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  1. The way your player "level", or rather Mastery Rank (MR) functions in Warframe is that you get a certain amount of EXP when bringing a weapon or Warframe to level 30 for the first time. This means that if you are after the mastery, you will have to get every Warframe and weapon eventually anyways, also prime variants. Volt is easily one of the best Warframes in the game just because how versitile he is. You can build him for 2, making you run incredibly fast which is useful in rescue /sabotage etc. missions; Anything where you just want to quickly swoop in and out. You can build him for his 3 and 1 as a support in eidolons, which are endgame content, or other temporary events like Scarlet Spear. Or you can build him for his 4 which makes him basically a demigod in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Personally I sue all three. He is definetly worth getting and with the prime variant you can invest a potato and forma in good concience.
  2. Neat! The skin is facing the correct direction now, thanks for the fix!
  3. I hope by "hijacking" you mean destroying. 80% of the time you are crippling your teams efficiency by flying a crewship instead of the railjack or maning the turrets. Just take something that can survive long enough to jump in, destroy the core and recall back onto the ship, there is no real meta. Wukong, Rhino, Inaros whatever.
  4. Maybe this has been unclear from my suggestion since I did not go into it at all but loot would mostly remain the same with modifiers. So we could all have our compromise, you get your loot, the silent majority gets their new-player friendliness (see why they nerfed railjack into braindead territory). So.. a gamemode that does nothing for gameplay but scale up enemy armor and health is encouraging variety? I would argue it is just the same stale design we have seen a hundred times. I slice through lv. 60 enemies as easily as I slice through level 10 enemies, there is no "variety" in that. And coming to think of it, actually instead of making hard mode, DE could revamp nightmare mode. Integrate nightmare mission conditions as modifiers and let every mission have a clientside opt-in nightmare mode.
  5. Thank you for your response! Feels a bit like having a little celebrity to chat with 😉 I have tested the skin on all heavy-blade type melees I own which are Paracesis, Galatine Prime, Gram Prime, Scindo Prime, Zenistar and a Dokrahm zaw. Same results as in the OP across all of them. The other skins all look normal, as they are supposed to, so flipping the model may solve the problem?
  6. For those of you unaware, in a recent devstream the devs have shown a work in progress of an upcoming hard mode for regular starchart nodes. This hard mode will raise the enemies starting level by 50 or by 100 for ultrahard mode respectively aswell as increasing the odds for some extra loot including exclusive cosmetic rewards. What remains completely unclear from this demonstration is, however, how hard mode will translate to non-vanilla-node gamemodes such as void fissures, arbitrations, sorties or invasions, if it will at all. Like fissures, invasions, etc. hard mode seems to run in a seperate instance of the node which becomes important for matchmaking. There are several gleaming issues with the idea of hardmode Translation (see above) Content isle; Once you have the rewards you want and dont need the ressources from that specific planet /node, there is little reason in revisitng hardmode Copy+paste; Hard mode seems like an inbetween of regular gameplay and arbitration, just without the fun arbitrations bring (this plays into the "content isle" point but the copying of another gamemode seemed important to me to mention) This is not difficulty; For years Warframe players have been complaining that simply scaling up enemy health, shields and armor does not equal difficulty. Every time enemies have been simply upscaled in an effort to create artificial difficulty players were all in DE's ears about it. What makes you think this changed? We want improvement to AI. And lastly, my biggest gripe with it; Matchmaking difficulties. Different instances of a node force players into different matchmaking to queue up for hard mode despite being on the same node as others. This will make nodes other than Hydron, the Index or Mot even more deserted than they already are especially on consoles. This is due to there being little reason for experienced players revisiting non-hard mode when farming for something particular, further amplified for even more experienced players sitting seperately in ultra hard mode. It also greatly takes away form that awesome feeling when you are a new player, just running around on Earth and you see a MR 20+ player just showing it off and leaving you in complete awe. Or having an experienced player join into a boss fight and turn the tides. My suggestion: Instead of node instancing, I suggest modifiers that are purely clientside, solving almost all of my concerns. Fans of the critically aclaimed Borderlands 3 will know these as "Mayhem Modifiers". In Borderlands 3, players can pick their mayhem modifiers themsellves before they jump into any activites, for Warframe I would suggest to give players in hard mode random modifiers, changing between rotations as the variety of gear we have would allow you to just pick the tools to prevent impact of these modifiers entirely. Further, in Borderlands the amount of modifiers and their difficulty rating is affecting enemy health. This would not be possible in Warframe if we are to prevent node-instancing so I suggest instead adding downsides to modifiers. Here are some examples of Mayhem modifiers similarly to how they function in Borderlands but appropriated for Warframe: Big Kick Energy: +25% gun damage, +100% recoil, +100% spread Lootsplosion: +100% double loot chance on headshot, -20% loot on bodyshot. Speed Demon: -50% base movement speed, +50% movement speed per enemy killed, stacks up to five time Radioactive: Rad-procced enemies deal +1000% damage and die after 30s. -99% damage against rad-procced enemies. The floor is lava: Tenno and enemies are heat-rpocced when standing on the ground. I could go on for hours thinking of funny little perks but I think you get the idea; Have them be impactful but not gamebreaking for others.
