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  1. Imagine if Expedite suffering made the enemies just instantly take DoTs as burst for a duration 👀
  2. I'm interested to give the new MFD a try. I didn't particularly feel the damage was all that different with my tests, it just required a more and more niche set up depending. I found issues more so in the amount of information I have as a player: "What enemy has the most health?" and partially the value of Arcane Trickery vs the Skiajati, trickery has maybe too small of a base chance, maybe higher proc chance and shorter duration would be a better place for it to be. After a few rereads, I have a question though: could MFD, not just spread a special finisher DOT? I'm trying to understand t
  3. I...wouldn't the "Sensei system" be more appropriate? Terminology aside I've played a few games with a system like this and it tends to be pretty hit or miss
  4. "Some abilities punished players for leveling them (why I've separated Void Spiral abilities from void dash to avoid arbitrary cost additions)(If anything Drain over time abilities should start at the higher cost and then go lower)." - Synpai 2017 I made this 3 years ago, yet I feel it's still incredibly valid:
  5. @ajingom is who I remember in terms of dojo feedback and decorating but there are several others who are pretty vocal about it, but I don't remember who xD
  6. Incorrect, DE don't listen to content creators nearly as much as you all give credit for if they did I assure you there would have been significant dojo changes because some of the content creators live in their dojo like it's minecraft (not a bad thing just the truth). Like you would see so many more buffs than you would nerfs if DE didn't have autonomy in their decision making. M4D was simply not working as intended, that being said it was a super niche solo build and I fail to see how anyone using that doesn't have better scaling options using one of the actual Nuke frames. Most
  7. My biggest question is "Why void damage?" I do think Void damage is a little overdue for some TLC since status was changed to have some stacking effect, that void is...void of, I'd argue you could've gotten a nice theme across giving Xaku "adaptive" damage instead of Void, but I know a danger here is invalidating all other elemental buffs even if Xaku's isnt that high of a percentage.
  8. For reference I've done 1+ weeks of vault runs almost exclusively for about 8 hours a day and haven't seen a single rare mod drop (from vaults anyway)
  9. I mean....they could add a stacking multiplier to the bubble, which could make up for it not hitting weakspots (or in addition to it hitting weakspots) Void being a pure reset sentient immunities was "fine" when it was JUST an operator status effect. With Xaku it's something more common place, I think the easier route would be to consider void as "non-adaptive" or a reactive element. As a player your option is always about doing a murder when it comes to status procs. Impact is respectfully only useful on melee because it can be used to do more damage, magnetic in cert
  10. 90% of my time on Deimos has effectively been vault runs, which I've dispersed from this week due to bugs and sanity. I've got almost 100 spare Scintillant at his point and I've not ever seen the supposed cetus wisp style entity; I've only murdered Necramechs with extreme prejudice. That being said, I'm pretty much always host, so potentially it could be a client bug as I'm under the impression that Necramech loot is individually instanced, but most of my squad seemed to get Scintillant with me when it dropped, although the mods gained differed at times. If you are running bou
  11. I am actually in the boat that maybe they should have given every frame's non ultimate signature ability, since that would actually bring some difficult and interesting decisions. The fact that they had to reduce the effectiveness of some abilities (AND THOSE ABILITIES ARE STILL OVERWHELMINGLY A BETTER OPTION) speaks volumes.
  12. Personally it feels like Maiming Strike, where most know it's too good to be true, but DE just haven't confirmed it yet. Always be wise of your investment :D
  13. If it's any solace back when the partner program was a thing I at least brought this up because I, personally, love the Syandana, but despise the upkeep. I asked about making it so that there was a toggle or at least a Nightwave parallel, since they try to "avoid interfering with conclave player investment."
  14. Stat sticks are just a problem they've not gotten to yet. Pseudo-exalted weapons either need to scale purely alone or become full exalted. No ability should need a stat stick to be maximized (period).
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