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  1. My general common sense is: if we are talking about enemies past level 100 then we are talking about nothing. Those enemies do not exist. If it is viable in sortie 3, then its good enough.
  2. I probably should report back, for the sake of discussion. I played with Baruuk for a last couple of days (lord praise Faven and his Graxx skins) and i think i got the hang of him. Yep, he seems to be a tank indeed. A very weird one and not particularly reliable since he has holes in his dodge, and it doesnt protect him from AOE i believe. But, it works. Sleeping is also surprisingly effective. Daggers though... Not sure what they are doing. The fun part is the ultimate, which absolutely anihiliates anything in sight. So basically he's a tank with a big gun, but he needs some charging to shoot it. Also i should elaborate on his "theme". Its not so much "pacifist" as "Budhist Monk". Hence the restraint. Overwhelming power and skill, but only released when all other methods of avoiding conflict (dodge, disarming, disabling) failed. I think it actually works surprisingly well. Nothing to lose your mind about, but it works, its fun and its perfect for passive half-afk braindead players like me: turn on the dodge and watch youtube while enemies erode your restraint. The guy is risking replacing Rhino as my main, hehe.
  3. I mean a proper melee weapon class, not a polearm with a stance. That stabs, and stabs, and stabs, and ocassionaly slashes. And has very good forward reach. While polearms with Twirling Spire do have the same appeal, Twirling Spire is still mostly slashes with occasional stabs. I also hate the double-edged fashion of a lot of those things. And there's a lot of them. Come on, DE, you covered most basic weapon types like swords and axes, how comes you havent covered SPEARS? The most basic weapon type there is?
  4. I really want to like Baruuk, but something about his kit / playstyle bothers me. He's a pacifist in a game where fighting is what you must do to achieve your goal... Extermination missions, defense missions, hell pretty much anything that isn't a spy or sabotage. So, uh... What one is supposed to do with him? Just stand and do nothing while skills keep enemies at bay? Reminds me of Vauban's situation: full focus on crowd control with nothing to follow. At least he doesn't get oneshoted like Vauban does...
  5. Well its hard to say, since ninjas were all about being... well, ninjas. They werent a combat unit, more like a spy combined with a mailman. There's not really that much info on them. Being messengers, the technique is super usefuul for them. Obviously its not easy to pull off and there's years of training involved. Naruto exagerated the technique - they lean too much forward with silly hands flailing around. In real life it was more moderate and hands were usually held on hips. Its also unknown how much the technique was actually used, if it all, but apparently it did existed and that's all you need to know really.
  6. I think he's reffering to recent Area 51 raid where "batalion of naturo runners" is something that exists. Basically: memes. Also Naruto run is a real thing apparently... Only its called the Shinobi Run. Or Ninja Run, in common language. Apparently the point of that special running technique is that you conserve stamina by basically falling forward and simply using legs to "catch" yourself. They do call us The Space Ninjas... Might as well commit to it.
  7. Those flower scans are the reason i never done that one nightwave challenge. I just can't be bothered... Its so annoying and tedious. Gotta wiki where it lives, go there for no reason - no alerats or fissures most likely, so no multitasking which is the only time when i feel like i'm making progress... Then there's the entire thing with fumbling around with back and fourth scanner and weapons... Just no.
  8. Personally, i stoped playing excalibur because i want melee 3.0 to come first, so that i could experience his sword-mastery in its full glory. Until then, he shall be collecting dust in my arsenal.
  9. Make quartakk a full-auto assault rifle with below-average fire rate and good crits and make it sound like a cannon.
  10. No, i'm pretty sure deleting Itzal is the better option here. Maybe once its nerfed i'll actually feel justified to sell it.
  11. And that's good. But i (who just chimed in) don't see how they could replace Itzal. What, give teleporting to everything? Remove teleport but buff boost on all vehicles? Let me remind you that speed on Kdrives is actually dangerous because you can run face-first into a wall with it. So i honestly don't see what they can possibly do. I just don't. Whatever they do will have a negative, absolutely anything. So the community will have to clench their buttholes one way or the other, so everyone better get ready for that.
  12. Don't know, Braton Prime is a fairly decent gun with aa status build (all those slash procs help a lot). I have a riven for it aand its fairly good. Although the point about the MK-1 starters bratons... Im still curious how exactly the balancers of rivens take such things into account. Perhaps there's some threshold when they go "huh, this popularity spike is too big... Are our rivens making it too OP or something?" There has to be some procedure like that, right?
  13. Yes, people play sorties for rivens. But i think people greatly misunderstood their function. Which is: making bad guns good and NOT making their good guns even better. If you are doing sortie to get a riven for your Rubico Prime - you are doing it wrong. If you are doing sortie to get a riven for Karak, Quartakk or Stubba - then you are on the right path.
  14. Русской версии пока нема и не уверен что будет.
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