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  1. My guess is that it’s automatically integrated since it’s a more powerful console? Don’t quote me on that though.
  2. Still happening with me- I’m on the PS5 so it’s happening here too.
  3. Same here! No pics since I’m at work but my operator’s hair looks almost bright orange when the colors are brown/darker red.
  4. Can confirm as well! Tried running RJ missions, entering dry dock, modding and nothing works. And although these are obtainable, having to re-build/forma long swords, shotguns etc. for the rank 30 ones is kind of a waste if you have none that are unranked.
  5. I’m definitely saddened by this but I’ll try not to let it bug me. I had all trophies aside from the Deimos ones (which aren’t available yet anyway) but seeing most of them locked just kinda bugs me. Oh well, hopefully down the road they’ll find a way to bring them over like you said.
  6. "Reach Rank 30 with insert weapon here" Trophies: You will be required to reach Rank 30 on the weapons specified.” So basically I need to either forma these weapons or re-build them? I’ve also noticed certain trophies not working, like the Cave trophies. I’ve ventured in and out at least 3 caves on the Vallis/Plains and it never unlocked. Shouldn’t I only have to do one if it’s at 99%? Or do I have to search them all over again? Edit: What about “Some Assembly Required”? Since it’s not possible to build another railjack, and I’ve tried multiple times to get it to work
  7. Is that only on desert tilesets? I’m running glare off with no issue
  8. Can’t wait to get their changes. I love them but we don’t even have the change yet so there’s no point haha. Glad to know they’re better now though
  9. Then what’s the point of using the remote lmao so you proved my point. Anyway point still stands. Battery life isn’t great. And the update will come later today.
  10. Talking about using the entirety of the controller. If you’ve played Astro’s Playroom it usually takes 1-2 hours before you need to charge it. With the update the controller won’t last as long on Warframe.
  11. Can’t really say much about other brand controllers but I don’t have issues with the normal PS5 one. Then again I don’t really have larger hands, so the controller doesn’t bother me at all. Different opinions of course, though I am worried how the update will affect the already terrible battery life of the controller. That’s my biggest concern.
  12. Disagree with everything except the battery. The battery is definitely crap.
  13. Hello! Rejects of the Lotus is a rank 10 shadow clan that is looking for an alliance. I’m looking for one that is helpful in all aspects of the game, friendly and is lgbtqia+ friendly. If you are interested in aligning with us, please contact me on PSN messages with the ign corpusbonds. Thank you!
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