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  1. They actually did it, holy S#&$. Welp, that solves that problem. Thread can be locked by mods now.
  2. Nope. No aknowledgement from DE either. At this point i might as well just rebuild the #*!%ing thing and just not put lenses on it.
  3. Except you forget that people can just join any of the clans who did the event and take the BP from them for free. Some clans do it intentionally even. I don't think anything of value is being lost or disrespected here. People could get the BP from clans for free... Or they can buy it from Baro now. Its just convinience, nothing more.
  4. Well, its unfortunate that demand... well... demands the supply. And if supply is not delivered - the demanders will go somewhere else, because that's how free market works. No video game can be played forever, yet that's exactly that these "live service" games are trying to achieve. But they can't achieve that without constantly adding new content. And if they won't do quickly and efficiently enough - the potential players will just move on to another live service game. And here's the thing about live-serivce games: they are time consuming and players don't have infinite time to play infinite number of live service games. They have to pick a couple of favorites and focus primarily on them while forgoing all others... Until the original favorites dry out and become replaced by something new and fresh. There are 2 solutions to this problem: player side and developer side. Developer side: increase the efficiency of content production. Create shortcuts to create "new" content ASAP, have multiple packs of content cooking simultaneously, maybe even shedule them like YouTubers shedule their videos while they're away. Player side: increased loyalty to their live-service of choice. Patience as well, but that's a personal trait and saying to people "just be more patient" is not going to help. So we have to focus on loyalty... And i have no idea how to aprroach that. How do you cultivate loyalty? How do you make sure players stay with your game even when there's nothing left to do? My personal experience with content droughts is simple: i play warframe in bursts. For the most part: i became apathic to it and just check in to get daily tribute and not even play anything because i can't be bothered, and in that time i play other games instead. But once there's enough things to do, like a new update which adds new X,Y and Z to grind - i suddenly become obsessed again, brute-force the entire thing in a week or two and then back to passive apathy. Rinse repeat every couple of months. A big part of it that im baasically a veteran and i've grinded everything there is to gring so i really have no OBJECTIVE reason to play anymore. Maybe focus grinding by eidolon hunting, but i kinda lost grip on that. Maybe it'll come back at some point... It wouldn't be so problematic if i didn't had to time my logins right to catch the night, that's mostly the part that's too bothersome for me so i just abandoned it all together.
  5. Frankly i dont like neither bulletsponges nor one-shoters. Neither are fun to deal with, seeing how this game is all about the horde slaying. I think the end game enemies must be reasonable in both ways, but not overpowered. Anyone remembers that event when we had to assault a Grineer Nightwatch Ship and exterminate a hundred or two nightwatch units? I believe that event had some of the most perfectly balanced enemies in the game: 1) They were just spongy enough to not die from single bullet of Braton Prime but also wouldn't eat 50+ bullets either. 2) They dealt just enough damage to be a problem, but not annoyingly a lot like Sortie 3 enemies with radiation damage slaped on top do. I think DE should look back at that and make that a golden standart or something. Just strong enough to be challenging and problematic but not fruatrustingly overpowered to kill you in 1 second and durable enough to not get rolled over, but also not high enough to become tedious. Although i think the boringness of enemies mostly comes from apathy to being shot and cut - no flinching or anything - and DE already said they are working on a system that will make enemies give way more feedback when being hurt. I really do hope that will change the way the game feels right now.
  6. Well, definetely not past level 100, that's for sure. I dont see how healing return is helpful since the status chance is only 10% and heal is only 11 points... Its created for fast 100% status melees, not slow 10% ones. Life Strike is simply superior and you should be using it in combination with Radial Blind anyway. Chromatic Blade... I didn't know it increases overall DPS, but i consider it being a preference more than anything, since i'll have to give up Redirection / Vigor / Quick Thinking or whatever im using. Then again... Once enemies go past level 100 any attempt to increase survival is worthless, so might as well go for Glass Cannon. Then again x2: there are better warframes to solo 100+ enemies. Like Inaros.
