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  1. Opticor, Exergis, Supra, PROVA, Dual Cestra, gotta have a Flux Rifle in there, Penta so theres an Ogris equivalent.
  2. goes to show, didnt even look at it. explains that
  3. Is there a reason why they cant be used together? Just seems weird that its not selectable. Not even saying would like to, but it should be an option.
  4. buying Godly Braton Riven, Deth Rifle Riven, Opticor Riven, Larkspur Riven, Imperator Riven msg me/mail me ingame
  5. Lets be honest, you can recognize when you are a veteran based off of your own sense of accomplishment and skill. Stats can be misleading although they can indicate trends, such as the mass amounts of players who only have Prime frames/weapons maxed and the regular versions not even made. Rushing to use the "best" without learning from the "basic" is usually an indication of nub.
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