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  1. This is genuinely not a jab at anyone at DE, but it might be worth getting some more people to check the forums for when issues like this happen. I reported it back on the 22nd of September, this thread is from the 14th, and I've heard even more claim it's gone on for longer.
  2. Sadly, it seems DE notice Feedback more from General Discussion more than...the actual Feedback sections.
  3. Seeing that multiple games have already engaged the festivities for it. I'm wondering when that happens in Warframe if anyone knows, I need one of the skins there for a thread I've made anyway.
  4. For those unaware, Sans is in Smash as a Mii Fighter skin Lotus is in and as of just recently, Steve is now a playable Smash character. Reality really is the strangest timeline.
  5. Yeah I was sure too from the schedule (so long as it's being followed)
  6. I'll probably use Deluxe Head on Prime Body. It's the Miku hair things I'm not too fond of.
  7. I see these mistakes happen often in companies and sometimes I wonder if it's a 4D chess move or simply just an accident. If Primes get leaked, which they so often do. The news spreads like wildfire, giving it free publicity under the guise of people thinking it's secretive. Maybe I'm just overthinking things, but I think about it with a lot of random leaks if it was an accidental or intentional leak.
  8. From my understanding, three things in Warframe contain "oro" something akin to a soul in Warframe's universe. Unfortunately most of this comes from Conclave, which is not often played. Tenno Sentients and the Orokin It's important to note, the difference between being a Orokin, and being in the Orokin empire. It seems to suggest Orokin used Continuity to swap to a different body when theirs became unusable, damaged or old. This "Continuity" seems to grant the Orokin this "soul" and even if the body is killed, they can be given new flesh, hence why the Worm Queen is collect
  9. Shares the same Description with the default Nezha so that's probably yet to change. Can you get a full body pic or is that not possible?
  10. Or DE can give out Excalibur Prime Since Umbra encourages AFKing I mean, it'd be more in line :P
  11. I had to do some digging to find it, but I had an idea concept a long while ago about using Landing Craft air support to let you switch weapons, I'll link it for anyone interested.
  12. Baro Ki'Teer Party captura I'd buy it.
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