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  1. Despite nothing being in the patch notes about loadouts either 26.1.0 or 26.1.1 seem to have fixed it for me. I can now delete the broken loadouts and create fully working ones out of the one that still showed a companion. An interesting (for DE perhaps) observationg was that the bug where if a loadout was switched from the navigation then it wouldn't update the warframe you're in in the orbiter only appears with the remaining broken loadouts.
  2. The slots that display a sentinel share that sentinel. So, I've crowed to soon.
  3. Ok another thing I noticed with loadouts: 1. duplicate a loadout, give it a name 2. set it up (new frame weapons etc.) 3. play a mission 4. go back to arsenal And I'll end up with 2 new loadouts with the same name I've chosen previously. One has the setup from the original layout but the option to select a companion Another has the new setup but "falls back" to the "general" companion - for a lack of better terms. I'll try out to keep the loadouts slot with specific companions and see how that works.
  4. To elaborate on this bug: I seem to have 1 loadout slot for which I can set the companion independently. If I use this to copy the loadout into a new slot the new slot becomes the one for which I can set the companion independently. And the original slot becomes broken in the sense that I cannot set a specific companion. Does really nobody has anything to say on this bug? It's annoying.
  5. Hahaha, this hotfix broke more than it was supposed to fix 🙂
  6. I don't understand you guys. 1. The drop chance is 10%, not 100%. 2. I have killed about 100 juggernauts over the course of the last months or year 3. 12 Pherliac Pod Blueprints dropped for me. I guess you just weren't as lucky.
  7. A very old bug resurfaced for me ever since U26: I've copied the title because it's exactly the same bug I'm having. edit: I have tested this with non-Sentinel companions too, same story. It seems to only happen for loadouts created after U26. Those created before seem to store/save the companion but the UI clearly shows none in the new loadouts. Older Layout Post U26 Layout:
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