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  1. That's normal from wiki Kill with Warframe abilities: All Affinity goes to the Warframe. Kill with weapons: Half Affinity goes to the Warframe and half to the killing weapon. Shared affinity from allied Tenno kills: When within 50 meters of an ally (200 meters while using a Fosfor, 250 meters in Landscape missions) when they kill an enemy, you gain the same total Affinity, distributed according to the general rule specified above. This doesn't reduce the Affinity gained by the killing player, and doesn't reduce the Affinity gained by other nearby allies. No weapons
  2. Imo they fix wrong thing I want sentinet to survive not just keep revive all the mission time they won't live long in corpus ship. I think I'll go with pets for now.
  3. If you want to increase range of beam weapon there is a mod for it. Sinister reach for primary. For secondary it something exten i can't remember.
  4. you must have one secondary for use so you need to get another secondary to craft it.
  5. stuck and can't do anything esc not working so i can't abort too https://ibb.co/tBQd3Zp
  6. My idea is add innate evasion stat, increased life or armor would be nice. They die real fast when face a supra in corpus hands. Also add a mod to heal them like Pack Leader is good too.
  7. I think NW is not a main story I'm sure you can skip it.
  8. I would like mech to have more bulky arms I think it looks good that way.
  9. 1. Trinity for her good looking 2. Wisp all round support 3. Mesa her figure is nice 4. Nekros for farming 5. Rhino buff and tank
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