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  1. Smeeta Kavats do have a lot of qualities to them. Affinity, double resources, granting you rare resources of the area, crit, weapon quick reload and more. So Smeeta is probably helping you there.
  2. No. They don’t have any skins BREEDABLE aside from Kubrow. I didn’t mean skins to buy. Kubrow have: Lotus, Merle, Hound, Patchy, Striped, Domino. Kavats have: Hyacinth. So, no, Kavats don’t have different patterns that you can breed. 😉 Thr buyable ones don’t count 🙂 Anyway, Kavats definitely need more love than Kubrow right now and need way more skins/sizes/breeds.
  3. About the Valkyr thing- you can operator just before it turns off if you’ve taken a lot of damage in the ring- it’ll negate the damage. Or, you can just move into a different room and allow it to toggle off. Aside from that, it is a nice mod
  4. A potential buyer was interested in one of my Kubrow and asked for me to LOOK link. When I sent them the look, it showed my Kubrow as athletic. I have the pictures below to show that she is a bulky, then the look link showing her as an athletic. Actual pic: What LOOK shows:
  5. People complaining about what people like and then complaining more- Oh, Wait. Ok, but seriously- my biggest gripe is trying to recruit for a rad relic share, and someone plays a random relic (purposely, I understand accidents happen). Embers on relic missions. I don’t care that you’re killing everything but please wait until they’re corrupted at least.
  6. Have to search for it. I search Dullahan and it comes up in the market.
  7. ^^ As much as I love for there to be more Kubrow, I do agree with the above statement. Kavats need way more love than Kubrow, breed wise. (Hell, even pattern wise).
  8. No. Mine states “Companion Weapon Riven Mod” then what I have to do to unveil it. I cannot put it on any sentinel weapon. Edit: Reset the game and was able to put it on prisma burst laser. Still says companion weapon riven, and not the type.
  9. Ok but I want to share that DE will work with you. They allowed me to upload my emblem twice via them without using up more plat. I showed them that it didn’t have loose pixels in the preview, but did in game (they explained the previewer is different from in game and unfortunately this can happen). I finally was able to fix it and I never had to pay more than 150. Now I’m not saying this will happen all the time, but if you’re kind with them and show them what’s happening, they’ll probably be more than happy to work with you.
  10. My statue cane chipped right out of the box 😕 And yeah, the shirt makes it awfully awkward when out in public. Have to wear a shirt underneath just to hide crap.
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