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  1. 1) I think that finally getting Command Intrinsic is showing a solid positive path for Railjack. Now how it actually works in the future, is a different story altogether. 2) Will Converted Liches and others like them become actual companions that assist players in missions for its entire Duration? If so, will they bring their own customizable ship(s)? Will Converted Liches have their own thralls/crew to command while in missions as they assist players? I think being able to equip a Converted Liche for a limited/unlimited amount of missions. This would allow players to use all of their Converted Liches and have a purpose for Converting Liches outside of it being a minor aid. 3) I believe that Specters should be made into entities like Converted Liches instead of just being clones that go on rampages instead of staying near the player. 4) I believe that this is a good direction for Railjack and opens a path for older content and future content to interconnect with each other. 5) As this update increases Solo play survival and allows players to bring a full load-out of their own modded abilities for Railjack for Squads, balancing these two pieces should not be a problem. 6) I think that it would be cool to have Companions have their own Archwings along with Specters and Converted Liches. 7) Will we be getting a Kuva/Prime Clem anytime soon? ;) 8) Will the part where our Warframe destroys Hunhow while the Shadow Stalker is straggling us be an indicator that the Warframes are becoming Sentient? That would be cool if we are given an Item to Upgrade our Warframe to become Sentient like Excalibur Umbra. It would also be cool to grant extra ranks to existing items to make them 40 ranks like Kuva weapons. It would be nice to receive a Forma that fits any slot for an item besides Exillus and Aura ones. 9) The Command Intrinsic can be a huge game changer and allow increased AI compatibility with player skill. Such as being able to customize the AI parameters to that of the roles that will be given to Railjack Crew Members. 10) Now that we are going to get Corpus variants of the Kuva Liche, I think that getting a variant from each faction would be cool. I also believe that getting Crew Members from all factions would be an excellent addition as well. I would also suggest multiple squad links that allow more than four players to be on the same or different missions that compliment each other as they reach Objectives in a Time Limit. Like allowing players to jump straight into planetary combat from their Railjack and then back into Space Combat.
  2. This would be cool as well as have more flexibility due to being able to summon a Converted Liche when you would need them the most (or just for more firepower). It would also be nice to upgrade and rank up them. Also being able to interact with them, potentially getting their faction's Crew Members for Railjack. I think they could bring their own ship that you upgrade and rank up as a support ship that follows your Railjack.
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