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  1. I would be happy to see it at least be affected by drop chance boosters. You'd get +135% without buying a booster
  2. Synpai

    Equinox 2.0

    I'm not sure if you read my proposed changes, though ultimately after some discussion I'd alter things lightly, but I've not the motivation to edit the post. Primary things I find are: 0. Equinox's passive should be modernized 1. Metamorphosis buffs shouldn't decay 2. Her kit could use synergy 3. Rage doesn't need to increase the enemies speed 4. Stockpile should link without an augment; i.e: whenever you case mend it only depletes the stockpile for nightform, not both forms. Extra. I, personally, would like to see the combined form in mission beyond swapping None of these improvements would really shatter the foundation of the Equinox you know and love. Even in my Lua and Sol passive, they don't decay over time, they just buff you for using each form I intentionally avoided the typical punishing mentality that was used in Ember's Immolation. Ember....is a whole nother conversation, but in short she is objectively better than she was pre-rework; however, she is still awful with a lot of redundancies in her kit :D.
  3. As much as I enjoyed Raids, I couldn't see them nor hope for them returning anytime soon without eventually falling ill to the same problems as before. DE have noted that they are having problems with some avenues that are core to the design of warframe like "Evergreen rewards." They have to get their concept of progression under wraps before we ever get something satisfying IMO.
  4. Synpai

    Equinox 2.0

    OKAY just had to be sure, you'd be surprised, some people have differing opinions when it comes to passives.
  5. Yes. I did at some point in my existence lol.
  6. Pseudoexalted abilities need to die. They are a problem that have been able to root for too long. Exalted 1.0 weapons got changed, yet pseudoexalteds propagate the same problems: -Limited loadout/mod selection to maximize -Affected by Rivens (which DE stated abilities should NOT be) The ability should be able to function consistently whether or not you have a melee equipped Not a fan of teleport, since 99% of the time I'm looking to kill with it; Ash was just made at a time when Warframe design was super simplistic and so Ash sorta inhereted Switch Teleport lite. Allowing players to teleport to objects just sounds like it's a set up for exploits or frustration. Fatal Teleport is a decent enough ability and could just use synergies to maximize its potential. I find Blade Storm very disorienting and this would only exacerbate that for me. There exists a delicate balance between old and new Blade storm that isn't "I pressed 4 time to sleep" nor "I pressed 4 please hold"
  7. Yup xD. I realized this playing Banshee. So many frames are holding on by a thread of 1.5 abilities.
  8. 👏Pretty much this and then some. I.e: Making every syndicate a vendor for arbitration eventually.
  9. Ash like many other frames are starting to show their age as DE begins to make more frames and ability types. Minimally changing blade storm to be less aggravating and making fatal teleport the default would do wonders IMO. If you're interested in specifics of what I'd like to see for Ash:
  10. Synpai

    Equinox 2.0

    This was sarcasm?
  11. Synpai

    Equinox 2.0

    I'm not saying it HAS to be automatic, it's just what I was suggesting, but you more-so run into the issue of "Why would you swap forms" if you only lost 50% casting Mend/Maim in general even if the stockpile was maintained upon swapping forms. IMO it's just clunkier: Cast Maim-> stockpile 1 million-> Metamorphosis->keep 1 million stockpile->Cast Maim-> Keep 500k stockpile-> Cast Metamorphosis-> Cast maim-> Reactivate Maim. I just think I'd rather not have the extra button press, personally and with that intent I made my design, with the understanding that it wouldn't be perfect for every scenario. That being said this changes if the stockpile moves to something more passive as you suggested, with single-tap casting over channeling. At the start: Maim (100) Mend (100)-> Cast Maim-> Maim(0) Mend(100) -> Gain 100 Stockpile -> Maim (100) Mend(200) -> Swap forms-> Maim (100) Mend (200) -> Cast Mend-> Maim(100) Mend(0) Which is what I was trying to infer here: When I was considering ^that last night it seemed like too much of a headache, but I think keeping half on cast period is just too busted (now at least we can finally move on from trying to understand our headcannons of stockpiling xD) That being said there's a bit of conflict in Stockpiling for Mend/Maim and Equillibrium form, and simply allowing equillibrium form for a few seconds on form swap would put players into feeling like they should just keep swapping forms to use both abilities 🤔
  12. 1. Dragon Keys already apply "localized" difficulty. If I equip every dragon key, I essentially have harder gameplay that doesn't affect you, but it just doesn't come with mastery or any reward alteration unless you're doing derelict. 2. This was more to suggest that separating Vets and new players isn't an inherently bad thing because you play at different paces. Even with the same matchmaking, A new player (Normal Starchart) and a Vet (Steel Path) in the same instance would still be two drastically different worlds. So I'm not sure it's better to try to maintain matchmaking. 3. It's still a slaughter-fest for me so I can't relate xD 4. A vet would run that node, get the thing, and then go back to whatever their "Fun zone" is because it more aligns with their "end game goals." 5. Not totally true. I have 2.5k spare intrinsics and every single railjack part (Overkill on every extent). Some vets devoured railjack as came out because....they're vets....they were waiting for the new thing. You don't find anyone in railjack because once you do the thing and get the stuff, you move on to whatever is fun for you, as per most of the star chart nodes.
  13. Synpai

