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  1. TL;DR, this first bit just explains the Sekharas if you're not familiar. If you're already familiar the question is simply what would you like future Sekharas to be if you could make/design them? To my knowledge, there are 5 official Sekharas in Warframe, and one which could be considered a Sekhara. If you're unfamiliar with them, they are essentially shoulder emblems like the others, but are much more unique. Coming with 3D models or effects, rather than the flat 2D images most I own all 5 official Sekharas but I think it's a shame they are not more widespread. In my honest opinion, they could be considered the predecessors to Ephemeras. The current list is Ki'Teer Sekhara, the only one that is still obtainable when Baro Ki'Teer brings it. The rest were tied to the now removed Trials. Sevati Sekhara, obtained from Vay Hek's Law of Retribution Trial for the first time. Aseron Sekhara, obtained from doing the harder version of Law of Retribution for the first time. Jordas Sekhara, obtained from doing the Jordas Trial for the first time. and the Invati Sekhara, which was given to all players who completed at least one Trial before they were removed. P.S. While writing this I just remembered the Vitus emblem from the Arbitrations which acts similarly. While not officially a Sekhara, the "Tethra's Doom Quantum Emblem" fits the same criteria, and could be considered an honorary Sekhara. Which was obtained from its name-sake event, which sadly was before I joined, but I'm not going to try asking for it to return. I will however say, as someone who owns the Raid Sekharas, I wouldn't mind seeing them make a return and become obtainable if it meant DE were to start expanding upon the list of Sekharas in game. They feel very in theme with Ephemeras, and while the Sekharas were originally intended to be awarded for great feats or etc, they are outshined by Ephemeras, sometimes literally. So with all that in mind, I felt like making another forum brainstorming thread just to see what the community would want in what can essentially be simplified to shoulder emphemeras?
  2. I'm encountering a very frequent bug where after I defeat Hounds, it won't give me the prompt to execute them. I thought maybe if I waited long enough they'd either get back up or expire on their own but neither is happening. It's so frequent I'm running Sister nodes where I end up only killing 1/3 Hounds. I'm running Nezha with a long duration firewalker and a sentinel with Verglas, I'm not sure if those are part of it. Their shields regen, but they don't get back up, and even if I remove their shield again nothing changes. I've also noticed I haven't been able to perform the Mercy animation whenever it does work, it's always the placeholder hacking animation instead.
  3. I wouldn't toss the idea away so soon. If the next Devstream involves Naberus 2021, we might see a Halloween/dark variant on the Angel wings to be thematic.
  4. Has anyone at DE considered having Agile/Noble sets for Warframes based off of non-"Warframe" characters? e.g. Clem, Darvo, Ki'Teer, Prodman, Syndicates or even the Operator idles?
  5. Why are so many people against being able to ride it like a vehicle though? I thought the excuse people always give against percieved powercreep was "It's meant to be fun, not good." If that's the case, then I'd take a ridable weapon over decent damage. Melee weapons all already feel the same. So why is breaking out of that such a gospel sin?
  6. I recommend making the "ride" part of the weapon, the Heavy Attack, that should hopefully allow for riding it longer, while also being more rewarding when using it against enemies with the right builds.
  7. Not really related to Railjack, but on the topic of Spectres. I love Nidus specters. They consistancy try to keep Parasitic Link on you the majority of the time, which provides you a bonus 24% power strength buff. Not counting the fact they can slowly gain stacks, don't consume stacks when casting abilities as specters use cooldowns, has decent hp and armor, innate health regen (stacking with stacks) and their Ult provides a decent AoE spot to heal while the maggots provide good CC distractions. The only move they don't use is Nidus's 2 but considering how much they can do on their own, I really couldn't ask for more.
  8. I recommend maxing out Engineering, being able to auto-repair using the map is so much more useful than you'd think.
  9. Huh, from my gameplay my Engineer is always fine. My only crewmate that gets downed seems to be the Pilot, and even then it appears one of the other crew members runs to revive them anyway.
  10. Noticing a bit of confusion so I'll just clarify. I meant more of Agile/Noble idles, not actual emotes. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. I suppose I should've rephrased this a bit better. Without outright saying it, I was meaning more of, why aren't Defender and Engineer merged?
  12. Not to be funny or anything, but personally, I don't understand why these both are separated as roles. From what I can tell, Engineer and Defender both serve the same role, except a Defender won't repair. But if you get boarded by enemies, the enemies will damage the ship, which will cause the Engineer to go there and fix it, while blasting all enemies apart.
  13. Probably won't happen, but I feel bad if I don't share ideas that I think have a bit of potential.
  14. pfft Like the new T/A-Pose? Speaking of, I actually encountered that really recently. It seems Harrow's 2nd ability causes the energy overlay on him to A-Pose when you're riding a K-Drive. 100% repeatable.
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