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  1. Fugana

    About Lotus

    Steve promised that after we complete The Sacrifice the solar system wont be the same and there will be a massive sentient invasion, well almost 1 year later stll nothing.
  2. Fugana

    Optimize your install? - Never

    I think my Ryzen 3 @3.8Ghz is leaques ahead of what Warframe provides 😉 its not my machine its the crappy engine.
  3. Fugana

    Warframe Endgame Suggestion, please read!

    Id liketo see endgame stuff but railjack looks like it wil be newbie friendly, i can bet 15K lat that the rewards from taht space mission will be 1: 3K Kuva 2: 2K Endo 3: Forma 4: Random Relic 5: Random number Fuelfor the ship 6: Mod 7: Mod 8: Mod You gt my point - it wont be worth, it will be fun for the first 20 times no doubt but with rewards like these nobody will remember it 1 month after release.
  4. Fugana

    Warframe Endgame Suggestion, please read!

    Its not im sayng that DE will never give us legit real end game cus they are aming constnatly at newbies and starters with every new cntent. For the past 3 years they are making everything newbie friendly while we veterans ae begging or something barely chalenging.
  5. Fugana

    Warframe Endgame Suggestion, please read!

    Railjack will be their new massive update afc it will be newbie friendly, this game will never ever have legit end game for experienced players.
  6. You have A LOT to learn pal, just beccouse its free to play doesnt mean its not selling stuff within itself, best selling should ring ya bell its making butt loads of money from platinum purchases and prime accesses.
  7. The silly part is ppls dennying the fact that Warframe is multi million dollar video game, i mean why is the reistance to accept the reality? arent youa guys hppy with the product esp in 2018 😮 more money made from the game means it will perform better next year right? oh wait.... fortuna flashbacks kick in
  8. If they want the game to be a MMO than they have to drop some money, they have the money and recources they are by no means an indie company at this point, indie doesnt print millions and millions. And to be fair there are signs that Warframe will go full blown MMO style game with massive landscapes and vehicles to drive Steve himself even says his dream is to make warframe an mmo game not just some random third person looter shooter.
  9. 🤣yes 166 736 000 dolars came out of nowhere right? And warframe have nothing to do with it while being all over the website. You might as well tell me that warframe is a failing product right? Meanwhile the OWNER of the company and the game is telling that Warframe is the most profitable free to play game on steam.
  10. From continuing operations Revenue in 2017 166,736, 000 (while having Warframe pictures on the background and nothing else) or you gonna tell me all these incomes are from games in devlopment and the dead Dirty Bomb? It doesnt matter how much money DE are getting which BTW is A LOT since they and the game is owned by Leyou. all it matters is how much Warframe is making. Multi Million Dollar franchise oh wait but its still in beta for a 6th year.
  11. Even if thats true which btw doesnt make any sense since their only profitable products currently are Warframe and the dead Duirty Bomb, 70 000 000 out of 140 000 000 is still butt load of money for "Indie" developer, reminding you again that the Witcher's 3 development and promotions all costed 84 000 000 dollars for a 3.5 years development time 😉 With their current incomes Leyou and DE can develop a Witcher 4 alike game but will they? I highly highly doubt, all we going to get is another open world with nothing to do on it but mine and fish oh and TENNOGEN that sweet sweet tennogen.
  12. Profits went from 39M to 47M for the first 6 months of 2018 wait to see the anual reports going trough the roofs since fortuna came out, oh wait lets not forget this is an indie devloper/studio that barely can afford the light above their heads and we cant simply aks them to improve the game and bring real servers on the table that is away out of DE's league while making millions upon millions.
  13. They just announced Dirty bomb will be killed by the end of this year and the suppoer is already terminated for the game, all they boast about in their repoerts is how warframe is the biggest and largest most profitable free to play game currently on the market, and its not like im making stuff you know its the owner of the game itself saying this, all their profit is coming from Warframe alone currently and btw how do they made 147 000 000 back in 2016 by only owning DE? yeah yeah i forgot its a indie company that barely cann affort the lights above their heads. DE is not indie nor are small developers, they can easelyey wan make witcher 4 if tht but it wont print 150-200 000 000$ evey year right?
  14. Sure sure despite Lyou not having any other game generating money but okay ill believe you 😄 Poor DE and Warframe barely making money to keep the lights on while their owners are swiming in mountains of money.
  15. Currently Leyou owns 97% of DE since 2016. They dont just do some random reports you know. But hey if you cant accept facts okay play it blind.