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  1. Boston Dynamics you say? Well I know exactly what I’m calling them.
  2. That’s nice. It’s a simple fix until DE adds a hot fix about it. If you don’t want it use it then that’s on you.
  3. Never heard of the game. And default in default? Can’t say that makes sense. Swiping literally takes 0 seconds. If someone’s too lazy to do that while the R1 and square gets fixed well, that’s their problem then.
  4. Funny, I’ve never touched my controls so this IS my default. Swiping down works just fine.
  5. Gotta use the touch pad and swipe down for particle ram to work.
  6. How do y’all know when I work a six day work week and need a pick me up? Great day to end the week 😩😩💪🏼💪🏼
  7. Maybe it’s because I’m still groggy, but I didn’t see anything about the screen tear. Please tell me this gets fixed? It’s definitely nauseating!
  8. Man between this and Pokémon new snap.. it’s gunna be hard 😭😭
  9. Super fast loading and the graphics are mint! That being said, there is an issue with ps4/5 connection. If I’m hosting (PS5) and someone with a PS4 connects to me they may d/c or crash. Usually I’ll try to not move too much and it seems to help. But I’ve been enjoying everything immensely after upgrading!
  10. Yikes that sucks. I’ve farmed on my RJ since day one (didn’t do the Ivara thing), spam played the scarlet spear event and ofc got rid of unneeded wreckage. Got 9/32 so I guess I’ll be getting the lowest tier? Oof.
  11. Oh man it’s.. it’s been happening since the old blood but sure. Europa, Parvos corpus tile sets, the Void I’ve noticed mostly. Hydron as well. If a Hildryn is there the FR drops drastically, same with a Mirage and Nova. Newest area is the market, especially viewing the new uh.. emotes. Deimos was doing it too (visiting the family) but idk if it’s still doing it there. Idk if it’ll actually be fixed since it’s been going on for a while, but even with graphics changed and particles off it still does it. Redownloaded the game, etc with no luck. Wouldn’t be hard to get used to
  12. I don’t really know why it’s turning white or how to turn it back. But yes I do have dark mode on as lighter backgrounds tend to give me headaches.
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