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  1. Still have no email. Are there any updates on this? I'd have been fine not getting hydroid P or the athodai, but I felt like I earned my glyph here. I posted a support ticket a couple days ago, but can we get an update on how far you are through those?
  2. Are all the trivia prizes out aswell? I've gotten everything so far bar those. Ik it says all drops are done, but iirc there was a different system in place for the trivia. I just don't want to lose my prize
  3. My only issue rn is thinking if I mistyped my email when doing the quiz. I hope these are just backlogged aswell
  4. Interesting idea, but I fear that it would just make lesser played frames more complicated, meaning some people won't want to touch them. That, coupled with how some augments are side-grades, not direct upgrades, makes it feel like a cool idea that wouldn't practically work.
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