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  1. Not for me like I mentioned above, and I’m not using augments for my ult.
  2. I hate Harrows in my party too because of Oberon. Know how I avoid that? I recruit a party. I can’t dictate how others play in any mission. Harrow is just as good, but just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I get to tell someone “hey don’t play this frame.” Just recruit if you don’t want a harrow.
  3. It’s unfortunate I’ll never be able to go physically, but I’ll be waiting to join you all digitally!
  4. It’s something to do with ult in general I think. I cannot have a full squad as a host as my Valkyr’s 4th ultimately causes a FPS drop then crash. Only happened in the veil, sentient anomaly or not. (Though they are aware of this).
  5. Probably went off to lick his wounds after Octavia’s quest. I do hope to see daddy Hunhow in the New War or something at least.
  6. Those sounds tho 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Now I just gotta wait to snatch up those digits tickets 👀
  7. Same here! Had a mirage in both Gift of the Lotus missions and every time she’d use her moves, my frame rate would hitch and drop for the rest of the mission. I haven’t crashed yet, but I definitely experience the FPS loss.
  8. Had it happen to me before and honestly I hated it. Made me feel sick.
  9. Yay sound!!! What is the team’s favorite sound in the game? Favorite making of a sound?
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