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  1. It's no secret that the Tenno who are portrayed as the good guys are...kinda gray in their methods. The question came to my mind again just recently how killing Crown carriers is kinda the same thing as killing a defenceless religious priest who is trying to flee. If we were to make a comprehensive list, by counting every single weapon that violates these things, along with the methods Tenno employ, and every observable breach in their history, what would that number total to? Better yet, what would the price of compensation look like?
  2. It seems whenever I want to play Sanctuary Onslaught or Arbitrations, the drop pool gets flooded even more... Should we expect something similar to Relics in the future?
  3. Hi, so I got the Octavia Diva Tennogen skin ages ago back when it came out, even got its sister Polearm and Chest "plate" tennogen items. One thing I always hated with Octavia was her Resonator looks just like a placeholder Roller model. The official Deluxe skin fixed that a bit by giving it its own unique design however it was tied to the skin, meaning I was out of luck since I prefer the Diva tennogen body. The prime comes around, and its Resonator replacement looks amazing. I've been neglecting my prime part farm, while I had obtained Octavia Prime months ago, I left it unranked until I could get the Tenora and Pandero primes to use at the same time, and level them all up together. Now that I've finally got Octavia Prime out of the box, unlike most other primes whose "Prime FX" or etc are tied to the Prime Warframe instead, with the exception being deluxe skins applied to them. I've put the Octavia Diva skin on the Prime, and it's using the standard Resonator model once again. So, please. With all due respect to whoever made the default Resonator for Octavia, please give it its own unique model or let me manually equip/customise the Prime/Deluxe version instead.
  4. Huh, I was expecting Nakak pearls until the event was over.
  5. Not to be "that guy" But as someone who wants a skin or something for the Miter and I have a vendetta against the Panthera for using the Holy Miter as crafting material, I thought I should let you know both Panthera's which shoot blades can use the Soaktron and Oscira skin. This would probably make the most sense, it'd require a unique ID for each primary weapon rifle catagory as you'd make duplicates in the code, but in theory this is probably easier than simply overhauling the entire thing under the hood. Then simply register it to give players all of them at the same time, while the display makes it seem like it's just the one.
  6. Aww I liked the idea. Well, before it's fixed and gone forever, would you consider seeing if it's possible to implement certain curated gear items into Onslaught? Such as Archguns or Necramechs?
  7. So, we can use Liches for On-Call but is there a change to have On-Call be seperate from your Railjack crew?
  8. iirc, DE were under a legal contract with Leyou (assumingly now Tencent) to make Prime Access roughly every 3 months. You can probably debate what comes with primes, but as far as the Warframes themselves are concerned, they will all be Primed one day, regardless of lore. I know it sucks from a lore perspective, but it is what it is.
  9. I'm probably gonna get some people angry at me for making a suggestion that would require that they farm even more weapon parts per prime warframe, if that's the case well. I don't want to seem like a jerk, but that's not really a concern of mine. And I've only ever farmed for prime items that weren't accessories. I wouldn't mind the extra grind. I bring this up because I've been talking to a friend about Gara Primes recent news, and this is the second Prime Warframe in a row to come with its signature weapons (or release bundle weapons that don't count as signatures for all warframes for some reason.) Octavia P came with her signatures. Gara P is coming with her signatures. And in a thread I posted in here. I pointed out how with Nidus Prime upcoming in either 3 or 6 months that DE have an excuse to make some Infested Prime weapons, I'm personally quite interested to see what such a thing would look like if they were made, of course there's no garuntee. But if we're following this same trend, Hirudo and Hema were Nidus's release bundle weapons. Anyway, my friend mentioned how Djinn could be a possible prime candidate with Nidus Prime, and while I won't deny a Djinn Prime would look cool, I'm going to be kinda bummed out if Nidus Prime's weapons simply amount to Djinn Prime and Gazal Machete Prime (because they have a synergy combo together). So, in the event that does happen, would it be too unreasonable for DE to consider dropping more than two farmable Prime items (not counting the Warframe) with a Prime Access release? Or is that asking too much?
  10. Called her Primed weapons being her signature weapons. Also Gara Prime looks like she's rocking Prime Armor, maybe consider making a bonus armor set based on that and adding it as a bonus to her prime access? Similar to Mesa Prime having 3 prime accessory items instead of 2.
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