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  1. I understand the title is probably confusing, by Orbiter planet skyboxs I mean when you're in your Orbiter outside of missions and you look out of the windows. I'm not sure on the exact age of when they were originally added but ever since I joined they were always a thing, and honestly they are nice to see outside your windows. However, I feel they have/are becoming dated and are showing signs of their age. Currently the only ones I like are the Void and the newer planetary areas such as Lua and Kuva Fortress. As something that represents the last place you've been to it kinda sucks when I'd much rather be looking at Lua than [insert planet name]. However I imagine there are some players that may have become attached to these and could be upset by their removal. I wanted to make this thread to see what opinion is on having them remade. In the very least with Venus coming Soon.TM and Railjack coming in a year or two I feel it'd be within DE's interest to remake Venus to include this planetary defense system we'll be piloting through over Venus and potentially other planets, to appease the lore anyway. I also want to point out how with the window added with the private quarters typically you look out of that window and just see space, nothing much of interest.
  2. Hi I'm wondering if we can recieve a button for the in-game chat that will allow me to "lock" or "unlock" the position of my chatbox. Every once in a while I accidentally drag my chatbox then have to spend time making sure I reposition the chatbox pixel perfectly. Can we have a lock button to prevent that from happening please?
  3. Zahnny

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    I don't mean to ask too early but I'd rather not leave it late either. I believe DE said when they reworked the Operator suits they'd work getting operator suit tennogen. So with all respect, any update on that?
  4. Zahnny

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    I want an option to toggle wheither or not the hoods are static or not. Don't like the hoods now they're all dangly.
  5. Zahnny

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    I saw it. I saw it all.
  6. Zahnny

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Oof. No Relics? I'm liking the drop table but some relics or even reactant would've been nice.
  7. Zahnny

    Stream Date: Devstream #118 on Oct 19!

    At least you're not skipping it for two weeks this time.
  8. I don't mean to sound harsh, but genuinely what happened to Tact alerts and Events? Once over they were the biggest sources of content in warframe and they didn't even require "a whole new update" levels of work. They were engaging, something new even if minimal and for the most part quite fun. So I have to ask, if we're increasingly going into TF2 levels of content draughts as time goes on, why did DE kill off the biggest threat to content draughts? The only things we get now are just rehashes. And the 10 months between each event we get is becoming more dumbed down everytime we DO get a new event. Ghoul incusions, Plague star. They were advertised as events and even in rehashes they still are, yet aside from one being a forma farm they're pretty worthless to most players past the first time participating. Tactical Alerts and Events are the perfect padding for content draughts and DE has managed to padd the padding. It doesn't help that ghouls spawn outside of the ghoul incursions that seemingly last a month between downtimes. If we really have to deal with re-playing tactical alerts and events that have already been why are they all the most recent stuff? I'm sure both vets and new players alike would love it if we went through the oldest tactical alerts through to the newest in continous cycles. If there is a fear that it would "ruin" the nostalgia of old events then imagine how it must feel to see Eyes of Blight Lite, Drool Incursions and Pain Star. Not to mention the Acolyte mods which should've been released seperately from the Acolytes ages ago. I'm sorry but my theory is DE is so scared of powercreep in Warframe that they're hesitant to give players rewards in more frequent rotations, and if we've seeing reduced lore because it might ruin plans DE has for the future then maybe it just shows how fragile and bad Warframe's lore has become. I love Warframe but being told I should play other games rather than the game I want to love is just not something I can be happy with. I don't want DE to give up on Warframe.
  9. Also it's a lot easier to do if you use Mag's magnetize.
  10. I forget if I already made a thread like this and if I have, I apologize. So last TennoCon I got a digital ticket and got the goodies but something always bothered me about the poster given. Pic in spoiler: To me looking at this poster it doesn't seem like the Origin System, at least if we're using our (Sol)ar System model for the Origin system which seems to pretty much be the case in Warframe. I'm not sure if this is artistic or stylistic and I'm just theory crafting for no reason but as I'm sure you all know, using our real world example we have 4 terrestrial planets and 4 gas giants. Also the terrestrial Pluto beyond the orbit of Neptune because you're still a planet to me. I won't refer to Planet X's gravitational anomolies as I feel it's irrelevent to this post. Inside the orbit of the lazily named Asteroid Belt we have our 4 rocky planets, in order of distance to Sol/Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Inside the asteroid belt we have the largest asteroid known as Ceres which is arguably more dwarf-planet than asteroid with its liquid oceans and paranormal lights. Then beyond the asteroid belt's orbit we have in order of distance away, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I apologize if I sound like I'm dumbing this down, just wanted to use it as a refresher. So back to the poster above, we see a Star and what I assume to be 4 terrestrial planets and 2 gas giants, minus any that could be hidden behind the star, the planets moons or this chart just being an incomplete representation. While it can be argued this is just an obscure depiction of the Origin system I just find it peculiar that two of the orbits seem to place more than one planet on the same orbital path, which is of course wrong by our real world example. I'm also unsure of what it says above the system but I recognize the symbols as mod polarities. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm entirely wrong about all this but given the release of The New War trailer I'm curious as to if this is a depiction of what the Tau system might look like. I'm not sure what the point of posting this was but I just wanted to get it out there and maybe see some people talking about it.
  11. Zahnny

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Huh, is this a first time that a last minute edit has been made? Also I know this question is probably early but when we get Tennogen Operator suits will it be parts e.g. sleeves, torso, legs, hood or will they be a full set? I'm hoping for the latter as I'd rather not spend £4-5 for each piece.
  12. Zahnny

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    One question I do have is, I feel it may become more and more common for artists to bundle several items as part of a set. Is there any plan to introduce a discount for items that are all part of a set released in a certain round? e.g. Diva Octavia and Diva Polearm and eventually we'll probably see skin+syandana+weapon skin or more for other collections.