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  1. 20-40k ? Yeah right... Even if you bought the most expensive decor which would be 50 plat per unit, you would spend around 16k to max out the capacity of the ship. So good luck spending those 40k.
  2. Got a stroke from reading this.
  3. How about let DE fix the current problems, instead of asking for more open world content.
  4. I'm actually terrified that DE will take these ideas for granted lol.
  5. DE always released half-assed content, but for some reason it was bearable. However, they seem to have a new trend of releasing literally broken content, which not only has an insane increase in grindiness, but a reduction of rewards. On top of that, the rewards are sh*t. For example, I tried to farm the vidar reactor for a week or so. Got 2 drops, but the rolls I got were horrendous. +37 and +39 avionics... In the meantime the Dojo one gives you 50. Good job DE, thanks for giving me an amazing reward which I literally spend hours to get. What's even worse, it feels like DE doesn't even care what players have to say anymore. Players ask for things to be fixed, but DE just goes on a nerf strike.
  6. Many professions have people working during holidays. Myself included. It's sad that you people forget about different shifts.
  7. So you're fine with devs releasing a broken expansion for people to play during the holidays? Right. If they had the courage to release it in this state, then they should have the audacity to keep fixing it.
  8. A simple no. I've been a clan leader for ages, and sometimes aiding new members is just a punishment. You invest in them, and they quit the game in a few days, yet they claimed they are active and will be spending a lot of time with the game. Your railjack - your funds. End of story.
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