  7. In a recent update we received the ability to toggle Khora's spikes on her back off and on, even when wearing a syandana which works surprsigingly well with most syandanas, despite, or sometimes just because, clipping. I suggest that this is being expanded upon for other Warframes, namely the following frames and pieces: Garuda talons Nezha chakrahm Valkyr arm pieces Primes: For these, I suggest the following to be toggleable as auxiliary independant of prime details Excalibur Umbra scarf Ivara Prime energy skirt Mesa Prime "chaps" Nova Prime back thrusters Titania Prime energy fairy wings Valkyr Prime arm pieces If you have any suggestions, leave them in the replies!
  8. Just a gentle reminder that most prime Warframes can still not use their standard-variant counterparts unique accessories or exalted weapon skins on PC. Apparantly it works just fine on consoles. I'm posting this here now because at this point I 100% believe that this is not intended. I compiled a public google doc with evidence screenshots. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Mzmio3lk8ZvQI1CGK7xjz8dExqb5VfiRd-GJODjwCI/edit?usp=sharing I thought about giving up but I will not go down without a response! Come on, I know a mod has seen this, you grouped my threads together, can't I atleast get a confirmation you've seen it?
  9. Yes the first was in-game and the second was in-arsenal. I deliberately used that to show that if a weapon is facing the right direction, its facing left in the arsenal and forwards in hand.
  10. The slashing side faces to the left (from our viewpoint) on all heavy blade skins showcased. The Suprema is double edged, but you can see that the handguard faces to the right. The pictures are poorly cropped though, possibly making one think that the Suprema faces the correct direction, but it doesn't. Nidus deluxe doesn't have a sword.. ?
  11. Cannot confirm. The one other heavy blade skin I own seems to be the right way around And other heavy blade skins that are not symmetrical face the correct way in the arsenal. All except Suprema.
  12. This is the Suprema heavy blade TennoGen skin during a swing animation. It takes the appearence of a greatsword with a handguard. Handguards are usually added to swords to - you guessed it - guard the users hands. This is the way it looks in the idle holding position. You can tell it is rotated the wrong way around because the handguard is glitching into the Warframe's hand and does not cover the bands at all. I highly doubt that this is intended as it is displayed differently in the one picture where you see a Warframe hold the sword on the TennoGen's Steam workshop page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1896664300 I know it might seem like a nitpick but, to me, it is highly irritating.
  13. Unrelated but I thought this picture of a poll with 108 participants I conducted recently would be a great addition to this post
  14. Some mods are always gonna be more useful than others, you could make the same case for augments that existed even prior to this update; Alot of them are not worth using, not even in an exilus slot.
  15. And thanks to the recent update, even more players can pull these things off more easily. All he did in the vid was fly around and shoot at the munitions vortex? What is esports god about that? The ship is fast (and twice as fast now, btw) but that does not affect the strategy in the slightest. If anything, it is even unnecessary now due to closer enemy spawns
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