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  1. Synpai

    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    I love you. I'll take a read at this post soooonTM
  2. Synpai

    Valkyr Rework suggestions/ideas

    @GPrime96you know me always going nuclear with changes :P Spot on I feel. The tweaks could work very well. 1. Not a fan of the multi pull concept because exodia hunt is like....a godsend when you don't accidentally trigger finishers. You don't have to stop killing or moving to CC with certain combos. 2. Stagger immunity could be nice another take on the "war cry" theme Could check out what I've done for inspiration. 4. Doesn't really need more attack speed, as for movement speed it's a question of what will happen after melee 3.0 as it's supposed to make weapons a bit more well rounded. As for the debuff, kind of lack luster considering frames can do it significantly better and more effective and on top of that you're almost certainly gonna be using a slash based weapon.
  3. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    Again I absolutely love valkyr, but changes are needed, I'm not fond of tiny tweaks, they tend to leave much to be desired at the end of the day for me. I do understand the appeal and value to tweaks though, just exactly what I want to avoid in this post. At the end of the day I think her problems are highlighted and I believe I mentioned minimal changes for each ability. I understand that current ripline may be unique....but I'd say it's usefulness in terms of gameplay is pretty lacking mobility aside. Pulling allies or enemies is shadowed by the pace of the game and alternative methods IMO. I just don't want the current feel of her and Titania where you have 4 abilities that don't really feel like they're apart of a singular kit. I.e: Lack impactful synergies or interactions Anywho, agreed that invulnerability and LOS trivializes content; however my concern for % damage is lack of reaction on player side, like the health drain could continue to increase as a preference. Reason being is one second you're losing 20 health per second then a level 100+ nullifier, Hyeka, etc master shoots you as the tick is about to occur and you're dead. I'm all for adding risk, but the idea is for it to be both: something a player can reasonably manage and have the ability to react to. Which I mentioned the % could work especially with such a safety net passive, but I plea to test before making concrete decisions To be fair I have another post that's survived a year XD I think keeping up the discussion is at least helpful as we wait
  4. Though I'm sure many of you seen it already, I've added the brilliant Karu art :3 Still contemplating on Void Status for schools like Naramon, Vazarin and Unairu, whether to keep them focused on true damage or utility.
  5. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    No worries, few people do :P.However, I'm not seeing what you don't like...I only see things that people know for the most part know Considering the one I suggested improves movement speed (mobility) and CCs multiple enemies on top of still maintaining the original cast I don't see where you're having qualms here, other than the idea that it "works" so there's no need to improve upon or fix it. The reason I didn't make it a percentage is because she should be tanky (period). Taking % of stored damage means that you'll very easily not be able to even survive in Hysteria when enemies scale wildly in damage. Because even 5% of too much damage, is still a lotta damage. Equally But notably such is hard to know for certain without testing. Yeah considering many people are fond of it I changed from a full replacement a while ago; but with the pull mechanic it seemed better to send Valkyr to the target (Even if enemy) so that it wouldn't rely on nonsense ragdoll that sometimes sends enemies all over the place on top of forcing a chance to proc the group pull: However, I've been giving reconsideration to change it to something like this: If Valkyr recasts over the duration, Provacate performs a Ripline Roll that causes her to furiously impact to target location with a chance to shock and pull nearby enemies. After impact, Valkyr bounces off and rolls in the air (as if under the effects of aim glide). When "aim glide" duration end or melee occurs, Valkyr stops rolling. Would still keep the reduced costs and increased damage on recasts, but I feel.....this could be crazy fun and powerful as well as give a reason to keep her original Swing Line augment. Full on Sonic build lol would allow for some hilarious maneuverability. The recast was indeed intended to remedy the "jump off a cliff because I missed someone"; however it may be better to make Warcry similar to Chroma's Elemental Ward and similarly Eternal War like Everlasting Ward. Such that, Valkyr always gets duration refunded on melee kills innate, but the augment would allow for her allies to assist in the duration upkeep and maintain the ability out of her radius. Her 1 provides that utility. I do believe pulls like that are considered hard CC where the stasis is a soft CC. Meaning, the pull from her 1 would override the prolonged Paralysis (the enemies would be frozen, but pulled). I could be wrong though. I do know the current augment had use with ground attack obex and the like, but the obex augment is super silly considering the Sobek and Jat Kitag merely require kills period...... Though there's room to argue the pulses could pull as the current augment does, but it seems a bit redundant with the Exodia Hunt effect on her 1. Could move that utility off the 1 if I went the route of the Ripline Roll Thoughts?
