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  1. Nope, checked today real early and it's still the same. I understand the importance of trying to help unvaulted, but I thought the whole point of the Void was to cater to Unvaultings now. Guess I'm gonna need to wait until the unvaulting ends before farming Atlas Prime 😐
  2. Besides Ember, Saryn seems to have the most vocal fanbase. Which leads to events such as the OP post.
  3. Unless you're like the Ash Prime player I encountered a few years ago in a Sortie that did nothing but nikana p melee spam Lech Kril for the entire like a fly stuck to a sticky trap, that probably won't happen if you play it smart against a Kuva Lich. Fight smarter, not harder!
  4. For the past 3 days I've been checking the Bounties for relic drops and it's always the same exact relics, spira prime, saryn prime, valkyr prime, cernos prime and those types of relics for the past 3 days. Are bounties hard-coded to always display the same relics at the certain times? I'm assuming this is a result of me playing Warframe at the same time. (Currently 20:24 BST) If this is the case can we please have them coded to be different each day rather than the same? More so, Cetus and Fortuna always display the same relics when they should logically have different relics from each other for added diversity. Sucks as I much prefer to run Bounties for my relic farms. I'm hoping this is an oversight as it discriminates against players who might only be able to play at a certain time each day.
  5. This is a question or rather a feature I've been wanting for a long time. Can we have the option to choose between ability FX if said ability has more than one apperance? e.g. prime, default, deluxe. The obvious requirement being owning said thing it's part of. I feel this would be hugely advantageous for Tennogen if we can use deluxe abilities with tennogen bodies. P.S. I'd like to use Nekro's default shadows of the dead instead of his prime variant, that's just me though.
  6. All I want is for a Kuva Miter, for too long the Miter has been skinless, and I'd settle for anything, skin, weapon variant, etc.
  7. I wasn't joking. I've been wanting a Miter skin since War Within gave me a god riven unrolled for it, as my first ever riven.
  8. With all these Kuva weapons, I hope they will have a Kuva Miter. Finally a skin for it.
  9. There is one good side to this though. It's a lesson in Capitalism. If you exclude consumers, or exclude something from consumers, they will make less profits and will find alternatives to it. It's kinda shooting yourself in the foot.
  10. Sounds good, Excalibur would likely benefit most from this.
  11. Unfortunately I must agree, and many others feel the same way that the Ion skin is an aggressive tactic at forcing players to only use their items.
  12. Second year in a row (correct me if I'm wrong) where we've not recieved a new Day of the Dead weapon skin bundle pack. Am I to understand that they've been discontinued?
  13. You do realise this was posted back in August right?
  14. Been talking in chat about Landing Crafts and I wondered about the possibility of a "Landing Craft Articula" Someone else mentioned a Weapon articula, letting you select a weapon to display it with a plaque, similarly to the fish we can display.
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