hard, but at least it had some nice visuals and some new mechanics, however, the rewards ? WTF ? First of all what happened to the Fortuna style bounties ? I mean you got rewarded extra for doing optional things, now it's gone. The rewards ? Uhm... what's the point of doing the Orb fight all over if you can just grind "phase 2" for the same rewards basically, just the mod variation. However the biggest insult is probably the part where you final
  8. People are ignoring the simple fact that only high survivability won't save your ass in long duration missions, because you'll lack dps.... you can survive level 50000 but if you can't kill em, what's the point ? Get your facts people and stop whining already.
  9. DE adds relics in PoE as bounty rewards and people complain the drop rate is too low. While obviously it was way better than now. DE adds relics as they used tp be before and people whine again and again and again.... Geez.
  10. They are worth if you: 1. Need platimum (sell the arcanes) 2. Need focus 3. Need arcanes for yourself.
  11. Never used energize. The ones I'm using the most are... Aegis/Guardian/Awakening/Precision/Trickery
  12. I just checked this guys profile, he has 10k hours played wtf... Also 30 tera kills, 6 gant and 4 hydro. Don't bother with the further explaining to this troll.
  13. +161.4% Impact+299.6% Damage+57.3% Weapon Recoil
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