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    I was looking for Primed Expel Grineer, seems to be missing?
  2. Congrats to all who won in the dojo contest. A big thanks to DE for making so many tools for the dojo's.
  3. Clan Name ; Ascension of Immortals Tier ; Storm Platform; PC Rank ; Co-Warlord Video Tour ; Rail Jack Eradicator, 0:54 Samurai Hall, 1:38 Dream of Atlantis, 2:08 Mad Tenno Tea Party, 2:34 Water Goddess of Avalon One thing to note, as these builds were done across many months of game time. The dojo decorating system underwent many changes for the better, thank you DE. However many ideas and forms could only be built to the scale allowed for by the in-game system. Please keep in mind the story and details shown are done at a scale and size appropriate for the materials and scale given to us. I hope you find the scale of the worlds and ideas shown here to be one that invites the views to be connected. I hope you all find something in our builds that stirs your heart. We have a great clan that has been using their hard earned material to help us pay for all of these builds. Thank you my Fellow Clan members, you are awesome. MaxMiddleton, neos9876, Bearbrain, GGbroman, theophilius28, Hunklucas, ladyicegem, SpeedForceFreak, Bladefire, DeimonSH, Guardas, ereshki, matletabarnak, TheOrangeRod, MTBViper, Final. Many more have given advice and encouragement. Please feel free to contact me in game; Just copy and paste /w Zar__ hey Tenno, can I come by to visit your dojo? Rail Jack Scout Ship They were damaged while scouting for the enemy, they fled to a small planet and found underwater cavern to hide in. Here in the back end of nowhere the crew of the Rail Jack Scout ship is working nonstop to rebuild, the crew is determined to get back to the war. http:// Mad Tenno Tea Party A fantasy garden where the gods come to relax and drink tea with us Tenno. A secret garden that no matter how long you stay, no time passes in the outside world. The temple of time sits gently in the mist while the tea gets ready. The Chaos Butterfly needs a bit of help, her friend, MR 5 hands are always happy to oblige. 'We are not mad, we are only drinking tea with our friends.' -unknown "Never mind!" Alice said in a soothing tone, and stooping down to the daisies, who were just beginning again, she whispered, "If you don't hold your tongues, I'll pick you!" There was silence in a moment, and several of the pink daisies turned white. -Through the Looking-Glass http:// Samurai Hall This hall holds our respected elders, our clans ancient Warframes, Ippantkina, the great General stands ready in our Timeless Tenno Hall. Opposite sits Little Miss Butterfly Samurai who waits, her weapons ready, her mind serene. Tea and the sense of steel peace await our guest. Please dear guest be seated and drink tea with us. http:// Water Goddess of Avalon A gentle hand from the depths of the waters. The goddess reaches out to touch our lives with blessings. Her story stretches back to the lady of the lake and King Arthur. Our Tenno are able to receive new strength and spirit. With her help we can fight the new war. http:// Rail Jack Eradicator A Rail Jack strike class star ship. Able to engage in long range missions deep into enemy space. The side guns engage in ship to ship combat, her front dual pulse cannons can take out ground defenses from low orbit. Her Marines will board and capture enemy vessels. Long rage data sensors let this ship see the enemy long before they see her. The ships long adjustable convection rails allow for a very nimble response time, allowing the Eradicator to out maneuver any other ship of a similar class. Crew: 12 Decks: 5 Weapons: [2] Energy Lance Guns, Port and Starboard, 180 degree coverage. [1] Dual Rail Pluse Cannon, Nose Turret, 90 degree rotation. Marine Crew: 6, Ship to Ship raiders. Gravational Pulse Engine with a backup silent glide system. Ordis Com systems 3.0.4 Averek Full Medi-bay http:// A new Video, with HD and better camera work.
  4. Festive Decorations cost 3? Really? I mean, it's xmas festive, could you reduce that price, please, Santa will be very good to you
  5. I have Win 7 Dx 11, but it's gray on my options Dx 11 It's now showing up as select-able
  6. The new Fortuna is so much fun. I wanted to say thanks for all the good work. Me and my clan mates are loving the Orb Vallis. Great job!
  7. Clan name : Ascension of Immortals Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Your Clan role ; Warlord; ign; Zar__ My Clan has all worked hard to support these dojo creations, big thanks must go out to all of them. Thanks guys, you rock. Zar__ I have tried to create each Hall as if you were to walk into a painting of other worlds, not a path you knew about but were glad to find. --------------------------- Main Hall: The Phoenix and the Electric Worm. http:// Tenno Samurai Hall http:// The Other Halls I have a few more halls and builds I want to show, I won't go into detail here, I hope you will all be able to come visit. I look forward to you all being able to see the real live halls, much more fun to see than these pictures. . The Orokin Tree House Garden of The Guardians - For all the Tenno. I know, everyone has a plant filled hall, I hope you can see why I wanted to include this one. Firefly's and giant flowers, Alice in wonderland meets the Tenno. http:// The Goddess of Avalon http:// Tears of the Maiden http:// The Hall Of Time The Mad Tenno Tea Party http:// Rail Jack Scout Ship http:// Dream Of Atlantis http:// Thanks, I hope to see you all soon.
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