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  1. My Grattler riven for Your Cyngas riven PM me ingame pls- ign: awave
  2. One other thing ive noticed that absolutely HAS changed, is that before, upon recovering from the brief stun that occurs from a hard landing, while having his 2 up, he would immediately resume at the same speed. NOW, it slows him down completely, and then takes a second or two to ramp back up to speed instead. You can tell both by the feel and the sound effects, that cut until he ramps back up to full speed. Maybe this was done to tighten maneuverability and forgotten in the patch notes, idk. Even if this doesn't explain everything, this does confirm that something has changed. Who knows what else (if anything.) This video at :30 is how it was before:
  3. made sense to "Rush" the Speedy frame, so I did it for the meme.
  4. even if it IS just visual, i dont like it. i want the old Volt feeling back.
  5. a limit per day in Region, and a Fashion Chat/Mod Loadout Chat tab.
  6. More configs too... I don't want to build another Volt Prime or change my 3 current configs...but i have ideas for 3 of 4 more builds, and for weapons find myself wanting 5+ at times, but i know there are some real-world constraints-ie: storage of a couple million accounts custom configs. Though is there a way to safely store them client-side without them being exploitable?
  7. The obvious solution among players who don't want to annoy other players is to use darker energy colors, but that's not reliable, and ruins the aesthetics, and not what i've been witnessing happen ingame. I actually LOVE the effect, and full-disclosure i havent used Gauss yet, but have partied with him plenty now while leveling up some gear. It ruins gunplay for everyone who's teamed with him though. C-A-N N-O-T S-E-E A T-H-I-N-G. Other than simply reducing the effect (which may also be needed), my tentative suggestion is to have his 3 reveal nearby enemies, much like Naramon, and perhaps give a slight effect of reduced warframe visibility to enemies in the way Rakta Dark Dagger does. Thoughts? (also, a side note but related...anyone else having a problem with some effects darkening their screen to the point of near-0 visibility?) edit-fix here: it was the glare setting.
  8. so melee is untouched? (also...pls buff semi-autos. ppl use them bc theyre fun, not bc theyre good. -latron prime is my bb)
  9. "Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno!" why is this MR-locked??? "Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal! This works the same way as dragging/dropping your A B C Appearance loadout order." awesome addition. looking forward to our loadout order getting this same treatment. even with the UI changes some of my more used ones are off the screen, and its a pain to redo them manually. also...hope we get an interactable Dojo Hangar Bay and Kennel eventually! (ps, the update that made Kubrow farming easier also made them all ugly frizzy looking things, pls fix.)
  10. secretly hoping for an interactable Hangar Bay for our dojo, and a Kennel for our space-pets.
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