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  1. It is a gacha system with pure RNG. It's like you said, that feeling of no progression is why people tend to opt out. The feeling that you could roll 1000 times and get a terrible ribben but unveil a God tier riven requiring no effort.
  2. This is why I tend to not roll more than 10 times on a riven. It's not satisfying and should they change the system to be progression based....you had 50k+ kuva that was rolled away which kind of makes it worse. It's not about trading for me, I think Riven trading is more a double edged sword than a necessity. A riven should, IMO, equate to a Destiny 2 catalyst and be a reward for investing in a weapon that allows you to increase its power. The internal progression loop of Warframe definitely needs work
  3. Just because it CAN work for Fortnite doesn't mean it CAN nor should for every game. Something more along the lines of a crossover event is the better way to approach it
  4. Download the game through steam and you can buy prime access through there 100% There's no other acceptable way for players to gift a prime access outside of that.
  5. Giving your account access is not a good idea. First it's a security risk; Second it's in the red area of Warframe's TOS. You're better off getting that person to give you Steam gift cards and getting it that way.
  6. I actually think we're reaching a point where COMPANIONS just need their own progression that's not tied to the warframe. This issue goes back to the "forced equipment" issue that Coptering, Arcane helments, or even original archwing had where the archwing's health was determined by the frame where diversity is being throttled due to stats being determined by an outside force. This is why arcanes have their own slot and exalted weapons have their own modding to prevent players feeling like they need a specific weapon to maximize the potential of an ability. (look...I'm still trying to save Pseudo exalted weapons since it's the exact same issue) If you're always meleeing with a decent bit of health your pet will be fine, but I've had arbitrations on Wisp where I stop meleeing for a few seconds to get across the map during an excavation and my kavat was gone. Shields, nor DR, have any effect. It's specifically frames with excessive amounts of health and armor with a melee focus that tend to have unkillable pets. What I'm saying is Sentinel, Moa, Kavat, etc. should scale with player investment in the companion (period). Bring Nova? The companion is durable if you invest. Bring Valkyr? The companion is durable if you invest. This, along with some other improvemnts, is something I expect to press more when the workshop for pets 2.0 comes alive
  7. I knew it was a matter of time before this got someone, now that it has I can give a concrete example of why it should be gone
  8. These suggestions.....seem heavily influenced by gacha games which is like setting off a stink bomb. Can't tell you how amazing games just get bogged down for players when every other second is asking players to spend money. This reaches levels of over-monetization. Trust me, you're getting as early an access as one can get if you just play on PC. Console certification is a beast that ensures games on the platform reach a standard. No amount of money from console players will change that wait. Companies pay EVERY SINGLE TIME, they want to go through certification. Even if they COULD launch on all platforms, it would be a sink of funds trying to bug fix beyond PC first. Advertisements....????????????????????????????????? I can officially say that I've seen it all when someone WANTS advertisements to be added to a game o-o Prime access: PRIME. ACCESS. The reason it's all orokin is because it's thematically a prime access. The other faction things are added in faction specific updates like corpus with Jupiter Rework and Kuva armor with the Lich release so I'm not sure what's going on here because you already have diversity in the equipment able to be purchased except people can farm all but the prime accessories. If this post was supposed to be "Ways DE could make more money" sure there are probably more avenues they could capitalize on without arbitrarily locking content behind a paywall, but these suggestions are just not it
  9. To be fair, at least here it's less often just a single cue, there are things that make you physically aware of what's coming like cat eyes and thicc stripes in the road or even steep speed bumps because surprise 😄 people can miss single instances. There are rare instances where you may not be able to see a sign upward due to the sunlight or massive trucks so they add them to the road and on the side as well, so are you agreeing that more than just visual and audio are okay or...? I don't know how to break it that sadly these cues mean very little in most instances of the game. The light flicker is supposed to initiate a moment of fear, but most players grow out of that response quicker than their starter frame.
