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  1. With the Duviri Paradox having our Operators grow up, will we be seeing our focus trees expand in any way? I ask because I would love to see more being done with focus. Can we get Operator amp custom skins? the infested armor skin we're getting this nightwave looks awesome, I'd love to be able to match my amp
  2. There wasn't any melee news at Tennocon, and you hadn't talked about channeling in ages, but last we heard you guys were talking about an awesome new channeling mode that you build up become empowered for a duration. So my question how is the work going on with melee, and specifically melee channeling?
  3. Will we ever be able to add Umbra polarity slots for the Umbra mods? The Umbra mods are awesome and it's kinda painful to only have 1 warframe and 1 weapon that use them.
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