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  1. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Because of ability synergy. You might want only a small bombardement area for his 3 but not completely kill off his gaurdians effectiveness. Smaller range will also force the players into hitscan-weapons for this signature ability (Morph Gun) and wider range will benefit his AoE Morph Guns, which means it further emphasizes the choice between a Crowd Control and a Single Target build. I had similar synergy in mind for duration; It forces you to specialize on one of the two. Longer duration makes the guardian drones more effective, but the bombardement less, shorter duration makes the bombardement more of a nuke, but the drones less effective. It's for balance.
  3. We had another 5 minutes to go for the minimum required time though. I really assume it was a bug.
  4. Hi, thanks for the response! Yeah he might be a bit tricky to figure out, but I feel that this investement can pay off hugely. One thing I forgot to mention is that I always pictured him as Vauban's comrade or similar, to work with him and synergize with him. Also I forgot to mention the augments I envisioned: Comradely Guardians: Guardians now copy to teammates and apply respective Combat Tactic. Copies 15% -> 30% -> 45% -> 60% of the drones (rounded up). Backblast Bombardement: Instead of an aerial bombardement, a portal is summoned behind Centurion which follows him around and shoots artillery rockets with a 20% -> 40% -> 60% -> 80% chance to reset the cooldown between shots when an enemy is killed by them. MK-2 Morph Gun: Changes Morph Gun types. Lv. 0 = Changes Assault Rifle to Flame Thrower. Lv. 1 = Changes Sniper Rifle to Laser Rifle. Lv. 2 = Changes Rocket Launcher to Mine Layer. Lv. 3 = Changes all of them.
  5. Centurion the Gunsman
  6. Centurio the Gunsman (for lack of a more creative, original name) Health: 100 (300 at rank 30) Shields: 100 (300 at rank 30) Armor: 75 Sprint Speed: 1.2 Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30) Passive: Morph Gunner: Bringing neither a secondary, nor a primary weapon increases Ability Efficiency by 75%. Combat Tactics: Press the ability button to change the Guardian Drones combat tactic. Does not consume energy but has a cooldown. Defensive Mode: Stun nearby enemies and give damage reduction. Aggressive Mode: Swarm out to seek out targets and attack them Protective Mode: Hold Position and attack incoming enemies Leveling increases respective stats: Power Strength: Increases damage done in Aggressive and Protective mode and increase damage reduction in Defensive Mode Power Duration: Increase stun duration in Defensive Mode Power Range: Increse stun range in Defensive Mode and swarm-out radius in Aggressive Mode Power Efficiency: Has no positive effect on this ability. Guardian: Summon sentinel like guardians. In Defensive Mode by default. Leveling increases number of drones (1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4) Power Strength: Increases number of drones by (Power strengh*current drone number rounded) for up to maximum 8 drones at 237 Power Strength. Power Duration: Increases drone activity duration. Power Range: Has no positive effect on this ability. Power Efficiency: Decreases energy cost. Artillery Bombardement: Throw a signal torch to mark a spot for bombardement (camera will switch to the marker before the torch is thrown and you will be able to precicely choose the bombardement area). Enemies within that area will be bombarded with a heat seeking rocket every 2s -> 1.5s -> 1s -> 0.5s with a guaranteeed blast proc on hit. Explosions do not deal self damage. Rockets prioritize enemies targeted by Guardian Drones. Leveling increases respective stats: Power Strength: Increases damage dealt by artillery rockets. Power Duration: Increases total bombardement duration, increases intervall between missles fired. Power Range: Increases bombardement area Power Efficiency: Decreases ability cost. Morph Gun: Summon an exalted Morph Gun. Holding down the ability key wihile this skill is active changes the type of the Morph Gun. It can switch between: Full Auto Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher. Morph Gun does not require ammo, has an infinite clip and uses energy instead of bullets (different energy charges per gunmode). How the gun is modded is based on the modding-slot used (i.e. Assault Rifle uses Config A, Sniper Rifle Config B and Rocket Launcher Config C). Assault Rifle Lancer: Consecutive shots fired without releasing the trigger consume less energy. Sniper Rilfe Mastery: Headshots restore the energy the shot would have cost. Rocket Rampage: Health is restored by 10% for every enemy killed. Excessive health generates (5*ability efficiency) energy per enemy. Being an exalted weapon, Morph Gun has its own place in the equipment menu and can be equipped with mods. Config A: Assault Rifle: Primarily Slash Damage. High status chance for low crit chance. Config B: Sniper Rifle: Primarily Puncture Damage. High crit chance for low status chance. Config C : Rocket Launcher: Primarily Impact Damage. Mediocre crit and status chance for high base damage and AoE. Morph Gun augment changes the weapon types of the Morph Gun: Config A: Flame Thrower: Primarily Fire Damage. High status chance for low crit chance. Config B: Charged Laser Rifle: Primarily Electric Damage. High crit chance for low status chance. Config C : Mine Layer. Primarily Toxin Damage. High status chance for low crit chance and AoE. Power Strength: Increases damage multiplier of Morph Gun. Power Duration: Has no positive effect on this ability. Power Range: Increases Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower* and Mine Layer* AoE. Power Efficiency: Decreases energy consumed per shot.
