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  1. Combos are being reworked to be like Wukong's new ones. In effect, you'll get quick melee back after 3.0 is finished.
  2. In a lot of workshop posts I see examples of the warframes being posed far more interestingly than the simple T-Pose. However, the Tennogen Resource guide only provides .OBJ files, and no rigged meshes. Is there some feature in the Tennogen application that allows Warframes to be posed or do I need to manually rig one? I'd very much like to show off my submission with more than just a static stance, and because I want to show it on multiple warframes.
  3. It's because Ash was available as a Twitch drop for TennoCon 2018, and Trinity was a Twitch Prime loot drop for over a year. I don't particularly agree with it because it means some of the cosmetics won't return for a while, but that's probably why. Though then that's still confusing because Saryn and her weapons were lite-unvaulted at the beginning of this year during the weekend wars. I think the big takeaway is that they'll be cycling other primes than just the six or seven they've done in the past, so it won't be long until Ash and Trinity are unvaulted.
  4. That argument is the most nonsense thing ever. You don't need to be good at something to know what makes that thing good. None of us are good writers, but we all know 50 Shades of Grey is a narrative crime. None of us are CG artists, but we all know that Sonic and Cats look awful. None of us are footballers, but we all know if a team is good or not.
  5. Considering Grendel isn't really completely finished (he's not coming soon with Gauss as originally intended), and his numbers are completely subject to change, this sounds like an overreaction.
  6. I was paying more attention to what was going on in the screen, not the UI. Fine, it's the other way round. My point stands, his 3rd is useful beyond just lobbing enemies.
  7. His 3 chucks them all out at once, and his 1 chucks one out at a time. I assume that his 3rd gives him a regen buff when it's used, too, as it's called rejuvinate (i think).
  8. Glad to see they've committed to expanding Disruption and making the rewards better. Look forward to whatever new reward they're adding to the Lua one.
  9. If there's to be another Corpus open world, I'd rather it took place on Neptune or Pluto. There's nothing special about Neptune or Pluto at the moment, whereas Jupiter already has its fancy tile-set rework. In terms of lore, I don't think that Jupiter is really used by the Corpus as a place to live. From what I gathered, I thought it's more of a factory planet for exploiting all of its resources. It'd be interesting to see how different partners of the Corpus set their places up. We've already seen Salad V's Gas City and Nef Anyo's Venus a lot. I'd be more interested in Frohd Bek being introduced as a proper player in the game (because his event has disappeared from the game, no one who's joined in the last few years just gets thrust right in with no explanation). I'd imagine something darker; a bit like how Corpus ships used to look like so like a Blade Runner or Halo ODST vibe. Real dystopian surveillance state look.
  10. Currently, no. The only armour pieces allowed are chest pieces. However if I'm successful with this piece then I'll make others as the other types become available. I agree with you, but to fit the guidelines for the Tenno faction, repeating patterns should be avoided (scales are mentioned specifically). I'll be adding more detail to the main section, as the dark Lotus symbol is the secondary colour, and there'll be more decoration to hopefully improve the look of it. The leather is entirely subject to change at this point until I find something I'm completely happy with that would be accepted by DE.
  11. Yeah I prefered the scales too. However, the faction guide for Tenno states to "avoid repetition of shapes, like scales." which is why it'd be very unlikely to be accepted with them. I'll be working some more on the leather material to make it better before publishing it. I'm not really sure what you mean by this. Would you be able to elaborate?
  12. Update Now changed the main material to plain leather. Looks a bit more organic and more in line with what the guide requires. Got all of the main colour channels worked out, and now need to add a bit more detail to the main plate with some more dark bits.
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