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  1. To be fair, before-mentioned abilities stop one-shoting things long before steel path. Sortie 1 is where an awful lot of abilities just stop doing anything particualrly useful. Chroma's spectral scream for example. Even with scaling from Vex Armor and it still does jack S#&$ to anything above level 40. Rhino's charge at least provides knockdown, but still not worth it to spend 25 energy on.
  2. I think Darvo's Deal is a fraud anyway. I can't bevelieve he sells anything at all and his "sold out" is actually a lie. Those discounts are way too low and he a lways sells some generic low-MR weapons that somebody like me doesn't need and would frankly just build one from a BP because i can arm an army with my resources. The only change his deals need is to sell something useful, like formas, catalysts, etc, not... Not... Tetra?
  3. I think a MOA would be more suited for that kind of buff, seeing how we have one that improves gliding and jumping. Maybe the MOA's offensive skill could be speed-related too, like doing Rhino-style charge into the enemies and knocking them down. Or maybe even Gauss style "head first into a wall" style.
  4. Uh... Can't you just forma the exilus slot with normal forma already? I'm pretty sure i forma'd it a couple of times. Oh, nevermind. I'm an idiot. As in forma that maxes exilus slot multi-polarized allowing any mods? Then yes, i agree. Tactical versatility is always good.
  5. Probably that Warframe isn't really a well-designed game and lacks depth. And by that i mean not "Badly" designed but rather "Simplistic". Our character is way too free, way too quick, way too mobile and ultimately way too powerful. Basically there are barely enough constraints on our character, and honestly i always found myself more gravitating towards games with limits - all the Dark Souls, Sekiros and whatever other games where you get your ass kicked on a regular basis and where gameplay has some kind of meaning and depth, as opposed to warframe casual carnage for the sake of carnage
  6. Yeah, they are but an NPCs but still... The implications here are unsavory to say the least. Also the Ticker's situation is different. Ultimately Ticker is running a charity, and if one tenno doesn't buy that debt - maybe someone else will. Maybe not even tenno. The prisoners are in completely different context: A) You might be their only chance of escaping before... Well, we don't even know what corpus are doing with them to begin with. Solaris spies, perhaps? B) Its somewhat disturbing that they directly beg you - their one lucky chance - for help, only for you to give them a star
  7. Hm, would be nice to customise our loyal glitched AI. I think foundry upgrade could be an interesting concept as well. Something like: - 10% credit cost on crafting - 10% resource cost on crafting - Reduced crafting time (-1 hour, -10 minutes, -1 minute and -10 seconds depending on the original crafting time). Hell, maybe even an ability to craft 2 of the same item at once. Just 2.
  8. To double-gank myself in this: i want to clarify that i'll be fine with this fascinating occurance staying in the game. However: i would really like the game to aknowledge this and not just leave it akwardly hanging in the air. Right now its very akward. You find the guy, he pleads for help, you just ignore him and go away. And this never comes up again. Neither Tenno, nor Solaris ever speak of this again, like it didn't happen. The game sets something up and does nothing with it, which is anti-climatic all by itself. Trouble without the pay-off. I would find it very amusing to fin
  9. No it wasn't. Point it to me. Do you mean simply not taking up Eudico's bounty? Because its nothing. I'm not taking Eudico's bounty because i'm doing a sortie, or a fissure or any other mission. And presumably every missions is aimed towards strategically sabotaging efforts of the hostile factions. So in that sense they are perfectly equal. You are technically doing something. And even if you are not - there is army of tenno who will do it instead. But prisoners are one-time opportunity occurance that shows up for like 10 seconds and goes away forever. What happens to the prisoner? Does h
  10. No it doesn't... I don't think we are having the same conversation here. I'll attempt to clarify. For the sake of the argument, we are not going the "its just a game" route, because it simply drops and ignores the conversation. In which case i wouldn't create this thread to begin with. The solaris prisoner situation is morally loaded, wether it wants it or not. With a clear GOOD and BAD option. To be fair: the game did the moral options before. Examples: what to do with kuva queen, what to do with kuva bottle and - perhaps more importantly - the faith of that one half-infested colo
  11. Alright, i accept that answer. I expect 50 more touches of this nature, with rising stakes within next 10 major updates. Let's make this "Spec Ops: The Line 2 - Electric Boogalo". I'm 100% on board (not even joking). Humour aside, what i'm trying to say is - its kinda weird that they decided to introduce that form of touch now and here, in this particular form. It feels weirdly out of place compared to how the game was so far. But oh well.... If it means more to come - i'm okay with that. Just please hurry it up, because right now - it doesn't sit well on its own.
  12. Oh right. Thanks for reminding me - the price for saving these guys is almost insultingly low as well. But that's another conversation entirely.
  13. Weird. I've been doing solo syndicate missions and got the tileset on them. 2 spy missions. Wasn't rushing - just taking my time in solo mode. Nobody spawned.
  14. Yes i can. Yes i do. And i don't care - the game is still giving me the signal. And i don't appeciate this particular game giving me this particular signal. Yes, i can just ignore it. Its what i've been doing in fact. But its still there, and i'm raising the question of why is it there. What a way to not adress the concern and just point a finger at me instead. Thanks.
  15. I knew this conversation could potentially spark a fire, but Jesus... What a way to go. And yes - i do want to have my cake and eat it too, in this particular case. I have the right to ask for that in this particular game. AND YES, this game is a world of sunshine, relatively speaking. Sure, the grineer and corpus and all other stuff is contextually grim and dark and all that... But the tenno (the characters AND the players) were yet to be faced with the reality of their actions. Tenno effectively commit war crimes on a regular basis - just look at Saryn and Ember. Have the game ever ak
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