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  1. Clan Name : The Second Awakening Created & Recorded by -TSA-RickCrafter  on PC I hope you enjoy it. Video:
  2. Clan name: The Second Awakening Clan tier: Storm Clan Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Architect Our squad exists since the beginning of Warframe and today consists of many veterans. For a long time we were part of a successful clan, but we wanted something special! So it was in October 2017: The Second Awakening Our new home has only recently received love and attention by motivated members with the ambition to create a nice home for our small community and brought our empty halls to bloom. Our dojo is far from finished! It is more like a long-term project, with many different architects, different styles and ambitions. Different ideas clash and yet we create a harmonious structure of irregularity. Thus, the pure development of meaning and the statement of the dojo was possible without being disturbed by formal thoughts. The dojo is supposed to grow out of its content. This creates a beautiful conceptual and complete extension and continuation. Dojo Trailer: Screenshots of our dojo: https://imgur.com/a/3jOh5ft
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