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  1. 2 New Rivens Have been Added! Sicarus D / Vasto B 2K 750p
  2. Top Tier Rivens Great Tier Rivens: Top Tier Prices: Aklex: 800p Arca Plasmor: 1.1k Bolto: 250p Brakk: 400p Furis: 300p Grinlok: 450p Hek: 700p Javlok: 350p Karyst: 340p Lanka: SOLD!(900p) Lenz: 1.7k Obex: 400p Reaper Prime: 500p Scindo: 550p Strun: 350p Sybaris: 900p Tenora: 400p Vectis A: 700p Vulkar - SOLD(1.35k) Vulklok: SOLD(400p) Akbronco: 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  3. Hello There, Im going to sell some good and unrolled rivens, and prices are down below. Weapon List Of Unrolled and Great rivens: Akmagnus Riven Price: 355p Akstiletto(Prime) Riven Price: 400p Amprex Riven Price: 750p (Rakta)Cernos (Prime) Riven Price: 1820p Dread Riven(2) Price: 405p(1) 450p(2) Ferrox Riven Price: 350p (Vaykor)Hek Riven Price: 605p Hikou (Prime) Riven Price: 430p Javlok Riven(2) Price: 350p(1) 525p(2) Karyst Riven(2) Price: 440p(1) 380p(2)
  4. Selling above 20 Rivens Down Below, Good/Unrolled/Trash Rivens Weapons of Good Rivens: Akstiletto, Amprex, Brakk, Ferrox, Hek, Hikou, Javlok, Karak, Karyst, Kohm, Orvius, Panthera, Phage, Sicarus, Silva & Aegis, Strun, Sybaris, Tetra, Tonbo, Zarr Price Overall: Good Riven Prices: 170-700p Unrolled Rivens Prices : 35-115p Trash Rivens: 60-120p(Since they are for good weapons) _________________________________ Akstiletto(Prime) Riven: Price: 550p ____________________________________ Amprex Riven: Price: 325p (SOLD!)
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