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  1. hace 21 horas, imbressive dijo:

    i didnt see any difference with or without the dye. i think the system which determines the quality isnt realy working correctly. for example, if a fish is spooked because u missed a shot or catched one right next to it, then you go and hit the spooked fish and land a far left/right barely in the redzone, it still can be a mid/high tier quality, (happened to me a  lot) but it should be a lower quality ( at least this is how i understood the system) and the opposite is also true, fish swims peacefully and slowly, you trow your spear and hit it, then hit perfectly in the center of the red bar and the fish is basic..... 

    also if i didnt understand the system right, please some one correct me.

    Afaik, the quality is fixed to the fish, in a similar fashion to how size works for PoE fish.You can notice differences in the models between basic/adorned/magnificent if you look close enough. getting a fish with a PoE spear will damage the fishes, but if you're using the electric one, as long as you hit the red zone nothing else matters to if you get the fish and the quality of it.

  2. hace 13 horas, Taintknight dijo:

    Also Pupacyst description says *cocoon at the tip of this staff* o.o but isn't it a polearm?? 

    wow! It's almost as if adding a mass or weapon at the end of a staff makes it... a polearm... 
    halberd = polearm, halberd with no head= staff

  3. En 30/9/2018 a las 2:34, (PS4)calvin_0 dijo:

    o.k, you guys are correct, there is an ascend and descend button, the only problem is, it's only accessible when you are not going turbo... but still IMO my point still stand, they still need a way to ascend and descend while in turbo mode..

    so right now, i have to go in and out of turbo mode because otherwise i cant quickly ascend and descend. so it's still not as fluid when you compare it to Dragon Ball Xenoverse or DC Universe Online.

    turbo mode trades maneuverability (you turn slower and in bigger arcs) for a much greater speed. I don't feel it needs to give you that boost at no cost, and really if you want to change altitude, moving at high speeds means you need to start far from your desired target, and that makes aiming right for it much easier.


    Besides, dodging while boosted will change altitude (it has a directional imput, at least in experimental flight)

  4. Some time ago DE spoke about a mission maker tool for clans to make their own missions. In my clan, like many others, we like to make small events, but we have to work around the lack of tools to help us, and make the ingame challenges things like "reach 1 hour in X mission" or "donate Y amount of this resource", which really doesn't let us add much to the event.

    I'd like to suggest a couple Things to make that tool a reality.


    • Give us a very high mission level cap: Don't force us to go below lvl100. Let us go crazy and add enemies up to lvl500 at least.


    • Let the players choose the rounds: Let us choose rounds, from a single one, then the usual increments of five rounds/minutes.


    • Reduce the drops and exp from those missions to avoid exploiting the system to level stuff at the speed of sound: I do mean it. Maybe decrease the drops by a set % in accordance with the level and enemy types added to the mission, or make it just another endo farm.


    • Let us make use of assets already in the game: That means, let us place minibosses, void keys, and similar stuff to give these missions a sense of uniqueness.


    • Let us place text messages in the mission to guide our clan members thru the mission: That serves boh as a way of guiding the players and a way to add background to the mission in the form of "clan lore" or other stuff.


    • Let us have leaderboards for those missions (only within the clan): So we can just add a mission for everyone to play, or place prizes for the best teams.


    That is basically it. I'd love to be able to say "look, for this clan event, you gotta capture this lvl 80 aerial commander while defending an allied operative, hack two vaults to unlock the last door and get out as fast as possible. Also, all other enemies are lvl80 ice eximus rollers. Good luck, fastest team wins a prize!" and add some variety instead of "hey, for this clan event, hoard X resources... again. The biggest hoarder gets a prize too!".

    I'd love to hear your opinions and want to thank you for reading thru.

  5. hace 2 minutos, KIREEK dijo:

    My only issue is the rivens.

    You see, i already have the rivens i want and i certainly do not like unlocking rivens, that is why i either sell veiled rivens or trade them for statues (i simply like to make the endo ammount higher)

    Every now and then i need to clean the veiled rivens otherwise i enter in the stage where i reach the cap, sorties become locked and the nagging is infuriating, remember, i come to warframe to play, receiving something that stops me from doing that is anoying, i also hate having to sell the mods in trade chat by force, i could also sell it for platinum but the only way to sell them quickly is to sell them for pennies and i'm not in the mood for that, my time has a value and the plat i receive just isn't worth it.

    Receiving 3 rivens in one go is a pain, i mean 3 rifle rivens is good for some platinum but i am still forced into selling them, likely after just logging in, it is also a choice i can't escape, i always get 3 rivens no matter what, so i'll likely loggin but will be unable to play as the 1st thing i often do is sorties and that can be locked due to the cap.