    Equinox 2.0

    I still think you're missing part of the past discussion, because my suggestion does Scenario 1 at better efficiency than the other options. You press one button (Metamorphosis) to use Mend or Maim at maximum BEFORE it gets reduced by half, so if you're like I want to use my 1 million damage maim, you can swap forms to do so and still keep half the stockpile. No my design doesn't account for scenario 2 because it essentially doesn't cost to auto activate and even at half efficiency players will have more than enough stockpile to do wonders, But as I showed in Example B above, simply storing the same stockpile means nothing when it's all lost on ability cast anyway. You have a million stockpile but you have to chose if you use Mend or Maim and then you start all the way over from 0. In my design you get to use your full stockpiles BEFORE it's halved when you swap forms. It's not only USING half, it will give you the full 1 Million damage as you're swapping forms AND maintain 500k of the stockpile. So, in my design, If you have Mend/Maim active and all you do is Press 1 (Metamorphosis) after you stockpiled 1 million, assuming you start in Night form, you would get: Mend (1 million)-> Maim(500k)-> Mend(250k)->Maim(125k)->Mend(50k)->Maim(25k) To word it differently imagine if current Equinox did this: Every time you re-cast (not the initial channel but the burst activation) Mend/Maim you use Mend/Maim at the full value, only lose half your stockpile and then you swap forms. That's essentially what's happening in my design except automatically when you swap forms while your 4 is being channeled. It's so significantly better than adding Energy Transfer at base that it hurts that I can't code it into the game and let you use it so you can fully understand XD, it's on the edge of OP. Again I think there's an error in interpretation and I don't think I can clarify any more than Examples A-C above. The important part is 3-C which simply having Energy Transfer (100% stockpile continuation on form switch but not on activation) base would come no where near. I would say instead of continuing PLEASE reiterate how you interpret each of the designs so that I can understand what is in your headcannon. Example A: (Show the step by step of how you interpret current equinox stockpile, form swapping and Mend/Maim use) Example B: (Show the step by step of how you want Equinox stockpile, form swapping and Mend/Maim use to work) Example C: (Show the step by step of how you think I want Equinox stockpile, form swapping and Mend/Mam use to work) Like did this flow well as to how Current Equinox's stockpile and Mend/Maim activation works?
  14. 1. That's to suggest that they HAD to make an entire new star chart instead of modifiers that affect the player and grant greater benefit for enduring them 2. Sub MR ~8 with a Vet can actually lead to a soured experience in that a new player has differing goals they explore and play at a different pace. The fun of the game is in killing the things, a vet coming in and finishing the mission while you watch the cut-scene because they're unveiling a riven is equally detrimental 3. Anyone doing steel path was probably holding up in Arbitrations, Kuva, Relics or Eidolons which hasn't changed much at all. There's only a mild benefit to doing the hard mode of Eidolons/Kuva 4. These dead areas potentially already exist (Chief try bringing in a new friend at all without the wiki or hand holding and see if they tough through, some do, but I believe most don't), I recall several posts about matchmaking on certain archwings nodes for example, there's so many nodes that are one and done adding another starchart layer is only gonna do some much harm to the already dead zones TBH, but you'd likely see less people in Hydron compared to Steel Hydron if it bears enough fruit for the effort. 5. As a developer one must decide where players are being led. Picking up a 7 year old MMO would likely have fewer people in the early areas, but as a late beginner I feel that's not a terribly uncanny expectation? Like in CoD there's the "Christmas Nuking" as many people wait until Christmas to get the new game, but since people play for months prior it winds up being a slaughter fest because they're learning the game against people who've "mastered it."
  15. You go into operator mode and show off that Snazzy Tenshin Armor 😄 (I'm sorry I thought it was funny)
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