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  1. Hi, as the title states, is there a list of glyphs that are unavailable for using as forum avatars? I've seen other posts indicating that certain glyphs are not available on the forums even if you set them as your profile icon in-game, so I wanted to know which ones can't be used on the forums. Wondering, since I have the Simaris Sanctuary 2019 TennoCon glyph, which I have as my in-game icon at the moment, but as of now my current forum icon is my previous one, the official Discord glyph.
  2. Aye, Shwaak no longer working with multihit and punchthrough on Eidolons. I'm hoping this is a bug and will be fixed. Have run about 20 Eidolon runs and always encountered the issue.
  3. Can you do the same for the Forma one?
  4. Hopefully not too late: would it be possible to get warframe animations not tied to any particular frames? And fortuna-based stencils and vignettes for our ships?
  5. I'm a Nyx main that has spent roughly 40% of my overall playtime on her. If you've played other MMOs, crowd control has several flavors. Among the most well-known types are stat debuffs, movement modifiers, action/ability rate modifiers, and forced action modifiers. Currently, Nyx's kit only has forced action modifiers, and her rework will add armor debuffs via sacrificing a damage ability. Here's some things I think could be added to the rework to supplement her abilities. [1] Mind Control: Allow her to extend the duration of the control of an enemy by holding down the ability key for 2 seconds, which will consume the regular energy cost, but keep the originally targeted enemy under her control. That way enemies don't expire right after the timer ends. [2] Psychic Bolt: Besides armor debuffing, I think she should be able to toggle through various effects by holding down the key, much like how Ivara can switch her arrows. * Default: Armor debuff, as mentioned in the devstream. A defense modifier. * Second: Slow debuff, as a movement modifier. Slow down enemies so they can be kited and more easily hit. * Third: original ability, useful for probing and damaging enemies through walls and doors. * Fourth: Taunt effect, force affected enemies to attack Nyx directly for a duration, and overrides chaos while active. Good for racking up damage with absorb. [3] Chaos & [4] Absorb: Good as they were described in the rework.
  6. Someone should make the Toa Helmets from the BIONICLE Warframe Crossover Commission that artist Kevin-Glint released today!
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