    This is my minor complaint.

    Well, it's every 50 days. I don't really mind it being almost two month between choices, PLUS it's a 33% chance of it happening, so it's gonna be closer to 5 months (around 150 days) between rivens. I don't mind receiving three at once every 5 months tbh.

  6. hace 9 horas, VisionAndVoice dijo:


    Maybe swap that for x3 Shotgun rivens?

    Evergreen C has Rifle, Scondary, Melee, but no Shotguns.

    there are not as many shotguns as rifles. I'd change it to resources. 100k nanospores, 50k plastids, 50k polymer bundles... dojo decorations are expensive 😛

    Also randomizing to a point the three riflle rivens to guarantee at least one shotgun riven, and possibility to have two.

  7. Could we get more clan roles? The current selection is oddly limiting for bigger clans who want to have specialised positions, like mentors or chat moderators. When you have a big clan those ranks start becoming an issue.


    Also, could we get more dojo colors? The current palette is somewhat lacking. Gib variety pls!


    And over anything else, thanks for making this game great!

  8. hace 38 minutos, (XB1)Evilpricetag dijo:

    I haven't been up to date, but at one point it sounded as if you could use your PC account on the Switch seamlessly, and continue back on PC as you wish.


    Also, we have Fallout & Skyrim on console. Bugs are plentiful with Bethesda.

    Dragons flying backwards was a PlayStation exclusive glitch.

    Some bugs are harmless; however, there's a good reason for Cert before console builds. A memory leak is easier to endure on a PC, for example. Bugs with ingame emchanics are not of interest, gamebreakers are.

  9. hace 33 minutos, ShadowOptics dijo:

    Nice critique, you have given me an idea, how about a base change to the way Mesmer Skin works. e.g. for each charge of "mesmer skin" depleted, Revenant would gain X seconds of "evasion" giving him a window of opportunity to collect those lovely shield boosts and charge up on shield reducing the chance of him to take gunfire. Think of it working like Zephyr's "Turbulence". 🙂

    A grace period of 2-3s after every charge used is what people have been asking for since his release to be honest, It would be good. Still, no point in getting shield boosts, since they go down too quickly and doesn't have any kind of damage reduction. Shields as they are right now are too weak to have any real use, since at 40+ level enemies they can rekt 2k shields in a  couple shots.

  10. hace 2 minutos, ShadowOptics dijo:

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 "Mesmerizing Scream" Is a situational augment idea, giving Revenant something akin to Excalibur with "Radial Blind" or "Radial Javelin" when crowded by enemies. The Augment would give a re-cast tactical optional for strong tactical effect when surrounded. You state that 're-casting is not fun' and that's true, look at the original 3 spam for desecrate on Nekros way back in the old days of warframe. Although no one would be forcing you to use it's re-cast benefit all the time 😋 

    Also solo survivability is different to team survivability. It might not be a good choice for solo play but in an organised team that's different. Imagine having a Trinity ensuring the survival of the Revenant with timed "Bless" and giving you more "spam" potential against high level mobs by using "energy vampire" now that's where it would be useful and add to the team dynamic. 

    My issue here is that it would require external help to be able to use it properly. Unless they make changes to mesmer skin like adding a flat damage reduction for the shields on a timer (which also gives a reason to gather shields and overshields) and keep the charges to stun enemies as a separate thing ], he already struggles to keep the ability up when there's more than 6-7 enemies around you, at higher levels, or just past 50-60, since he has low health pool and armor,  it would be too risky to use. You can already get oneshotted recasting it normally.


    Otherwise I like the augment ideas, and love the reave changes you propose. Mesmer skin, tho... It's a difficult ability to make viable, and I dont think spawning more shields is really useful for anything, since there's no damage reduction or armor on them. Harrow can get away with shield gain abilities because he burns them for one ability, so gathering them is necessary. There's nothing of the likes for revenant.

  11. As for revenant: Thralls die too quickly to be useful. As long as allies can kill them, they are useless.

    Plus, since revenant has no ability that uses shields, unlike harrow, he (unlike harrow) has no use for overshields. Overshields are worthless past lvl 30. Either make purple shields gain at least a 50% dmg reduction, or change that to something else, like mesmer skin charges.

    Speaking of mesmer skin, that's a weird mechanic for a horde game. Mesmer skin works exactly the same at lvl 1 than at lvl 1000, true, but it's still a bad ability. A bunch of enemies around you (what a weird ocurrence in this game amirite) can and will deplete it in mere seconds. That, tied to the long ass casting time, makes it a weird ability to use. A quick fix would be give revenant a 90% dmg reduction to shields during 30s after casting mesmer skin, PLUS a set number of charges to stun enemies. That alone gives players a reason to get shields, plus makes mesmer skin work much better than it does now.  To better fit the sentient theme, It should also give status immunity while shields are active.

