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  1. Pretty much suggested this directly + Operator based drone (so destroyed by void damage)
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1038462-nyx-titania-dev-workshop/?do=findComment&comment=10359546 Includes synergies, refund mechanics, a way to make Diwata useful. For sure would take more time, but she needs more than tweaks IMHO. ^ In terms of Titania, it was heavily noted when they added vacuum to razorwing that the rest of her kit doesn't reflect how she's played (November 18, so almost a year now) It's also been brought up that Arbitrations create a HARD anti-exalted meta: If the frame relies on abilities that affect enemies, it's like playing while missing limbs and sadly Titania's entire kit is "ability based" requiring enemy targets. All it takes is one arbitration drone and everything is made obsolete... ideally Arbitrations should have various drone types (some that can only be meleed, some that need to be affected by abilities/cc, etc) to reward reaction and preparation as opposed to "Be tanky and have an AOE weapon"
  3. These are the suggestions I made if they are of use to you: -Unlimited Mod Capacity or “Simulation Forma/Catalysts” to test builds -Simulating varied spaces and mission types (Like Mastery Test style Defenses, Survivals, etc) to further test builds/gameplay) Less necessary or plausible, but ideas nonetheless: -Equipping unowned equipment to test before buying
  4. I suggested Nightmare Sorties 3 years ago, and sadly the consensus was "No more artificial difficulty on artificial difficulty" Even though it'd be better than nothing IMO and has a proven track record for at least adding more variation /shrug
  5. I understand your concern. I agree it's a valid concern; however, could wait until we know a bit more. Especially when the post literally states more info to come. Cause right now there's no where for this post to really go; we only have a piece of the story....we don't even know if the lenses will need to be crafted for example. That being said, I've made a whole post about Focus 3.0 and hopefully these lenses will give newer players a chance to get focus faster. Doesn't really bother me either way, I tend to find something to do every update then go raid in Soul Worker. \o/
  6. We don't know because there's "MORE DETAILS TO COME" X.X The lens may convey the umbra effect as well It may be with Duviri, but it's safe to say Focus is not in its final state 😄 I've got near 20 million excess in all my schools and that's before Eidolon Shards....but it's incredibly likely Focus sees an update eventuallyTM
  7. Are Orb Mothers gonna drop better stuff? It seems strange that they don't drop the materials required to rank up. A single toroid and bounty reward is a bit awkward for all of that fighting and preparation. Are there any plans to make more unique gunblade and or glaive mods? Gunblades having a crit chance but being unable to crit on shot is also, strange.
  8. I should also point out, that you've increased the projectile speed overall and not just for the charged fire.....sadly feels not absolutely terrible but then again it's not working as intended. :]
  9. CTRL + Z Staticor went from good->unneccesary buffed to great->nerfed into why use it
  10. Honestly would have preferred this over the alt helm xD Isn't that what.....the other alt helms and tennogen are for? Like...I need no more Mesa helmets lol
  11. Titania is still incredibly lacking in comparison. You're still keeping the 4 "RNG" (based on enemies so you may get the buff, you may not) when only one of them are really useful: Dust (full moon...is okay but the flies die so quickly it'll hardly matter later on). Is it really worth having all the variation if there aren't really valuable choices? I'd be A-OK if the buff did something more consistent otherwise energy is better off being used in Razorwing or CC. Titania's passive still Ill-reflects how players have to play her (Razorwing or death). In conjunction with her parkour speed it'd be nice to have her casting speed/costs reduced while air borne since the casting speed change at least seems to be true for razorwing. But there are so many problems still left unnoticed: How the razorflies die quickly and have no return method. How titania's method of survival and damage make her a poor caster (since you have to use most of your energy staying in Razorwing) Diwata has no purpose due to how evasion currently functions No ability synergy No use of operator Lantern and spellbind competing in use against enemies (though spellbind offers status immunity on the ally side) Includes synergies, refund mechanics, a way to make Diwata useful. For sure would take more time, but she needs more than tweaks IMHO.
  12. Retrace the conversation a bit: They do add longevity, but it's a question of to what extent not just for vets, but for players in general. Like even with all those events it's safe to say that after a year of them constantly being there, they get old. You said yourself that Ghouls have lost the thrill and they haven't even been around at all times. What you've suggested is not a bad Idea, it will ensure things "last longer," but no clue as to how long because it'd add another system that would need additions in order to stay relevant. It's just that the incentive aspect of it that also needs to be taken into consideration. Adding catalyst and reactors ensures that some will at least play it for those rewards but not necessarily after they've gotten those rewards. This is just how new things are, it isn't what makes them last necessarily. Again, variation is a good idea. But if you're saying fissure on fortuna and it's a capture....that could very well be 3000+ meters to the target and then hunting to figure out which enemies are corrupted, and then hoping (if pubs) your teammates don't run off collect the fissure stuff leave squad and extract solo. Exterminate where enemies are suddenly 1000 m apart from one another sending you back and forth and back and forth. They would kind of have to reinvent the wheel for some game modes (or use the open world alternative). Where survival is the territory control bounty
  13. I think that's only the first part of your argument. The second part is the longevity of said content via events, to which I was responding to. I mean there are a lot of points in this post. What you're saying here, tis true, but I don't think it covers everything in the post.
  14. It is very important. For example, Sanctuary Onslaught is incredibly "fun" but it falls short when players lack incentive to endure the waves. The rewards are of equal importance to the mission.
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