  6. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    I don't feel that all these remotely fit the same "Weapon master" category, primarily because each of the listed frames have a utility beyond any single weapon category. Bashee: Depending on where abilities target sonar damage will apply, equally not just for her (Support); it can be recast as many times as you have energy (scaling intrinsic to kit); equally she can CC/Damage rooms worth of enemies. Chroma: Elemental Ward applies to everyone (Typically means a lot more health for everyone; support), Vex Armor applies to everyone in range (support); Enemies that die around pelt drop double credits. It's a bit annoying to have to make mod builds specifically when playing Chroma, but not having to have Serration and the like is also nice. Not saying that the frames are perfect as they are ability wise, but they all have scaling, support, or unique utility in their own right (Mirage is the closest to fitting in a category with Valkyr, but even then she can still CC or support (augment)). There's a lot of discussion that can't really happen until Melee 3.0 sadly, but more damage is basically never something that can't be used, Attack Speed is a bit different, especially when you consider the effective range and the fact that you'd be then competing with others to keep the buff. See Above. The point of this post is to give her more utility in her kit and more roles via augments. Even without the current blood rush and combo counter shenanigans she'd have: CC and territory control in her 1, making up for the short range of weapons with the pull && more long range traditional control with the augment && even more with claws. Support options for her teammates; giving them more EFHP due to sharing a percentage of HER armor instead of raising theirs by a percentage and be able to make use of eternal war even if she doesn't get the kills (teamwork). Massive damage with any melee due to paralysis augment causing stealth multipliers. More incentive to use Hysteria and more options to use it as it's linked to her passive I'd like to know hat you think about the core of the post more so than the weapon master or not weapon master debate
  7. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    Who else are you considering to be a weapon master exactly?
  8. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    Just to clarify I'm not a fan of "All this frame needs is X" arguments or reworks personally. I agree that there are more simplistic changes to get frames to "work" but I'd like something that feels like a full kit and wont result in the frame being made or broken by a single pillar or leave the frame outdated/unfulfilling after a month. Most of the minimal changes that I've seen fail to remedy that Valkyr's current strength and usability relies heavily on the nonsensical reach and scaling of melee weapons (and the slash + viral combo) rather than being intrinsic to her kit. You take out the range and scaling of say heavy blades and she is significantly less potent. You'd be lucky to compete against most frames with something like dual swords or claws (this could change with melee 3.0, but I can't design around that). Regardless, they all still fall short to provide any synnergy greater than Warcry means more attackspeed for hysteria and ripline (if not used for movement) and paralysis are set up for finishers all of which are currently out-shadowed by weapons with longer range. Combos and charge attacks seem like a discussion for post melee 3.0 as well. Interesting, but I had the idea of tethering enemies behind for someone like Khora with her ensnare, pulling enemies behind her for various buffs depending on stance. I think I'm leaning more toward Ripline turning into a Sonic dash of sorts when recast over the ability duration...where she turns into a "claw ball" and "rolls" at the target location, damaging and bouncing off before procing aimglide slow down so that you can just claw pinball all over the place. So it would basically still serve the same purpose as the current ripline. The pull would just function more like Exodia Hunt which is miles better and not even restricted to line of sight.
  9. We got arch weapon integration \o/
  10. Alright just about through Vox Solaris rewards and there's a whole crap ton I want to talk about and add x.x
  11. It's just a little too easy to accidentally nuke the beacons. I feel the protection bubbles would be a good way to make players need a bit more intent before destruction
  12. Synpai

    Shark Frame Concept - Athena

    So that I remember to get back to it in the morning.
  13. Are Orb Mothers gonna drop better stuff? It seems strange that they don't drop the materials required to rank up. A single toroid and bounty reward is a bit awkward for all of that fighting and preparation. Are there any plans to make more unique gunblade and or glaive mods? Gunblades having a crit chance but being unable to crit on shot is also, strange.
  14. Synpai

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    I should also point out, that you've increased the projectile speed overall and not just for the charged fire.....sadly feels not absolutely terrible but then again it's not working as intended. :]