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  1. Zahnny

    Eros Arrow Skin

    Unfortunately it's been 3+ years or so since then.
  2. Zahnny

    Eros Arrow Skin

    Rebecca actually said it was going to be added as an arrow skin after it was first introduced on a devstream.
  3. When are we going to recieve news on files for Operator clothing getting released? As far as I'm aware it was stated they would be released after the rework to the Operator suit pieces, which has been out for a while now. I don't want an ETA, I just want to know wheither or not that's still on the table.
  4. Zahnny

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Last Devstream I had a question involving Events answered, today I am asking again about Events or rather what from pervious Events. Throughout all the Events in Warframe's history there has been many new and unique enemies added by events, however many if not most of them have been lost to us since then. Is there ever an intention or a desire to look over all the old event enemies and integrate them into regular play and missions?
  5. Do you think we'll ever see a selection of Simulacrum rooms to choose from? As nice as it is we have Simulacrum at all I have to say I've always hated the layout of the current Simulacrum. Main reason being that enemies will frequently fall off the map. I much perferred the old Simulacrum room when it was first added before the mastery rank test/Cephalon rooms got overhauled. As it stands now the current Simulacrum is too small and the enemy spawn locations are also awful. I wouldn't mind just a simple blank slate room to test in. We have Captura rooms but they only allow a maximum of 3 units to be spawned. A feature to activate an auto-spawner to give you a more mission-like feeling would be a great addition too. I feel like the purpose of them being added was to feel like a sort of John Wick training room against simulated targets but instead it only serves as a room to go in and test your dps numbers. I'm not saying it should be an alternative to gameplay just that it should be a risk free enviroment or sandbox to fiddle around in. If DE want to keep to the current art style of the Cephalon simulated rooms I don't think it'd be too much to ask if we could use the rooms from Mastery Rank tests (provided you have completed them once). Giving you more of an award similar to how you can raise the level cap per mastery rank.
  6. Zahnny

    Should Bursas drop Credit Caches?

    hmm...thought there would be more interest in this.
  7. For those unaware, back when Bursas were first introduced they were tied with an Event to Nef Anyo, Bursas were Corpus highly armed and armored proxies concepted by Nef Anyo to go out into the field and collect donations in a battlefield along with protecting the money inside of it. I hope my memory serves me correctly but I think it went like this. During this event, we used this to hurt Nef Anyo financially by purchasing donations of various different set amounts from the market. Encounter one in a mission, hack it which would reactivate the Bursa (still an enemy and hostile) while it would verify the donation and once this part was done, a second transaction would start and we were to destroy the Bursa before it could finalize the funds, giving us our money back and money from the Bursa itself. Personally, I wasn't very fond of this mechanic as it could take ages to do the first half and hope if Bursas do drop credits it won't be using this prior system. I'm hoping when taking these Bursas out in missions and hacking them we could obtain a random RNG based amount of credits (but an amount still worth collecting), previously fighting Bursas was rewarded with collecting their stance rare mods but they're no longer as valuable as they used to be and their drop rates are low enough as it is. I'd also hope to see a return of their older attacks they used in the event which seem to have been removed, for example, orange bursas used to set up laser fields in doorways. P.S.
  8. Zahnny

    So about them Repeller Systems

    Can we have the Toroids availible for standing too? I wouldn't even mind if they were double the cost of giving them to her.
  9. Zahnny

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Will we ever see a return of frequent Events and Tactical Alerts (with actual rewards such as event vandals/wraiths) like we used to back when I first started playing? There's still so much potential in the Warframe universe outside of the Operator storyline to be expanded upon. I'm still waiting for a continuation from after the Tubes of Regor event. Be nice to introduce those legacy skins too.
  10. I'm just gonna say it. Modpacks are Loot boxes.
  11. We should not even be having a discussion on reworking these. We should be removing them. Why are we even having this discussion? Is that chinese company telling you to do this? This isn't like you DE, c'mon!
  12. Zahnny

    Universal glyph codes

    Any of those last two new?
  13. Zahnny

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    My only request is riven mods. However I will appreciate whatever else is thrown at me if anyone is kind enough.
  14. Zahnny

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Will any of Nyx's FX or sounds reflect the night aspect of her name?
  15. Will the hood have minor physics like the Harrow Graxx hood?