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  1. Nope. The script ran was for those who didn’t get certain drops from Twitch. If you logged in on August 1st, you got the frame and gun regardless if you watched the stream or not. You won’t be banned.
  2. Just got my Athodai, thank you! Also, I did NOT receive any message- just checked my arsenal and it was there.
  3. Hoping this works! Was told by support I was ineligible and such (even though everything is fine on my end) and was in tennocon relay (pass holder) all day.
  4. Same here. I got a response in less than 24 hours saying my account wasn’t linked. I did get previous stream drops then the two Khora ones so it is linked. But yeah, I guess I just have to wait for the pistol to be released in game. Just have to open a support ticket and wait. I wish you luck.
  5. Nope, didn’t get the Athodai either even though my account was linked (I was told it wasn’t). Got previous stream drops, then the last two streams I got the Khora drops so.. it was connected. You just gotta open a support ticket and hope that you were deemed eligible.
  6. Have to contact support. I was told I was ineligible even though I’ve received previous drops. Though the last topic got removed so be careful, and just ask support what’s up.
  7. Iirc I believe she said it’ll be delivered within the week, so we still have two days left (well my time).
  8. Pretty sure Megan said they’ll send the emails in the following week.
  9. Not yet, and watched from beginning to end. Just gotta wait it out.
  10. Ha, thank you! And he posted it uhm, last year I believe on his official twitter. I no longer have the screenshot unfortunately.
  11. Ticker’s VA actually confirmed her to be transgender!
  12. Honestly this means a lot to me. I already loved Xaku when they were first revealed, but hearing they’re non-binary?? Perfect. I’m agender so this means so much to me haha. Already know they’re gunna be my second main.
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