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  1. Then please try to use something longer than a single sentence that at first glance comes off as troll-like or provocative when you first post. It made your post seem disingenuous. I have no problem with criticism but if I'm unable to tell from text if you are or are not trolling problems can arise for everyone involved.
  2. I think you're missing the point that I'm fed up with lazy arguments and decided to use your own argument against you, in an attempt to see how you would handle it. I apologize that I appear to have upset you instead of teaching you a lesson.
  3. So fun is measured on being able to die easily? That is not correct.
  4. I think you could have just summerized your post as "I didn't read the OP but please nerf everything"
  5. I had the same problem. "Sins" is considered a forbidden word, so I had to settle with using a 1 in place of it, luckily the Railjack text font makes it look like a capital i Anyway, I got my Ship to be called Past Sins
  6. Once upon a time DE stated they didn't want to bring shield gating into Warframe because it "makes no difference". They later added it as a passive for Hildryn for what I can only assume was a way of testing it out. Hildryn's shield gate works in Archwing in Empyrean and I'd argue it's a must have for a serious archwing focused playstyle in Railjack missions. I run Cyngas, Hildryn and Amesha in Archwing missions and I genuinely find it to be fun, the only time I die is when I'm being overconfident and negligent on managing my abiltiies. Because Amesha's 4th gives you energy upon taking damage, you can juggle this with her 1st ability. Take damage with 4th activated, Shield gating kicks in giving you a chance at activating your first ability along with getting energy from the 4th ability. Combined with the constant energy loss from the 3rd ability which you will want active as often as possible and it provides a very interesting and rewarding system of tactically taking damage and timing when you lose your 1st ability. to regain energy then protecting yourself again with her third. If DE is smart, this shouldn't be patched, rather it should be encouraged on other archwings and frames in general. It makes Archwing as fun as it should have been intended for Empyrean. I'd even go as far as to say I miss the homing projectile crewships as I'd rely on timing them in my playstyle.
  7. I don't use reddit, but I'm aware they have a section called r/softwaregore featuring weird glitches like this. To be honest it's kinda cool to see glitches like this. A problem that can be entirely unique to you. That and it's interesting to see the overlap when things go wrong. The OP did genuinely convince me at first. EDIT: Not to accuse but I actually had my suspisions this might have been some kind of hoax or ARG from you at first too.
  8. This is possible. OP was it just your friend or did everyone in that squad see it?
  9. Unfortunately it wouldn't be as easy as that. The droprates have been low that I've done 3 sentient ship missions, two of those involving a Nekros in the squad and one involving an Ivara and Nekros and we co-ordinated kills properly and we didn't recieve a single drop. Sadly, this would only work if we were garunteed at least one Shedu part drop per run. Otherwise players can see "Oh I didn't get a mysterious item. Time to leave."
  10. Still not perfect, but I've found a work around replacing i with 1
  11. Got the Quellor drop but it ended up that none of us paid attention to the ship. and failed the mission. No sooner than 5 seconds after seeing the BP we suddenly got a game over screen. EDIT: Someone is probably going to complain that I rushed the mission or something, we got rid of all crewships and fighters, all we had was an asteroid base and commander base. Guess either turrets or ramsleds did us in.
  12. If it is a forbidden word, is there anyway I can appeal for them to revert it?
  13. Make it so the Captain can manually shove other players off of the Pilot seat. That's all you'd need to do.
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