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  1. I enjoy the credit to power passive power; you could make it so his Pelt increases the chance of credit drops as opposed to doubling credit drops (like arcanes). Thus there will be an instance where you get double the credits, but more credits drop nonetheless. Kills are a bit too boring, even in low level missions, if playing with a full squad you've killed hundreds of enemies by the first 5 mins or so. You could have the Pride/Greed stacks convey: -A growing fear aura -Increased elemental damage/ resistances (though the health and shields work too) -Ability effects: I.e: Ability 1 increasing in explosion range, increasing in charge speed/cast speed, then finally leaving a damaging field at the point of contact.
  2. Woo! Also just noticed my derp. Along with waybounds, I'll likely be adding "Focus Gems" basically a way to fine tune/improve amps. Current thought is having them drop from Eidolons/sentient once a school is maxed along with being purchasable (or just the BPs) from the Mastery shop. I.e: Eidolon dropping [Insert School] gem if it's maxed, players making the gems radiant and equipping them into amps to add things like multishot, increased damage radius, decreased delay, increased fire rate and flight speed, etc. I've got a few arcane concepts lying around too (which makes me want to add another arcane slot or two; though four seems a bit much to me, double husk, double vigor = UNKILLABLE O____O); maybe make them two Exilus arcane slots for arcanes similar to Arcane Cadence(?) that affect operator movement). I like Virtous arcanes, but I kind of miss the feeling of Diablo 3 or Dragons Dogma where Every rift and Every dragon kill (Respectively) offered a chance to upgrade a gem and dragon forge an item (Respectively). It is possible however to do...both. Where Virtuous arcanes have a chance of enhancing after reaching Rank 3 (Up to rank 6, where the other ranks involve kiling Eidolons, Orb Vallas Spiders, etc). Overall I think it would be nice to implement a low chance to "Eidolon Forge gear" with killing general sentient (since not everyone can get to PoE), Higher when killing Eidolons, then they could add more forge tiers past Eidolons (Orb Spiders). Where Eidolon Forged suits, grant sentient reduction and Eidolon forged amps improves the effects of socketed gems (or arcanes). That's a pretty spectacular post @Endrian, but just about everything there has either been brought up or implemented here in some way. I guess there's the discussion on if a general/middle/umbral core path is needed for waybounds. I've made an "Arc" amp, although for mine it shoots energy waves as opposed to being an operator melee change. I suppose I could add his post and art to credit for component names and variants to the blade amp. I guess there's room to add multi jumps and wall-latching (someone mentioned this at some point), but due to Void Glide/Comet giving Operators the ability to fly in this concept you could just do that to get elevated. My only qualm about wall latching is that it seems awkward for the operator to do so, I honestly can't only think of one instance where I wall latch and it's a corpus tileset with vertical lasers. There's been thought of Void Dashing into a wall latching the player onto walls (after the Chimera Prologue), but in places like PoE bushes and all sorts of other obstacles awkwardly block void dashing and latching could be more trouble than it's worth. I love the Operator specter from a lore standpoint, but I don't know if I'd like it functionally. Current thought is leaning toward an arcane or Naramon passive of some sort. Reminds me of the specter warframe's thing that @FreeWilliam and I talked about before Excalibur Umbra was even a thing haha.
  3. Synpai

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    For the already used ones, no, for the ones that are not able to be sold in your inventory... 😛 wanna give me 1600 iridite? I've already paid my dues, I'm not going back to run around on PoE.
  4. Synpai

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    CTRL + F: "Launcher Refund" I am very sad.
  5. I'm saying, if YOU are a squishy frame. Pairing with them will save your life regardless; 75% DR on top of a safety net, armor and regeneration. Edited for clarity sake.
  6. Quick thinking; Pairing with Oberon and/or Trinity. Playing Titania will give you problems, this mode is counter to exalted frames.
  7. I feel like OP was originally saying that they were having a bug experience, unable to lens or forma the weapon.
  8. .-. why not use the megathread? Feedback->Missions Regardless, most of what you've said has been a common theme in the megathread.
  9. Synpai

