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  1. Synpai

    Valkyr feels outdated (partial rework suggestions)

    Agreed. Blasphemous, she's near and dear to my heart and you know this. Tis what I did :3 Would rather Hysteric assault be worked into apart of the ability and have ripline have another use though I've been trying to go for Warcry giving a percentage of Valkyr's armor instead, so she can have a better support role. I made that replace the current Hysteric Assault augment, basically scaling range based on how long you stay in at the risk of higher drain when you kill. These are the standards that got her the "rework" or lack thereof in the past with the Hysteria changes. Same thing with Chroma, Valkyr isn't as far south as some frames, but especially in the case of passives I think we could ask for more (for all frames really). I think the quick simple pass to give all frames passives shouldn't be the end all be all on the discussion. Would like more frames to be on the level of Nidus. I've done this without using Ripline. Channeling is not a joke (I mean what else am I using energy on lol) I know there are those familiar with my opinion on the matter :3 but still if we meow loud enough eventually DE will have to open the door.
  2. Synpai

    Valkyr feels outdated (partial rework suggestions)

    I think I went more the full rework route.
  3. Will be going through and adding a void status effect category and gem effects to the forge. Going to wait until after Fortuna 2.0 still before doing any major Waybound additions, Arcane critique/changes and such.
  4. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    Updated wording of Provacate from sprint speed to "movement speed" and noted that recasting performs a ripline
  5. Ah, a little confused because you copied the note for the void blast, but you were mentioning the void status effect. I think the bubbles could be one in the same, such that killing an enemy under the affect of Void Status (via amp) just activates kill skill with no requirement. Since they're unlikely to have Void damage just outright ignore armor, I'd like to see the void status become this as it would likely benefit Sentient/Eidolon encounters as well. Vazarin's kill skill used to be a heal pulse :thonk: I guess I changed it at some point to make it more "airy" That's where this note came in, but guess I suppose doing both was a valid option so that higher level enemies. I.e: Madurai burning the target with true damage over time on void status proc (from amp) Zenurik chaining a true damage shock to nearby enemies on void status proc etc.
  6. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    I do there is a lot of ground time for Valkyr in particular. While you're viciously comboing, directional input is affected by sprint speed last I checked. Regardless, sprint speed is a fraction of the ability. Probably best to say "Movement speed" as that better conveys my intent. Not really, seems like you'd be pausing a good bit to recast with something like this. Fair enough, just personally not a fan of single target anything with the tools at our disposal. You could just as easy slam attack and open a whole group to finishers instead of the one. Even Paralysis + Rip line doesn't seem worth one could just hit 4, life strike (channel) or hit 5. Not to mention healing pad cheese or arcanes. Like Exodia hunt is quite the tool with the attack speed on Valkyr and that only procs on slam attacks. One could argue that the ability could act as ripline on re-cast, instead of refreshing duration. Killing pulled enemies (pulled manually or passively) could increase the duration instead. Thus you'd get the best of both worlds.
  7. Kind of already do that, although it's on kills instead of damage.
  8. Synpai

    Shields and You: The Disappointing Truth

    Current shields seems like it could at least start to put to use mods like the augur set and the like (with an increase in conversion percentage, but I was also leaning for 1200. It's quite the design pickle.
  9. Synpai

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    That's a'okay. What purpose are you referring to? Personally been a fan of having "gap close" mixed in with offense via Exodia Hunt or just running with a pocket Nidus. Stopping to pull a few enemies and hopefully not hit a teammate or wall doesn't hold proper momentum considering you could easily close the distance with certain combo spam, a spin attack or a bullet jump attack. As for sentence structure, you've a point and I've fixed it up so I thank you; however, I think you could have come off less intense and coarse taken some time in your own response to avoid irony in such feedback.
  10. Short answer: no clue where you'd fit that sort of mod to begin with, companions are sold short by not having a weapon separate from their abilities and such but make a post about it so that I can respond properly and not derail if you're serious xD. Thank you! 😄 Will be updating with more soon. Plus the art that'll be finished eventually will obliterate focus 2.0
  11. The pets should be saved from rivens ;~;
  12. Synpai

    Shields and You: The Disappointing Truth

    You guys beat me to it 😛 I was thinking more along the lines of Ventura as well that it in someway needs to scale with your shields. I was leaning toward the total amount of shields conveying damage reduction but then it would take calculating the EHP of frames making sure that they make sense. Then of course overshields, shield osprey, and things like enhanced shield corpus sorties e.e
  13. Synpai

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Titania is still incredibly lacking in comparison. You're still keeping the 4 "RNG" (based on enemies so you may get the buff, you may not) when only one of them are really useful: Dust (full okay but the flies die so quickly it'll hardly matter later on). Is it really worth having all the variation if there aren't really valuable choices? I'd be A-OK if the buff did something more consistent otherwise energy is better off being used in Razorwing or CC. Titania's passive still Ill-reflects how players have to play her (Razorwing or death). In conjunction with her parkour speed it'd be nice to have her casting speed/costs reduced while air borne since the casting speed change at least seems to be true for razorwing. But there are so many problems still left unnoticed: How the razorflies die quickly and have no return method. How titania's method of survival and damage make her a poor caster (since you have to use most of your energy staying in Razorwing) Diwata has no purpose due to how evasion currently functions No ability synergy No use of operator Lantern and spellbind competing in use against enemies (though spellbind offers status immunity on the ally side) Includes synergies, refund mechanics, a way to make Diwata useful. For sure would take more time, but she needs more than tweaks IMHO.
  14. Thank you :3, I do what I can to keep it alive, at the very least when the art is done they'll be aware of it, but discussions and such ensure that it will inevitably prevail.