  7. Here's my Excalibur: And here's Exalted Blade:
  8. Your Excalibur build is on the right path. However, i found a couple of issuies. First of all, i find lack of [Redirection] problematic considering that without shield you are bound to take health damage very often which means you need healing. Which by itself is not a problem... If your Exalted Blade wasn't also lacking [Life Strike]. If you are going for berzerk type of build with just health and armor you must get either [Rage] or [Hunter Adrenaline]. Either of those will provide Excalibur with essentially infinite energy source as long as he can heal any damage taken back. Which he will be able to with before mentioned [Life Strike]. Your Exalted Blade build is... frankly disgusting. Crit chance of 15% is not worth investment. Not on Exalted Blade. You don't need critical build on it anyway, since the core power of Excalibur is getting finisher attacks on enemies blinded by Radial Blinde. Remove crit mods and replace them with [Life Strike] (unless you don't have one... in which case i highly recommend to find it ASAP) and [Drifting Contact]. Replace Berzerker with simple Fury, Exalted Blade is not that slow. Once you get your hands on more Formas, try to replace [Vicious Frost] and [Volcanix Edge] with their +90% no-status counterparts. Exalted Blade cannot into status. I'll post my own Excalibur and Exalted Blade builds for better refference once i get screenshots of them. Await them in 10-15 minutes.
  9. Actually its always been that way if you used your melee weapon "for real" and not the cut quick version. Actually i've recently noticed that a lot of melee combos have... TOO much traveling. Like i understand the idea and the concept, but there is a lot of just STUPIDLY unrealistic traveling. I mean sliding across the floor like a statue on ice for good 20 meters. DE, please, turn that movement stuff down, by like 50%. Seriously. Its gonna become a problem in the future as more melee changes are introduced.
  10. Isn't unairu wisp only increases damage for operator amps and not for warframes? Which means it doesn't matter who picks them up as long as its an operator who can deal damage? Probably volt one, with the build to oneshot the eidolon's shield through his amp wall.
  11. Having a good team is key. And that team must ABSOLUTELY have a Volt. Volt is the key to DESTROYING the bastard's shields, or anything for that matter. His shield wall increases damage output of crit-focused operator amps drastically and with proper focus builds he can literally oneshot eidolon shield and then oneshot eidolon limb with a lanka. Frankly, he can #*!%ing solo the entire thing from what i've seen. I definetely wasn't needed there and was a spectator. That's a reason why i bought Volt Graxx Skin and formaed my Volt couple more times. Because i like that and i want that. Having Trinity is also useful, to not worry that eidolons are gonna ruin your lures. And a good lure master needed too, who knows where to get them, how to get them quick and keep them safe from eidolon attacks.
  12. What this guy said. Why are you comparing them again?... 1) Archwing weapons have different mods that are drastically less powerful (at least in some cases) than our warframe primary weapons. +damage and +multishot in particular. 2) Yes, imperator vandal can kick some ass. But can only do it for so long until ammo runs out and you can't refill it, instead it has... 10 minutes cooldown i think? Soma can pretty much shoot forever with carrier on your side. 3) Soma isn't even that good anynore and is easily overshadowed by a bunch of far better weapons.
  13. Funny story. I owned a PS2 once with an armored core... 3, i think? I was very young, probably single digit numbers, did not knew english (not my native language) and could not for the life go past first 2-3 missions because, being a small little bastard, i had no idea what i was doing. And yet i #*!%ing loved it. And then my PS2 died and i've never played another Armored Core game ever again. Just seen trailers and what not of newer games, but i'm pretty sure all of them are dirty console exclusives which means our reunion is not meant to be.
  14. How so? So far the only thing that tears them apart every week or so are debates about invasions and their legitimacy in other games. For Sekiro the only controversial threads are either whining about difficulty and trolls pretending to be that. Otherwise, the community of Git Gud Clan seems to be doing fine.
  15. I commented this on Jim's video and i say it again: Yes, easy difficulty won't ruin Dark Souls as a product. But it WILL ruin the community and the reputation that's been built around it. And far as i'm concerned... That's all those games have. Here's the thing: there's a lot of games out there with difficulty settings. And in some of those games higher difficulties are actually pretty brutal. And yet... Are any of those games remembered for being difficult?... As far as i'm concerned: they're remembered for anything but (if at all). And then there's everything that FromSoftware put out in the recent years. And one thing that i noticed is that Soulsborne games are celebrated for one thing and one thing only: difficulty. Not vague, puzzle-like lore made from item descriptions, not tight and responsive combat systems, not careful and delicate approach to simple game design choices, like item and enemy placements. Difficulty is the only thing that Soulsborne has as a uniquely distinct... i would call it "personality trait". I believe "Is this just like dark souls?" and "this X is Dark Souls of Y" would not become memes if Dark Souls had a difficulty setting. Because then... It wouldn't be special. At all. Just another RPG. So you have to understand me when i say that Dark Souls, Bloodborne (and from now on Sekiro) SHOULD NOT have an easy mode. Any other game, any other developer - sure, go, i don't care. But not these 3. Because then they wouldn't be what they are. The special flavor, the special soul that they have just would not be the same. And i hope you understand when i say that i'm against that.
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