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  1. I mean, his Iron Skin decays in PvP mode, so DE already came up with obvious solution. Just let it decay, slowly, so that it wasn't just casted once and forgotten about. Or i don't know... Give it a coldown. I'm saying all that as the guy who mains Rhino and only casts Iron Skin when i actually need to, and not the moment i have enough energy. Iron Shranel found a permanent stay in my builds, because i disperse of it when i no longer need it. Honestly, should've been a default feature... Iron Skin is one of the laziest abilities in game. People just cast it and forget about it. Its good,
  2. They had these things from the begining. Its just DE finally decided to give it to us, just like ghoul saw.
  3. Double that. Sentinel weapons are only good for status builds anyway, since its not like DE will allow our sentinels play the game for us.
  4. That's not an issue. That's just inproper modding. You decreased your efficiency by 55% (which is where its never supposed to be) and surprised that Rhino's low generic energy pool doesn't support it. Consider trying to fit in Flow or at least a Streamline.
  5. Inventory clutter. Its disorienting to have like 50 relics show up when you go into T1 casually and having to decide which one to pick, but it can't be the one that has that one super rare you need, so "pick random" is not an option, i just have to pick one of the ones that are in the 20s. And no, filter is of no use to me here. I once tried to exhaust my relic supply by trying to burn every single one, but gave up after 20-30 when i already wanted to die and realized that its a pointless endevourer because chances are i would just get a new relic at the end of the mission rendering my "m
  6. Is the level 90 font necessery?... That being said, Atlas isn't really bad. He's just... Plain as a rock. He has only 2 good abilities, or more specifically - 1 good ability supported by another ability which is his punch, combined with rumble bonuses. He's a good damage dealer / tank combination against average grunts, but he's not very useful in any other scenarios. The rumble wall is still pathetic. Warframes do not need protective walls, ESPECIALLY atlas himself, the boulder does nothing - there is no damage and CC is pathetic, the wall is too small to protect objectives - Volt's ener
  7. Person buys plat > Spends plat in trading > Asks for a refund > Gets his real money back > Keeps Items he traded > all the plat they bought gets recalled. If you have a healthy supply of plat then you probably wont even notice that something's gone, but you if you are really low or if the trade was extremely expensive you get send into negative plat and then DE's automatic system notices it, concludes that something's up and potentially bans the account until something's done.
  8. As an average Unairu enjoyer - yes. I love me some tanky frames. Ability 1 reminds me of Titanfall 2 Amp Wall. Love stuff like that.
  9. Tenno were children of Orokin Empire citizens, but not an Orokin race / caste themselves. All orokin are extremely tall, with blue skin and quiet honestly look alien. We don't know if they were actually a different race of literal blue-bloods, or if its a result of some augmentation / surgical intervention / inbreeding, yadi yada. But tenno were not that. They were perfectly normal average human children. Until they got irradiated by the void and became vessels for its' energy. Thanks, Orokin.
  10. They are actually surprisingly competent security officers and can destroy hostile board teams. But yeah, they feel underwhelming otherwise. With pilot + 2 gunners no security needed because they will just obliterate boarding ships. The fact that they can't be On Call is pretty annoying too. They seriously need some extra functions to them. It sucks that a unit that takes so much time investment to get is mostly inferior to a unit you can just buy instantly, minus one very specific function that doesn;t come up often.
  11. I mean, the entire reason why they are so weak IS because they can be stacked. We are pretty overpowered already, no need to power creep further. Just slap "effect x3 when no players in affinity range" on it or something and there you go. No power creep for squads and solo players have something to work with.
  12. Double that. The entire point of rivens is that only bad/unpopular guns need them. Which is good, because it means that you don't have to jump through 9 circles of RNG hell to get a perfect riven for it. One less pain in the ass.
  13. Double that. For whatever reason Magnum refuses to go away from my profile. I like the gun but i sold it years ago... So something's up.
  14. Its kinda both. In spy missions, for example, its a solution. A lot of players seem to absolutely suck at stealth and triggger everything. Ironically, they often play Lokis as well, so its double funny that they keep failing while i - the fatass Rhino - do things flawlessly 90% of the time. But then again its also a problem. This is supposed to be a coop game, yet often playing solo is a more... Comfortable experience. You can play the mission at your own pace, slowly picking out targets, instead of watching some Saryn nuking the entire map and leaving your jobless. I don't know... Its no
  15. Ironically the answer is: with other necramechs. Both Voidrig's and Maiden's ultimate abilities absolutely DESTROY hostile necramechs. The entire engagement takes 5-15 seconds depending on luck where i try to score a critical hit on the head or limbs. Alternatively you need a coordinated coop group, or just hire someone with necramech to oneshot the bastard for you.
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