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  1. well and the medallion is also still not fixed on the corpus ship
  2. i use different sites to upload the pic and copy the link to it here but well how many drills did you finish ? well i had something like that happend to me one time when the arbirtations change to the mission i suspectet it was the thing that killed the rewards but i cant say if it was
  3. den müsste es mal in nightwave gegeben haben ob es den allerdings noch im lootpool gibt unter angeboten kann ich spontan net sagen ok ist zufällig sogar diese woche im angebot auf pc also einfach warten bis er im angebot ist Danke habe ich auch jetzt gemerkt
  4. well this time it was not a medallion but the day befor the pakour room had a mark. the second one is a bit older (but im was not feeling to report it somewhere becaue it basicly is like talking to a wall at this point i mean it feels like it reporting the corpus ship ones too but they new so maybe there will happen something) but yeah sometime they will be behind the doors of the rooms and i saw this post with the last entry from yesterday so im not the only one having the problem with the pakour rooms well and deimos syndicate missions are now a thing and since the maps are simmilar
  5. well i wonder how many years it will take to investigate all the screenshots that already exist i only have to look at the void tileset with still sometimes unreachable medallions
  6. naja auf pc hatten wir lächerliche scores von 300k aber bis 40k-50k oder so wurde erreicht und nicht gelöscht also gehe ich davon aus das es deutlich legitme runs sein müssten zummindest erkennt de diese als solche an im grunde ist das meiste dabei aber auch viel glück beim rng und gutes teamwork nötig natürlich gab es auch einige exploits aber wie gesagt de hat da eine grenze gezogen und solange die nicht überschritten wird ist es wohl in ordnung anders gesagt erspielbar
  7. nein nicht im geringsten. um den meisterschafts rang zu erhöhen muss man genung ausrüstung durch spielen mit dieser leveln wenn man sich akktuell dein profil anschaut kommen mir allerdings fragen da es sich bei deinem account um einen mr0 er acc handelt und du noch 508 exp brauchst für den nächsten mastery rang was 6 waffen level wären oder 3 frame level wären. sollte es allerdings um einen anderen account gehen muss auch dort einfach nur weiter ausrüstung gebaut und gelevelt werden zu erinnerung nur das erstmalige leveln gibt exp bis auf einige ausnahmen die man in der regel erst späte
  8. ich würde ja jetzt in meiner best of support kiste grabbeln aber das lasse ich besser
  9. well i could work but well by the porblems railjack missions have from time to time it is basicly hopeing for good rng
  10. well would i be nice to trade Riven Sliver to get Riven Transmuters as another option but it would be maybe to easy? but well i dont want to buy rivens with them anyway so well geting more and more for nothig is not usefull too.
  11. well i every pa i derank in one of my syndicates and play it to max again sometimes playing with other leading to the situation you discribed where i was unable to see the meddalions of my higher ranked teammates where i played with (but i dont did any mission of the same syndicate befor i played with them) that not so long ago but well i have nothing to prove it and i dont can say that it sill works that way since long ago i was also able to able to get meddalions of an enemy syndicat while playing with some people things change i can just say that might be it.
  12. so if they new did they have the same rank as you or were below you rank in the syndicate because that will also lock visiblity of the medallions
  13. well at least it does not longer take a year to get to max rang if you want to stay at mr0 since you get the 8,5X daily standing than befor
  14. railjack has its own starmap that you can use in your railjack on your ship too no need to get to the dojo to do stuff exept for selling parts and equip things: there are so many problems going around and if something will be fixed it will take a lot of time well i tryed report somethings myself and i baiscly left on hold for months alomst year most of the times so long i dont realy play the content where the bug is anymore because i done all of it and im getting bug flashbacks just needing to do something there again what sometimes brakes still then
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