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  1. So i have only just …… 1mln questions……. JK 😆 Just a few short ones : 1.) Any news on Vauban Rework ? any progress ? (he desperatly needs it) 2.) Wukong deluxe when ? Rework and Prime is already here (but i need IT as im a weeb and dbz fan) 3.) Will Ember be buffed anytime soon ? or fire dmg - none plays her for a reason (except some pervs - jk plz dont ban) 4.) Can u buff shields ….. Specificly: base shield pool……………... to some of squisher-caster frames (ember , vauban, nyx , volt ) Brief Respite mod to add overshields ? apply shileld gating to other frames with mod or sth? 5.) Can u remove self dmg on Cautious Shot mod - (it just doesnt scale with warframe health pool- enemies have more hp) 6.) Can u avoid spoiling story of warframe plz ? And next reveals on tennocon ? (i still like being suprised) 7.) Primed Master Thief : +100% to open lockers when ? 8.) Is Squad Link going to be open world only ? (or also include additional objectives in regular ( tileset) missions )
  2. All noticed Dax soliders which clearly refers to somewhere around Old war era (rebbelion of tenno against orokin (most likely)........ or even sentient war refered to as old war (less likely due to spoilers)). Cinematic format of a trailer could mean either movie (big hype and hopes) or ...... ..........its just a trailer for reworked begging of a game (which could be rly be just it)............... or both becouse first doesnt exclude 2nd one (cinematic quest where ur a op beast where ur degraded). One thing i think people have missed is that this "teenage girl" has been shown giving .......artifact in a form of lotus flower......... to excalibur as shown here: https://imgur.com/YjqAC8r.png and then in another scene u can see all 3 starters kneeling down in a line with lotus flower lying down near their knees in front of them . Lotus flower clearly refers to character so theres lore potential for origins of the guide or could very much be just a symbol. EDIT : since my url links dont work for whatever reason heres timestamps : 0:11, 0:18 of that lotus flower in this video : also whats that blurred thing in a distance that volt is lookin at ? 0:06 also whats up with this girl creepy smile , what is she smiling at? on 0:03
  3. Ok heres my recommendations : Dailies take into consideration that most of people that would want to obtain aura mods are new players….. Most of new players dont have acces to certain elemental dmg mods or acces to higher lvl planets. So even completing somthing as trivial as " kill X amount of enemies using this superior elemental dmg type " is a too much for them. I would suggest more complete X amount of type of mission. ...……..or 2/3 daily challages: 1 for type of mission 2nd one for ips/elemental dmg type 3rd for enemies killed in certain way. - that way new players can learn sth from it and have oportunity to gain some rep. Weeklies This should require more knowledge of the game . Mining fishing kdrivin races bounties syndicates ( most of new players have just one syndicate 10 sydnicate missions for casual plaing 3 days a week is way too much 9 would be more reasonable) opening dragon vaults . I would maybe add something as using deploiables X amount of Times (spectres , pizzas ) These are all great. Could do some numer tweaking but they're for most part great as they are. Elite Weeklies I understand intent that those are directed to "endgame" playerbase. Endgame is sth compleatly diffrent for casuals and min-maxers. There should be at least 1 elite weekly that is aimed at everyone for example : endless mission types / relic missions /kuva siphons . that way anyone from new player base can get that 5k reputation. Nightwave UI I wish u could acces nightwave by using orbiter radio and radio was dispaying "current threat" -whether its a sigil or cool graphic . "Cred offerings" should be more visible. I founds many players confused about what those challanges are even for and they are being treated as just "steam achivments". To sum up : we need more daily /elite challanges that appeal to casuals as well as long time players. i appreacieate all efforts of devs to make this game better.
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