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  1. Aye, but we've seen how that goes in WF: "Why reduce armor when you can delete it off the map" Not to mention doesn't the Technomancer have "Decay" and "Poison" ? Already seems like they have all the means of support 🤔 But indeed, time will tell; I hope that it won't be that way.
  2. Don't forget about Data biases/skews. This is a demo. Not a very long one and the INTENT, is to...try it out. Meaning most of the people just played all the classes. If you watched any of the gameplay/CC content: Trickster and Devastator held the popular vote (Both mobile and practically unkillable) followed by Technomancer (breaks the rules for quick heals, on top of having lifesteal innate instead of kill heals). Few people seemed latched to Demo Pyromancer (but maybe the other powers will skew favor). Pyromancer didn't have any particular "role," in comparison; pair that with weapons
  3. Technically with the current shield gating (since the invulnerability duration doesn't scale with total shield) you get move benefit from having less shield (ala Decaying Dragon Key) as if your shield has fully recharged you get 1.3s of invulnerability, if it hasn't you get .33 (I know it's bonkers, but this is where we live).
  4. There's one change that would do wonders, and I can't tell if that's the case. Simply: Zephyr's tornadoes being cast to where the players cursor is. It's nice to be able to get stationary tornadoes, but why the spawning is a little awkward.
  5. Alright... Finally took the time to listen and read. The feedback I have is thus: The Good: Streamlining Dirac-> Endo Personalized progression Variety of missions The Critique: Energy: Between Exalted weapons and old Archwings I think we have enough evidence to know exactly how "Railjacks now use your Warframe's energy" is going to go. Not to mention, you've now taken the throttle off, there's no need to pace your battle avionic usage as normal missions have shown we practically have infinite energy. Equally no mention of the two warframes that don't use energy
  6. For now I'll post this: Alright that's a long read but I think it's worth it, I'll try to summarize, but you'll be losing out on a decent bit of the specifics: ARCHWINGS: There's feedback for archwings and their abilities; They should be changed and you can utilize some of the battle avionics and WF abilities to change themI already feel iffy on Volt shield style defense on a mobile frame like Garuda, but while it doesn't feel great in space the damage bonus may be a sufficient trade off. DIRAC: Dirac quickly becomes irrelevant Dirac shouldn't be
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