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  1. 2 hours ago, lukinu_u said:

    Yeah, didn't mention this but asside from higher DPS, Arch-weapons are also overall easier to use, which reduce even more the use of Railjack weapons.


    From my experience and calculations, Arch-weapons tend to be much better than Raijack weapons, at least Phaedra and Cyngas with radiation full status / firerate buildsn even with the drawback projectile speed is.

    idk what im doing wrong then. i build my phaedra correctly and deal >50 dmg/hit

  2. i main volt and i think he is one of the best-made frames but i would make his shield not slow him when carried and maybe not even drain energy. id make his ult cast time shorter and his 1 should be able to be held for continous shocking

  3. Just now, (PS4)BlightDragon89 said:

    It's not really about gitting gud. I am disabled, and I to have issue with guns that require me to S#&$ the shoulder buttons quickly or for a long duration as well. I would like an option to make that key kinda like a turbo button, just so i can use more them auto fire or beam weapons. Being on PS4, I don't even have the option of macros.

    i dont really care. i was here to make a joke

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  4. 20 minutes ago, (PS4)Silverback73 said:

    Your Warframe is controlled by your Operator.

    Your Operator is controlled by you.




    Then, You=Warframe.

    Hence, why every Warframe has but one n—Hey, wait a minute...

    Your Operator is just the second layer of the onion that is your digital avatar.

    My Operator is based on my daughter.

    Not on my RL user name...hence your line of thought being the only RIGHT line of thought limits possibility and kills a way for DE to make a little platinum ta’ Boot.

    You can have an Operator name appear RIGHT BELOW the user name if you think DE requires it...it’s not hard.

    ye but operator is not the warframe. warframe is a being controlled by the operator which is you because you play the game, and u operate the keyboard


    also please leave me alone. i dont want more notifications

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