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  1. Depending on where you are in warframe. If you're still early on, when new update hits, it's merely a deviation from the other goals you have to accomplish. It's as if you're eating a 30 course meal and on course 10 they bring out one of the desserts a little early. Veterans on the other hand tend to have consumed the content to an excess and ONLY have the next thing. In this case, they've already had the full 30 course meal and are waiting for the 31st meal to be brought out, which is often consumed faster than it took to make it and they're left waiting again as there tends to be no reason to re-engage in newer updates once they're completed.
  2. DE don't just go blindly accepting critique; it doesn't matter how loud the voice is. Trust me, you can ask a partner; many will tell you they don't feel any more heard than you do here on the forums. That being said, while I love critique and how much detail you went to, is this a fair 2-way conversation when the person who made the video can't respond to your concerns? Someone gave their input on how THEY feel about the game and you disagree, but the forums is almost innately against any "YouTuber's" critique, so not sure what will come of this discussion here. You could have just left a comment. With that being said, he does not and cannot speak for everyone. He knows that, and the video doesn't imply that he's talking for everyone. But because his message has been heard and you disagree, you may feel that way. Even-though I can play Warframe for 6000 hours straight with no burnout doesn't mean there's no merit to the critique he presents, even if I disagree (not saying I do or don't, just saying there's merit to both sides). There is a bias to consider where you are in the game vs others. Correct, just because no one asked doesn't mean that people aren't excited about it or want it; however, he notes that "it feels specifically that DE are neglecting VETERAN players to achieve their goals" It seems like only half of the message is being dissected. Like here, amalgam serration can be pretty useful, but AURA FORMA, you can just use <= 4 extra forma to make your build more flexible by modding for common denominators TBH I think you've ironically done what you've felt this video has done with this post. Like this big bad content creator is out there whispering in DE's ear... Your summary and post somewhat skews the message his video presents because you disagree. He literally says at one point that the video will have zero impact and that his voice doesn't matter. He also notes he wasn't trying to bash and that it seems as though he's coming across sour... Watching the video, he's noting the disconnect between Warframe now and how Warframe used to be. I.E: You didn't neeeeed the key to farm for parts, but Rad shares tend to be pretty prevalent due to the RNG of acquiring relics. I just.... How can we grow if anyone looking for change and growth is shot down because everything is okay as it is and they have a problem so they should go play something else and keep their critique to themselves because they're burned out what they say doesn't matter. They're a content creator so they're dev bashing or just out for money and views. Again, you raise some decent counter points, it's near shadowed in your bias and interpretation against the source material so it comes off more as a meta complaint than what you could have had: A discussion about the state of Warframe.
  3. No worries, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page; I concur, exodia hunt + finishers = not a good look. Hmmm, I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Again it'll have to wait for melee 3.0, but we have Life Strike, Healing Return, Arcane Grace, and Hunter Recovery already, but I may be bias because I already use my operator (and basically anything else) to heal when I need to and swing my heavy blade like a blender otherwise. To clarify, I'm not really disagreeing, I think it's something worth looking into though, I just felt heal on damage as per usual might have been a bit too strong against everything that's not the Wolf or the Juggernaut with the flat DR on top of her armor and even less death with her passive; likely something that would be solidified through tests. The claw changes were more to add bonuses while Hysteria is active, but it doesn't rely ONLY on Hysteria, should people choose to build around another claw weapon they still satisfy the bonus. Basically giving her bonuses intrinsic to the kit, by hitting 4 and feeling a bit stronger all around beyond just exalted or sacrificing the range of other weapons for more consistent strength before using Hysteria. It may even be worth slightly increasing Hysteria's base range while other claws are equipped too. Tough, wanting her to be enticed into using "Signature class" and get bonuses with Hysteria, but don't want Exalted 1.0 dependencies by only allowing the bonus with one weapon or too impactful buffs that people feel they NEEED claws. It may just be better to have her sacrifice total shields rather than current. But if shield gating eventually gets rolled out to all frames (which seems to be the intent) that could change.
  4. I know Warcry does, but I mean buffing in multiple avenues much like the added speed and pull, I find it hard to hit wth a lot of lower ranged weapons like sparring with so much attack speed.
  5. There are a few interesting ways to do this, like electrical explosion from the target, but not gonna lie gave Ash AoE finishers in a rework concept I did for him. I just imagine Valkyr being the "Enhance any melee dps, but especially claws" frame to focus on the combos more so than the finishers. Maybe there's room for some sort of charge attack enhancement (pending melee 3.0 changes).
  6. Just personally not a fan of finishers currently, that could change with melee 3.0, but a finisher means that I'm not clearing everything in my wake for a good 2 seconds XD. Instead of that one enemy I could have killed all within ~15m. Just a personal preference, if you like the feel of finishers, I understand. This design was about enhancing melee play with an emphasis on claws, I feel there are other frames like Atlas, Garuda who are closer to full on melee caster style. Total armor could work, but with the DR on Hysteria...she's kinda unkillable as is with the Umbral adaptation builds, but not against it. Hmmm what about Hysteria? Also in terms of ripline..... read the quote below not sure if you missed it or you're saying you prefer original ripline over, which is fine. @Gnohme Can I just make sure that you've seen this before I comment? >___> IMO this is better and more impactful, pun intended, than Ripline. Not fond of how ripline pulls enemies and Sonic memes aside, I think it could be fun to be a rolling cratering pinball of death. Though I feel just slash damage may be better than the shock
  7. They are technically invulnerable while those skills are active. It's clear that code wise, gameplay wise, one can be invulnerable and have damage be counted....Hysteria does that currently...it keeps track of the damage you're negating. You're misunderstanding, I am fine with others opinions and critique but some of those comments are not that and are a tad aggressive, I've already stated how I've felt about what you've replied and we've disagreed. That is fine. I've heard you and you me. The point isnt to convince one another so much as to discuss. I will reiterate that her invulnerability, which you state to be core to her gameplay, isnt gone, it just has risk and diminishing returns. A grab for Valkyr is frustrating, so IMO handspring/recovery time should affect things like that if they don't already, but hardly a death sentence with current umbral adaptation builds unless against irrelevantly leveled enemies. It's fine that you feel as you do, my ideas are far from perfect and not for everyone, but I put them out there and am growing them.
