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  1. K. Shame the male operator armour took away all of the best bits of Teshin's look, while the female armour keeps all the good bits of the female Dax armour. Looks like I've got no reason to play this one.
  2. A few minutes further in the stream, they show Teshin's Steel Path offerings. It only contained 4 armour purchases - one helmet, arms, legs and chest, unfortunately. Currently they're the same set of armour, unless they were yet to add the different style to the market in their build.
  3. That's a completely false equivalence. For your 'example' to relate to this, there would have to BE a female version of Excalibur, or a male version of nyx. They would also need to be stylistically different to the original sex of the frame, and one of the sexes would need to look significantly more barebones and less detailed than its counterpart. Do we have any of that? Nope. It's also missing the best parts of it. Without the skirt and cloth bits his thigh armour has very strange proportions in relation to the rest of the body. It looks like the designer made the thighs then ran out of material for the rest of the blooming thing. In fact, with all of the dangling cloth removed, there seems to be no dynamism in the armour at all. Compare that to the female look, which has an Orvius strapped to the back, shoulder pads, a collar, a (stripped down, admittedly) skirt, etc.
  4. That's fair. Just in case anybody feels the same as you and decides to have a go at me: I'm not trying to say "reee this ObJeCtIvElY helmet is better than that helmet", as both have their own styles. The male Dax helmet is good, I just prefer the female one. My original post was likely very harsh on the male helmet, though I stand by my other criticisms - especially the beer belly and clear evidence that Heron needs more calf days. I just happen to believe that gating two very stylistically different armour sets by sex is a poor implementation of this. If players with a female operator would like the male style Dax armour to cross over I fully agree with that perspective. I would actually be interested in mixing and matching, as the wide sleeves of the male operator, combined with an adapted (in other words, without the very obviously breasty breastplate) female chest piece, the female legs and a helmet of your choice would look very good.
  5. Just LOOK at the difference between the two. My operator's a bloke. I will not be changing the sex of my operator for the sake of armour - mainly because Heron is the only voice I find palatable. The male Dax helmet looks crap in comparison to the one for females. In fact, everything about the male armour looks crap in comparison. Please consider splitting the two armour sets (or the helmets at the VERY LEAST) into separate purchases, with each one working on both sexes. If that's not on the cards, please consider putting the female arms, legs, and helmet on the male variant. A reworked version of the chest, too. I don't want my 14-year old operator having a wee beer belly. (A picture of you vs. the Dax she told you not to worry about, in case any of you haven't seen it yet)
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  7. Yeah. Though I haven't played TF2 for a while and my idea of it was a bit warped. It could do with a bit less momentum gain/speed boost in general to reduce the amount of throwing oneself into things in the corridors we have. Probably quite a controversial opinion but I'm really not a fan of the bullet jumping around we have to do (aka Palapatine-ing) to get any semblance of mobility - it feels quite weightless for me: slide, jump, double jump, maybe roll, straight back into normal sprinting speed. A grapple hook could be a replacement for that, and would encourage more wall running by conserving momentum gains from swings. How to keybind it? No clue, honestly. Playing Warframe on a controller must be an absolute nightmare as it is lmao.
  8. For me to use it, it would have to be vastly different to Ripline. Titanfall 2's Grappling Hook would be a good example of a good grappling hook - ie, not awful. If that got combined with a smooth wall-running animation, I'd play the hell out of that.
  9. That's possible, sure. I'd call some of that into doubt however. In the Vitruvian, Ballas declares that the Bio-Drone warframes were "all of them, failures". I would be very surprised if they kept them alive after how staggeringly badly they performed on the battlefield. Ballas kept Umbra alive to torture him as he was a political enemy. Doing the same to the bio-drones would give him no such satisfaction. For argument's sake let's say they were still alive. That doesn't explain his place in the parade - from this point I'll refer to the event of the Orokin's execution as 'The Parade' for brevity. If Stalker was a bio-drone or warframe in active use, he would be controlled by a Tenno, or he himself is a Tenno. They had already planned to execute the Orokin at the Parade. If he disagreed with this, he would have likely left prior to that event - he couldn't have done anything against the thousands of tenno that would have been there (don't get me started on how many tenno there canonically are, it's nuts and frankly makes no sense how we haven't conquered the system yet). Secondly, the Codex says "I watched from a distance, with the rest of the low Guardians." If he was a warframe, he would have been front and centre in the parade with the rest of them. We have also never heard of a sect of Tenno called 'Guardians'. So far they've only been divided by the five schools. I would guess that guardians are a group of common foot soldiers, potentially the equivalent of the police or security guards. A low ranking guardian would probably never see an Orokin up-close. He would have never seen their behaviour and had no reason to doubt their propaganda machine touting them as gods. Finally, if he was a bio-drone, he would have been experimented upon by the Orokin, and perhaps would have seen Ballas up close. Going through an experience like that, whether voluntary or not, would have likely soured his view of the Orokin, and he wouldn't be too broken up about their deaths. This is why I believe he's human at the Parade, and becomes a warframe later. By what means, I have no clue, but it would certainly be interesting to have a story to fill that in. I've always wondered what an Old-War Stalker spin-off would feel like, with melee-only combat and a dark souls-y aesthetic to the infested.