    As for Danse macabre, I almost like it as it is now. Just bump up the damage in accordance with the energy drain increase. You effectively reduced the viability of the ability for the sake of it not being "set and forget". Alright, fair enough. Make it drain hard, but make it hit even harder to compensate the losses.


    for the passive, I really don't see it as useful. Too low range and doesn't fit the eidolon theme. Instead, something like getting a 30% resistance against the last type of damage that hits you could be more useful, and way more sentient than a radial fart when your shields go down.

  12. hace 36 minutos, ShadowOptics dijo:

    Mesmer Skin: "Mesmerizing Scream": activate Mesmer Skin as normal, when Mesmer Skin is re-cast Revenant lets out a bone chilling Eidolon scream, knocking enemies to the floor in a radius around him, for each charge of Mesmer Skin knocked down enemies take X % more damage for X amount of seconds. Synergy with Danse Macabre or weapons/melee for greater DPS whilst sacrificing survivability. 

    Thing is, he has no survivability to sacrifice.  Mesmer skin works great when you have 3-4 enemies around, something that usually doesn't happen. recasting it every 4-5 seconds is not fun.

  13. First of all I haven't unlocked a single way-bound. Just to skip the "you don't understand cause you already maxed it" part.

    Way-bounds are not gonna change. They're the equivalent of multiclassing in this game. You find them too expensive? too bad. If you want them, you gotta work for'em.

    Specially since nowadays it's so easy to reach the focus cap, in 2-3 days farming half an hour you can reach cap, and a couple eidolons here and there give you the last points you need. What this post is about is basically "I find this is too much work, I demand (IN ALL CAPS COZ INTERNET YELLING OMG) the grind to be lowered so I can breeze thru it like through the rest of the game".

  14. Justo ahora, (PS4)xtharbadx dijo:

    You can tell them to stay still at some spot in the map where they won't cause issues.

    I'm confused about the Riven missions thou, why are you doing Riven challenges on Syndicate missions? Are there Rivens that require you to be on a Syndicate mission?

    there's that one about syndicate medallions, but tbh, it's no biggie.

  15. hace 3 minutos, AvaloN1101 dijo:

    Saying they've been 'too kind already' implies you think he should've been punished a little more severely. And I feel that's being a bit too accepting of the situation.

    I don't think that's being accepting. I think that's just "you ignore the rules, things happen". I consider changing his name instead of blocking the account is being nice.


    I've seen names FAR worse than that playing for the same or longer amount of time. I'm not justifying that his IGN is OK. I'm saying that if the system itself allows a person to use the IGN 'Assmangler' (this is not sarcasm, I spent 20 minutes in a game with him/her), then should it not be the system that can use some tweaking? You can essentially say that DE, albeit frowning upon such usage of the naming mechanic, permits people to use it in such a way, then penalizes people for using it like that. If they don't want people to misuse the name changing system, then they need to do something about. They're the only ones who can. Everyone is 'expected' to show maturity and respect for the rules and each other. Not everyone is capable of, or has the willingness of, doing that

    As soon as a new measure is put in place, there's already people looking into how to bypass it for the lulz. If you see a name that doesn't comply with the game's rules, report it. Easy as that. It's not DE being lazy, it's DE not constricting the bot too much so it doesn't missread decent names like MassExplosion as obscene.


    I do feel like he should be forced to re-name, but not for the same price as everyone else. They didn't catch the name off the bat, so the player shouldn't be forced to pay for not only their own mistake, but DE's mistake as well of not managing the naming system well enough.

    In that case, I feel 100 plat or so is much more lenient. Even if it wasn't a 5 year vet, but a n00b of 2 weeks, it would show what DE is realistically capable of doing - giving their community the benefit of the doubt, along with a second chance.

    No, he should pay the full price if you ask me. The fact that it went too slow doesn't matter. "Oh haha, damn you tricked us for so long, here's a discount on the name change" I'd hate for that to happen and set a precedent. Its a small team with several million account names, if it bypasses the bot, it's gonna take a while before someone at DE sees it unless someone reports it. DE made no mistake here. The only mistake would be to constrict the bot and turn potential thousands of acceptable names into offensive ones, to the eye of the bot.

    He's already having his second chance, in case you missed the memo. He has full access to his account and can play normally, he just needs a new name when he's up to pay a name change like everyone else.

