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  1. Let's just say that Gauss with Redline active gives Exergis some interesting abilities. The link will explain everything. https://imgur.com/KFm5nTM
  2. Still no fix to the Sol Gate being stuck on for other clients but not you and still draining energy til you die and revive or the mission ends.
  3. No fix to Sol Gate yet. (Nullifier, Falling off the map or dying while casting Sol Gate will glitch it out and make others see you casting it 24/7, and it will completely eat your energy til you die and revive or the mission ends)
  4. Eventually, we'll get the fix for Exergis. Thanks for the update though
  5. Thanks for the update. Still waiting the Exergis animation to be fixed.
  6. Wut. What's interesting about the "ya'r"?
  7. Still gotta wait for the Exergis animation bug to get fixed, oh and the Drahk masters removing your guns from existence unless ya'r the host.
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