  10. Blessed <3. I think we're getting off track here Shodian. Fact is players have accidentally parazoned Larvalings. Much like people accidentally drive off the road or don't see that a sharp turn is approaching, which is why PREVENTATIVE MEASURES are put into place. Human error can exist without an exact reflect on human competence due to many outside factors. I believe the OP asking for Lich-be-gone has turned this discussion a little sour. Sure, I don't agree that it's the route we need to take, but lord the fact that someone can feel that they accidentally committed to a nemesis seems like a problem that could be fixed even if simply allowing players to ALT+F4 or abort out of the mission (these currently don't work as an option BTW, once you parazon, you're locked in) This is literally up to chance, no amount of competence could help you if you happened to be mercy killing, hacking a terminal, opening lockers or what ever has you spamming interact within the Larvaling's teleport distance. I think we need to stop attacking each others as players and focus on the design and whether or not that can be improved regardless of what we've experienced personally.
  11. So not necessarily advocating for remove a lich, but I'm wondering if it would really be all to bad to add a level of confirmation to it 🤷‍♂️ There are plenty of competently minded people that just happen to stumble into muscle memory ONCE. As the saying goes, "fool me once shame on you..." It's not the fact that Thralls or Larvalings or even the missions are anywhere near the same thing that gets people it's the fact that they've been seeing an enemy get downed and pressing interact for hours that their brain reflexively goes "I know what to do here" unless you actively focus on not doing so, which for some come after making this mistake. It's more the fact that by the time that anyone actually presses the button, they're lock into it. ALT +F4 nor aborting the mission can remedy this <---------- seems to be an issue more than needing the ability to remove a lich IMO. This shouldn't be a reason to actively insult someone that seems to be making a constructive, albeit avoidable, point about the system. This is still very much a thing I expect to get someone at some point, though
  12. I dont think this isn't taking responsibility for an action. They've very calmly suggested a change for something that is....unbelievably frustrating. I've heard this occur from a decent bit of players and WF partners alike as well as done so myself. Do you know why they make you type "TRANSFER" when attempting to valence transfer? It's one way for the designer to ensure players don't do so by mistake. Many games don't let you get rid of items you will need i.e: "Quest items" If you were around long enough, you'll note that the trading window will let you know when your partner changes an offering. They are all a part of a fail-safe system. Yeah a lot of people got inconvenienced by muscle memory, but after hours of running Kuva missions it only makes sense. Taking responsibility and leaving feedback that "Hey, this doesn't feel great as a player" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Would an option like the Kill or Convert menu for Larvalings really inconvenience you so? I've noticed that the Larvalings teleport to you after you get a certain distance away from them without killing them. The odds are unlikely, but it's possible for a player to desire to hit the interact button when this teleport happens (whether because of ayatan treasures, consoles, mercy kills/finishers, etc.)
  13. Agreed on all but maybe the pull. I remember trying to get these weapon types fixed for a good while, fingers crossed your post does the trick!
  14. Yeah I'm almost at a million xD, just about anything would do for Dirac at this point. Let's hope they take the lessons learned in the third part of Empyrean
  15. I can appreciate a thorough and well formatted post :D. On Archwing: Good stuff. I agree Archwing in railjack is yet another point of conflict for DE. Seems every point of design ends up in an impossible situation like trying to balance player investment in having archwings support but still making railjack the focus. They've noted that they're going the full modular route with archwing but who knows what'll come of Odonata prime. On Avionic limitation: I think the easiest way around that is probably to give each tree a specific avionic section. They could make battle avionics that act similar to air support for non pilots. This could possibly help integrate into base game bonuses like tactical providing more map information, etc. Doubtful, but they could allow primary intrinsic selection similar to focus, but still provide all the other bonuses unlike focus (something I've mentioned in a post 100x longer than this years ago that they've seen xD) On Intrinsic gain: I actually didn't stealth farm at all to get where I got and I'm probably in the Top .5% of overall intrinsics. It was about 10 intrinsics per 3-5 minutes on Gian Point (with a booster) which could be higher with smeeta procs. To get these runs requires specific battle avionics, and with the Rhino buff being patched the speed may be normalized to 5+ minutes
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