    Option to fill the entire sculpture.

    dang you beat me to it
  10. I like the "provide feedback as to why this is a bad thing" option more. I played Excalibur (Umbra) twice with +300%, using my decked out operator everytime a drone showed up, eventually it got to a point where I just stayed in my operator to shoot drones and let Umbra do whatever because it's the same problem as constantly turning Exalted Blade off and on every 3 seconds. Like why are you playing Excalibur when half of his abilities are nearly useless as time continues. I'm sure you know just how many drones show up and they're not always incredibly visible. It's to the point where I use the same two weapons (thank god for the buff of that one weapon ;] because I actually liked it; now I LOVE it) every single run, regardless of faction, because they both scale and handle everything around me while I watch shows, without the potential of me destroying myself (I still love you Lenz ;~;). Of course I could do different things and goof around, like bringing a bouncing Tetra, but since most people are stilll adamantly farming, I'd feel like a troll (I've legit seen someone kill themselves in the first 5 minutes of a survival) I understand the intent behind teamplay and roles, but I can tell you now, nothing is better than having EVERYONE ready to be alone on the off chance that someone gets Sniped, Noxed, Bombarded, or Bursa'd. Relying on someone else to kill drones means you're in danger if you're the last person standing or just happen to run into a nox or bursa that suddenly gets droned. Welcome to anti-meta-meta (see Eidolons). Actually surprised they didn't make different style of drones to add more variety as opposed to the curb kick to certain frames.
  11. Welcome to warframe where people will ride by the one or two qualifying factors of a warframe and praise them (*cough* Khora *cough*) even though they could do with more work. Like Inaros is an amazing tank and does great CC, but uhhh...he has the same problems Chroma did for a long time. It's great that he's a solo god, but this game is also cooperative and I wouldn't purposefully bring Inaros to fill a role, period. Chroma, Nidus, Rhino, to a lesser extent Valkyr (Decent 'DPS" w/ heavy blades, but can support an Excalibur) all offer up a secondary purpose on top of being basically unkillable. Again, I don't anyone here is saying Inaros is Terrible/Useless. We know he has use. No one's saying you can't solo the game or perform well as Inaros, but that's not all there is to a Warframe's design. You can effectively use any warframe at level 80+ content if you're dedicated enough. I absolutely love playing Valkyr, she does one-two things extremely well (Not dying & meleeing fast), I can kill level 155+ like butter, but she is not perfect, her kit still needs a significant amount of work because 2.5 of her abilities have become obsolete or niche/situational Paralysis isn't useless (it's just not the most useful ability when one should be running Naramon)., Hysteria could become better with Melee 3.0, Ripline............. Who in their right mind is stopping to use devour? It CAN be used, but I guarantee I will either spam 5 (Magus Elevate), Hunter Command / wait for my cat to sneeze on something (Hunter Recovery), Be a tank (Arcane Grace or Hirudo), or.....just hot key healing pads o-o @EchoesOfRain You hit the nail on the head +1
  12. So far leading toward these as Amp waybounds like this (I'm going to be adding waybounds to the post since I have a few more ideas): Madurai: (Perfect? Could have a timing window like Glaives) Void Blast Resets Amp Delay Naramon: Firing from Void Mode increases critical chance and fire rate (Will update Void Mode to be a toggle that's not broken by attacks; allows the player to move at full speed) Zenurik: Amp damage supplies operator energy (headshots returning more) Unairu: Spending Operator Energy supplies Amp ammo Vazarin: Percentage of Amp damage is returned as healing; improved during Void Glide.
  13. Synpai

    Elite Alerts WTB Time Balancing

    I mentioned it mainly because it's a mission type that can be sped up. Defection also gives players this option, but the others ultimately have you capped at a pace.