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  1. Yes, god, please. Bounty 5 jugulus (and especially SP jugulus) are the #*!%in' worst. Such a disgustingly boring enemy. Just give them some sort of weak point that we could be shooting or some weird gimmick that not just "shoot 300 kuva karak rounds at it until it dies"
  2. Why not. We already stab Jackal with it. Might as well abuse it more often. Gotta jam it into stalker's 3rd eye.
  3. IMHO people are already attached to older frames who can do same thing. Basically, its the same situation as Steam vs Origin/EpicStore/etc or McDonalds vs other fast food chains. The one who got in first and built a loyal base is the one who becomes the most successful. New warframes are not exactly "new". They do same things as older frames, just in different combinations and different aesthetic flavours. Sometimes they have maybe 1 unique ability. Its like... What's the difference between Sevagoth's spooky ghost form and Excalibur's exalted blade? Realistically speaking - only aesthetics. They serve same purpose: deal damage in a cool looking form. The rest is details. Same probably happened to Protea. What's her deal? People generally consider her ultimate worthless (probably because they don't know how to use it) so she's a frame of 3 abilities (and no, i don't consider helminth). She has cute turrets that live for like 5 seconds. Wukong has a constant coop buddy. So does the cat-frame, forgot what's her name. She has that fountain that gives energy and health... But Trinity exists. Magus Repair exists. Pizza restores and that one arcane exist. So... Basically there are frames that do what Protea does equally or better, or people simply got used to them. Why swap to a new frame and forma it 5 times when you have an older one that already has 4 normal formas and 3 umbras installed it. Oh, and its a prime one too, while protea is only to get hers in a year or so. I'm a Rhino main. On a soul level. Every time i use any other frames i suffer from an impostor syndrome. It just doesn't feel right. So no matter how many new frames DE puts out - i have exactly 0 incentives to switch to them. I grind them, get to rank 30, maybe even put a reactor in there if i think this particular warframe is either fun or useful for specific goals and then it collects dust unless i have a riven challenge that only this frame can complete. The only possible warframe that could change this is a military-themed soldier-type Call-of-Duty wannabe. But DE continuously refuse to go conventional. Sucks to be me, i suppose.
  4. Hm. Honestly that would be best. No need to spread weapons over planets, just let it cycle and so the grind becomes straight forward and predictable. I too am tired of skipping 5 nukors, 5 ayangas and 5 ogris before i finally get a single hek, only for the entire cycle begin anew. Its very frustrating and it gives me one hell of a burn out. Like... Everyone saw this coming. We knew that this was exactly what would happen. And yet no improvements were made. Taking out the Lich is easier now, sure, but the grind to actually get one easily replaces time saved on the lich takedown.
  5. 1) Posting this in General Discussion is pointless - DE don't read that, its just players having game-related conversations. 2) This idea keeps coming up every week or so, even before recent additions. And yes, the kuva weapon pool is horrible now. I started the grind recently and it took me about 30 attempts to get one of the new 3 weapons. DE reduced the grind burn out on killing the lich, but the burn out on larva farm compensates it completely. The sooner we address this obvious issue - the better.
  6. Doesn't belong in player helping players, probably should make a ticket into support with screenshots and such.
  7. Nerfs are required for balance. Things that outperform other things should be nerfed, things that underperform should be buffed / fixed. That's how its always been. I often heard people say something to the like of "its a PvE game with dumb AI grunts, it doesn't need balance". First of all: wrong, objectively. Ever played Half-Life 2? Now imagine for a second that everything in that game has stayed the same, but for whatever reason the normal pistol dealt ungodly amount of damage and could oneshot almost any enemy including mini-bosses. It would be horribly unbalanced and game-breaking. Melee is extremely strong compared to guns. Considering everything that guns require - aim, ammo management, reload down-times - melee is a free-for-all, minimal effort enemy deleter with exception of flying enemies and some gimmick bosses. Part of that is because its literally just a single button that can be mashed with no depth or thought. Nerf didn't do much to change any of that. Melee is still very strong and is perfectly viable. I could reliably beat level 45-50 grineer railjack crews with un-catalysed Cadus staff. All it took is Pressure Point and three 60/60 mods for viral status build. Think about it - no catalyst, 0 forma, 4 mods and its already working on railjack grineer. And that weapon is not exactly a top tier one either, its supposed to be like an early game weapon with MR4 requirement. It wasn't oneshotting them, of course, but it wasn't taking 10-15 second on a single lancer either like some of the less popular rifles would. So yes, melee is still pretty strong despite the nerfs. Your dissatisfaction is unfounded.
  8. As long as its optional - why not. Definitely would help. Although i'm genuinely surprised someone with epileptic tendencies would play such a fast-paced batS#&$-crazy game like warframe.
  9. 1) Such questions probably should be aimed at direct DE support through support tickets. 2) No, deleting the game wont cause you to lose your stuff because its connected and saved on your warframe account, so as long as you use same login/pass its fine. 3) What are your PC specs and how long was this windows installed? Perhaps the operating system itself is damaged?
  10. Funny how the idea for firearm specialist warframe keeps popping up every week or so, but the best we have is still just Mesa.
  11. It doesn't matter. Rhino's is kinda a jack of all trades when it comes to arsenal choice. Whatever he picks gains bonus damage from his Roar ability so as long as his weapon is good - its all fine. If we talk aesthetics i believe heavy weapons fit Rhino better. Shotguns, machine guns, large cannons, yadi yada. If Rhino's prime access to be believed his favourite weapons are Boar shotgun, Lex handgun and Ankyros gauntlets.
  12. Maybe later. I doubt they'll go and redo the whole room... Most likely will be a sideline secret or something. That or they will forget about it, because lore and mechanics rarely go well together. The requiem was introduced only because farming liches is one hell of an undertaking and DE wanted it to be more friendly to players. Unfortunately same idea didn't occur to them when they were making Deimos. So... Yeah. Retcons are strong in a game that tries to balance out mechanics that constantly get reworked and some kind of lore consistency.
  13. But muh cinematics. I like em. Simple as. But yeah, why not just make it a toggle option somewhere in the settings. So everyone's happy. Should be easy enough.
  14. On one hand i understand the frustruation. On another this is still a superior system to upgrading stuff than in many other MMOs and alikes that i've played. Forma is the commitment resource. If you like the gun - you forma it until its where you want it to be. If you don't like it - you don't commit. Fairly simple. Yeah, its sometimes annoying but... Its something to do. As MR30 its not even an issue because i can just use the gun as normal minus 2-3 mods that don't fit in the current scheme.
  15. I don't understand your question. The way i saw OP's suggestion is that if he's in a squad - this squad can't force start or has to wait extra long times. But perhaps i misunderstood. If the function is "kick me from squad if someone's trying to force start" then that could work, yeah.
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