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  1. well the problem i have encounterd so far would be that even it would last that long you cant move through walls your are not supposed to like this time where it lead me into a dead end on jupiter and it was basicly one of the few timese where i missed something and could not find it
  2. the last offizial statement i got is as long as the trades seams reasonable there should be no problem but if you want to make sure screenshot every trade that could be considered fishy so if you trade in like 10k platin for a riven that most likly fishy but having some trades for mods and blueprints wich are mostly low price items in many trades it should be fine as an addition you could trade in small amounts first and build up a puffer for anything that could happen so if something is happening you most likely dont go to the negavtie plat level
  3. maybe just get not a random group but instead search for people that farm with you to reach your goal ... all you have to do is put in some effort to find a group that does that so you can avoid the random people with different goals or just bring what is needed to do 8 waves what i would do and still do often for my goals rank has nothing to do with it most of the times lower players even stay longer because the will get more out of the mission then the higher ones because noone is allowed that his house burns down right now or something happens that needs attention especialy in random groups well focus there will come the time you have all focus needed for everything just chill out it is not like the old system where everything needed a lot more focus points
  4. most likly because you joined the plains at a steelpath state the normal mission difficulty was set to SP so akolyte could spawn since you only used other bounties to change the difficulty
  5. are you sure you are not mistake the Resource booster for the Resource chance booster ? because one is more noticeable the other not realy that easy
  6. well at least they are not like the corpses of corpus dudes on jupiter shown even after they disintegrated into atoms and still shown on the map
  7. the first thing happend so mutch i mostly remeber the half invisble moas at the fortuna streams that could later be found in the game like that? and for the second thing CCs feel more that they risk everything if the mention anything bad at least to the outside for the official one that is so it seems even the communication inside DE is not that good either
  8. reading is one thing but some problems shown that if it is written in the notes it does not mean it is entirly fixed some of the progress seems more like we tryed something maybe it should be fixed if not we require feedback kinda thing for now im only after the realy bad things like gamebreaking things because that what most need fixing anyways well but it is true that mentions of fixes maybe not work but at least it makes clear they try working on that thing what could be considered communication not a one that is ideal but something at least
  9. well you maybe mean contentwise but thats for me no problem i find things to do many things what i would do if i was able to get what i want i would probaly celebrate that there will be no bugs anywhere anymore but since that is most unlikely i dont thing that that would ever happen so i just try to enjoy the game at it is
  10. i could do that all fine maybe i have alot of exp doing it but i surely rember that even back in the old days even i would force frames more passiv than activ on players so i we could have a better time now i am doing all myself and most of the times dont care anymore who joins my open groups with what ever they want to play because i now i will do the mission with or without them even it would be nice to have company that dont decide to level stuff at corpus ship steelpath mob defs
  11. i dont know what they could do but timeouts like that are makeing a missiontyp that is mostly lacking even the requierments for makeing progress at all hard because no enemys spawn with energie cells or then maybe reaktants for void relic mission i would be more likely to make it like the other abused steelpath mission and just stop spawning akolytes after 3 spawns or so and the worst thing about all of this is that people do that for kuva to roll rivens i realy dont get it in the slightest
  12. i play a lot solo and i have to agree but most of the times that solo depends on what you want to get out of the mission and if you know that you can match your setup to make that possible well but for some missions i had to become very creative in solveing the problems with them excavation now has timers if no progress is made i dont know if thats only for the void relic missions but either way most of the time it is not the people dont want to progress they miss either reaktants to open there relics or simply have not energie for the excavators "Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.3 Changes: Excavation missions will now timeout like many other game modes if Excavation progress is not being made. This addresses an exploit within the Steel Path, and Excavation itself for AFK gain. "
  13. that seems to be a problem that only the support can deal with
  14. i mean for the number of mission it does not make mutch difference if it would be 10 missions or 6 since i want to get the syndicat medallions i play them solo it takes between 5-10 mins per mission maybe 15 on bad tilesets but i am totaly fine with that
  15. it is like every other part of warframe if you want it done you mostly have to bring what is needed
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