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  1. Yeah, I know. It's all smoke and mirrors with the windows giving the illusion it's all connected and that all the ship interiors are just their own rooms hidden off somewhere outside of the literal Space we see. I just thought that since the Affinity thing is always active it might allow Trinity's blessing to work all across, as elsewhere her Blessing scales with it. You can even extend Trinity's blessing range using the Cetus flares.
  2. I think DE are just going to have Deimos use the Derelict tileset. It seems that the preview images still use the Derelict tileset for the preview images. Deimos also has two assassination nodes which I assume are for Lephantis and Zealot.
  3. Doing some power Intrinsic farming for the double affinity weekend with a booster and I wanted to know what some useful frames are while outside the Railjack in Archwing. Some of them that I'm currently aware of are 1. Nezha's Warding Halo 2. Wisp's Motes 3. Hildryn's longer duration shield gating (passive) Tried out some frames such as Trinity but despite Blessing being based on Affinity Radius, it appears this is not the case on Railjack missions even though allies are always within Affinity range. edit: just realised I probably should've posted this in players helping players.
  4. Something I think Dojos are currently lacking is the feeling of being alive or being lived in, this can be substituted by giving the players NPCs to place down. The Drydock has several Tenno working and maintenance platforms flying around but with no option to add or remove them. They also seem to be affected by changing the pigments of the room making them even more desirable for the Dojos. I've made posts before asking for placable NPCs in the Dojos but I'm making this as I have a more recent idea. Those platforms that fly around the Drydock, if players were given the ability to place them down and a tool to create a "flight path" for it, I think it'd be useful, both as a platform with no one on it to ride like an elevator and to make it appear as if rooms other than the Drydock are being worked on.
  5. I'm ok with the skulls if I can make Sans or Papyrus.
  6. I think DE said something about only being able to equip one ability to a frame.
  7. I think DE made a mistake by saying "Signature" since all abilities are signature abilities of each frame. They probably meant something like most used or what best represents that frame. Unfortunately, this was probably a poor thing to state as what represents one warframe might be different to another player. If there's any solace to be had it's that other frames will be able to use Firewalker, but most frames won't have Nezha's status immunity and knockdown resistance he has from Warding Halo. The only frames I can think of that come close are Rhino's Iron Skin, and Atlas's knockdown immunity while grounded passive.
  8. I'm more curious as to if a Celestial Twin would cast our abilities if it's a different frame. e.g. Celestial Twin Mirage Hall of Mirrors
  9. So long as it refunds the Lenses I'll be happy.
  10. I reckon 2-4 weeks. Tennocon counts as a Devstrearm so definitely not this week, although I'd love to be proven wrong. With Heart of Deimos being so close DE might even decide not to have a Devstream until it releases, that's what I'd wager anyway.
  11. For me, the only real thing keeping me back from playing Raids was the way the matchmaking was set up, having to invite people. I'd rather just jump into a Pub like any other mission. In the end as they were closing I joined the Raid Bus Discord for a time just so I could get each of the emblems. They were ok with it of course.
  12. Surprised people want more rewards from Infested Salvage, I want no Infested Salvage at all 😄
  13. My only request is to be able to use the overcoat on other frames.
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