  8. No where was it stated that invulnerability means that the charges can't still be depleated. There are many examples of this ability mechanic: Warding Halo or Iron Skin. Design takes a lot of input, to say "Don't try, you can't know better than X" is not constructive. If we dont try or talk about our ideas then things won't grow. My ideas aren't for everyone, nor are they perfect. They're an ever growing and evolving thing, that's why the forums are here. The rest I will leave up to your opinion and you are welcomed to it.
  9. <___< that's what I suggested it do
  10. *visible confusion* She becomes invulnerable and has a chance to fight instead of dying...basically invulnerability but with effort and diminishing returns. Hysteria is already permanent AND cheap both in cost and gameplay especially the further endgame you go (an extreme being double arcane energize). There's no real reason to endure the increase in drain over simply jumping to safety and recasting it other than "Stop being invincible forever" BUT in reality it's "...stop being invincible for a second, or just mod to never have to turn it off." I have heavy questions where "random" fits into this ability. You cast ability, get charges, slow around you until your charges hit zero. IF you take X damage then it STUNS by expending a single charge out of the total, but all charges can be expelled manually by recasting. TBH Operator is the new Black. There are many ways to get shield back, but I added note that stunning enemies could add to shield count; equally I don't believe Paralysis currently uses shields to cast instead it uses shields to DAMAGE, if I remember correctly. She's only briefly invulnerable with this version of Hysteria, so not sure where the last point comes into play. Hysteria makes you immune to all CC, as does a good chunk of melee actions. Chroma....that's not correlation. Chroma has issues in design that are too far to list primarily leaning around: His gameplay is ONLY two buffs, not that he has two buffs. Too many comments to read through, so can't blame ya for not seeing, but I've updated to reflect this discussion: However, I've been giving reconsideration to change it to something like this: If Valkyr recasts over the duration, Provacate performs a Ripline Roll that causes her to furiously impact to target location with a chance to shock and pull nearby enemies. After impact, Valkyr bounces off and rolls in the air (as if under the effects of aim glide). When "aim glide" duration end or melee occurs, Valkyr stops rolling. Would still keep the reduced costs and increased damage on recasts, but I feel.....this could be crazy fun and powerful as well as give a reason to keep her original Swing Line augment. Full on Sonic build lol would allow for some hilarious maneuverability. The animation isn't that bad. I wouldn't use your suggested augment personally because I could just as easily hit 4, because I don't want to have 1 and 4 be mixed so that I have to turn it off everytime I want to use 1 that is a big ol annoyance. Bias and all, but I still feel my suggestion for Hysteria augment is closer to what I'd like to see, more risk for more reward.
  11. Pardom my mis-speaking, I intended to say "affected by REACH" It's not affected by range in an ability sense (Stretch), but it is in a melee sense, regardless the person seemed to understand that one could increase the range, their point from what I could gather is that they wanted the claws themselves to grow (visually) in size based off of reach, to which is a change that seems too much effort for the pay off IMO. Also technically Exalted Blade IS affected by range, it has it's own blind radius when spin attacking for example, separate from Radial Blind. Baelfire for Hildryn should still count as an exalted and has an explosion radius. With Concentrated Arrow's augment, Ivara's Artemus Bow becomes affected by range. Wukong's Primal Fury scales based on how much range you have as well in line with the combo counter too I believe. The line is more like a bowl of spaghetti and conditionals
  12. I agree! Melee 2.9 is very snazzy, just waiting to see the full combo overhaul (And potential channel removal) from Melee 3.0 since that's where the meat of the ability is. The particles seem super sick 😄 Hysteria is affected by range when modding, although the claws themselves don't grow, would probably be not worth the effort to have it do so.
  13. Added the remainder Void Status still pretty skeptical about Unairu and Naramon.
  14. But essentially if we're on the same page something like the old modding system or final fantasy's node system, yeah? I'll need more information, cause it sounds too simple. The operator is triggering a buff object, not actually performing. I can guarantee I'd just void blast, get the wisps and go on, unless it gets more complex than hitting enemies with any ability to get wisps. Feels like it'd have been better to link the post so I could comment thoroughly with all the info there. Was waiting on Melee 2.9, but ye Operator directional dives are good. Btw, why isn't it just Hover + Melee? In terms of complexity, my only areas of concern are too many void spiral effects (which I mentioned the pros and cons previous) and The Forge, which is going to move to a different post. The idea comes across as I intended and seems to have inspired things. Gonna "complete" this and hit up another system, before reflecting further. Void Status, Potential input changes (using ability keys for things instead of conflicting input), augments and ability tweaks are currently on my radar:
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