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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Played Operation Orphix Venom and died a couple times with my Necramech. This reset my mech's weapon's level to 0, what it was before I started the mission, despite it having been maxed out during the mission. VISUAL: I doubt that would make much sense here? REPRODUCTION: Take an unleveled /unmaxed archgun into a mission, level it, let the mech die, extract. The archgun should have ogtten no experience. I am unsure, however, if letting the mech be destroyed is a crucical part in this. EXPECTED RESULT: Weapon should have been maxed OBSERV
  2. Hi! Being able to throw your glaive at no cost to your combo meter is nice, but having the whole hold-to-heavy affair return is certainly not. There was a reason players disliked it so much when it was first introduced and for that very same reason, quick melee with glaives is currently barely usable. If you dont pay the most careful attention to not press the melee button longer than 0.2s (or so it feels) you will throw your glaive. I think you should be able to turn hold-to-heavy off or on in a controls setting menu, I would much rather prefer for throw attacks to only be triggered
  3. Copied the colors form main and then this happened; Energy looks as intended but the syandana itself remains uncolored. Restarting the game or un- and reequipping the syandana doesnt fix this.
  4. Yep 4+2 towers. If you hold all six you get a much quicker message decoding rate. Yeah I think we were all hoping for Squad Link when Railjack was announced years ago. The goal of this suggestion was to implement Railjack /Archwing into the core-gameplay loop and thus I only look at core gamemodes of Warframe. Open Worlds, as much effort as DE may have put into designing them, are not within the core gameplay loop. Further I think it would be much more complicated than what I can reasonably cover in one thread
  5. Hi! A common complaint with archwing and railjack content is that it is not connected to regular missions but just a single-standing content island. A valid complaint in my opinion. My suggestion here is to tie Railjack /Archwing in with regular missions. Before going over the singular mission types and how Railjack is implemented, let me answer the question; What if you dont have a Railjack yet? Railjack comes relatively late in the progression of Warframe to the point where you probably only have your own after you already finished the starchart. Archwing, however
  6. DISCLAIMER: First off, yes, I know they are not out yet and I know, and hope, that they still can get changed at any time, but not every one of us will be lucky enough to hit the test cluster and be able to give feedback that will be heard. The new Deimos Arcana kitgun and Warframe arcanes have been announced, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they already look terrible in comparison to arcanes we already have, unless what was posted were R0 versions. First off the Warframe arcanes; Name
  7. Hey, less of a question and more of an offer here. Warframe: Mission control, or W:MC for short, is an attempt at a unified recruitment base for players of all platforms and regions, because one big recruitment hub is better than several small ones. The ingame chat function can get quite messy at times and you may not always be able to use it to its entirety due to regional chats or simply not always being online and focused on the recruitment chat. It features pingable roles aswell as bot functionality and is a great supplement to every Warframe themed Discord server. How it works: First of
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