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  1. Stats: Armor: 210 Health: 70 Shields: 930-1330 Energy: 400 Passive: Prevents fatal damage turning Energy into Health with 75% efficency. Custom revive assemble/ disaseemble animation Abilities: 1.)Convert: Converts Half Shield Pool into Health ,( Prevents Shield Regeneration ). DARKSTATE When Reactivated Turns Health pool back into fully restored shields (and restores health in effect). MECHSTATE (costs 25-30 Energy) 2.)Corrupt: Flicks his wrist , detaches and Turns his right (MECH) hand around in orbit Void Energy Bursts Dismantling from his body (from within the place where his arm once was) furiously seeking nearby enemies dealing 500 -1000 Void dmg to nearby enemies with choking state (to living creatures) and blinding effect ( to robotics) (costs 100 Shields) 3.)Sacrefice: Stabs himself with Parazon blade breaking of the links within his own body of his DARK state realeasing void Energy in result. Sudden scream deafens all enemies within a 15 meter radius ( 5 sec stagger) , then sets them abalze (with void Energy) procing heat ( for the heat proc duration) and grants himself extra 7% void damage per enemy affected for 20 seconds. ( when ability is over links grow back) ( costs 50 Health , can killhimself and drain Energy if not used properly ) 4) Exalted Tech (Tapping changes stances) Holsters all his weapons channel his Void Energy through MECH/DARK body and takes fight Litteraly into his own hands. (Stance that uses only his Left hand, as a dagger). Exalted custom dagger weapon that Opens Enemies into parazon finishers after 8 hits amount of hits required decreses on amount of power strenght. (Stance that uses only his Right hand, and left leg - slow hits ,heavy damage) Exalted custom hammer weapon , Broken warframe picks up his leg attaches to his hand and turns it into a Heavy hammer. ( Channeling ability - Drains Energy per Second)
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