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  1. This is a great idea and something Warframe should have had ingame; A party browser. Would you consider making a Discord bot for this eventually where people can enter commands to match with every player from every Discord that has this bot?
  2. This is the Warframe community; *Just farming* And this is the Warframe community on content drought: *This post*
  3. You are never restricted to do one job and one job alone. Spec a bit into the tactical tree and you will get the "Command Link" ability. The default binding to "L" is a bit stupid so I have changed mine to the button left of the number 1, above tab (dunno what its called in English) for easy access. I find myself using it all the time now. What for? You can re-forge Doma Charges with enough points into the engineer tree. You have to make those intrinsics valuable somehow after all. Yes, everyone and their mother keep yelling about this. Agreed. Agreed too. This is not a network issue. As soon as you drop out of the airlock or get into open space by other means, you're dead. I have had that a couple of times now, with me being host and without. It's quite frustrating, even after the rework. Winged Steel doesn't quite cut it either
  4. Wow, thats a bit metal, don't you think? On the other hand, the game is rated M, which most people forget...
  5. Up there. Right next to the Endo would be a good spot Edit: I forgot that sarcasm doesn't convey as good over text. The Kuva appears right there when you click a riven mod. I suggest having it there permanently, without the need of clicking a mod
  6. So what? None of the forum suggestions are really gonna happen anyways. Besides, I believe DE should really reconsider their opinion on this.
  7. Yesterday I have been playing a round of railjack. Laughing already? Didn't even tell the pointe yet. So we were three people on the sentient anomaly mission. Didn't even fill all slots. "Alright," I thought to myself "three people is less than four but we can do this". It turns out, however, that out of the three people we were one was inexperienced and seemingly didn't know how to put fires out so the other one, me, did all the work and the third one straight up fell asleep while maning the side guns apparantly. The third one then died, bled out, and didn't respawn. We failed the mission halfway-through. Sentient anomaly, gone. Time, wasted. Warframe needs a vote-kick system and DE should reconsider their position on this. By vote-kick system I mean the ability for squad members to kick other squad members out of their party so they may be replaced with more useful people. I am aware that this would not have helped my railjack situation above as I specifically mentioned we were three only anyways. I already hear you clicking on your keyboard; "That's stupid, people would just kick others they don't like because they did (x)". Yes. Yes, that would be stupid but that is just why you can vote on it. If someone tries to untruthfully kick somebody who did nothing wrong there are still two people left to oppose and trump his vote. Another solution would be something among the lines of what another game called Elsword did. Elsword is a 2d-ish sidescrolling MMORPG with squads of four. Players moved through dungeons which had various sub-stages with "glass doors" in between. Before moving to a next stage, every player had to move near the glass door, actively hindering the progression of the squad if a player was afk. There was no direct option to kick a player but if a player was full-afk for a certain amount of time a button next to their part of the HUD would appear which you could click to vote to kick them. If not enough votes passed they stayed. While this system functioned perfectly in Elsword, Warframe functions differently and this system would have to be translated to account for that. Warframe levels are not linear iin progression as Elswords and rarely require all party members to participate. Further, sometimes not moving is a legitimate strategy in Warframe, for instance when protecting a defense target with Vauban and just throwing down grenades. A Warframe version would have to issue a kick only if a player is FULL-afk meaning no inputs at al for a certain amount of time. But this system would ultimately still be inappropriate. I just wanted to give my thoughts on that to show I explored some options. In Warframe, it is not always that easy. You may want to kick a player regardless of them doing inputs. For instance, when you all are doing bounties in the plains and one player just decides to go fishing. But screw those blocks of texts. Here's what I imagined it to look like; - Players can vote to kick another player via the dropdown for their player names in the pause screen. - The player who issued the kick will automatically vote yes, obviously. The other two get to vote anonymously in a certain time frame via a hotkey (similar to Counter Strike /TF2 if you know these ones). - The to-be-kicked player will be notified that a kick for them is in progress. They will not see the votes or who issued the vote, of course. - If it doesn't go through, nothing happens and the next kick for that player is on a 120s cooldown. - If it does go through the player is removed from the squad. They retain all rewards but forfeit any completion-rewards and unidentified items. - The then open slot is open to new players to match into the game regardless of mission status but not if the only current left objective is to get to extraction. - If the system that was announced to replace the guides of the lotus, the "appreciation" system is put into place, being kicked should reduce one's reputation. - After being kicked the player is banned from public matchmaking for 30 minutes. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. This is a super interesting bot! Maybe fabricate a Discord bot that does the same across all Discord servers that use it and I bet it will see much use!
  9. A tenno is the sum of an operator and their warframe. So yes, tenno can use guns. ' The reason K-Drive sucks as compared to archwing is inherent in its design and can never be fixed. Flying in a straight line and even being able to use blink will always be faster than having to account for hilly terrain, without blink. K-Drive cannot be saved.
  10. When can Oberon Prime finally use default Oberon shoulder accessories? 😞
  11. Added Charmer, Squad Leader, Grand Mayhem and Havok Rule.
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