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  1. It's usually because most people don't want to go to a public group in the vallis. The option was accidentally set to public. Get a squad from recruit chat to save the hassle of random groups.
  2. Any plans to rework existing stances so the typical 'mash E' combo maintains momentum? Would provide a useful compromise between quick melee while keeping the instant weapon switching.
  3. No worries man! Can't deny though, the FX when swinging it looks pretty sick.
  4. Could I see a source for that please? I don't have any of those weapons. Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. The energy on these weapons are default and their highest element is radiation. If you put Excal's energy colour to default, and mod his exalted blade for radiation, his exalted blade will glow pink as well, just as another example.
  5. I agree. An attack that requires you to do TWO heavy attacks should deal more than 60 base damage when the weapon itself deals 98.
  6. What he's saying is that the default energy colour of radiation on melee weapons is pink. He thinks it's inconsistent with other sources of radiation in the game, and wants it to change. Also he can't handle the colour pink existing and thinks it's too "girly". What he's failed to say satisfactorily is WHY it should change. He said that: Being common isn't an argument FOR something. We have eyes and can see in its stats that a weapon deals radiation damage. We don't need to see that it's glowing green to understand that. He also hasn't stated why he doesn't simply change the energy colour of the weapon to make it look like the colour that he wants - I mean it's not like there are hundreds or even thousands of individual shades for him to pick which aren't the harbinger of death, PINK. It's not like it's even a pale pink you'd see on a Barbie doll or something. It's a violent-ass pink with a really sick navy blue trail. But clearly the act of cleaving a space zombie in two just doesn't feel the same if there's even an implication of femininity involved. Fun fact, the Nazis were the ones who ascribed blue to boys and pink to girls! Before that, it was the other way around. It's almost as if a colour has no inherent implication of gender or any other kind of human trait, and it's down to some weird human interpretation that there has to be some kind of meaning behind dope ass colours.
  7. Most wavelengths of radiation are invisible, so if we're going accurate then it shouldn't show up. The closest colour to it is violet, which is close to pink.
  8. Ahem... It's rigged. Nah though I doubt they would let the event go by without us getting to deal with exploiter
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