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  1. I’m getting sick and tired of this issue that has plagued the last NW. Even as an intermission it’s become increasingly tiresome to do every time my act resets. Example: Had 3/5 plains bounties done. Completed a Tridolon fight and at the Hydrolyst went down to 1/5. This isn’t the first time, but it’s basically made me shrug and give up NW all together.
  2. My cats use everything but what’s for them, honestly.
  3. I remember during the Dex item events in March, one of them had the Nightwatch guys in the defense missions for scanning. Though I’d love to see it again too.
  4. Bold of you to assume the Kavat will use the bed their Tenno slave got them.
  5. I’m still wondering what happened to the pet marking contest winners.
  6. I won’t be entering, but I’m looking forward to the entries!
  7. So far I went with two other clan mates, personal best was 6800 something. I thought each personal best counts toward the clan’s score? If that’s true we’d have 20,445 alone. But right now it’s just reading the clan at 6800 whatever.
  8. Awesome!!! Hopefully my Internet will be nice enough to have it done and going so I can play before work!
  9. Oh do we? I might be wrong, then. I just know we’re getting the rest of 14 this round.
  10. Later date. Right now we’re getting the rest of Round 14, so we don’t even have 15 yet.
  11. Again, un true. The major issues are dealt with on PC and rarely come to console. We do not get the game breaking issues they do such as crashes, completely quality loss and more. I have my own pc account and I can tell you right now our bugs are watered down compared to PC. But if you’re impatient then please, go start an account on PC. Because I’ll say it again- rather wait for a playable game than to have it submitted, rejected by Sony and to wait again.
  12. It’s a big update so it’s gonna have big issues. I’d rather wait the month than deal with the bugs tbh.
  13. Wait wait wait Toxic body ephemera?
  14. They said on their twitter that they were unsure if we’d have it at the JC release. They also stated we’d get it eventually.
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