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  1. 6 minutes ago, Lindon7864 said:

    Yeah, let's buff 50 weapons just so that they are at the same power level as the Bramma instead of nerfing the one weapon so that it is at the same power level as the other 50.

    Stellar move!


    Love the sarcasm. But in all seriousness, if a weapon is not powerful then its not fun. You can't make grind easier by nerfing them. Thanks for your first post.

  2. 2 hours ago, -TSA-KenSasaki said:

    So ppl have Problems with the effects from the Bramma? U ever playd Vauban or other frames with Massive AoE effekts and annoying colours? 
    The Weapon does dmg and ppl have Problems with this but Play Mesa and other Weaposn that can Clear full Enemys Weaves?
    We Farm a heavy Grind from Liches to get this Weapon, its not like *here the BP und build it* no we need to farm for it and for what? That it is now BullS#&$?
    Why do ppl not play other Weapons? The Problem is not that the Bramma dies Tons of DMG and have nice AoE clear, the Problem is that there is nearly NO OTHER Weapon that can do this!
    First Remove Self DMG Cause ppl cant play with it and no one would play bramma, now ppl play bramma cuase self dmg is gone and u wonder why so many ppl play this weapon?
    I dont think u understand ur own game at the moment...

    List of stuff DE killed:

    Zenistar, Catchmoon, Nearly all Shootguns, Amps, Arcanes, Statuses like Gas, and now Bramma.
    Whats next?

    DE has no plans for end game. As long as topics are not reaching a sky high as a concern then DE takes a blind eye to the subject. Its just how the Warframe community flows here sadly. Quick example: I am still waiting for my Nekros army limit to be lifted but that's gone for like 3 years now. No Nekros mains outrage = no changes. Something that are too good/fun will be nerfed.

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