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  1. @toafarmer PLAY OTHER WEAPONS just cause ur fav weapon got nerf doesnt mean other weapons are useless
  2. take that rubico vectis akjagara sellers i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy with this nerf 🙂 snd rip to those who bought perfect stat riven for 2k 3k 5k 😄 ty DE
  3. What about hildryns 2 the armor part is it working ? like its said in the ability tab?
  5. we have to take a step and start some where right its 50% both side problems if the game provides actual data on rivens and what should be the maximum prices of these rivens then these greedy !@@$!! won't do $%^& i am glad that [DE] is taking steps in this matter #stoprippingplayers #toomuchgrofit #grofitover9000
  6. Hey man check your spelling (dollar) and btw it was his choice and being a founder doesn't makes you special.
  7. Atleast play the frame b4 judging it.
  8. Man the games free u getting frames if u don't like it don't play it simple its free don't complain.
  9. I HAVE A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR THIS HEAR ME OUT (DE) AND MY FELLOW COMMUNITY MEMBERS 90% OF THE COMMUNITY thinks that no riven should cost more than 1k or more, ppl sell for 5k 15k 10k and 10% JUST rip new players SELL high buy low thats their mentality so far this is absolutely crazy so the soloution is this EX: SYBARIS riven what stats are needed to be godly CC+CD MS+CD DMG +CD or DMG+CC+CD-NEG (good one). So each good stat the riven needs prices should be based on each stats lets keep each good stat price at 200p even for good neg stats EX: DMG+CC+CD-zoom => 200+200+200+200 so a god roll like this should cost around 800p max affordable EX: if a riven has DMG+CC then => 200+200 then it should cost 400p affordabe i know only the 10% i spoke about will find this a bad idea but rest will think its a good idea to implement
  10. u do know its a beast in 100% status mods right why do i need 60/60 mods u say hmm idk bro what to tell u
  11. When is the new frame comming today? or sometime in march?
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