  16. hace 3 minutos, Inappropriatename2310 dijo:

    So i have been playing this game for years with this same nickname as 'HolyScheisse' which scheisse means sh.it and played the game since like the first year it went online and all the feedback i got from the name i had was 

    1-Nice name 😄

    2-Are you german

    3-Great name dude 😄 

    and stuff like this but today i started my game and my name changed because it was titled as 'offensive' and after doing so mail stated that if i changed to something offensive again i might even get banned so i tought to my self 'Ok not the most friendly mail but its not a bad thing for them to keep the community clean' and tried to change my name but i realised that for me to change my name now i have to pay 200 plat which is basically a daylight robery in this case so here i am asking for your support in this case and hope that DE can change their behavior on this topic and maybe be more supportive for people to change.

    Well that sucks and I understand your position.

    On the other hand, they didn't ban you. You knew you had an inapropiate name. It was not accidental. That's pretty kind from them. If you want to get a proper name, pay up the 200. I see no reason for DE not to charge you, they've been too kind already if you ask me.

  17. hace 4 horas, peterc3 dijo:

    It's been an entire week. Obviously they are never saying anything again. How could they not have a semi-detailed outline of how they are rehauling a central mechanic to the game in a week???

    You mean... like a bullet list of changes? Like... the one they follow to develop and implement them since they started working on melee 3.0? Yeah, obviously they don't have anything of the sorts. It's not like a team working together would need a list of objectives and changes to implement that they could reasonably post on the workshop to let us know of the intended changes. </s>

  18. On last week's Devstream, The team said a Dev workshop post would be posted adressing the questions they received about melee 3.0

    It's been over a week now and still nothing. At this point it just seems like a stalling tactic and that's something really disturbing coming from a developer as open, comunicative and transparent as DE used to be. The fact that I felt the past tense suited better that last statement is somewhat worrying to me.

    As time goes, every time we receive less and less information. Sometimes, the feedback from players feels ignored at least to a degree, not because of it or other changes not being implemented, but because they tend to adress the feedback a lot less than they used to. I'd hate for this studio to stop being so good and unique and fall in line with the rest of the idustry.

  19. hace 13 horas, (XB1)Nightseid dijo:

    Ok, so Bastille and vortex is capped (I'm ok with that) but how? Can only 4 b/v active at one time, if so I can recast the ability (like frost bubble) to change its position - really no need for the bot. If I cannot recast while 4 are active then I consider that a big nerf just so the bot has a purpose.

    Now who controls the bot? Vauban or is its AI? If its vauban that's a lot of spent energy to rearrange my b/v abilities, if the a.i. then that's going to be a mess with the bot constantly rearranging the layout as I move and kill, and eventually drop another b/v as their timers goes.

    The moddable system already exist and we have a consumable that deploys a turret... So implementation is not the issue, it would be balancing it. The issue for a implementing a bot would be AI and the active ability when it's being handled by the bot - does keep going or does it stop? Etc.

    Resupply (concept) would not be overpowered as passive as long as you drop the numbers a bit i.e. its 10 to 15% to ammo and mag cap.


    The AI is still there, since the bots are already ingame. If you read the entire concept, the bot only grabs the last instance of B/V, meaning you can place 3 bastilles freely wherever you need them, and let one be carried by the bot, whose only purpose in life is to follow Vauban or wait in a location (same as all npcs, stays close to the frame unless you press X to make it defend a location). I'm not even sure at this point if you're really concerned about energy usage on resupply or just trying to bring as many negatives as possible. Of course you could recast B/V when you reach 4, it will just eliminate the oldest instance. It's just common sense, all abilities with multiple instances work that way. And I repeat: the objective of the bot is to give Vauban an edge over other CC frames. It gives him hard CC on the move or stationary. There's currently no possibility of hard CC while you're on the move.

    Also I agree Resupply wouldn't be overpowered at 10-15%. But only because that would make it as bad as Vauban's passive is right now. mag size and capacity would only be worth it at values over 40%, and that would go way over what a passive should do. Also, ammo efficiency below 50%  would be clunky and hard to implement, so getting only +15% mag size as a passive doesn't seem good enough for me.

  20. hace 10 horas, (PS4)remo_yesman dijo:

    Well if it was implemented already, wed already know.., i just wanna hear ppls speculation while Im dying to knw the future of melee

    I don't care, that doesn't make it feedback. this needs to be moved to General Discussion.

  21. hace 28 minutos, Sidekutt dijo:

    Thats fine and all, but my point is, instead of that happening have them just roam the orbiter as an option

    That contradicts the principle of DNA stability. It's there so you need to take care of your pets. Also, there's the option to put them into stasis if you're not gonna log in for a while. Any pet that dies, it's your fault, and your fault alone; that shouldn't be rewarded. If you grow attached to them (and belieive me, I do!), you just gotta take a minute a day to care for them.

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