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  1. This is the kind of warframe i've been waiting for years. But DE are too focused on making unique and special frames. They probably think a warframe like this is too simple and / or too basic. But i would absolutely love something like that. We have warriors, mythical creatures, literal gods, alchemists, tacticians, tricksters... But not a single proper military warframe. Still here. Still wishing for the day.
  2. Pretty sure that's sentient noises. Probably implying that they are nearby, perhaps a massive ship of sorts.
  3. YES! PLEASE! Checking manually via helminth is a very annoying undertaking. There has to be a better way of knowing which warframes are not subsumed yet, preferably without leveing the foundry.
  4. If you are having trouble with late game normal missions i.e. sedna or pluto - it simply means you are not strong enough. You need better mods, better guns, maybe even better frame. Also check if your gear has catalysts / reactors put into them and how many formas you used. By all accounts, with proper gear those missions should be piss easy to solo. Or at the very least... Easy-ish.
  5. The problem with that is that then the other mods will become even less popular than they are now. Right now you have choice between 90% elemental raw damage, or 60/60 damage/status. Those extra 30% are a pretty good reason to think about using them. If 60/60 were to simply become better than them then that's it. They will be in every build from now on (not like they are now - they are pretty much in every 2nd gun now). And absolutely NOTHING will make "increased magazine size" preferable to a simply high DPS. DE had a generally good idea with exilus slots - slots that require you to
  6. I think they mean sabotage mode. In sabotages, once you get the sabotage done, the mission has an imminent failure state where your sabotage blows up the facility/ship. Also missions fail automatically if nothing gets done for to long. For sabotages the solution is to not do the objective until you are ready. For general missions failure states... Gotta be faster.
  7. I don't quiet get it. What missions failure are we talking about? What mode? what conditions?
  8. Wha~?... There's nothing wrong with Gauss. What are you talking about? All his abilities are perfectly fine as they are, i played him enough to conclude that. Wisp's speed buffs to attacks / reloads / whatever are far stronger and they are not even her ultimate so i don't know why you would go for Gauss. There's nothing wrong with him. He might be a bit boring and one-dimensional, that's for sure and i wouldn't mind spicing up his abilities with additional effects or synergies, but there's definetely no balance issues with him. Or at the very least - he's by far not the worst offender i
  9. I played some games which werent made with VR in mind and had it added later as after-thought and its usually not that great of an experience. Warframe in VR... Is a bad idea. Warframes doesn't need any VR features. Best thing they can do is to make 3rd person camera VR so we can still see our warframes and continue playing the game as normal. But honestly either they should not look to that direction, or first attempt something simple. For example free exploration of warframe maps in VR mode, just to check out the scale, enjoy the views, yadi yada. Or maybe something cl
  10. Yeah, Rubico Prime is pretty much the winner in this category. The thing has insane critical chance and damage, with a pleasantly quick reload speed as a bonus (unlike normal rubico, which has reload of like 3 seconds). Alternatively, Kuva Chakhur exists. Its not a sniper rifle, but it hits like like one. Has seriously mean crits. But maybe its too early for you to think about getting that... Nothing else comes to mind. There are other weapons who can deliver mean punches and deal with startchart bosses quickly (which is not something special), but Rubico Prime is currently the
  11. Im afraid this doesn't adress the fact that magnetic is completely worthless against anything that isn't corpus or doesn't have shields. Which is mostly why nobody uses is. Viral + heat is a universal combo that kills everything equally well, plus-minus a couple of shots. Even corrosion still has a reason to be used against corpus, because every so often they decide to field an armored enemy (oxium osprey, bursas, ambulas). And infested have ancients, who die to corrosion the quickest. But there's no reason to use magnetic against anything that isn't corpus. Grineer never field shields an
  12. Magnetic is mostly fine as anti-corpus measure. All they need to do is to remove damage debuffs against anything that isn't corpus and give a proc some additional affect like bullet attraction so that any gun could be turned into discount Mag. Or maybe a bullet attractor that sucks enemies' own bullets... As for blast: i'm not sure about the AoE damage idea. While it perfectly fits the idea behind blasting things - its dangerously close to becoming a meta damage type. Because almost all meta weapons were always the ones with high AoE. The only reason Rubico Prime isnt used outside eidolon
  13. More like what people feel about Loki. The poor guy is kinda out-of-business for a while now. His passive is the least of his issues.
  14. I'm sure they will add it eventually. No way they let such a well-received soundtrack just stay there. Although its been a pretty long time...
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