  7. The title pretty much says it. Volt Prime can use default Volts shoulder accessories, so I believe Oberon Prime not being able to use default Oberons shoulder thing is a bug.
  8. Hello! I've been running todays Sortie Survival Mission when the Hotfix dropped. After the message saying that the Hotfix is deploying now, no more life support modules spawned in, not the towers, nor the enemy drops.
  9. Yeah, to be fair I doubt that would change alot since theres bullet-jump which basically overshadows every other manouver and the spaces are usually too small /uneven to effectively wall-run. It would still be kinda fun and dynamic! Lucky me indeed. Didn't know that 😮
  10. So I did ESO today and for some reason when wall-latching my frame started to do a running animation although not actually moving. "Why not allow the frame to actually wall-run" I thought and here we are. The idea is simple; The current movement should only be improved on, not completely overhauled. Just some added stuff for extra space-ninja effect. Wall-Run: When wall-latching (default RMB near a wall) players can use directional movement keys (W, A, S, D default) to move around the a wall. Press jump to jump off the wall at any time. (Basically old wall-run but better (and especially faster please)). Wall-Slam: Looking at the ground while wall-latching and using a melee attack will cause a ground-slam when high enough. This isn't alot and I know that parkour has kinda lost it's importance in Warframe. Still, if you have any cool ideas, why not post them, right?
  11. Personally I really like the "story elements" (if thats what you want to call them) this nightwave brings, but the system is jus tsuper frustrating. The best rewards are hidden at the end, the last two are the ones you would actually want, but miss out only a few weeks and you're completely ducked. Say bye bye to umbral forma and wolf armor if you have a real life. As a change I might suggest removing the milestones and giving "wolf"-credits on every task completed, so players can pick more freely what they want. I too find it quite dull that we're getting just sets of generic tasks for those nightwave episodes but I couldn't think of much better. Maybe add a daily nightwave mission that is somehow related to the episode (and is a full mission, not just some halfbaked achievement-like stuff).
  12. Ammo restoring, maybe, agreed, but healing goes too far. Edit: I've been also informed that Vortex uses the square root for power range instead of linear scaling when calculating its range. I've edited the startpost in regard to that.
  13. Isn't that what skills are for in the first place? Must of the time you press a button to ultimately make something die. I don't see why that would be a valid reason to not implement that, especially seeing how a turret would still be alot slower and limited in range (as it can not see/shoot through walls) than, for example, Equinox's 4. Nor would it do too much damage unless you're willing to make the trade-off for a strong power-strengh build in which case you can basically trash your bastille /vortex, his most usefull skills. Edit: I also thought that maybe the turret should use sentinel weapons, but I dunno how that would fit balance-wise.
  14. I was considering the mobile turret thing too (somewhat like 2B's companion robot thing in "NieR Automata") and it would fit with the whole mobility thing, yet as you mentioned it would basically just be a second sentinel. Maybe instead his passive could be that all sentinels deal 50% additonal damage? (Kavats and Kubrows excluded, not sure about MOAs). But I like Ragology's idea of a passive alot too: Vauban's Vortex and Bastille kinda encourage the usage of Lenz, Zarr etc. to as great AoE /CC options so this would be very welcome!
  15. Geez so much hostility... Just because the TF2 Engineer had a turret doesn't mean no one else can have one ever again in the history of gaming. If you don't like the turret and have a better idea, this is a thread just for that; For suggestions. Saying that camping abilities are a relic is just straight up false because that would imply that there are no gamemodes that require camping. Half of the gameplay of Warframe reverts around "Protect this, protect that", claiming that camping has no application is just straight up false. Defense, for example, is nothing but camping.
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