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  1. Some people like Operators and some do not. Regardless they are meant to represent your "true" self. Maybe it's just me, but currently I feel that there still isn't that great of a selection for operator cosmetics, at least in regards to the facial accessories. Additionally, many cosmetics have a habit of hiding the Operator's face rather than complimenting it. I'm of the opinion that not every slot needs to be filled and having something a bit more minimalistic can be better, on that note. I do enjoy Operators and I like having my own space potato, so I don't like trying to hide them awa
  2. I feel I'm going to get flocked with "git gud" comments, but from what I've seen on youtube, people are making bots that can auto-play Shawzin songs. And with Warframe's strict anti-software stance I wouldn't be surprised if their system ends up catching people just wanting to play music. If the community is able to make bots within a few days, I think it shows there's enough of a desire for people to have some sort of auto-play feature for the Shawzin. Plus, it'd be nice for people like me with no talent that just want to play a meme song at extraction.
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