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  1. This very feature was shown on the latest Devstream (136 I think). Not sure of the timecode, but it's coming at some point, perhaps with the next mainline update. Maybe it'll come with a resolution increase as well to allow more detailed emblems.
  2. Look back at the opening cinematic for Warframe released at TennoCon. That took place at the end of the Collapse, and they were normal warframes. I find it very difficult to believe that the Orokin sacrificed a Dax soldier for every single Tenno to use as a Warframe, potentially multiple times if they're destroyed. I find it far more believable that there was a single original Prime warframe of each type, and they were then mass-produced using standard organic matter, similarly to how we do it in-game at the foundry.
  3. Don't mindlessly spam seeker volley and particle ram?
  4. I now very much hope that the Primes aren't unique frames. If that's the canonical death of Excalibur, Mag, and Nova Prime, there seems to be a bit of a wasted opportunity. (Still holding out hope for a Stalker Collapse origin quest).
  5. The issue with that is that the weapon blade trails will appear on both sides in the same place regardless of the blade's model. If you have a large blade, the trail won't line up with the edge. If you have no blade on the other side, there'll be a floating trail of energy. In both of these cases the submission will likely be rejected. The only way to get round it would be to curve the weapon's 'front' end to fit a bigger blade and then keep a normal sized blade at the bottom.
  6. I'd be fine with all the changes if Arch-Line wasn't the jankiest damn thing that's ever existed. It makes me feel like one of Vauban's sticky ripline victims.
  7. They literally cannot win. After introducing separate heavy and light attack buttons, people complained about having to use a second key for heavies. After allowing you to hold the light button for a heavy, people complain. Bind it to your mouse scroll for goodness' sake, it won't do a heavy attack that way because you can't hold down a scroll motion.
  8. Add a Convert>Separate RGB node in. Plug the normal texture into that Place a Color>Invert node and stick the G output into it. Then add a Convert>Combine RGB node and make the normal R, B and inverted G as inputs. Then, bake it onto a plane as that.
  9. Yes, for damaging abilities only, and if there's no explicit reason why they should go through walls. Excalibur's Javelins are pretty useless because of how few enemies they hit (and the amount of damage they do), where other frames get to use abilities which similarly don't make much sense going through walls. For example, Gara's splinter storm also lobs projectiles (of glass) into the enemy, but doesn't suffer such harsh LoS restrictions. An obvious exception would be Banshee's 4th ability, because sound travels through walls.
  10. Will Focus Orbs be turned off in (at least the main) quests so we won't be distracted? I stupidly have a lens on Umbra and you've previously ruled out removing lenses (while destroying them in the process).
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