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  1. Honestly we've got a bit of oversaturation in the additive damage now, but I agree with the consensus that in general single target weapons need some love. You'd likely get a lot more out of Primed Shread in terms of DPS even if a damage version did exist.
  2. Marking is probably a bit overkill, but I feel like immediate information is something that can be lacking in Warframe: You can tell when any enemy has armor or no armor but if any enemy loses say 50% of their armor there's not much indication, but depending on the implementation it is very well unneeded. I wasn't too concerned with tidal surge moving puddles as in my mind Hydroid could collect the enemies into the nearest Undertow with Tidal Surge, but between the player controlled placements and the tentacles the enemies should have an awful time avoiding water, but I'm not against other alternatives either. Augment dependency is the worst and is something I really wanted to alleviate here, but I wanted to make all the augments pretty good, so it'd be an actual tough choice. Aura passive would for sure need a balance check, but worst case it could just double an equipped passive. I think I should amend that passive to just spawning a tentacle on empowered slam...it's a tough balancing act with all the newfound power they'd have, but maybe making duration/damage scale with consumed combo counter would make it maintain a bit of tactical or meaningful play. I used Ember's inferno as a reference merely for visuals, the barrage wouldn't be random, it would just hit all enemies in the 4th radius (with the augment, it would be centered around Hydroid and can show a visible AOE so players know what'll be hit). So water would just rain down on the enemies, no RNG involved, but I'm very much against pseudo exalted design in pretty much any form. If it allows for a Riven, it brings back Exalted 1.0 nonsense where people are going to like...the Jaw sword. Hence why the ability is a direct enhancement to gunplay. I pretty much solved both of those. The Tentacles would grab the enemy's "spirit" so they don't flail, always deal damage to that enemy as well as those within its AOE. His "automatic Pilfer" is just pressing 4. which I would imagine to have a large radius that also expands overtime. I also added more loot tot he pilfer as well (sure just random cache loot, but if it had a chance to be rare it'd be a good source of ammo, energy, resources, health, and credits). Not a fan of the charging mechanics either, which is why I removed the need for them. One day....we can dream...
  3. It felt nice for the Swashbuckler/Pirate theme I was also trying to emphasize with Hydroid, personally. I did think of essentially making it "rain" for a duration around Hydroid or literally emulating Ember's inferno as rain (Pressing 1 nonstop is a little overkill), but with 3 and 4 being on the "passive" duration side (3 got a little better with the puddle-portaling), I wanted something "active" it's still duration based but it melds well with the base warframe gunplay IMO. Perhaps the description doesn't do it justice, as it's not just "bullet aoe" which I agree wouldn't be Hydorid. it's more like "water infusion" meant to play on the soaktron to an extent to emulate firing a "Hydro-gun/cannon." It's still very much a water based ability and not in the bubble territory of Yareli. I'd like to hear more thoughts about the modernizing. I thought people would've felt between the status immunity, iframe (pretty sure the ability has that now) and status mimic it'd be overkill even before the augment. Yeah in the Dev notes I mentioned that there is a way to simplify it. It could very well just apply all of the buffs spawn max tentacles (the EZ button) have the buffs increase overtime. Trust me I can tell when things drift int he pseudocooperative territory xD
  4. Time to get buried in the Devstream 155 outrage 😁
  5. THE CRITIQUE As it stands Hydroid is kind of a victim of time, oversaturated charging mechanics and negative feedback loops. While contemplating the avenues of design I found myself constantly walking into other frames --which I guess can be expected after 8 years of Warframes; however, I felt Hydroid didn’t really flourish in any of his themes compared to the other frames he came into conflict with. Passive: 200 true damage is nothing in the grand scheme of things the AI isn’t satisfying as a player to rely on basically nothing else in Hydroid’s kit enhances this slam-tentacle style of play outside of Pilfering Swarm Tempest Barrage As it is now, this ability is frustratingly chaotic with the way it affects enemies with no consistency Corrosive status is no longer able to fully strip armor, so augmenting the ability starts to feel lackluster, but without the augment...the ability has no practical use outside of sporadically knocking down enemies. In a minimal sense, if the ability just reduced enemy armor and hit more consistently it’d be miles better. Tidal Surge Shown its age in it’s clunky controls Ragdolling enemies is disruptive as a player. While gaining CC immunity from the augment and being able to apply it to enemies is nice, Oberon can do that (and more) with less effort. In a minimal sense, this ability just needs to have better control and not rely on its augment to have some sort of benefit outside of movement and CC -- albeit one of the most frustrating forms of CC. Undertow While Hydroid can utilize other abilities in this form, it completely takes him out of the game play loop for insufficient trade off, in my opinion. You basically have to rely on your teammates (or patience) to kill enemies in your puddle. There's a bit of a negative feedback loop, as Hydroid gains increased drain per enemy in the pool punishing Hydroid for functionality better done by Khora and Zephyr. Because you can barely move in this state you either pull SINGULAR enemies into the pool or use Tidal Surge to get more enemies-- in other words, spending energy so that you can...spend more energy so you can capture more enemies. Meanwhile Khora and Zephyr get to vibe effortlessly with their pulls and damage links while also offering more things to the table. Tentacle Swarm Deals mediocre damage Makes it frustrating for players to do more than try to AoE enemies out of existence. Fails to provide much purpose outside of it’s pilfering augment... that’s again, better done by other frames. There’s all that and Hydroid’s abilities scale on EVERYTHING. Honestly just about every reason you could find to play Hydroid leads you do a different frame. With all that in mind we set sails to my redesign and the thought process behind it. Do remember this is just what I felt happy with, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect nor does it mean that it’s the only route to take. I essentially got the design to a point where it flowed well mentally, but without testing there’s no telling how strong some of the choices are/what would be a decent value or point of balance, so keep that in mind. THE RE[DE]SIGN PASSIVES ABILITY 1 ABILITY 2 ABILITY 3 ABILITY 4 Conclusion: I feel like I hit some flavorful and effective notes. I’ve at least hit a point where I feel good about the foundation of the kit and from there it’s testing and balancing, which I...can't do, but for example the definition of a mark could change to just being damage vulnerability instead of armor reduction. I had thoughts about the bonus loot Hydroid plunders spawning as a chest after the ability, but as neat as that’d be I thought it’d cause too many problems. I thought about making the tentacles be pseudo exalted and deal damage based on your melee, but I refuse to be apart of the perpetuation of Exalted 1.0 dependancy problems. I also considered the dreaded...exalted trident, but nothing felt...satisfying or really fitting for the theme and role I was trying to emphasize. I wanted to be careful of not leaning too far into Nyx, Nekros, Revenant, & Inaros territory and avoided making the spirits become allies. In any case I tried something for the fun of it although I'm well aware it's leaning in the realm of being too busted, but the flow is decent in my head.
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