  10. Stalker's base appearance has been altered before. Previously, he was just a recoloured excalibur. Then, they added pieces of umbra to him. He has the extended forearms, silver plates on his side and additional piece on his chest. If they wanted to make sure he wasn't a warframe, they would have changed his appearance to something completely different when they did that. Hunhow quote: "All your dread-long life, you've waited for this moment. But you're asking yourself, 'Was I one of these wretched things?' You know the answer. You still hate them. You still hate yourself." The Stalker hates himself because he believes himself to be a Tenno, or a Warframe at the least. He is of the same race as those who killed the Orokin, and his "way of life". You add that to his excalibur powers, his umbra appearance, and his codex entry (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stalker) there's ample evidence to suggest he's a Warframe. Not only is he a Warframe, but he is likely the only 'self-made' warframe. A low Guardian wouldn't have been transformed into an Umbra warframe by Ballas, there's no way. He was human at the beginning of the Collapse as well, going by his Codex entry. There's a whole chunk of Stalker's story that hasn't been told from the Orokins' execution to his transformation which really needs to be explored. Considering the Stalker's apparent confusion at the revelation that the Tenno control the Warframes, it's clear that he doesn't know whether he is in his own Second Dream, or if he's simply a self-aware warframe like Umbra. This then obviously conflicts with the codex entry - how can he remember the execution of the Orokin and not his own transformation? Well, I don't really have an explanation for that other than convenient amnesia. Alternatively, the Stalker simply remembered what happened AFTER the events of the Second Dream, with the revelation about the warframes triggering centuries-old memories in him.
  11. There were only a few Prime warframes in the orokin era. Given Umbra's origin, and the sylistic similarities between Umbra and Primes, it's likely that the Primes are also Dax (or some other kind of) soldiers that were turned into warframes. This couldn't be done on a large scale, as you'd need to kill thousands or millions of your soldiers to create enough prime warframes for the tenno to use. Instead, they used generic biological matter, or cloning, or some other process to create the normal warframes. Whatever type of human was used to make these frames were not strong Dax warriors used to make the Umbra and Prime frames, and are therefore weaker warframes. They likely just pawned off a bog standard Protea to Granum to keep him happy, as the Primed Protea (as of the moment, we have never seen two primes of the same type during the orokin era, I believe, so it's up in the air whether there are one or multiple of each prime) would be too valuable an asset to give away. There's a few points in the rest of the thread that I disagree with. One of them being that the Primes were not the first warframes, and that the normal frames came first. In Ballas' Vitruvian, he speaks about the process of creating the Warframes. Here's the quote in question: "We took our greatest, volunteers or not, and polluted them with these cultured reagents." How exactly do you improve on the best possible test subjects? You don't. The first warframes were primes. They were the perfect test subjects, given the full attention of Ballas and his scientists. Of course they were the most powerful versions. The later, normal, warframes were mass produced at cost-cutting quality. A good analogy would be the spartans from the Halo series. There were 30 Spartan IIs, given a huge amount of money and time to perfect. Then came the Spartan IIIs, who numbered in the hundreds and were made quickly and cutting corners. The Spartan IIs were better.
  12. Operators do not die when their warframes do. The operators are pretty much immortal. They can be physically killed and just get yanked back into the void to regenerate (as we see in gameplay). When warframes die, the somatic link is simply disabled and the operator is fine.
  13. There's a tile with a big pyramid similar to the one in the quest. In front of it will be a statue of the Founder and a console to donate crowns. Don't have a screenshot unfortunately. Not sure if it does it every time, but I fought the Hyena Pack in this room. Maybe try doing that mission and see if it pops up.
  14. Charge the glaive by killing the spectres. Once you have three golden dots next to your reticle it's charged. Then attack protea until she begins to reverse herself. You can see when this happens as yellow ghosts of protea will retrace her steps. Then use the glaive explosion (heavy melee twice) on her. The glaive must be charged to do this. It has a wide radius so is easy to hit. This takes one of her health bars down.
  15. Title, pretty much. This environment looks absolutely incredible, except for this. Why is this the case? It's certainly not a moon because Venus has no moons, and there's never been more than one sun depicted in the game before. Could the smaller one be that big reflector device for the orb vallis? If so, it really doesn't look like what it does from that location. The scale is off and you can clearly see the object planet-side, through the atmosphere, so you'd be able to see (or at least make out the individual lights) from orbit. Quite minor feedback but slightly distracting. Take away the small one and it'd be perfect. Love the rest of the update, especially the boss fights, thanks for all the hard work and looking forward to more.
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