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  1. Any idea of a timeframe for release? I know it’s usually not dropped but I’d love to have an idea so I can be home to update.
  2. When I saw this on the Devstream I screamed so loud my throat went numb lol. Cant wait to see this in game. As a Valkyr main myself I am so pumped for this
  3. Ah yeah, would be nice for a fix. I have a teleporter that I can’t remove and it just leaves you in a black nothingness.
  4. Clan Name: Rejects of the Lotus Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: Playstation Clan Role: Founder. I’m unsure if this will work, so I will be posting the link to the ten pictures as well as the pictures here (in a spoiler). Link: https://imgur.com/a/pQDe5x5 Images:
  5. Yeah I did it, finally got one to spawn. Took three missions though even though I used zenith/completed the entire granum specter kill mission. All good cause she had the briefcase weapon lol
  6. Honestly are they even 100% sure to spawn? Just used zenith, got 75/75 twice and now I’m out coins. No other lich. Guess I have to mindlessly grind the Treasurer for his coins
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