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  1. A lot of the issues with melee (and a multitude of the game's combat issues) would be solved if the enemy scaling was fixed. Grunt units should still be fodder even at high levels. The main focus on enemies should be the stronger units, eximus and, say, bombard type units. Instead of grunt units that can kill you in half a second at high levels and endless hordes of eximus, we should have fodder units that surround the stronger ones and make the stronger ones focused on being tougher to handle depending on the number of players. I personally like the "make your own combo" type of melee combat, where you use a combination of light, heavy, aerial, sliding, etc. attacks to situationally bring down enemies. I think a mix of the current preset combos and other ideas on this page for using your own inputs would work best. If enemies were fixed then we could use our own combination of attacks to cleave through hordes of fodder quickly and then use the expanding combos from stances to give us different effects for those harder "mini-boss" enemies that require more effort. Since the game does promote a 1-hit melee style, using the very short one or two custom attack inputs would keep things simple and efficient for clearing the fodder enemies. For combos, use basic light attacks to clear fodder and then use an expanding combo of different inputs (L-L-H) to hit the stronger enemies that won't die in 1-hit. Ex. (Using only melee) A small horde of grunt units surrounding a gunner: You could use a slide attack to get into the horde, then quickly kill the 1-hit fodder with light attacks. When you only have the heavy unit left instead use a combo (L-L-H) to hit the enemy quickly twice then knock them back with a heavy. This would, for the most part, require an overhaul of how enemies in the game work. I think using a combination of player input attacks and being able to continue those into a combo would work best for the game, given there is a separation of 1-hit fodder units and heavy/"mini-boss" units.
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