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    Lotus Thicc

    Why doesn't Oedipus like swearwords? Because he kisses his mother with that mouth.
  2. I'm not going to TennoCon unfortunately, but I thought this might be a nice thread to have for those that will, or those who aren't going who are hoping to see familiar faces. Hoping to see this Ballas cosplayer again.
  3. It's possible! Put the picture in the OP also.
  4. Frequently I come across people who join a bounty, but even worse than afking, they go and mine or fish without ever bothering to help the bounty at all. I'm talking all the way on the other side of the map inside a cave or fishing spot. Can we put all these people in groups that also do the same? So that they can all be useless together and make no progress? It'd make me happy.
  5. Be nice to bring back retired tiles as Capturas, just so they could exist in some way.
  6. When using Raiji Syandana on Wisp (or frames equipped with her animations) and she does any animation that involves splitting herself and her spectral self, it creates 3 instances of the Raiji Syandana. One for you, one for your ghost, and a third that appears as a static unmoving object below you
  7. I'd legit pay a toll or fee just for them to leave me alone while I fish/mine.
  8. So, with the reworked plains and Plague Star, we may have the possibility of having a Grineer Tusk Doma, Teralyst and Hemocyte all fighting each other. If anyone manages to pull this off, I'd love to see a picture. EDIT: I can confirm they in the very least can co-exist pic below
  9. It's the radio inside your Orbiter/at the top of the ramp
  10. Ah, so up until Tennocon. Nice. Do we get 15 creds when we perstiege like last time?
  11. I figured that as the "Engineer" frame, his own robotic companion unique to him would be fitting. And that's implying it has to even be a sentinel or moa.
  12. I was wondering if Vauban as the engineer frame could be given the passive of his own Sentinel. (with the ability to equip a secondary sentinel or other companion) I don't actually have any ideas, I just wanted to know if this is something people would like. EDIT: Fixed grammar in title
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